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Programming Sun Mar 18 2018 02:19:15 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- InfoQ asked James Munnelly and Matt Bates from Jetstack about their view and ongoing work to be able to configure, deploy, monitor, scale, and auto-heal stateful services in Kubernetes in the same way as stateless services. In particular, we've asked
Matthew Rosenberg, Nicholas Confessore, and Carole Cadwalladr, reporting for The New York Times: Details of Cambridges acquisition and use of Facebook data have surfaced in several accounts since the business began working on the 2016 campaign, setti
What if I told you that you are brilliant? How would that make you feel? About four or five years ago I told a guy on my team that he was a truly great software developer. And I wasn't lying. To this day he's one of the best developers I've had the p
To be human, that is Neil L. has graced these pages many times before. Every eve of St. Patrick’s Day he has visited Dick. Sometimes Dick has been hard to find, but Neil has always managed. Today we relate some medical news while wishing a
At just 1.38KB compressed, Pell is an order of magnitude lighter than the next comparable solution (comparisons here). It has no dependencies and can be easily customized with Sass.
James Cook, writing for Business Insider: YouTube’s app specifically for children is meant to filter out adult content and provide a “world of learning and fun,” but Business Insider found that YouTube Kids featured many
One simple step to increase diversity is to ask. From now on, I plan to send all relevant job announcements to Lambda Ladies, specifically by email to the moderators. Above is the Lambda Ladies party at Strange Loop, September 2014. Thank you for exi
The following is a short interview with Succinctly series author Elton Stoneman, whose latest book Docker Succinctly was published on Tuesday, January 16. You can download the book here. What should people know about Docker? Why is it important?
Bash is a shell and command language. It is distributed widely as the default login shell for most Linux distributions. We've rounded up some of the most popular Bash-related articles for your weekend reading. more>>
From epic VR games to wacky indies, here's what to expect from the 2018 Game Developers Conference.
Businesses have far more tools than ever before to handle their day-to-day operations. With special apps that monitor time management, employee performance, website statistics, and more, all companies have the data they need to analyze their best and
Last November Microsoft announced more capabilities for the support of MongoDB in Azure Cosmos DB. With the deployment of the latest version of the Cosmos DB service, Microsoft included a preview of MongoDB aggregation pipeline support, enabling deve
We frequently discuss companies that have eliminated manual testing and made the switch to automation. Although the benefits of automation speak for themselves, for many enterprise companies, a complete test strategy overhaul can seem like a challeng
Ive got good news and bad news about the future of laptops.The bad news: Were all getting laptops that have a touchscreen on the bottom instead of a keyboard. I know. You hate the idea. Thats why its the bad news.The good news is that these touchscre
  If you havent smiled yet today, youre about to. Thats because photographerSeth Casteel the man behind theNY Timesbestseller and viral sensationUnderwater Dogs is back with another installment of his series that promises to be even more ado
In addition to being available on all of the major carriers, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are being sold by Samsung itself. These models are unlocked, and for a limited time, people who buy one can get a nice deal on an accessory bundle for their new device
The building great engineering cultures and organizations track at QCon London 2018 contained talks from practitioners representing digital leaders of the consumer internet as well as transformational corporates from traditional sectors. Previously I
I switched from Android to iPhone a few years ago, and with the recent advances in Android and some of the issues that have crept into iPhone, I wondered whether I should switch back. To help me decide, I got a Google Pixel 2 and used it for a week,
Welcome to Custom Made our new weekly podcast that explores the many traits of successful product development. The first episode of Custom Made is now live and I wanted to kick it off with Dialexas co-founder and CEO, Scott
Have you ever wondered how to make GUI applications in Python? Have you tried making Python-powered GUI apps and found it painful? This week's chat is about making cross-platform GUI applications using BeeWare. We're joined by a special guest this we
Theres a rule of thumb when it comes to viral dog photography: whats cute with dogs is going to be twice as cute when you shrink your subjects down to puppies. Photographer Seth Casteel did it withUnderwater Dogsand the sequelUnderwater Puppies, and
A failed attempt, a success, and some things to watch out for.This is a post about two experiences I had using Elm. It is quite long, written primarily for the sake of other people who might be considering using Elm the things that might tri
The Alcatel 1X was the first Android Go phone that we met at MWC last month, and today we’ve got a bit more info about its pricing and availability. Alcatel has confirmed that the 1X (shown above) is coming to [...]The Alcatel 1X was the fi
This is the last in the current series of articles looking at adaptations for accessibility, based on new techniques or research. The last part discussed invert brightness. Many people in the world have some difficulty in perceiving colour. A very we
Javier Lozano introduces SignalR and covers the features and approaches SignalR offers on both client and server sides. By Javier Lozano
Google Lens, a tool that utilizes smartphone cameras to recognize objects, is now available to iOS users.The post Googles Object Recognition Tool, Google Lens, Now Available on iOS by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
DevOps is taking over business. Not because technology permeates business, but because it has broadened to include the entire business value stream. Different best practices throughout the enterprise are incorporating principles of DevOps to deliver
With Apple finally bringing native wireless charging to its iPhone lineup, the technology will become far more widely adopted, both among consumers and within corporations.Apple chose to use the Qi specification, which usesinductive charging technolo
Leo Kalneus joined the show and talked with us about GopherCon Russia and the Go community in Russia. We also debunked a few myths about Siberia and of course talked about interesting Go projects and news. Sponsors Fastly Our bandwidth partner. Fast
The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ officially went up for sale today, which means a lot of people are now getting to trySamsung’s AR Emoji feature which will turn them into animated avatars of themselves. If you picked up a Galaxy S9 [...
Gamers who are interested in a mobile version of Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) battle royale game have been watching to see when it might be available for their market. In a bit of a twist on many typical game releases, PUBG Mobile
Pranav Rao discusses how BEAM differs from Akka actors implemented over the JVM and how design decisions can affect performance. By Pranav Rao
Google Maps is becoming more wheelchair accessible with an update that will help users find the most wheelchair-friendly routes.The post Filter Google Maps Results by Wheelchair Accessible Routes by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Jour
One of the most frequent questions that we at Lightbend have been asked is whats the difference between Akka Streams and Kafka Streams? After all, there is only a 1 letter difference between these two technologies, so how different could they be? Wel
If you ordered a Sprint Galaxy S9 from Samsung, there's a chance you got the wrong SIM card.
Suz Hinton joined the show to talk about live coding open source on Twitch. We talk about how she got interested in Twitch, her goals and aspirations for live streaming, the work she's doing in open source, Twitch for open source, how you and others
Hey, it's HighScalability time:   Hermetic symbolism was an early kind of programming. Symbols explode into layers of other symbols, like a programming language, only the instruction set is the mind.   If you like this sort of Stuff
In early February, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ started receiving the update to Android 8.0 Oreo, and now another one of Samsung’s flagship smartphones is getting on the fun. Samsung’s Galaxy [...]In early February, the Sa
Buying a brand new Galaxy S9 or S9+ is an exciting enough occasion for many, but for some of us, the prospect of setting up this new phone is even more gratifying. Finding and making the most out of the phone’s functions and abilities can b
We are excited to announce full support of Spring Boot 2.0 on the Spring Boot Starters for Azure, already available on Spring Initializr. Plus, with new Java and Spring extensions for Visual Studio Code you can build production-ready apps and easily
Andrew Gregovi discusses ACID and CAP, the questions to ask when starting a new project and choosing its database in order to make an informed decision. By Andrew Gregovi
In a weeks time, free and open source enthusiasts of all kinds will gather in Singapore for FOSSASIA Summit 2018. Established in 2009, the annual event attracts more than 3,000 attendees, running from March 22nd to 25th this year.FOSSASIA lo
Modern machines tend to be smart. Youve got a piece of industrial equipment, possibly with an OS, a sensor bus, and drivers talking to I/O systems enabling local monitoring and operation. Now you want to monitor, control, and update that equipment fr
This deal will have you paying as little as $10 per month for your new S9.
Posted by Kit Merker, JFrog It's often said that open source is free like speech, not free like beer. But every so often, the developers behind an open source project can take advantage of free services to make their project better. We believe in sup
The subtitle here should have been Were all very !#$@%#$ afraid. I know the reason I hold back from doing something or when I self-sabotage a goal the real reason is because Im afraid of what will happen if this thing is actually successful??! Then I
Tweets about the day's biggest headlines will appear above your regular feed.Twitter is testing a new feature that assembles timelines based on major news stories, and presents them at the top of your feed above tweets from the people and brands you
Welcome back to our weeklyTop 10 Android App Updatescolumn, where we take a look at the most frequently upgraded apps for the week.We’ve found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to find the ones that are actually being upd
For a brief period of time, the “LG ThinQ Google Assistant Smart Speaker With Touchscreen” or LG ThinQ smart display, made an appearance on the B&H website for interested consumers to place pre-orders for the device. The l
Microsoft this week lifted the security update blockade on Windows 10 PCs that do not have approved antivirus software, but kept the no-patches-for-you rule in place for the more popular Windows 7.The update roadblock was assembled in early January,