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Nature Fri Dec 15 2017 05:00:18 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Time to make more DIY handmade 'pushie' mascots! As volunteers prep up for International Year of the Reef 2018 activities! Being nature people, we are a little picky about making these animals somewhat anatomically correct. Here's more tips on how to
Hello and wintry greetings from Maryland on this beautiful Saturday. It began snowing this morning and I should have gone out before it did because I really need some groceries. Unfortunately, I slept too late. I like sleeping in a little bit on week
It has not been my intent to deprive you of new content on this blog, but personal realities have dictated that I put my energies elsewhere, or have actively blocked my creative mindset. My internal motivations have been dealt devastating blows by ex
Whilst birding the Jubail area recently I came across a female Pied Kingfisher. This species is now becoming an uncommon winter visitor to the Jubail area with birds seen every winter for the last four years. The weather was very poor with overcast c
So, it’s been 3 weeks since my last post. I have a ton of photos but I just don’t seem to be able to make myself edit them and post them as often as I should. Here’s a few from Lake Meredith taken over the last few weeks
We survey this Changi shore that was hit by the 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait in Jan 2017This is what I saw the day after the oil spill.The shore continues to be affected by the failing shore protection system that is now stai
I went to San Tau Village at Yat Tung Estate in Lantau Island on two consecutive Saturday afternoons (29 Sept and 6 Oct) on my way back from and to the airport. Bus 38 from Tung Chung bus station brought me to a public housing estate, Yat Tung () wit
I'm really not waiting for my real life to begin, although it does kind of feel that way at times. I'm actually sitting in my living room listening to Pandora with the Colin Hay station on and that song came up. I don't know what the urge was to actu
This is a repost from November 28, 2014, but it still applies today; and not just for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but for every day in every location on the globe. Life as we know it would not be possible without insects and their kin.-----
One of the more common ants in eastern North America is, ostensibly,Dolichoderus. I’ve read that, while restricted to particular habitat types, within thosebogs and pine forests they are supposed to be abundant. In theory. Yet in my entire
Donald Trump was widely condemned on Monday for drastically shrinking two national monuments, representing the biggest elimination of public lands protection in US history. The president modified designations for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escala
Here’s a few photos from the last couple of weeks. Lincoln’s Sparrow at Palo Duro Canyon. Pied-billed Grebe on a foggy morning at Lake Meredith. Buffleheads on the same foggy morning. Wilson’s Snipe at Bugbee Canyon on t
A sign that this snake is about to shed its skin is when the eyes turn a cloudy, bluish color. This is because the eye cap, a specially adapted scale which covers the eye, is loosened up in order to be shed along with the skin and causes this change.
We return to an underwater garden at Pulau Ubin on a rare daylight low tide.It was a delight of seafans, sponges, soft corals and more!The water is murky, the shore is next to busy shipping. And yet, the rocky shore is alive with colourful marine lif
What a chaotic and abnormal weather in Hong Kong this week (21 - 27 Aug). We started the week with two extremely hot days but a drastic change of weather on Wednesday due to the devastating T10 typhoon Heto inflicted severe damages and inconvenience
Testing testing My Blog template disappeared so i am testing this new one. Yes we bought all of this to drink for our Maine getaway. We did end up drinking most.     A few more photos from our Maine vacation.   It was great
A couple weeks ago I ran a post suggesting that efforts to save individual insects often is a waste of time, or at least was a misplaced investment of one's energies. Thanks to thoughtful and polite comments here and in social media, it is clear that
Meet Tetramorium immigrans. I have never been more pleased to report a taxonomic name change than this one. Long called “Tetramorium caespitum”, then “Tetramorium species E” once it became clear the EurasianT.
At the end of last month I visited the Pilling and Cockerham area of Lancashire. This area is visited in the winter months by large flocks of pink footed geese and whooper swans. There are rich pickings to be had in the fields with left over remains
Large sea stars, seahorses and more! As we explored a Changi seagrass meadow on a rainy evening.The shore was full of stars. I saw some medium sized Knobbly sea stars. a few Common sea stars, a few Biscuit sea stars, and a
In service to my colleagues who have waning patience as they are bombarded with the latest social media sensation, I offer this explanation to the moth with the "tentacles" coming out of its posterior. Here is the circulating image, but there is also
I came across several herds of Pronghorns while driving around in Carson County a few days ago. This herd had about 8 animals in it and they were kind enough to pose for a few portraits and even some action shots.  I came across several herd
I was able to park and photograph these three young Coyotes playing in a plowed field at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. This went on for over 30 minutes. They got a little rough a few times. Unlike wolf pups, coyote pups begin ser
Abderdeen Country Park is the nearest country park from where I am putting up. I have visited the park a number of times - both in the summer and winter. In this post, I am going to share the floral and fauna that I have photographed during several v
The EU has traditionally been a global leader in tackling the problem of wildlife trafficking and in encouraging other countries to take action. Last year it published a far-reaching Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking, which set out a comprehen
A lovely blue-sky day at Cyrene Reef with IYOR interns!Among the first things we saw were lots of Knobbly sea stars. Mei Lin also found the Pentaceraster sea star!Elsewhere, the Common sea stars were abundant and many were in mating position. I saw m
Increasingly, thanks to social media, I am struck by how many people attempt to save individual insects they find injured or lethargic. On one hand this empathy for other life forms is encouraging, but on the other hand the energy investment is gross
I was able to get a few nice photographs of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet a couple of days ago at Palo Duro Canyon. There was a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) there, as well and a White-crowned Sparrow (actually several, but I only took one photo) There was
This Coyote Pup decided to take a nap while I was photographing it. I have been photographing several Coyote Pups at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma the past several weeks. (Coyote Pup, Another Coyote Pup, and Coyote Pups A
I mustthank mybutterfly-outinggroup for initiating a tripto a rather remote location in Sai Kung - Tung A () on 20 May. From Hang Hau MTR station, we took a mini-bus 101M to Sai Kung Pier before boarding a taxifor Tung A via the MacLehose Stage 1 tra
The annual migration of wildebeest and other grazing herbivores across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world. The Serengeti is well known for its vast herds of wildebeest and zebra which migrate in a cloc
Here's a chance to visit some of our shores and make a difference for the marine litter issue! Volunteer for the 2017-2019 NUS-NParks Marine Debris Monitoring Programme.Here are the Dec 2017 venues and dates and registration links.Coney Island, Beach
South Cape May Meadows in Cape May, New Jersey is a property managed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) for birds and other wildlife. Near the parking lot stands a shed that itself is something of a refuge for a whole community of insects. One wall, fac
I drove out to Palo Duro Canyon last week and took a few photos at the blind there. I didn’t see anything terribly unusual, but I did get a photo of a White-throated Sparrow. It’s a bit early for them to be here. The rest of the s
I was parked in an area at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma watching and photographing a Great Blue Heron standing on a submerged log. The Heron was standing very still until it saw movement in the water nearby. It started leaning fo
On November 15, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lifted a ban on the U.S. import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The president put a hold on the order two days later, calling trophy hunting in a tweet a horror show. He has yet to mak
Lots of exciting nature walks for kids and the family this holidays. Many are free! The highlight is the Children's Festival at the Children's Garden throught the year end!There are also many night walks specially for kids. Explore our mangroves, wet
One of the things I look forward to each autumn is the annual Flickr event known as "Arachtober". It is a Flickr group which slumbers between November and the following September, but remains a tradition among arachnophiles and macro photographers. T
I drove to Palo Duro Reservoir in Hansford County last week and on the drive up came across this juvenile Swainson’s Hawk. I couldn’t tell what he was dining on but he seemed to be enjoying it. A few days later I was at Bugbee Can
The Coyote Pups that I photographed and wrote about before are growing and seem to be doing great. Back in August, I made a couple of blog posts in reference to the Coyote pups that I have been seeing at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklah
As my safari vehicle drove into Tadoba National Park for one last time on this trip, I couldnt help but replay in my mind, all the fantastic sightings that Matt and I had been blessed with, over the days that we had been here. Matts first Tiger sight
Your opinions needed! On which coastal areas in Singapore may benefit from eco-engineering. Corals  have settled at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. The World Harbours Project aims to promote development of environment sustainable and resilient u
A person on a Facebook insect identification group recently asked a very good question about the difference between a grasshopper and a locust. You would think it is pretty straightforward, but not so fast.The American Bird Grasshopper, Schistocerca
The birding has picked up a bit in the last few days, but I’m still not seeing a lot of birds except when I kayak to the southwest end of the lake. There are quite a few Blue-winged Teal. , Northern Shovelers, Pied-billed Grebes and the lik
My two brothers and I were hiking the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas this past weekend. One of my brothers spotted this Red-bellied Snake crossing an old 4-wheeler road we were on. If you look close you can also see a Turkey track in the m
On November 13, a law went into effect in Wisconsin permitting hunters of any age to carry a weapon while participating in a mentored hunt. Yes, you read that right: any age. Subsequently, 10 licenses have been sold to children under the age of 1, th
This tiny sliver of seagrass meadows at Changi was impacted by the 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait in Jan 2017. In May 2017, the shore was dug up with an excavator to remove pipes.Today, the shore is lush and teeming with life! We saw Co
More content will be coming to this blog, more regularly, in October, but I wanted to share a humorous experience from our last bioblitz at Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs. It was Saturday morning, September 16, and I'd already been up earlier th
I’m starting to see a few birds migrating through, now. Not a lot, but a few. The trade-off is that a lot of the summer birds have already left and I miss them. I haven’t seen any kites for a week or more, same with the buntings a
When I arrive at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma before daylight, I have to avoid running over the frogs on the roads. You will see lots of them now, hopping across the roads and even some on the trails after the sun rises. Trying n