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Network Security

yearold japanese boy arrested creating ransomware

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Network Security Tue Jun 06 2017 11:27:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Japanese authorities have arrested a 14-year-old boy in Osaka, a prefecture and large port city, for allegedly creating and distributing a ransomware malware. This is the first such arrest in Japan which involves a Ransomware-related crime. Ransomwar
Who is Reality Leigh Winner? She's a 25-year-old National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who was arrested for allegedly leaking a top secret report to news outlet The Intercept. SEE ALSO: New leaked NSA hacking report is 'House of Cards' IRL On Mon
The FBI arrested a 25-year-old NSA contractor on Saturday (3rd June) for leaking classified information to an online news outlet which published its report yesterday (5th June) meaning the arrest was made two days before the actual disclosure went on
 New Yorkers are about to get even more friendly!* Today, Via and Curb are bringing ride-sharing through a digital wallet to yellow taxis in the Big Apple. Both apps will let New Yorkers hail a yellow taxi with a ride-sharing option, with Vi
"If you want to keep living, Pay a ransom, or die." This could happen, as researchers have found thousands of vulnerabilities in Pacemakers that hackers could exploit. Millions of people that rely on pacemakers to keep their hearts beating are at ris
Remember Ramona Fricosu? A Colorado woman was ordered to unlock her encrypted Toshiba laptop while the FBI was investigating alleged mortgage fraud in 2012, but she declined to decrypt the laptop saying that she did not remember the password. Later t
We’re living in the golden age of programming. Not only is there a healthy number of in-demand computer programming jobs, but there is now an abundance of free online courses. These days, you can become a master coder without picking up a t
Global video streaming platform YuppTV has struck a licensing partnership with Yash Raj Films (YRF). As part of the agreement, YuppTV will now host movies... ...
 Lyft has another partners in the world of autonomous vehicles, its third behind GM and Waymo if you’re keeping count. The newest partner is Nutonomy, the Boston-based autonomous vehicle technology company that made waves by being
In the dozen or so years between mid-aughts bombs Catwoman and Elektra and last weekend's Wonder Woman, we've had roughly 40 major superhero movies starring men.  Fortunately, it looks like Wonder Woman will be no mere one-off anomaly. With
A new role focused on creating data products and making data science work in production.We've been talking about data science and data scientists for a decade now. While theres always been some debate over what data scientist means, we've reached the
HDFC Bank, the second-largestprivate sector lender, will start charging customers for outgoing Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions. In an email to customers, the bank said... ...
For the past few years, Google’s Street View cars in some locations have not just been taking photos, but have also been measuring air quality. We first looked at this back in 2014 then again in 2016. At the time, we reported that they were
Trying to squeeze more battery life out of your smartphone is a constant battle. It seems that every new app you install, plus regular system updates, negatively impacts how long your battery lasts. While there are certainly some big apps to avoid if
 For religious Muslims looking to get started with investing, the options are limited. Average Muslim investors can’t afford the kind of nuanced advice that a high end financial advisor can provide, but they can’t just th
The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have sparked many acts of humanity and compassion.  SEE ALSO: How to watch Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit concert The latest involves a Manchester-based Redditor who shared a really nice a g
Every web developer needs their own local server environment for testing projects. These servers can range from PHP/MySQL to complex setups with Rails, Mongo, or Node.js. Read Also: A Look Into: Setting Up Local Server with AMPPS With Hotel, you can
Approaches to data analysis, iterative workflows, and writing a book with Jupyter.Andreas Mueller is a lecturer at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University and co-author of "Introduction to Machine Learning with Python," which describes a pr
Outgoing MPAA chief Chris Dodd praised European site-blocking efforts Monday but slammed unauthorized content sites that "steal sensitive data and make profit any way they can." Speaking in Italy, Dodd called for the education of youngsters against p
Online recruitment marketplace, Aasaanjobs has acquired mHire, a Noida-based recruitment platform for entry-level blue and grey collar jobs. Aasaanjobs plans to strengthen its presence in... ...
It's on display, irrefutable, so why aren't the press making more of it? It's huge news. How is it irrefutable? He ignores acts of terrorism where the perp is Christian. Only Muslim terrorism matters. But the Christian kind is more terrifying here in
The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was nothing more than science fiction a few decades ago. Now, thanks to tremendous innovations in technology, computing, and communications, true AI may no... The post Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat or
 TechCrunch is excited to announce that representatives from China’s top on-demand startups will be speaking at ourinaugural event in Shenzhen. Didi Chuxing, the company that beat Uber out of China, and red-hotbike-sharing startups
It's been just over a year since Cassetteboy — the comedy YouTuber known for remixing politicians' words to a musical backdrop — last posted a video on his channel.  It's always worth the wait, though. SEE ALSO: This musi
Dropbox makes it very easy to replaceor update files that you’ve already shared withoutbreaking the link. If you’ve already generated a link for a file and shared it with others and they’ve left comments on that file, yo