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Network Security Thu Jun 01 2017 18:44:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Just control your laughter, while reading this article. I insist. Talking to international media at the St Petersburg Economic Forum on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a number of statement surrounding alleged Russia's involvement in
Welcome back toAndroid Gaming Weekly, our weeklyrecap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games were playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks and l
 Payments startup Stripe is always on the lookout for ways it can help its users make better use of its APIs, and occasionally builds new products to solve common problems they face. A good example of that is Sigma, a new data analytics tool
Here's something that will probably not surprise you: nobody likes Ted Cruz. Al Franken's new book Giant of the Senate contains some great stories about the Texas senator who is like if Grandpa Munster started reading Ayn Rand. Turns out he's even de
The MKC Wallet combines wallet, keys, and handy tools so users can carry all their most important items in one compact accessory. Read more...More about Gadgets, Kickstarter, Design, Accessories, and MoneyThe MKC Wallet combines wallet, keys, and han
The advent of the laptop was obviously a huge turning point in the personal computer industry, allowing people to carry powerful computing experiences with them wherever they went. Notebook computers are clearly still hugely popular, but there's a ne
Want to start your own taxi empire? Need a new collectible car game? Think Flappy Bird would have been better with basketballs? Well, you're in luck, because this week's selection of new, free games on the App Store will satisfy all of those needs an
You open your MacBook to take notes in class or during a meeting, and your music starts playing. Loudly. Not only did you disrupt everyone, you also revealed your passion for 90’s boy bands to a room full of people who once respected you.Cl
Samsung may soon start selling a brand new version of the wildly popular Galaxy S8. But dont get too excited about it, because the new model apparently wont offer any real improvements. An alleged press render of a rose gold Galaxy S8 handset was obt
If your Nintendo Switch is having a serious problemor you just want to wipe it before you sell it to someoneyou may need to do a hard reset.The Switch has several options for nuking your data and starting over, so it helps to know which one does what
In March, tech startup littleBits announced the Code Kit, which would make it a little easier to teach kids how to code, both at home and in the classroom. Today, the Code Kit is finally on sale for a price of $300 (educators can email education@litt
If virtual reality is for anything, surely going on a musical trip is what it’s for. So it’s fitting that Ninja Tune artists Bonobo are making a step into the world of virtual reality. And stepping into “Outlier&#822
You may remember Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla who stepped down amid political backlash surrounding his support for an anti-gay marriage bill in California. Well, he's back, and he has cash to burn: His new browser startup, Brave,
Users in our Optimum forum discuss the upcoming launch of new broadband gateways and cable boxes and the now Altice-owned cable provider. Altice has stated it plans to unveil a new centralized video gateway to Optimum customers in New York starting s
 Getting to display for free in Startup Alley at Disrupt is kind of like a dream. For several startups planning to attend Disrupt SF 2017, that dream is about to become a reality. The Featured Pavilions rolled out at Disrupt SF and Disrupt L
Brain death may no longer be a life sentence if one Philadelphia-based biomedical startup has its way. The company, Bioquark, plans to initiate a study later this year to see if a combination of stem cell and protein blend injections, electrical nerv
Apple’s annual developer conference kicks off Monday, but we’re already seeing WWDC related announcements from the company which suggests the keynote will be packed from start to finish. Earlier today we saw an update on how much
Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 living in Europe had a long wait to have their phablets updated to Android 7.0 Nougat. But now finally they do not need to look at their North American and even Asian neighbors in envy as the update has started to
The 'Seabin' wants to creatively cleanup the world's starting in harbors and ports. Simply pop the bucket into the water and it sucks up all the trash and debris.  Read more...More about Mashable Video and ScienceThe 'Seabin' wan
Excuse us while we pack our bags and plan our new lives as teachers in Luxembourg.According to new data released by the OECD, the starting salary for a high school teacher with no experience in the country is $79,000. The peak salary for a veteran te
Jonah Peretti is the CEO and founder of BuzzFeed, a digital media company that reaches hundreds of millions of readers around the world with its fun quizzes and videos, as well as with hard-hitting news coverage. Before starting BuzzFeed, Peretti lau
New business are good for the economy. Despite all the coverage of Silicon Valley startup culture, we’re actually creating fewer and fewer of them. Given the prominence of Uber, Facebook, and other tech super-brands in our lives, the curre
Lorde's latest single, "Perfect Places," is a good reminder to soak in the scene wherever you are right now and find your rhythm.  It starts out reminiscent of Pure Heroine, with a minimalist digital beat before a rush of textures fill in th
Group M is merging the global operations and teams of its agencies MEC and Maxus into a new agency.
Security researchers have discovered a massive malware campaign that has already infected more than 250 million computers across the world, including Windows and Mac OS. Dubbed Fireball, the malware is an adware package that takes complete control of