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Interior Design Fri Oct 20 2017 06:17:16 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- From the moment you step through the gate to the welcoming entry hall, the bright light informal living areas with their beautiful terracotta tiles (and strangely empty kitchen) to the expansive master suite this Beverly Hills house by Ryan White Des
Happy weekend! Have a lovely one. And a lovely space to spend it in.(photo: trnk via bright bazaar)
Here’s the story behind the film’s spectacular vision of technology. When Blade Runner hit theaters in 1982, it painted a vision of 2019 that was as horrifying as it was artful. Concept designer Syd Mead’s bleak dysto
Fare Luce, whiched can be interpreted as "shedding light" makes its U.S. debut at Foscarini's New York showroom. Produced by filmmaker Gianluca Vassll..
The People-Pleasers Guide To Pleasing People
Thoughts on style from the legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland. (via pinterest)
Adorable, abiding, artificial intelligenceBringing their funky, playful, retro design sensibilities to yet another product, BKID reinvents the artificial intelligence concierge for SK Telecom with their product, the Fairy. Designed...Bringing their f
Both adorable images found on imgfave.
  After being inspired by two iconic modernist houses, Phillip Johnsons 1949 Glass House and Mies van der Rohes 1951 Farnsworth House, South African architect Gilbert Colyn designed the Invermark House for himself in 1969. Unfortunately, sin
Name: Chaney Widmer her husband Charlie Location: Fairmount Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Size: 1200 square feet Years lived in: 2 years, owned When Chaney and her husband Charlie bought their house in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia in the f
Your teeth will thank youThis toothbrush doesn’t just look streamlined and great, it’s designed to be the next step in oral hygiene. It ditches nylon bristles for something much better....This toothbrush doesn’t just loo
Photography by FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura   When Lisbon-based Joo Tiago Aguiar arquitectos were designing this apartment interior, the owners wanted to have a space where they could store their wine collection. With many apartments,
For lovers of art or believers in the the art of divination, Kahn + Selesnick's Carnival at the End of World Tarot Deck brings a contemporary spin to the mystic experience. The artistic duo, based in Hudson, New York, kept by both the Rider-Waite....
Name: Vincent Location: West Village New York, New York The basics: 2 years, rented 700 square feet Vincent's West Village home is classically urban and warmly welcoming, perfect for his supper club, Mr. Jones. His home is both personal and public, w
If you're choosing tiles for your kitchen, office spaces, or bathroom floor (or perhaps the floor in another area), you'll be thinking about colors and designs and browsing the mind-boggling range in the catalogs.If you’re choosing tiles fo
The LEED Platinum-certified Noe Hill Smart Ecohome marries state-of-the-art green technology and the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that urban dwellers dream about. The house, designed by EAG Studio, creates a healthy living environment with plenty of natu
'Have You Seen The Girl Next Door' by Steven Klein for i-D Fall 2015 'Have You Seen The Girl Next Door' by Steven Klein for i-D Fall 2015 Dont bother with the local girls
This lovely home in San Fransisco has been designed by Regan Baker Design. I love the mix of modern design & art, mid century design classic and a Parisian touch. Image credits: Suzanna Scott.
I found this exquisite apartment in Milan by interior designer Paolo Badesco and had to share because Europeans always seem to know what to do when it comes to architecture and not following rules. There is nothing trendy about this apartment and tha
Tokujin Yoshioka adds another watch design to his portfolio of timepieces for Issey Miyake with the Glass Watch. Tokyo-based designer Tokujin Yoshioka adds another watch design to his portfolio of timepieces for Issey Miyake. The latest is the Glass
You don't know how important your dreams are until you don't have any. No, we're not talking about depression or ennui we're talking about literal dreamless sleep, and a new study says that as a society we have collectively entered "Dream Deprivation
Eat Pray Follow @itsPeteski
Professor David Kennedy of the University of Oxford just discovered hundreds of mysterious structures near ancient lava domes in Saudi Arabia. Using Google Earth, Kennedy found approximately 400 stone walls that are believed to be more than 9,000 yea
Imperfection-inspired LightingInspired by the imperfections created in the production process, the Mold pendant lamp’s name describes the very heart of the product! It’s a reference to its...Inspired by the imperfections created i
Built as a summer house on the west coast of Sweden, Villa N1 was designed to mimic wooden barns prevalent in the region. Built as a family summer house on the west coast of Sweden, Villa N1 was designed by Jonas Lindvall, of Lindvall A & D,
If you've ever wanted to peek inside the home of Katie Couric, today's the day. The news anchor's Upper East Side home is on the market for $8.25 million. READ MORE
Rising up from its corner lot like a ship on a wave, this shipping container home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a stunning private residence made from sliced, diced and strategically reassembled cargo boxes. The cut containers were flipped and reasse
Beautiful Mistakes, Bezt Etam
It is important to know about a few software that can help them in editing the photos and giving it a few finishing touches and designing the texture and color combinations in such a way that it enhances the photo and take it to another level.In toda
Peace Industry collaborated with four independent artists and designers on a new felt rug collection for Fall. Peace Industry, a brand that specializes in Iran-made felt rugs, recently partnered with four independent designers for their Fall 2017 col
Name: Lexie Comstock Location: Former French Concession Shanghai, China Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 3 years, renting For someone whose cookie baking skills have gained her countless fans in Shanghai, Lexie Comstock is very chill about not h
I feel fine/nothing, Daniele Sigalot
For the first time ever, a hermit crab has been documented to have found its forever home. Off the coast of Japan, a new species of the crab has partnered with a living coral. The coral grows as the crab ages, which means it has no need to continue s
This square tart is truly a work of art. It would surely be the centerpiece of any holiday dessert table. via
10 duffle bag options for weekend getaways or just hitting the local gym. Im all about traveling as light as possible and sometimes I dont need a full suitcase for a quick weekend getaway. Thats why I prefer duffle bags because theyre light and malle
Though there are few things more perfect than a sunny summer beach day, we've long been ready for the cooler (read: less sweaty) weather. Right now, we're in the middle of changing over our wardrobes, our decor, and even the craft projects on our wan
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Inktober-ish, Andrew Kolb
11-year-old Gitanjali Rao earned the title of "America's Top Young Scientist" when she won thethis years presitigiousDiscovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The Colorado residentwas recognized for her inspired invention of a sensor that can
Hauntingly beautiful, Feist's cover of "The Stranger was her tribute to fellow Canadian and Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, who died yesterday from brain cancer. The track was drawn from Downie's 2016 solo album Secret Path. Feist explains that.
Normally planters this nice would have a cringe-inducing price tag, but the Pidestall Planters seem completely affordable when you spend a little time appreciating their bent metal legs and clean, cylindrical forms. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use,
A traditional Spanish botijo, a clay container used to hold water, is behind this modernly rustic carafe and cup set. A traditional Spanish botijo, a clay container used to hold water, is behind Simon Legald’s Junto series for Danish brand
The year was 2010 (don't quote me on that) when we as a society decided we needed to start putting cute sayings on home decorand guys, it's gotten out of control. Right? READ MORE
Just sharing an idea I had. I had two unused VURM 4-bottle wine racks from IKEA and I’ve decided to use them as a shovel holder. Here you can see the photo from my garage how it works. I am using it for couple of weeks with no issues. ~ by
It seemed like a good idea at the time, Aleksey Kondratyev
Prescott, Arizona sees around 277 days of sunshine every year. Arizona-based house builder Mandalay Homes plans to take advantage of all that sunlight in 3,000 new homes to be built in the city, all equipped with rooftop solar panels and batteries fr
Ever since crafting a near-perfect pair of commuter pants (the soft, flexible and breathable "No Sweat" pant) performance-wear brand DU/ER hasn't stopped making further technical developments. After years of producing tech-forward bottoms for all gen
Yes, you saw this Euclid Measuring Cup back in a previous link pack, and now you get to see it again. What’s so special about it? Well, take a look at its funny shape and you’ll see how it’s tapered towards its bottom, a
The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever having to touch your cables. YES! The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever