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Network Security

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Network Security Tue Jun 20 2017 18:24:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It seems Microsoft is planning to build its EMET anti-exploit tool into the kernel of Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update (also known as RedStone 3), which is expected to release in September/October 2017. So you may not have to separately download and
The man killed in a Tesla Model S crash in May 2016 wasn't heeding Tesla's security advice despite being warned by the car numerous times, an in-depth investigation has shown.  Former Navy SEAL and Tesla enthusiast Joshua Brown was driving o
The Internet has brought so many opportunities. It has removed borders and changed our lives forever. But it has also brought insecurity we need to deal with: After all a big part of our life is online now and random strangers can hack into it one da
Even as some comparnies are stockpiling bitcoins so they can quickly pay ransom demands, security firms that try paying those ransoms may face losing their accounts on Coinbase. Slashdot reader Mosquito Bites quotes a report from CoinDesk: Less than
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The security guards at this botanical garden really don't like it when you pick a fight. Internet Comment Theater is a Mashable original series that takes the internet’s weirdest comments and reviews and brings them to life. Read more...Mor
Trust Netflix to be the platform that introduces choose-your-own-adventure TV. Starting Tuesday, Netflix will roll out exclusive interactive features that have been in development for almost two years, allowing viewers to choose the outcome of shows
CANNES Bank of America believes that artificial intelligence, along with its upcoming digital assistant dubbed Erica, will make the financial giant more nimble and predictive with its customers. I think its going to be an incredible enabler and make
Apparently fatherhood will change you. That, and the announcement of a new album.  In preparation of his upcoming visual project 4:44, Shawn Carter aka Hov aka Beyoncé's husband aka JAY-Z has officially made a name change. SEE ALSO:
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