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Interior Design

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Time Since Launch is a single-use, long-scale launch clock. This would be fun to use at the birth of a child. Time Since Launch is a single-use, long-scale launch clock. This would be fun to use at the birth of a child.
A Mirror for Mixing UpNamed after the material loop that connects and contains its parts, the Band mirror offers reflection in more ways than one. Users can hang it normally...Named after the material loop that connects and contains its parts, the Ba
Photography by Nic Granleese   Habitech Systems have designed the renovation and extension of an original Victorian cottage in Hawthorn, an innersuburb of Melbourne, Australia.   Here’s what the front of the house looked l
If your dream getaway involves nature excursions in a tropical environment, prepare to fall in love with the Cardamom Club resort in Thekkady, India. Recently renovated by Bangalore-based Kumar La Noce, this boutique resort features a series of eleva
Skills, IG : itsPeteski
Brooklyn-based Bower Studios has expanded its collection of trompe l'oeil mirrors with designs that look like arcades, porthole windows and arched doorways. Read moreBrooklyn-based Bower Studios has expanded its collection of trompe l'oeil mirrors wi
Style Meets SafetyA winner of this year’s Red Dot Award, the NIMB ring offers unprecedented safety in the form of one stylish, compact fashion accessory! When would you...A winner of this year’s Red Dot Award, the NIMB ring offers
Though Michelle Obama spent eight years in one of the biggest houses in the country, she didn't always live such a spacious lifestyle. In promoting her new book, Becoming (out November 13), Michelle shared a sweet photo of her with her parents on Ins
Pop artist and creator of iconic LOVE sculptures, Robert Indiana has passed away at 89 years old. The reclusive artist created a lifetime's worth of art, but remains best known for his stacked-letter pieces (originally made for a Christmas card commi
Toronto's new buildings are quickly cementing the city's status as an architectural icon, and its latest gorgeously green residential tower is no exception. The city has just broken ground on Aquabella, a LEED-certified building with multiple tiers o
Pulp fiction
i need clothes. that is not an overstatement. by any stretch. so bear with me here. net-a-porter is having an up to 50% off sale.i love this casual vibe of muscle tee paired with girly skirt and converse. so this, this with those. o
TheAmerican Institute of Architectshas announced its top 11 residential projects for 2018, including a house in New York that takes design cues from its past as a Quaker settlement and aremote residence with expansive light wood and glass in rural On
  Greek furniture design studio INOMO have created a floating sunbed and icebucketas part of their first floating furniture collection named ‘Waves’. The modern daybeds can be used on land as well as water, however if use
Brilliantly Secure and Beautifully Designed Bike AccessoriesBeautiful bicycles deserve equally beautiful accessories, but more importantly, accessories that match one another. These accessories can also be prime pickings for a thief but carrying...Be
Move over, hygge. There's a new unpronounceable #lifegoal in town for 2018, and though it does have some roots in Scandinavian tradition it's now the Austrians who are claiming they have the real secret to happy livingwith gemtlichkeit. READ MORE
The new flagship showroom of Tom Dixon is more than just a retail store. One of the most exciting pieces of news from this years NYCxDESIGN week made Greene Street extra trafficky as New Yorks design lovers flocked to Tom Dixons new NYC flagship show
Calling herself "sound collager," Lillian Frances has just released her second EP Timeism and from it comes the delightfully glitchy, mostly-Spanish-language song "Bailamos Con el Humo." Infectious and bright, it's just one of the record's charming..
Located just a few hundred meters from the checkpoint to Jerusalem and a mile from the centre of Bethlehem, the Walled-Off Hotel (a play on Waldorf) project features works of art and artistically designed rooms — it serves as a habitable wa
Environmental design and contemporary art go hand-in-hand in Steven Holl Architects recently completed The Markel Center, the home of the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Located at the busiest intersect
The skin youre in, Jessa Fairbrother
While IKEA has teamed up with scores of designers over the years, the limited editionSPNST collection is out of the IKEA norm. But in a good way. SPNST is an IKEA collab with LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp (creative director of Stampd), and fr
New York design collective Colony has put on an exhibition of tapestries and home products at its space in Tribeca, which was painted dark blue for the occasion, during the NYCxDesign festival. Read moreNew York design collective Colony has put on an
Not many of us have room for an eight-foot-long dining table, but it sure is nice to see it exists in such a pared-down/minimalist style. And, if customizing the length isn’t enough for you, there’s quite a few material options: p
The GT-R Uses Multiple Magnets for Stellar Quality SoundAlways the ones to push boundaries, Advanced were the first to foresee the iPhone 7 disappearing headphone jack problem and in turn created the Accessport to...Always the ones to push boundaries
You've probably heard it many times before: Meal planning is a great way to eat healthier and save money. But where do you even begin? You can buy all the nice containers you want, and understand the golden rule of meal planning, but how do you actua
Madrid-based Mayice have created FILAMENTO, a hanging glass sculpture that spans just over three feet (one meter). The undulating fixture displays how light travels from end to end through concave and convex glass. Made from a single piece of glass,
Princess Elizabeths little cottage at Royal Lodge, a gift from the people of Wales on her sixth birthday. Could anything be more wonderful? The estate is located three miles south of Windsor Castle in Windsor Great Park and has been the official resi
For some 15 years, we have been fans and friends of Michael Venturafounder and CEO of Sub Rosa, whose entire working process is based on Applied Empathy, a methodology that strengthens empathetic minds and brings together insight and action, resultin
In the romantic comedyUnder the Tuscan Sun, Diane Laneplayed Frances Mayes, a woman who impulsively decided to buy and restore an old house in Italy called “Bramasole.”The movie was filmed on location at Villa Laura in Tuscany, wh
Want to take actionin the fight against climate change? Plant a garden! During World War II, people in the U.S. planted around 20 million victory gardens. Green America aims to bring the concept back with Climate Victory Gardens to combat climate cha
Return to Magenta, Andreas Nilsson
The Pyramid of Tirana was a symbol of Albania’s brutal dictator. Now, MVRDV has plans to convert it into an “inhabited monument.” There are two main ways that people usually treat the crumbling monuments of eastern Eu
In this week's comments update readers debated whether BIG's tiny cabin in Upstate New Yorkcould incorporate any of the more quirky features of the practice's recent projects. Read moreIn this week's comments update readers debated whether BIG's tiny
I was not ready for that happy ending — Llama In A Tux (@LlamaInaTux) May 19, 2018 I was not ready for that happy ending — Llama In A Tux (@LlamaInaTux) May 19, 2018
A Modern Twist on the TypewriterAs a writer myself, it’s easy to get behind a concept like the Typer even when I know most other people think “huh?”! However impractical it...As a writer myself, it’s easy to ge
A reader kindly sent in this bathroom, referring to it as "the epitome of '90s glam." For a moment there was hope that the After was going to be '90s glamthink of all the Nagels!but, instead, this is the story of how quintessentially '90s elements we
Dont miss this chance to see Hugh Haydens work in person, and we strongly recommend bringing a friend! New York-based sculptor Hugh Hayden is extremely careful not to remove the branches on his raw material an act that results inan explosion of form
An elegant room for your Tuesday. Have a lovely one.(photo via libertyn interiors)
Medusaa monster, a gorgon, a dangerous womanwith her snake hair, is an instantly recognizable subject throughout history. In art, fashion and pop culture, she has been portrayed in countless ways, but around 2,000 years ago Medusa got a makeover.....
A notorious red light district and black market before it was swept and shut down by authorities in 2005, the cavernous space beneath an overpass in Yokohama sat empty for years until a social redevelopment project gave it a new lease on life. The Ko
Around 40 percent of food goes to waste in America yearly, which costs the average family of four about $2,000 a year. Luckily, Chicago startup Ovie has an answer to this problem: Smarterware. Ovie's Smart Tags, which keep track of food items' freshn
Pixels with that, Yuni Yoshida
Gold’s design for Cabalanca was his second assignment, fresh out of Pratt. Yesterday was a sad day for design and film: The legendary movie poster designer Bill Gold–who made iconic images for Casablanca, A Clockwork Orange, Ali
It might seem like a superfluous task to fix up your home. You already live there and, as long as things work, you may feel fine with the way things are. However, taking the time to remodel and repair has beneficial effects on your cost of living, qu
Joy isn’t a signal that you’re not serious. It’s a sign that you’re curious and engaged. – Ingrid FetellJoy isn’t a signal that you’re not serious. It’s a sign that you&a
"Sexy manga girls" replace traditionalimages ofangelsinthiskitsch reimagining of traditional Venetian mirrors by designers Giada Fiorindi and Federico Florini. Read more"Sexy manga girls" replace traditionalimages ofangelsinthiskitsch reimagining of
THOMAS DOVE TABLE (60”w x 28”d x 16”h) Inspired by the angled forms of the traditional dovetail joint, this contemporary sculptural ..
Inconspicuous Diabetes ManagementDiabetes Management is essential to a patient, but the process can be confusing and inconvenient, as well as being another item for them to have to...Diabetes Management is essential to a patient, but the process can