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Network Security

european parliament proposes ban encryption backdoors

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Network Security Mon Jun 19 2017 11:52:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Prime Minister Theresa May wants tech companies, like Facebook, Apple, and Google, to create controversial 'backdoors' for police, but even somewhere she knows that it's not that easy as it sounds. The Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Commit
Neo's global CEO Nasreen Madhany and global COO Bradley Rogers will join the Mindshare leadership team.
After years of waiting, Mozilla last week launched Firefox 54 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, with multi-process support a "major improvement" to improve your browsing experience but many users are still struggling to take advantage of this fea
It is no secret that hackers and cybercriminals are becoming dramatically more adept, innovative, and stealthy with each passing day. While new forms of cybercrime are on the rise, traditional activities seem to be shifting towards more clandestine t
A British computer hacker who allegedly hacked a United States Department of Defense satellite system in 2014 and accessed the personal information of hundreds of military personnel has pleaded guilty on Thursday. Sean Caffrey, a 25-year-old resident
 The tech used in making cars drivereless can also be very well suited to building HD maps of roads and cities, which are then in turn used to make driverless cars better. So it isn’t surprising when companies working on autonomous
How many PC issues have you experienced in the last month? A spotty internet connection, apps crashing, and system freezes aren’t foreign experiences to most Windows users. But when these occur, are you quick to blame Windows itself for the
YouTube is using heatmaps to track where we're looking when watching VR and a surprising number just look straight ahead.Whether your VR set up is a dedicated Oculus Rift room or just a web browser and a mouse, one of the best places to find 360-degr
Getting quality traffic but not converting them into sales? Here are next-level tactics to step up your CRO game.The post 7 Uncommon Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics by @alexanderkesler appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
By signalling the entry of Hearts & Science into Asia, Omnicom Media Group is laying out a very different regional growth strategy from GroupM.
A number of media outlets today reported (here, here and here) that the Government of India is considering linking Aadhaar with digitised land records from... ...
Thrifty security? Surprisingly thats something that can be achieved but be careful!Article powered by Windscribe VPN. The last 12 months have witnessed the rise of global threats to individual privacy with long maintained rights to anonymity and net
If you are a massive Star Wars fan and find ASMR videos strangely soothing, this nine-minute video is definitely your thing.  What more than Kylo Ren's husky voice to send you into shivers and tingles?  "Kylo Ren will get the inform
This post started as a review of the new show on Apple Music, “Planet of the Apps.” I realized the world didn’t need another announcement or review of the show. What I will say is this, any show that aims to help entrepr
 After Anders Holch Povlsen and his firm Brightfolk bought up a stake of at least $225 millionin Klarna earlier this month, today the profitable Swedish payments startup, now valued at over $2.25 billion, is stepping up its game. Klarna has
Forty years ago, Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan tackled one of the most ambitious creative projects in human history: summarizing our species in a message that will likely outlast our entire civilization. The Voyager spacecraft's "Golden Record," literall
Although there are many good ranters out there on the internet, no-one does ranting quite like John Oliver. This week his sights are firmly set on Donald Trump — and, more specifically, his promise to help coal miners. SEE ALSO: John Oliver
This January, MediaNama held an open house discussion on the future of Indic languages online. This is Part 3of our coverage of the discussion. Read... ...
I have heard digital marketers say that Search Engine Optimization is free traffic. I want to help set the record straight by letting you know that SEO is not free. Budgets are still needed to write content and have a SEO consultant work on a website
Most people can use a computer as it comes, but sometimes you need to make some changes for accessibility. Those with imperfect vision can make their systems easier to see with certain tweaks. One of these is enlarging the mouse cursor so you don&amp
Telco Exploits, Property-Based Testing, Open Textbooks, and Energy Futures Fiction SigPloit -- a signaling security testing framework dedicated to Telecom Security professionals and reasearchers to pentest and exploit vulnerabilites in the signaling
If you have an web-connected camera, you should change your password ASAP. For just 188 yuan ($28), you can buy software that would allow you to hack into connected cameras, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV warns.  SEE ALSO: Apple's new acquis
 Hong Kong is one of the world’s premier financial hubs, but can it be a destination for tech startups? That was the question put to a panel of experts at the TechCrunch China event in Shenzhen today. The answer, largely, was yes b
Wallpaper applications are a dime a dozen on Android, and most offer similar functionality: browse wallpapers using filters, set wallpapers, and that is about it. While they may differ in terms of sources for the wallpapers, you should not expect maj
CANNES, France--Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a Muslim American journalist and activist who runs the website, is taking legal action against French police after they allegedly forced her to remove her head scarf when she arrived in Nice on her
GroupM's digital media specialist agency hired Daizo Nishitani in May 2016.
About three months after launching its G6 flagship, LG is updating the smartphone with a few new software features, and launching a new version with a stronger set of specs, the LG G6+.  The new device is not a radical departure from its pre
 Amazon is the tech giant most likely to become a dominant player in fintech, predicted James Lloyd, Ernst & Young’s fintech leader, when speaking on stage at TechCrunch and TechNode’s event in Shenzhen, China on
Automation, the scenario where human workers get replaced by robots, is steadily becoming a reality, thanks to the rapid improvement in both artificial intelligence and robotics technology. Seeing as automation may soon become a part and parcel of li
CANNES — In recent years, it has added tracks for entertainment, innovation and even health. But now the creative ad industry’s main event is considering expanding to encompass an even wider array of media industry topics. Speakin
CANNES, France--Samsung wants everyone to create content with its devices--even other marketers. Last year's Cannes Lions Marketer of the Year has returned to the festival with an "immersive bespoke space," Atelier Samsung, where it will hold worksho
London is waking up to yet another terrorist attack that struck the Muslim community in Finsbury Park when a van drove into a crowd of worshippers killing one man and injuring 10. But the diverse community in north London refuses to give in to terror
Airbnb will be acquiring California-based startup, which specialises in conducting online background checks, reports Bloomberg News. The size of the deal and any other... ...
Amazon introduced calling to Amazon Echo in mid-May, making it possible to call other Echo owners. What it failed to do at the time, however, was let people block incoming calls or messages. Luckily, a recent update to the Alexa app takes care of tha
CANNES — Over the last year, a noticeable apology for ad-tech has grown louder in the advertising community, as ad execs – once sold on hyper-targeting super-powers – cast their eyes back toward the basic tenets of creat
The BPI has reached yet another landmark after 'piracy' takedowns sent to Google smashed through the 300 million barrier. The music industry group says that it has now sent more than 310 million requests to delist infringing URLs but informs TF that
6 Recommendations to Monetize Your Blog In todays episode I want to talk about making money blogging. More specifically, I want to tackle a question from a reader who has been blogging for a while without monetizing but is wondering which income stre
Who needs Sephora when you can just look for makeup in your kitchen?  Ms Yeah, a Chinese YouTuber best known for her unorthodox cooking videos, figured out how to creatively whip up some elaborate makeup as well. She uses everything from tom
 Disrupt Berlin 2017 is a few short months away, and we’re thrilled to begin announcing this year’s crop of extraordinary speakers. Chiaro CEO Tania Bolerstarted the company out of a belief that advances in sensor technol