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Android Development Wed Jun 20 2018 01:31:15 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A sample of the screen of the Galaxy Note 9 has leaked online, confirming that Samsung will be sticking with a very similar design that they’ve been using for the past couple of years. Normally, that’s not really a big deal and wo
Posted by James Bender, Product Manager, Google Play In December last year we announced that we would be making updates to app security to help verify product authenticity from Google Play. We are now adding a small amount of security metadata on top
Lets review AndroidViewClient/culebra concertina mode features, compare them with monkey, and see how we can use those features to test voice based UIs or Alexa Skills.Unlike monkey, which sends pseudo-random events, Culebra concertina mode analyzes
Google is soon adding a small amount of metadata to every APK coming from the Play Store. This will allow Google to verify that the APK is legit, even if the APK was not downloaded directly from the Play Store. This feature is [...]Google is soon add
Wireless carriers have a lot of information about its subscribers,includingdata pertaining to customer location. Wireless carriers have been selling that data for years, but it looks likeU.S. operators are now changing their practices a bit. First up
If you’ve watched the somewhat surreal Westworld TV series from HBO, you may want to pay particular attention to the game that Warner Bros. has just published on the Play Store, some three months after preregistrations began. The game puts
Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Developer Marketing, Platforms & Ecosystems The Android developer ecosystem is made up of exceptional individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and dreams. To celebrate the people who make up our comm
PUBG Mobile is a great mobile battle royale game, and unlike Fortnite, is currently available on Android (though Fortnite is coming soon). A new update brings some goodies as well as a new way to spend real money, though it isn’t all [...]P
The US government hasn’t tried to hide their concern over some of Huawei’s activities, particularly as it relates to China’s government. Now lawmakers in the US government are issuing a warning directly to Canada over Hu
Posted by David Brazdil and Nicolas Geoffray, Software Engineers In Android, we care immensely about providing the best experience to our users and our developers. With each OS release, new features enable you to provide amazing experiences for users
The LG V30S ThinQis just an updated and improved LG V30but it’s a solid device. It features a 6-inch 1440p OLED display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage with a microSD card, a dual 16MP + 13MP camera system [...]The
Microsoft Excel is the backbone of much productivity work, and being able to utilize some shortcuts and extra features to save some time is useful for just about anyone. That’s why we’re offering a great deal on Dose for Excel, a
Posted by Hoi Lam, Lead Developer Advocate, Wear OS by Google From the outset of the Wear OS by Google developer preview, battery life has been a major focus area. When we talked to the developer community, the update that attracted the most feedbac
Podcasts are ridiculously popular, and Google is finally giving a serious effort in launching support for the medium. The official Google Podcasts app is available now from the Play Store. With it, users will be able to sync their progress between de
Huawei launched the P20 Pro back in March at an event in Paris, and it’s fair to say that we were more than a little impressed with its stunning Twilight finish, great battery life, and ability to take amazing pictures, day or night. Slow-m
Posted By Dave Burke, VP of Engineering Four weeks ago at Google I/O we released the first beta version of Android P, putting AI at the core of the operating system and focusing on intelligent and simple experiences. We talked about some of Android's
Back in April, the United States Department of Commerce hit Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE with a sales banthat made it impossible for U.S. companies like Qualcommto ship products to ZTE. That eventually led ZTE from ceasing its main business op
Mobile data can be a tricky thing to manage if you have a limited amount to get you through the month, especially when the 2018 World Cup has begun. To help with this, Google launched an app called Datally, back in November 2017, which enables you to
Posted by Giles Hogben, Privacy Engineer and Milinda Perera, Software Engineer Developers already use HTTPS to communicate with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). The channel between FCM server endpoint and the device is encrypted with SSL over TCP. How
Smartphone manufacturerswant to offeras much screen real estate as possible, which means bezels are getting reduced and we’re starting to see unique new design choices. That started with the notch with the Essential Phone and Apple&#821
Android Messages has been confirmed to pick up Allo’s desktop messaging feature, and Google has finally flipped the switch for everyone to jump in. That’s a pretty big nail in the coffin for Allo since that was one of the only coo
Posted by Christina Chiou Yeh, Google Registry On May 1 we announced .app, the newest top-level domain (TLD) from Google Registry. It's now open for general registration so you can register your desired .app name right now. Check out what some of our
The Honor 10 is the latest in Honor’s “X” lineup. It’s a line of devices with a mid-range price and specs that usually trickle down from the flagships. As such, you’ll find some of the best specs on t
Google soft-launched YouTube Music last month, and they paired that announcement with a rebrand of YouTube Red to YouTube Premium. Now almost exactly a month later, the service is officially fully launched and ready to go for users in more countries
Posted by Shawn Willden, Staff Software Engineer Our smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, contain a wealth of personal information that needs to be kept safe. Google is constantly trying to find new and better ways to protect that valuab
Word on the street is that at some point in the near future, we’re going to see smartphones with dual-screen setups become the norm, rather than the outlier.Samsung is one of those companies said to be planning a dual-screen handset like, a
A new FCC filing appears to confirm a new Android Go smartphone from Motorola, called the Moto C2. That’s on top of the Android One phone that we’re already expecting from Motorola sooner rather than later, too. The filing lists t
Melissa Daniels, Program Manager for Android Things Android Things enables you to build and maintain IoT devices at scale. We recently released Android Things 1.0 with long-term support for production devices, so you can easily take an IoT device fro
Google Maps is a still a one-stop shop for a lot of different features, all to help you get from one place to another. One way to do that is with ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft. Google Maps can show users a variety of information, including
We’ve seen plenty of rumors over the years of Samsung’s mythical folding smartphone, but nothing ever actually surfaced in the form of an actual consumer device that you could walk in a store and purchase. Samsung was definitely w
Posted by Sai Deep Tetali, Software Engineer, Google Play Protect At Google I/O 2017, we introduced Google Play Protect, our comprehensive set of security services for Android. While the name is new, the smarts powering Play Protect have protected An
Earlier this year, we heard that Google was planning on bringing Android Messages to the web, which would basically let users carry over conversations from their Android devices onto desktops and laptops. Google has now given the green light to this
If youre itching to cut the cord and ditch your expensive cable bill, SelecTV is an excellent service to help you along. One of the biggest pain points of having tons of apps and services for your content is how scattered it can seem, especially comp
Posted by Aleks Haecky, Training Developer & Word Artist, Google+, LinkedIn, Medium The Kotlin Bootcamp Udacity course is a free, self-paced online course that teaches you the basics of the Kotlin programming language. This introduction to Kotlin
Last year, Google launched an app called Datally that’s meant to help Android users manage the data they use on their mobile devices. Datally offered plenty of features to keep tabs on how much data you’re using and to help mitiga
Anker isn’t just about smartphone accessories; the company also has sub-brands such as ZOLO that produces smart audio devices and Mynt that makes portable massagers in its stable. Nebulais a sub-brand which produces mini projectors such as
Posted by Gerardo Capiel and Varouj Chitilian, Google Pay Today's customers want to get things done faster than ever, whether they're ordering groceries or shopping for a new pair of shoes. With Google Pay, we want to ensure checkout doesn't slow the
Back in May, the brand new YouTube Music experience started rolling out to customers in the United States. Now the service is starting toarrive in more regions. On Monday, the YouTube team officially announced that the new YouTube Music is available
Square Enix has announced that the Companion App for Final Fantasy XIV will launch in ‘late July,’ with both free and premium subscription levels for Android and iOS. While the app will bring added functionality and game managemen
Posted by Iliyan Malchev, Project Treble Architect Android P Beta available at As Android continues to evolve, each new release of the OS brings new features, new user experiences, and better security. It is important that these new
Everyweek we cover new Android apps withFresh Meaton Wednesday, followed byAndroid Gamingon Thursday andTop 10 App Updateson Friday. When Monday rolls around, we look back to see which apps were the most appealing to our audience. Read on for the fiv
Google announced the official Android P beta program back in May at I/O 2018, adding support for non-Pixel/Nexus handsets for the very first time. The recently launched OnePlus 6 with its all-glass design and dual rear camera setup is one of the elig
Posted by Hoi Lam, Lead Developer Advocate, Wear OS by Google At Google I/O, we launched the Wear OS by Google developer preview 2. This update added support for Actions on Google (AoG) and more power-related enhancements including a new battery save
Another big Amazon hardware sale is underway. Amazon is now discounting several of its devices, including Fire TV and Echo hardware. With this sale, you can get deals on the Echo Dot and Echo (2nd Gen). If [...]Another big Amazon hardware sale is und
Samsung has been working for a long time to bring device to market that has a foldable display. Throughout the years we have spotted patent applications showing different ways a folding display could be used in a smartphone and rumors occasionally po
Posted By Stephanie Cuthbertson, Product Management Director, Android As Android has grown exponentially over the past ten years, we've also seen our developer community grow dramatically. In countries like China, India, and Brazil, the number of dev