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Candy Tue May 22 2018 17:15:25 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- We're staring something new here on Candy Critic, and it's all about when we post new reviews. From now one we'll be posting at least one new review every weekend. Sometimes it'll just be one, sometimes a whole bunch of them, but we're going to focus
I have always said that laughter is the key to anyones heart, but is it the key to their… The post Laffy Taffy and Snickers: Something Funny Going on Here appeared first on Candy Blog - have always said that laughter is
Time to freak out Monday with strawberry pasta salad! Before you click that big red button on the upper left corner to unsee this, hear me out! Because strawberry pasta salad is a serious thing. Fantastic thing. Reeeeally delicious thing. This is def
I keep hoping that ice cream would have the same effects on foods as chocolate. The idea that everything is better in ice cream form (much like the idea that everything is better covered in chocolate). As much as I'd like to believe this, I'm constan
As we all know, Easter is a holiday full of religious symbolism, but it is also a holiday full… The post A Brach’s Easter Candy Taste Test appeared first on Candy Blog - we all know, Easter is a holiday full
Hey hey! Happy Saturday from Atlanta, where I’m gearing up to do an event for The Pretty Dish this afternoon! I can’t wait to see you guys! In two weeks I’ll be in Nashville and we just added DC to the schedule, so check
Last week we did a crazy candy review-a-thon, and in the same spirit we're going to continue this review-a-thon till Wednesday. The difference is we're going to focus on Japanese snacks, and we're hoping to post a whole bunch of reviews.  Th
Have you ever heard someone lament the fact that life just isnt like it used to be? We know… The post Mars Bar and Forever Yours: Perennial Favorites Making A Comeback appeared first on Candy Blog - you ever heard so
This is seriously the best baked oatmeal you will ever eat. I know I have ten million favorite everythings and that I seriously love all the things and that I get excited over everything in life, but using the term “best ever” isn
Even if you think the Simpson's is the best show ever, and smarter than anything ever put on TV, eating Ralph Wiggum's grilled crayon sandwich is not a good idea.CC
A day without laughter, is a day wasted.— Charlie Chaplin Dont touch that dial, errr . . . I… The post Here Come Kinder Joy Eggs, Hoppin Down the Candy Trail appeared first on Candy Blog - day without laughter
Oh my gosh. This lavender white wine sangria is going to be your signature summer drink! This is going to be a problem. I have so many great drinks lined up for thirsty Thursday that every single week, Im going to be telling you that “this
In hindsight we probably should have saved this doughnut for a future episode of Chris, Why Would  You Eat That?!!, but we were both hopeful and excited. Unfortunately the hope ended after the first bite, and the excitement around the third.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never… The post How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop? appeared first on Candy Blog - many licks does it tak
Im going to tell you about a cheeseburger salad and hope you dont freak. Please dont freak! Its really oh-so good. And when I tell you what goes on this crazy cheeseburger salad? Im hoping youll be into it. I am SO into it. The thing about a cheesebu
Normally when we do a review-a-thon we simply post a new review every day. This "crazy" review-a-thon is a lot less predictable, and more abundant. What I can promise is that we will post a new review every day. What I can't promise you is when we'll
As Valentines Day is a day of love and candy, I decided to do a little research as to… The post Valentine’s Day Is For Candy Lovers appeared first on Candy Blog - Valentines Day is a day of love and candy, I
1. The prettiest rainbow salad spring rolls. Need them in my life. 2. Honestly, do you think we EVER will feel our age? I still feel so ridiculously young! Why? How? I look at how my mom talks about effortlessly mothering (with confidence!) and feel
Not only does this bring two of my favourite things together (cookies and LEGO), but it also eliminates my least favourite thing that I have to do when I'm making cookies.CC
What comes to mind when you think of the most controversial candies? Do you think of Circus Peanuts, Mary… The post Love ’em or Hate ’em: America’s Controversial Candies appeared first on Candy Blog - CandyFavo
I know that this is just what you need. Another avocado toast RECIPE. Another egg avocado toast recipe, to be exact. I mean, who doesnt need another recipe for avocado toast, which doesnt even require a recipe in the first place? We do! This avocado
If you're a regular reader of this blog (than you're not my my mother, seriously mom, you could check it out now and again), then you'll know that I love innovation. If you ask me what my favourite candy or snack is my answer is almost always "someth
Happy Saturday and more importantly, Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all you mamas out there. Right now, I’m on my way home from Salt Lake City with my own mom and Emilia and I can’t wait to dive into my own bed and see Ed
The general assumption on this site, and from people who find out that I review candy, is that I love every single kind of candy out there. This could not be further from the truth, there are plenty of candy types and flavours that I don't like, and
Look how pretty things are today! Lavender cupcakes, you guys! You have no idea how many exclamation points I want to use right now. Lavender cupcakes are my new favorite way to welcome spring into this life. They are fresh and fun and delicious and
I always thought gummy worms were just born... I'm very sad.CC
Mimosa punch for mom, coming right up! Or mimosa punch for you, of course. I love how when the words mimosa or brunch are involved, it automatically means that we can have champagne for breakfast. Sort of how its okay to have doughnuts on Saturdays o
While my house didn't burn down, what I did was really stupid. Putting chocolate bars in the oven doesn't make much sense, and should ruin a perfectly good chocolate bar. The strange thing is that it didn't. It turns out putting strange flavours of K
YOU GUYS. Hummingbird cake in scone form. And I mean, since it’s a scone and NOT cake, that means it’s okay to have for breakfast. I give you permission. Its gooood. Were talking Hummingbird cake scones with a dreamy glaze. Its th
My opinion of bars that comes out with a huge variety of flavours often depends on the last one tried. While I didn't hate this bar, it did make me think that some candy companies don't give as much thought as they could to new varieties. Having said
1. I can’t get over the prettiness of this rhubarb upside down cake! 2. But see also, I’ve barely ever had rhubarb. Maybe twice or thrice. Never on its own. What does it taste like? Because it looks like pink celery and if it tast
My favourite thing about this popcorn popper is the fact that it comes apart and the top is the bowl. This is most certainly going on my Christmas list next year.For those of you who don't want to go with the dark side, this R2-D2 popper is pretty co
Ive got mediterranean turkey burgers on the menu today and its SHOCKING. Because it turns out that I dont loathe turkey burgers after all. At least not when they are trashed up like this. I know! Right? If youve been reading long enough, then you kno
I always felt that the banjo was underused when making videos involving candy factories.CC
Happy Saturday! Happy first Saturday of MAY! Can you believe we’re here already? Okay, so I’m dying to know. What are you doing today? Cindo de Mayo? Kentucky Derby? Both? None? I’m going to mesh the two and make somethi
I'm constantly reminded that there are people in the world that like the taste of durian. I've even met a few people who apparently love the stuff. I just can't wrap my head around this, but I'm trying.Click here to check out old episodes of Chris, W
Thats right. Were putting pimento cheese in your grilled cheese! As if grilled cheese couldn’t get any more indulgent. We’re making pimento cheese grilled cheese like a boss. And loving it. Don’t worry. I threw some arug
I don't like to make a habit of picking out a candy for review on the name alone, but sometimes you just can't resist. I'm sure the name of this candy has some kind of meaning, but I certainly couldn't figure it out. I just remember walking into a gr
Welcome to my new elevated love language: mezcal margaritas! But more specifically, SMOKED STRAWBERRY mezcal margaritas. Hello lovers! These are smoky, tart, sweet and potent from some perfect tequila. I LOVE IT. After what I just did, my life may ne
Hey gang, I just wanted to drop you a line and ask that you check out our Patreon page. We're looking to expand what we do here at Candy Critic as well as fix up a few things that need work. We're not looking to turn this into a huge money making ven
I’m back with a little recap of our quick weekend trip to NYC for The Pretty Dish! So lets see. This trip was SO different having two kids! Eddie and I have been to NYC a bunch of times by ourselves. We love to just walk and walk for miles.
I'm surprised that the Flake bar isn't already available in a million different flavours. This is a classic British bar that's fairly simple, and the perfect candidate for multiple variations. If I was Cadbury I think about making a Flake bar that ce
I need no other tacos right now. None. These bang bang cauliflower tacos are all that exist. It’s no secret that I have a lot of favorites. But wait, tell me – who doesn’t have a lot of favorites right now? Is it possibl
Having spent the last little while thinking about Kit Kat flavours, I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some ideas for different flavours of Kit Kat bars that haven't been made. I asked some friends to suggest a few flavours, and came up with a f
1. Even though I’m basically terrified to sit in the window seat of a plane now, these sunrise views may be worth it. 2. How stunning is this lemon vertical roll cake?! 3. For the last month and a half, I pretty much forgot to record my 1 s
It's pretty amazing to see what goes into making one of the best chocolate bars ever.CC
I’ve got a crazy list of favorites for the month of April! I mean, we’re talking random. Everything below is what I’ve been freaking over this month! When it comes to music this month, I’m still blasting The Gr
This is really one of the most unique ideas I've ever seen for a candy bar, ever. There are a few bars, like the Charleston Chew which improves depending on the temperature you eat it. This however, might be the first bar that improves after you bake
Any day with a chicken enchilada skillet is a fabulous day. Cheese, sauce, tortillas. I need nothing else! Except maybe a vat of guac. With chips. And margaritas. If youre planning a Cinco de Mayo feast this week for your friends and family, I have a