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Interior Design Wed Aug 16 2017 22:03:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT --   Architectural design firm HKS Inc. have recently completed the new hotel W Bellevue, that’s located just outside of Seattle, Washington, and was designed to bea modern lodge oasis, inspired by the regions iconic setting beside La
Name: Kathy Davies and James Binder Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Size: 2,000 square feet Years lived in: 2 years, owned They say opposites attract, and newlyweds Kathy and her husband James are the perfect example. They each have very differe
The toaster that teaches you DIYThe lack of product styling may be apparent, but it’s actually for a reason. This toaster was designed without planned obsolescence in mind. While most products...The lack of product styling may be apparent,
Photography by Ron Johnson   Dynia Architects have designed this contemporary mountain home with guest quarters that sits at the base of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming.   Photography by Ron Johnson The property has been designed so
iAN Yen & Design YXR rethink about the culture of Chinese tea from philosophy to shape for project YEN OBJECT.
May 28, 1900 Linda Connor | Contact Print, Printing Out Paper, Gold Toned, 10 x 8" 2013 July 14 Summer Heat Alan Friedman | Archival Pigment Print, 19 x 19", Edition of 15 Eclipse Susannah Hays | Gelatin - Silver Print, 20 x 16", Edition of 25 Star g
“When something really pisses me off, I get a little extra inspired,” Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell says. In the wake of the Charlottesville demonstrations, many calls to impeach President Trump have been accompanied by a po
do you have a friend that wrote a cookbook?HA! i do!her name is anna vocino and the book is called eat's a cookbook that is full of A+ recipes. recipes that you make over and over, that are easy and completely fool proof. but that are also g
See how JOI-Design is able to pay homage to history through contemporary design. While contemporary hotels are fun to experience, the real beauty of visiting a new city is getting to know its history and culture. With this in mind, JOI-Design bridges
Do your kids hate taking a bath or brushing their teeth? Bet they'd be alot more excited about both of those tasks if they were able to do it in this cool bathroom! The "Mr. Blow" wallpaper by Abnormals Anonymous is so fun!!! By Brio Interior Design&
Crane in the Woods, Dan McCarthy
(Image credit: Sweeten) Last week we looked at the overhaul of Claudia's bathroom, which got a beautiful, classic update in keeping with the character of her 1929 apartment building on Manhattan's Upper East side. Today, we're diving into the renovat
Heavy rains in India and Nepal have killed 15 people and displaced 2.3 million in just the past few days. Fortunately for approximately 600 foreigners who were visiting Sauraha, no additional lives were lost when the nearby Rapti River overflowed its
Snagging the title from Tokyos Kasai underground station, the Central Train Station in Utrecht, the Netherlands will now house the world's largest bicycle parking garage. It launches with 6,000 spots but will expand to 12,500 by next year. As PSFK...
Elevate your camping style with the latest high-performance gear like twig-burning stoves, tree tents, bear-proof coolers and portable loungers. These major upgrades will keep you dry, warm, fed and comfortable no matter how rugged your destination,
Essemtial Films Scratch-off
The 1900s through the 1920s was a time of tremendous change in the kitchen, but it wasn't until the 1930s that the kitchen began to take on its modern shape. The kitchen configuration that we all know now, has its roots, like a lot of modern design,
A jacket designed to harness the energy of the sun and convert it into a green glow for up to 12 hours. Although the Volleback Solar Charged Jacket won’t offer its wearer the same superhuman abilities as those made famous by Kryton&#821
The Thirst Quenching TentThis might just look like your average tent (in fact, its triangular shape is pretty old-school!) but it’s also a clever water collection tool. The tent...This might just look like your average tent (in fact, its tr
Known and adored all over the world, artist Yayoi Kusama is set to open her very own museum in Tokyo. The five-story museum will host a garden, reading room, materials archive and a shopas well as some of Kusama's most famous and celebrated works....
In another strike against coal, a federal judge just shut down plans for a large coal mine expansion in Montana, saying US officials had exaggerated the economic benefits of the mine while downplaying the impact it would have on the environment. Sign
Black Elvis, Tim O'Brien
If you've been anxiously awaiting the opening of Homesense, the new HomeGoods spinoff, we're right there with you. The first location in Framingham, Massachusetts opens Thursday, but we visited and got a sneak peek inside. We're taking you on a tour
A series of plastic water bottles that utilize modern production techniques while retaining historical details. With much research being done looking at historical water storing methods, researchers have been able to gather vast information regarding
Okay, this is kind of fun: it’s a puzzle featuring a satellite image of your home. You’ll get to see an area of 1 mile north-to-south and 1.5 miles east-to-west, and there’s a few irregular pieces thrown in to keep it sp
The tendency of pastel lasts in our interiors to create delicacy and softness. For the new WOOD PASTEL range, we have chosen the powdery pink which is..
Founded by Cutler Brooklyn's Tyson Kennedythe hairdresser who doesn't look like a hairdresser, maybe due to his other life as a rock musicianthe Fatboy styling line started with this creamy homemade putty that he created for his own hair. A casual...
Hi! Can anyone tell me if the side panels on the KURA bed are structurally necessary in the low position? We’d love to leave them off to keep storage space underneath. Thanks in advance! ~ NKS Photo: *** Hi NKS Looking at the assem
Color palette, Cj Hendry
(Image credit: Ashley Poskin) Framing a garment can seem like an intimidating process, but it's actually quite easy to do yourself. The framing pros have a lot of specialized tools and tricks (like using a tagging gun instead of hand stitching, for i
A not-to-miss art installation in a shipping container in Brooklyn. Take a walk down a lonely dead-end road in an industrial Brooklyn neighborhood, enter an obscure parking lot, and find Fastnet, one of the strangest (and must-see) galleries in New Y
Would you eat a burger made of mealworms? Coop, the second-largest supermarket chain in Switzerland, will start selling food made with insects. The country will be the first in Europe to allow sales of insect-based food for people, thanks to laws cha
Here’s a wall hook that does double duty: the looped brace gives you an extra spot to clip your keys or hang scarves or umbrellas. It’s also extremely kind to your clothes, as there’s no angular hook to create havoc in t
Bohuy Kim is a Korean graphic designer who runs the studio Odd Hyphen. A strong believer in creative experimentation, he regularly pursues self-initiated projects such as the poster series Visual Impact. In this collection, he plays with unique typog
I’m in love with the Coco!The coconut is one tough nut to crack. There’s a practice here in India where we crack a coconut against the floor during important religious rituals,...The coconut is one tough nut to crack. There&#8
Kees van Dongen
(Image credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw) I've been on a bit of a mission lately to spruce up the areas in my home that I'm less than satisfied with. Living in my rental condo for the past two-plus years, I've focused so much of my attention on decorating
Slowdown Studio launched new limited edition blankets by artist and musician Chaz Bear, aka Toro Y Moi frontman. LA-based Slowdown Studio just launched Season Seven of their limited edition, artist-designed blankets with the latest designs by Oakland
South Australia is going big again -- as in world-beating big. Last month the state government signed a deal with Tesla to build the world's largest lithium-ion battery storage facility. NowState Premier Jay Weatherill has announced plans to construc
I am completely smitten with this Seattle apartment designed by Brio Interior Design. Such fun bright colours in unique combinations and a midcentury vibe. The clients of this newly built high rise unit only had a few requests when hiring brio interi
by Adam Robb The faint lettering of the former Malibu Riviera Motel's logo peeks out beneath the roadside signage now in use by The Native Hotel. The newest illumination in the sleepy coastal town's night sky, rising from a thicket of palm trees.....
Artist Alex Da Corte’s Slow Graffiti explores the pursuit of perfection through materialism. We usually remember a dream in bits and pieces: an image here, a feeling there, a sense of disorientation. There’s as
Angelica's kitchen was functionally fine, it just felt a little cramped and generic for her tastes. With some smart DIY projects, a few cosmetic upgrades and the help of the always reliable white paint, her kitchen looks like an entirely new space wi
We take a look at three fresh outdoor collections from Spanish company POINT. Spanish outdoor furniture company POINT has been around for close to 100 years, producing high-quality collections that focus on craftsmanship and modern designs. Their fre
Leave the Drones to TeslaDid you know that Nikola Tesla patented a drone before there were drones?! Over 100 years ago he called these imagined vessels as being used to...Did you know that Nikola Tesla patented a drone before there were drones?! Over
Plans to build Thomas Heatherwick's controversial Garden Bridge in London have been officially scrapped. The Garden Bridge Trust charity - created to build and run the bridge- just announced the end of the project due to the lack of support by London
David Cervera Home sick, David Cervera
Live concerts and breaking news might never be the same. Snapchat Stories, which intercut the moments of many Snapchatters at events like football game or ceremonies, can be powerful portraits of a place and time. But they’re inherently di