Network Security infecting arrested hacking

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Network Security

hacking group arrested infecting million phones banking trojan

were getting beautiful overwatch hero skins

destruction content blowing youtube

supercell acquires londons space ape games

nokia uses lawsuit apple friend

why shouldnt buy desktop mac right

facebook announced ways drag friends live videos

facebook shakes live social chat features

Network Security Tue May 23 2017 15:18:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The Russian Interior Ministry announced on Monday the arrest of 20 individuals from a major cybercriminal gang that had stolen nearly $900,000 from bank accounts after infecting over one million Android smartphones with a mobile Trojan called "CronBo
Several years ago as I was writing The End of Business as Usual, I researched how the customer journey was evolving. Specifically, I studied how traditional touch points compared to digital touch points and more so, how customers were hacking their w
 More social features are coming to Facebook Live so that you can create and enjoy more social experiences. Facebook has already announced that its AR camera effects platform will be coming to Live, this latest announcement brings a couple o
After the discovery of a critical vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to view private Yahoo Mail images, Yahoo retired the image-processing library ImageMagick. ImageMagick is an open-source image processing library that lets users resize,
Is your router collects data on your network? Netgear last week pushed out a firmware update for its wireless router model NightHawk R7000 with a remote data collection feature that collects router's analytics data and sends it to the company's serve
Facebook really wants you to talk to your friends — so it's making it even easier for your inner circle to interact in and around its Live videos. The social network just announced two new features for Live that will allow you to pull your
On a dingy weekday, sometime last month, Apple did something unprecedented. They invited five journalists to their headquarters and for the first time in recorded history, revealed their plans for creating a new Mac Pro. A machine that hasn&#8217
Apple has settled a patent dispute with Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia and agreed to buy more of its network products and services. The deal means Nokia will get bigger royalties from Apple for using its mobile phone patents, helping offset th
 Some consolidation is afoot in the world of gaming. Today, Space Ape Games — a London social and mobile games studio founded by alums from Playfish, Mind Candy and EA — announced that Supercell has acquired 62 percent of
Destruction-based videos have exploded on social video, particularly on YouTube. In fact, views for this very niche content have increased 366% year-on-year on that platform.
Today is Overwatch's first birthday and there are a bunch of amazing new hero skins to celebrate the special occasion. During the Overwatch anniversary event running from today through June 12, your anniversary loot boxes will have a chance of droppi
Snapchat has added a new tool to let users collaborate by posting their photos and videos to custom story threads, giving the platform a way to potentially cut into the wedding hashtag market so prevalent on its rival Instagram. Custom Stories, as th
Welcome to the Google Marketing Next live stream! Tune in live at 9:00 a.m. PT/12:00 p.m. ET to learn about Googles latest marketing innovations, the moment theyre announced.Join the conversation at #GoogleMarketingNext. 
 Putting their own money where their business is, the founders ofG2 Crowdjoined a new $30 million financing for their business review platform. The round was led by Acceland included undisclosed industry executives and corporate dollars from
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AirBuddy is a floating, battery-powered air compressor that delivers freshly pressurized surface air to a diver so they don't have to wear heavy scuba gear. Read more...More about Kickstarter, Swimming, Scuba, Snorkelling, and Inventions AirBuddy is
Everyone who has done a good job at work deserves to enjoy the sun, beach, mountains… well, basically a quality vacation once in a while. Besides, a good vacation time can improve productivity and give you a fresh dose of motivation towards
Airbnb wants the creative team behind its marketing to be as diverse as the world it represents. That's why Jonathan Mildenhall, the brand's chief marketing officer, has put out a call to action, asking for women and "creatives of color" to meet with
Medium is not just a platform for bloggers to express themselves or companies to market their brand. It is also a place to read interesting, informative, and even humorous content. The trick is knowing how to find that content. Medium offers a variet
Millions of people risk having their devices and systems compromised by malicious subtitles, Check Point researchers revealed today. The threat comes from a previously undocumented vulnerability which affects users of popular streaming software, incl
 Twitter has found its ownway to participate in the growing chatbot trend. The company announced today a new feature for advertisers, which allows businesses on Twitter to promote ads designed to pullconsumers into personalized experiences w
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GPU-Z 2.1 is the latest version of the popular lightweight and portable video card info tool for Microsoft Windows devices. Tech Powerup, the company that develops GPU-Z released GPU-Z 2.0 earlier today, and pushed out GPU-Z 2.1 later today as well.
Pinterest users conducted nearly 5 billion saves and searches related to food and drink in 2016, and updates to Lens and the social network's search functionality will enable them to eat and drink to their heart's content. Pinterest said in an email
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When you’re publishing to Facebook, or tweaking a headline to align with some carefully honed SEO strategy, how closely do you take note of story topic? New research from suggests that news organizations trying to make the most of
 LiDAR is a key ingredient in the overall sensing package required to make autonomous cars a reality (though Tesla would disagree), but it’s also prohibitively expensive, especially for companies just starting out, and researchers
I get a few different Action cameras to review periodically and the ODRVM 1080p Waterproof Action camera is the complete kit which you often don’t get when you by an action camera and are forced to buy an accessory pack with it to cover all
Overwatch's first anniversary event is here and it's introducing a whole bunch of awesome new content to celebrate. The Overwatch anniversary event, running from today through June 12, includes an anniversary loot box with a chance of dropping new he
The Linux world above all else consists of lots and lots of choices. You can mix and match software to your liking, from things like file managers to your entire operating system. The same applies to your desktop environment, the bundle of software t
James Corden has spent the past two years dominating YouTube with his Carpool Karaoke segments. Now the late-night host is ready to tackle another digital platform: Snapchat. The Late Late Show host is partnering with Snap Inc. to create a new digita