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Desserts Sat Feb 24 2018 11:45:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The Instant Pot might have been one of the popular holiday kitchen gifts last season, but the Dash Mini Waffle Maker has consistently been a best seller this year. The pint-size waffle maker is just a bit bigger than the palm of your hand and produce
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never… The post How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop? appeared first on Candy Blog - many licks does it tak
I can't tell you how great The Onion's new cooking show is. I recommend checking out all of them.CC
Predictably, lemon and I are having a moment. Ive been lemon-ing all the things. Like chicken and now sheet cake and even chia pudding that Ill tell you about soon. I get in lemon mode and I cant get out. This is not the first lemon cake Ive made eit
Hot chocolate from around the world, and creative hot chocolate ideas. Listen, your ice cream maker isn't just for ice cream, boo. (CakeSpy)Filipino hot chocolate, AKA tsokolate. (The Little Epicurean)Spiced Venezuelan hot chocolate. This so
Whole grains are an important part of a balanced diet, so it never hurts to include them into your recipes when possible. TheseButtermilk Whole Wheat Waffles are made with white whole wheat flour, which makes them a better choice for your daily break
I think this candy has a bit of an ego when it comes to its name. While I have some fond memories of roasting marshmallows on an open fire, I don't think I ever associate any marshmallows with a party. If I was attending a party and there were marshm
Or aka, the jolt that I am currently obsessed with. So I never really got into the whole bulletproof coffee thing. Not because I wasnt interested in it (though at first the thought of butter in my coffee was like whaaaaat), but mostly because I didnt
When my Mom made pies, she usually had some leftover scraps of pastry. Not one to waste, she would gather up the scraps and roll them into a large round. She would then lightly brush the pastry with water and sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar and walnu
Skillet cookies – with their gooey centers, crisp edges and shareable size – have been steadily gaining popularity over the past year or so. They’ve gone from unusual dessert menu item to a treat that many people bake at
Of all of the candies we've posted so far, and all of the candies we plan to post in the near future being unwrapped, this is probably the most unique. It's not unique because of the candy we chose, it's unique because of the way I like to eat Oh Hen
Let’s do shrimp fajitas and margaritas and call it a day. Darn it. Why am I always a day late with Taco Tuesday? ALWAYS. It never fails. Oh my gosh. This meal is so packed with flavor that I had to tell you about it ASAP. Its really freakin
I’m not a tidy person. I have no idea what is at the bottom of the pile on my desk. Is it a receipt for something I bought three years ago? Could be. My natural inclination is to make mounds of things and only excavate if absolutely needed.
This beautiful Lemon Swirl Bundt Cake is perfect for those times when you want to bake a cake with a bit of a surprise to it. The vanilla bundt cake has a gorgeous swirl of lemon running through it – a swirl that is bright yellow in color,
[New for 2018]Hello Nosh Show listeners! Ha, just kidding, happy Monday everyone, hopefully a lot of you have the day off and are thinking of heading to the grocery store to fill up the freezer. Our buds over at Gelato Fiasco were nice enough to send
You down with OPP? Yeah you know ME!  Allow me to clarify: when I say "OPP" I mean, of course, "other people's pudding". And I don't mean it as a euphemism.I literally mean that I am, in fact, down with making and eating other people's pu
AH YOU GUYS! Exactly one month from today, The Pretty Dish will be released! Just ONE month. How? What? This is crazy. Feels like I was just writing and shooting the entire thing! I’m so super excited because with one month out, I&#8217
I have to admit, today's new candy review is a little sel... fish. The reason I wanted to review an ice cream treat is because I'm in a place that's very hot, and I need to cool down. I know that many of you reading this are in the throws of a cold w
Wilton Cake Baker's Tools and Parchment Paper Set I've been making cakes since I was a preteen. My mother seemed to have everything we needed. I thought I had everything that I needed when I was offered the opportunity to check out the Wilton Cake Ba
Growing up, I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my lunch more times than I can count. I still love the combination of sweet, fruity jam and savory, sticky peanut butter whether I’m enjoying it in a sandwich or in a PB&J-insp
I know Valentine's Day is over, but these treats are where the heart's at. Chocolate pop-hearts (pictured top). (CakeSpy)Cherry valentine Rice Krispie treats. Yess! (Marla Meridith)Beary sweet ice cream cones. Technically not hearts but they
1. These flowers are from TARGET! I mean, it’s not even a Super Target. Regular old boring Target. I never need to go anywhere else ever. Except Trader Joes? 2. How stunning are these raspberry dark chocolate chunk scones?! Need. 3. Does an
About a month ago, I got an email from Graeter's asking me why I hadn't done a review with the pair offree pint coupons they had sent over. As I explained to them when they sent the coupons, there just isn't a lot of NEW Graeters in my area. I'm grat
Broiche is part of a group of yeast raised Breakfast Pastries called Viennoiserie. When I took a week long Viennoiserie Class at the San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) we made this bread. It is an enriched bread, which means it is made with lots o
These tuxedo Black and White Chocolate Brownie Bars have something for every chocolate-lover, whether you prefer dark chocolate, white chocolate or love them both equally. The bars have a vanilla layer and a chocolate layer, with both dark and white
Virginie Wiggins is back to share her pomegranate tartlets recipe. Not only did she write this post and let me try her delicious tartlets, but she let Myles play at her house with her boys while Jonathan took photos of the tartlets. She’s t
Sjaak's Hearts of Cherry Sisters and Brothers in CHocolate, on Sunday and Monday we shared some of the Vegan and Organic Valentine options from Sjaak's. Today I want to introduce you to Jessica Holten-Casper from Sjaak's Organic Chocolates to The Cho
Meet my newest love: kale cacio e pepe! Or… kale, cheese and pepper. And pasta. What we have here is theeeee easiest weeknight meatless meal. Like, so simple. Embarrassingly simple! You wont even believe it. A Monday meal. A meatless meal.
This episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! has inspired me to change the way things are done in this web show. The problem I  have is that I can't sample the foods to find out if they're really gross or not. I can't check that it's goi
[New for early 2018] When I first spotted this flavor a month ago, I didn't really have the urge to review it because it just seemed like a spiced up chocolate cookies & cream flavor. Yes, technically I adore cookies & cream, but I ju
If you were a unicorn, what would you be eating at right this very minute? I can tell you what I'd be eating. THIS: Reprinted with permission from Secret-Layer Cakes by Dini Kodippili, Page Street Publishing Co. Photo credit: Kodippili T
Today I got you a very special valentine. Yes, you. No no, not you - YOU. [waggling eyebrows] Now, it might look like a regular Sunday Sweets post, but it's filled with awesome Valentines cakes. Just the way you like. Yep. (Who loves ya? Huh?) Check
Waffles are one of those breakfast foods that I used to save for weekends. My desire to turn them into a “special occasion” breakfast food stems from the fact that growing up, it was rare that we had waffles for breakfast. And whe
As Valentines Day is a day of love and candy, I decided to do a little research as to… The post Valentine’s Day Is For Candy Lovers appeared first on Candy Blog - Valentines Day is a day of love and candy, I
Sjaak's Limited Edition Birdie Gift Box of truffles Sjaak's sent us so much Valentine's Day chocolates to test and reveal to you all that this is Part 2 of that feature. The next box of Valentine's Day Chocolate from Sjaak's frankly could be a spring
I love a good bakery. You know, the kind that has the perfect chocolate chip cookie, or makes their baguettes just the way you like them. Sometimes when I go to the bakery I have a craving for a particular cookie, while other times I simply like to b
Hello Saturday! This weekend we’re taking it easy in the midst of a crazy month. I hope you guys have a great one. xoxoxo Favorites this week: stunning chocolate cupcakes with strawberry rose buttercream. how to make an easy asian hot pot!
I think there's a belief that colds are afraid of things that taste bad. It's not always the case, but most of the time any kind of food that notionally makes a cold go away tastes awful. There are a few cold relief treats that I've had that aren't b
Be still my beet-ing heart! All about baking with beets.Beet brownies. Well, these are interesting. (Self Proclaimed Foodie)Beet cupcakes! Yum. Pictured top! (CakeSpy archives)Raw chocolate beet cheesecake. This thing looks incredible! (Unconventiona
[New for 2018] Ok, you know the basics of these Magnum pints by now. It's chocolate on top and on the sides plus chocolate layers mixed in. It's likeH-D Trio but with less dense ice cream. Magnum Milk Chocolate Vanilla Tub vanilla ice cream and milk
Pavlova may seem like a fancy dessert, but as Niche Food Group pastry chef Sarah Osborn showed me, it is incredibly simple. I reached out to Sarah to share one of her best Valentine’s Day dessert suggestions that people could easily make at
Valentines Day is next week, so it's a good idea to start strategizing now. I mean strategerizing. I mean stratavarigizing. I mean WHATEVER SPELLCHECK YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME. [What you're not seeing - other than me yelling at my screen like a madwom
Cake Pops turned 10 years old this week (can you believe it?) and today is also National Cake Pops Day! YAY!!! So, to celebrate I decided to make what else but little birthday cake shaped pops. On January 28, 2008 I posted my first round cake pops he
Crepes are a wonderful addition to the breakfast table, but the thin, tender pancakes are versatile enough that they can make an appearance at any meal. Crepes stuffed with ham and cheese can be a savory meal any time of the day, while cinnamon sugar
What comes to mind when you think of the most controversial candies? Do you think of Circus Peanuts, Mary… The post Love ’em or Hate ’em: America’s Controversial Candies appeared first on Candy Blog - CandyFavo
There is an excellent bakery in my neighborhood where I go when I want to treat myself to something sweet. One dessert they offer is a Cardamom flavored Crumb Cake. The combination of a moist and dense cake topped with lots and lots of crumbs is deli
Sjaak's Valentine Options 2018 It is easy to go to a store and find mass made chocolates for Valentine's Day. These can range from okay quality to very good quality though for excellent chocolates you may want to visit a candy or chocolate shop itsel
Christmas Truffles are a lot easier to make than you might imagine. They are little bites of heaven in your mouth, and adorable festive treats. These look like mini Christmas puddings...
Pancakes are on the agenda today! Or shall I say greek yogurt pancakes, because that kind of makes a difference. I’ve got your breakfast, brunch and brinner (even though I loathe that term, but… for the sake of alliteration) right