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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Is it even cold enough for this crazy beverage yet?! Since Ive been planning super far ahead so I can still share some delicious things once the baby arrives, I actually had this drink set for thirsty Thursday two weeks ago. Um, it was, like, 90 degr
My 3-year-old granddaughter nicknamed my mother 'Cookie Grandma' because she made wonderful cookies. Mom made these crisp and chewy cookies every Christmas. —Donna Grace, Clancy, Montana
[New for Fall 2017]As I was walking the freezer aisle the other day I realized that I need to kind of step back a bit and do a little bit better job of rounding out the frozen reviews here on the blog. To be less vague, what I mean is I picked up a c
When you take this Pumpkin Pound Cake out of the oven, the golden brown crust is wonderfully crisp. This contrasts beautifully with the buttery soft and moist interior that is full of the flavors of pumpkin and ground spices. While this cake is delic
Halloween is a time to create all kinds of fun, creepy desserts. This spooky Spiderweb Cheesecake is a dessert that is perfect for Halloween celebrations – and it’s much easier to bake than you might think! The rich cheesecake bas
I'd have to say that I've been asked to share this chocolaty layered her recipe more than any other in my collection. It's a longtime favorite of our three daughters. How many times we've all made these, I can't count. — Esther Shank, Harri
So this. Is interesting. Beer bread. But made with bananas! Banana bread. But made with beer! So banana beer bread. Verrrry intriguing, right? I want to eat this whole loaf right up, so yes! Im super into (very trashed up, very non-traditional) Octob
I wanted to call my striped pumpkin pie a tiger-striped pumpkin pie, but it seems that zebra is the animal of choice for striped desserts. Whether you call it a zebra-striped pie or a tiger-striped pie, what you may be most surprised about is how eas
In this episode I (Chris) drinks some spicy ginger beer. This might be a polarizing episode as I'm sure there are some people out there who enjoy this drink. We'll you people are crazy, and don't understand the basic principles of what a drink is sup
The type of butter that you use in baking can really make a difference. Over on the Craftsy blog (it’s free!!), I’m sharing the recipe for Classic French Sables. These cookies appear to be simple butter cookies at first glance, bu
It's a sad day in the world of podcasting. Ok, most of the planet won't notice, but I certainly will. It's going to be weird not talking to my Nosh Show cohorts every other Wednesday. It's been 4.5 years since the first episode and I've grown accusto
1. How unbelievably stunning is this Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch Cake? 2. I don’t think I told you about how a few weeks ago, I went through the Starbucks drive-thru with ROLLERS IN MY HAIR (before we shot some videos and after I dr
Want to come on a nerdy road trip with me and my mom? In case you're not familiar with my mom, guess what? She too is an illustrator. That's her work above. She's illustrated a number of children's books; check out her work on Amazon by searching
Box of Individual Brownie Brittles Candy, Candy, Candy! Hey, Halloween is also here and you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by candy choices. One thing we do in my household is also have non-candy treats for anyone allergic to chocolate (sad b
Normally there are two ways that I get candy to review. The most common is I buy it, just like everybody else. The second way is that candy companies (and sometimes friends) send me samples to review. This isn't as common, but it happens more than yo
Making a good pizza at home can be challenging. The main reason for this is that our home ovens are unable to reach the high temperatures of commerical pizza ovens, which makes it difficult to produce a pizza with a brown and crisp top and bottom cru
[New for Fall 2017] Alrighty, time to take one for Team Dubba. No, wait, I'm Dubba. Time to take one for Team Second Scoop! Meh, still doesn't sound right, but whatever. Everyone remembers I don't like coffee ice cream right? Ok, good, because I'm ab
Fall mornings always have a bit of chill in the air – even when you end up with Indian summer weather in the afternoon. When I have the opportunity, I take advantage of that cool morning air to enjoy a mug of hot coffee in my robe while che
Many of you already know that I don’t understand America’s obsession with red velvet cupcakes. Sure, I love cream cheese frosting and I love a chocolate cupcake as much as the next person. But, I can’t get behind cupcake
Let me introduce you to our new favorite meal. When I told Eddie that I was making chicken tamale pie, he looked at me skeptically because he had no clue what it was. The minute the words cornbread base came out of my mouth, he was all SOLD! before I
Dream Bars come from Hillary Lawson of Plummer, Idaho. "These bar cookies are a family favorite and excellent travelers," explains Hillary. "Wonderfully moist and chewy, they're define winners with the men and kids."
Fig pizza via Baking Steel. Link below, or click on the picture! Odd mix, but these links are about figs...and a couple about creating art.FigsA primer on using fresh figs in cooking and baking. (Craftsy)Fudgy fig roll cake. Sounds incredible! (BBC
Ever get the feeling bakers are doing this on purpose?   Like, they know exactly what we're asking for; they just don't feel like drawing today.   It's a tempting theory, I know...   ...except for all the times when it's ac
I was so excited! We chosen again by UnReal and Tryazon to host a second UnReal Halloween Party. I invited folks and then the day of, people starting saying that they were sick or worse just didn't change their status on the party page to "no" -- tha
I could seriously watch candy getting made all day long.CC
Watch for new video recipes every Thursday morning. was 20 years old May 15! Thank you for all your support! Watch our celebration video. My Mom made a really good Pumpkin Pie, or so I thought. It wasn't until she was in her eighties
[New for October 9th, 2017]Did you see Perry's teasing their latest flavor on social media these last few days? Perry's loves to team up with their local sports teams and they've decided to replace their old Buffalo Sabres collaboration, Top Shelf Su
If you’re a pumpkin fan, the odds are good that you’ve enjoyed pumpkin cakes, cookies and cupcakes, in addition to pumpkin pie. I’ve had some good ones and some less-than-good ones, so I can say with confidence that thes
Fall foods are typically warm and cozy baked treats. But, the weather is not cooling down everywhere. Whether it’s unseasonably warm where you are or you live somewhere that is hot year round, it’s fun to be able to work classic f
[This post is sponsored by KitchenAid! I’m so excited to share some of the appliances we put in with our kitchen remodel.] This is my dream in a pizza! If youve been following me for a while, then you know that tomato sauce is certainly not
"These rich fudgy brownies can't be beat for a quick dessert," says Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
Photo via Ancient Astoria File under MOST DELIGHTFUL THING I HAVE LEARNED IN RECENT MEMORY: Christopher Walken comes from a bakery family, and there are plenty of photos documenting that fact. I first came across this little tidbit via soci
IN A WORLD... WHERE BEAUTIFUL PEGASUS UNICORN CAKES... (By Heather Sherman of Art2Eat Cakes) RULE THE WORLD... OF PINTEREST.   ONE BAKER... WILL DEFY THEM ALL. Customer: "Please tell me you're joking."   THIS SUMMER... GET READY...
This year is The Chocolate Cult's 9th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge and we have a field of challengers for our Saturdays on the schedule. If you are a chocolate or candy maker, a baker, or goodie seller, we would be open to adding you in a mid-wee
I always have a hard time writing reviews for candy that's very average. It's not that I don't like it, it just doesn't have anything interesting about it. When people ask me what my favourite candy is, I have two answers. One is that Kit Kat bars ra
Watch for new video recipes every Thursday morning. was 20 years old May 15! Thank you for all your support! Watch our celebration video. Pumpkin Pie may be the most popular pumpkin dessert, but the pumpkin's mild and sweet earthy fla
[Limited starting Oct 2017] We knew this day was coming right? BK is having way too much fun not to throw another silly cereal flavored shake our way. The best part is that these shakes seem to be available as soon as I hear about them. So, let's hea
The fall baking season is full of warm, spicy flavors and tends to center around pumpkin and apples when it comes to dessert. Halloween is just around the corner, but I’m not ready for spooky sweets quite yet. This week’s roundup
My calendar says that it’s fall, but I don’t believe it. When I step outside in St. Louis, I see my chickens panting from the heat and leaves turning brown from lack of water rather than golden hues from the time of year; it feels
These Doritos and Mountain Dew cupcakes are fun and unusual. How to make Overwatch Dva Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes Ingredients 1 box of lemon cake mix 1 box lemon pudding mix 4 eggs 1 1/4 cups Mountain Dew 1/2 cup vegetable oil Directions Preheat o
I love that we’re right in the midst of October! Best season and one of the best months. I hope you have a wonderful FALL weekend. xoxoxo Favorites of the week: totally want to make this halloween candy cart! one pot sloppy joes that look u
Christmas cutouts signal the holiday season. For variety, sprinkle half of the cookies with colored sugar before baking and frost the remaining ones after they're cooled.—Dawn Fagerstrom, Warren, Minnesota
If you've ever tried making coconut oil buttercream, then you know that it's possible...but tricky. When I posted a recipe on Craftsy, about half of the people loved it and the rest hated it. It's not necessarily the recipe: it's the coconut oil. Coc
When witches go riding, and black cats are seen. The moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween. — 19th… The post It’s All About the Halloween Candy appeared first on Candy Blog - witches go rid
Berry Delicious Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Today I'm sharing the wonderful Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips from Enjoy Life. This is our final of the current set of feature articles about Enjoy Life. We've looked at other baking chips, individual
Men, we need to talk. Ladies, if you could just give us a minute? Thanks. [tapping foot while 99.6% of readership leaves the room] [whispering] Right, then. Listen, guys. I know some of you might be "concerned" that your bride-to-be has had wedding c
I'm always intrigued when I eat a candy that's attached to a name, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's (the "M"s stand for the name of the creators) and now Roger's Chocolates.  I wonder who these people really were, and why did they a
Watch for new video recipes every Thursday morning. was 20 years old May 15! Thank you for all your support! Watch our celebration video. No matter the occasion, it's made even better with a slice of cake. This Yogurt Cake is an every
Based on an old-fashioned recipe, this unusual birthday cake will steal the show at your party. The vibrant red color is sure to make everyone's eyes open wide. The taste will bring them back for seconds. It's a "reel" fun dessert. -Elizabeth LeBlanc