Network Security googles easily backup entire cloud

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Network Security

googles tool lets easily backup sync entire pc cloud

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Network Security Thu Jun 15 2017 09:38:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Soon you will be able to auto backup and sync your whole computer on Google Drive. Yes, you heard that right. By the end of this month, Google will launch Backup and Sync a new, simple tool that has been designed to help you backup not only your docu
 French startup Shadow, also known as Blade, just raised a Series A round of $57.1 million (51 million). Shadow thinks your next computer is going to be in a data center. Your existing phones, laptops and Shadow’s own device (pictu
Facebook confirmed that it is running a test allowing certain pages to include their five-star ratings results in their ads. Only ratings of four stars and above will be shown in ads, and pages that are part of the test group can easily opt out via t
WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system on the market. It offers developers flexibility in coding, while webmasters can easily manage content. You can build literally any website with WordPress – from a perso
Once you’ve started dabbling in HTML, you’ll probably be interested in adding more power to your web pages. CSS is the best way to do that. CSS lets you apply changesacross your entire page without having to use lots of inline HTM
[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Three years ago Dan Fagella appeared on the EJ Podcast and proceeded to blow our minds about what you can do with email segmentation. Dan explained how
 Uber has bucked convention from the outset, so it wasn’t entirely surprising when, earlier today, company cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he’s taking a leave of absence from his San Francisco-based ride- is a long standing community site of software authors and users that is entirely donation based. This is the third part of a series in which we review tech sites that we have a lot of respect for. The first two parts covered the dow
 At WWDC this month, Apple introduced an entirely revamped App Store that puts a much greater focus on editorial, with plans for stories about the apps, how to’s, interviews, and more, in addition to regular postings of curated lis
Are you paying attention, Pixelheads? A small but important change may be coming to your smartphone of choice.  Reports suggest that the next iteration of the Pixel is going to be manufactured by an entirely different company.  SEE
The truth is, we didnt have much time to reflect quietly on the magazine because, as soon as it got printed, we actually had a launch party. I think that I hadnt even had a chance to read through the entire physical copy of the magazine until after t
IPG Mediabrands' Hong Kong CEO talks about the "blue-ocean" opportunities for programmatic.
Hit by Jaff Ransomware? Don't pay the Ransom. You can unlock your files for Free! Kaspersky Labs has released an updated version of its free ransomware decryption tool, RakhniDecryptor, which can now also decrypt files locked by the Jaff ran
The Pirate Bay a widely popular file-sharing website predominantly used to share copyrighted material free of charge is once again in trouble, this time in Europe. The European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled today that Dutch ISPs can block access
The United States government has released a rare alert about an ongoing, eight-year-long North Korean state-sponsored hacking operation. The joint report from the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provided details on "DeltaCharlie,"
As part of June's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released security patches for a total of 96 security vulnerabilities across its products, including fixes for two vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the wild. This month's patch release also inc
Did you know last month's widespread WannaCry ransomware attack forced Microsoft to release security updates against EternalBlue SMB exploit for unsupported versions of Windows, but the company left other three Windows zero-day exploits unpatched? Fo
Salespeople have a lot of things to sell and the latest technology can help them sell even more. Do you think you have the perfect pitch? Highspot will tell you if you’re wrong. Or at least that’stheir pitch. Highspot’s
Five Questions for Dinesh Dutt on the changing relationship between network and computer.I recently sat down with Dinesh Dutt, chief scientist at Cumulus Networks, to discuss how data centers have changed in recent years, new tools and techniques for
French supermarket Carrefour has announced it's removed dog meat products from two of its outlets in China. The news comes amid ongoing backlash against the consumption of dog meat in the country.  But perhaps what comes as a bigger surprise
 With high-profile investments from Alibaba and SoftBank fueling an impressive growth story since demonetization last year, you could be forgiven for thinking that Paytm has India’s payments market sewn up. But at least one company
Exploring the disconnect between security wisdom and user realities.Continue reading Privacy and threat in practice.
Choosing between a local PDF reader and reading PDFs in your browser all comes down to preference. Luckily, with the most popular browsers, it’s easy to make that choice with a feature available in browser settings. Note: If you’r
Digital advertising networkAmagihas tied-up with Sun TV Network Limited to add Sun TV’s HD channels to its listof channels offering targeted advertising solutions. These channels... ...
Your computer freezing on you is a moderate annoyance at the best of times. When you're live on air and you're relying on it to read the news, though, it's a total disaster. SEE ALSO: BBC Reporter Mistakes Stack of Paper for iPad on Camera On Wednesd
For the second in our new series taking a close-up look at a magazine via the randomly chosen page 23, we look at the first issue of Azeema. The page contains a single photograph, a full bleed colour image of a woman in a burqa, the opening page of a
When it comes to desktop wallpapers, more is always merrier. That’s never a problem because there are many ways to change a drab desktop with a beautiful wallpaper. But it’s still a chore — unless you use a wallpaper man
ClearTax, an income tax returns e-filing website launched a GST software called Bill book for SMEs to prepare GST compliant invoices, the company said in... ...
 E-book sales may be declining in the U.S. and U.K., but in South Korea, many people still enjoy swiping instead of leafing through their reading material. E-book sales there are growing steadily each year, driven in part by the popularity o