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Interior Design

Interior Design Thu Dec 14 2017 02:00:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Look at how cool these specs are!With Warby Parker locations popping up all over the world, it’s no surprise that small eyewear vendors are going out of business. What’s more frustrating is...With Warby Parker locations popping up
Great news for bullseye fans: Target just acquired Shipt, a grocery delivery service, that will allow the retailer to bring same day delivery to nearly half of its stores by early next year. READ MORE
What a Great Christmas animated gif. via
When it comes to interior styling, modern design trends are demonstrating an acceptance and use of technology. While technology continues to pop-up in almost every aspect of our lives, were seeing it become incorporated into even the most mundane and
Hey Elon, here’s an idea for your Semi-trucks!Most trucks aren’t as aerodynamic as the Tesla Semi which has a drag coefficient that’s lesser than Bugatti’s flagship Chiron. But most trucks aren’t desi
Photography by Patricia Parinejad   Architecture and interior design firmOHLAB, have recently completed the design for anew concept store named “In-sight,” that’s located in Downtown Miami.   On the fac
2017 is speeding towards a close, a fact we're facing now that Netflix has officially released what will be leaving the streaming service come 2018. We're pretty sad about some of these, but at least there's still some serious vacation time coming up
Glowing plants might sound like the stuff of science fiction - but a team of MIT researchers just grew a crop of watercress that emits emit dim light for almost four hours. Postdoctoral researcher Seon-Yeong Kwak led a team of engineers and scientist
The other day I realized I needed a project. Nothing too time-consuming because I have some work coming up on the house I want to tackle but something to tide me over until then. An idea came to mind, and luckily my husband was totally on board. Our
ever since i laid eyes on this dress from pearl lowe i haven't been able to stop thinking about it as my christmas party dress.i mean look at it! it's pure nostalgia. it comes in red too tho i think red might be too literal for me. i just love the si
An exquisite extinguisher design!We’ve seen so many concepts tackle the functionality of a fire-extinguisher, helping it perform better, be carried easily, save lives. However, BLEND tackles the fire extinguisher’s...We’
The bodega on the corner, your laundromat, the pawn shop down the street or the innocuous law firm entrance you pass on your way to work could be harboring secrets behind unmarked doors or bookcases. America’s modern speakeasies exist more
"When it came to finding a place for myself, I knew I wanted something distinctly New York, and it's hard to find something more New York than SoHo's cobblestone streets and cast-iron faades," wrote Marc Fichera, the Marketing Director for a top resi
Giving someone a great gift they'll really treasure doesn't mean dropping a ton of cash. Sometimes the best gift you can give a friend or loved one is something you can't buy in stores: your time. This year, why not skip the store-bought gifts and gi
What a difference a week makes! This has truly been the longest week of my life. As we speak the Thomas fire has burned 235,000 acres and destroyed 800 structures. We were given the ok to come back home over the weekend. Here's what happened.
I write to you all the way from Milan, Italy in desperation, because I dont know where else to turn… Me and my future husband made the big step and just bought a house. I have to say that the moving period has been stressful but the biggest
A Chair for Any OccassionWhether it’s at a desk, dinner table or TV room, the Hybrid Chair by Studio Lorier can transform to accommodate almost any situation. The versatile piece...Whether it’s at a desk, dinner table or TV room,
I know, I know, we all want to minimize kitchen clutter, but this spoon/spatula is meant for scooping, spreading, and scraping peanut butter. There’ll be little to no waste when you use the PBspoon, because it features both a rounded and sq
This time of year is one of influx and more, more, more. Layers of decorations, extra throw pillows and blankets, house guests, that second slice of pie not to mention all the new items brought into the home as gifts. While everything is still contai
San Jose has been struggling with homelessness, and think they have an answer: tiny homes. The City Council recently voted nine to two approving a pilot program to construct a 40-unit tiny house village. Architecture firm Gensler unveiled two design
viaWood is a favorite flooring option among homeowners and interior designers. Aside from its classy and, at the same time, cozy feel, wood is cheaper than other materials and is environmentally friendly. Hardwood, especially, is prized in interior d
I was out and about yesterday ducking in here and there and found this amazing old Mercury Glass Christmas tree on a tin base with a tin star at my favorite charity shop. I found the old glass votives there earlier this year. The Peace tray was a fin
If you like to dabble in neutrals more than bright and bold colors, then black is one of the best foundations for your vision. We’ve compiled a list of dark and dreamy spaces that will certainly have you inspired. These 15 black bedrooms wi
This Helmet is a ‘Riding Experience Device’The helmet, ever since its use by warriors in ancient civilizations, has always been a safety device. The materials have changed through thousands of years, going...The helmet, ever since
Get someone this Delfonics A4 Briefcase Set. Why? It includes a blush pink Rollbahn A5 Notebook, a black glossy Rollbahn Pocket Notebook, a Wood Ball Pen in silver, a Wood Sharp Pencil in white, and a white Delfonics A4 Document Case to keep everythi
This video footage shot by Dezeen shows a huge section of the brutalist Robin Hood Gardens estate being torn apart by a demolition claw. Read moreThis video footage shot by Dezeen shows a huge section of the brutalist Robin Hood Gardens estate being
If you've been obsessing over every detail of the recent royal engagement, the story behind Meghan Markle's ring surely made you melt. According to their first joint interview with BBC, Prince Harry helped design using stones from Princess Diana's co
Scientists have found the first solid evidence that prehistoric ticks consumed dinosaur blood. The discovery of a 99-million year old piece of amber in Myanmar offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Cretaceous animals, large and small. Trapped withi
I've always dreamed of warehouse living but this Surry Hills conversion by Josephine Hurley Architecture takes it to the next level. Those windows are to die for, the brick on fleek and the modern minimalism the perfect counterfoil to this historic i
Modern pastoral. Love the warm tones and rich patterns of this spread in Elle Czech, November 2017 issue. Model Ester Berdych was photographed in the new Erdem x H&M collection by Andreas Ortner, with styling by Jan Krlek.(via fashion gone ro
  Ekaterina Gritsan from Buro108 has recently completed an apartment in Moscow, Russia, that’s been designed for a bachelor who wanted to blendnature, minimalism and wood.   Upon entering the apartment, there’s a
An Orchard of StorageTree Story is a little forest of storage containers that artistically hold your favorite herbs and spices. The design’s inspiration comes from pure enjoyment of strolling...Tree Story is a little forest of storage conta
These stocking hooks are adorable and the mantel looks wonderful. A fireplace in the kitchen or dining room is always a wonderful thing. via
We're definitely living in a time when classical design rules are being thrown out the window for the sake of individuality and creativity, and we're more than okay with that (though, we'll never be on board hanging too-short curtains). One of those
99 percent less water and 4,000 lettuce heads every 10 days: Los Angeles-based Local Roots achieves all that in their shipping container farms. And today they announced they've also reached cost parity with traditional farming. They plan to deploy ov
You know it's not true. The Belgians just don't do greige. They do rich yet muted colour too. Blues and rusts and raspberries. Purples and oranges and ... grey and white. I am in love with the very Belgian look of these rooms by Antwerp-based Natalie
Some sit individually in trees while are clustered in sets, branching out like leaveson a building facade or hung like ivy off the sides of structures, but all of these diverse birdhouses share something in common: a single creative mind that has bee
Wishing you a very happy Hanukkah, filled with warmth, family and friends.(photo by anouschka rokebrand, styling by avenue lifestyle. via avenue)
What I love the most about IKEA furniture is that is so versatile that you can do anything you want from it, and still have a lot of room for improvement. And you dont lose a fortune in case you dont like how your projects ends, considering the fact
  Sam Gelin, owner ofCraft Hospitality has launched MADE, his first hotel in New York City. He worked with Los Angeles design firmStudio MAI, to create a modern look that features plenty of wood elements throughout.   The hotel has
What says ‘grown-up glassware’ more than the $70 per piece price tag of the Dearborn Glassware? Maybe the intricate, fluted Borosilicate glass, or the knowledge that each piece was expertly created by master glassblowers in the Cz
Hybrid Home LightingWe generally think of a flashlight as something we hide between uses… either in the closet, a kitchen drawer, or tucked away with your other camping...We generally think of a flashlight as something we hide between uses&
can you even?images via matilda goad, 1stdibs, sarah vanrenen, salvesengraham, times uk
Contrary to popular practice, poinsettia don't have to be holiday decor "throw-away" plants. Instead, with a bit of attention, you can not only keep your poinsettias looking good for longer, but can even help them re-bloom in time for next year's fes
SunPower has achieved a 15 percent efficiency increase in its panels in part by incorporating a novel design: shingling solar cells. For only $9 in additional costs from adding solar cells, the San Jose-based manufacturer's P Series solar panels can
A blend of antique and modern, edgy artwork and bold colours, and a provocative yet playful air is what you get when your home is designed by Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihimar of Jimmie Martin. This London apartment is sooooo sexy! (Photos: Montse G
Image from Architectural Digest Photo by Simon Upton. Studio Peregalli Design.This room is a masterpiece in every way. It's like a Roman Bath.
viaAn ideal home involves making use of the available space, whether its for storage or for comfort and relaxation. Unfortunately, as years go by, the living space may not be enough to give room for everything. Today, we are going to look into some t
I prefer fashion items that are stylish yet casual. The 9 items that I have selected for this post have both qualities, plus all pieces can be combined together. Above: ruffled printed silk shirt. 1. Acne Studios oversized ribbed wool … Con
Arts School that’s as dynamic as the art form!Standing out wonderfully against the otherwise traditional neighborhood of Noisy-le-Sec is the bright green building of the Conservatoire, a Music, Dance, and Drama school in an...Standing out w