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Network Security Sat Jun 10 2017 09:10:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Social media networks are no doubt a quick and powerful way to share information and ideas, but not everything shared on Facebook or Twitter is true. Misinformation, or "Fake News," has emerged as a primary issue for social media platforms, seeking t
In the book Agile Enterprise Mario Moreira explores the end-to-end and top-to-bottom view needed to run an effective agile enterprise, focusing on the needs of customers and employees. He explains how cutting-edge and innovative concepts and practice
This course is certainly great value-for-money, but how effective is it as an introduction to Ubuntu? is best known as a recruitment website, but it also hosts a number of online courses including Ubuntu Linux for Beginners. These are in fa
We're still months away from the next iPhone which, by all accounts, will be Apple's most impressive handset yet. But there's one important spec that may be far behind the competition and it could affect the speed of your data connection. SEE ALSO: N
Even if lately peoples attention was headed to The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack, The Sims 5 is something you should consider, since the team may already be working on it. If the company will follow their own release pattern, we might see the next inst
If you're particularly fond of an app, you may feel like showing your appreciation to the developer by throwing a little money in their direction. Apple is now making this possible by permitting tipping from within apps using in-app purchases. This i
Its no secret that Samsung are one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Believe it or not, they initially rose to fame by producing other kinds of devices, such as household electronics (washing machines, televisions, fridges and so on). Howev
QuickTrust makes it easier for you to trust certificates of sideloaded apps on your jailbroken device. Depending on how advanced of an iOS user you are, you may sideload apps from time to time. In many circumstances, sideloading third-party apps via
An IPS display with LowBlue technology and a host of other business-friendly features.Monitors aimed at business users might seem a rather quaint prospect to gamers or graphics professionals, but the range of available products demonstrates the under
E3 is upon us! The huge trade show doesn’t officially begin until Tuesday but a lot of the big and exciting stuff will happen this weekend in livestreamed pre-show presentation. It’s a game-o-rama. Our Adam is out there in Los Ang
There's no denying that the way we consume media has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, entertainment is increasingly on-demand, allowing you to access your favour
Its no secret that Supercells Clash Royale is one of the most played mobile games in the world. Its developer knows that, so they always bring new features to it. As of late, Clash Royale offers two exciting new Challenge features that you can unlock
Taylor Swift and Spotify are friends again. The mega-star musician is allowing her music back on the music streaming service, to the delight of her fans. Swift has had a long-running and highly publicised feud with the music streaming service, accusi
With a name like Andy Rub behind this modular smartphone, we have high hopes. But it could go one of two ways.When the co-creator of the Android operating system announces a smartphone, you pay attention. Andy Rubin recently introduced the Essential
Although Verizon states the update contains the latest security patches, it's unclear whether it comes with June update or an older version.Photos:
On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to be my president. Two days later, my boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue and, to top it all off, the internet in my flat went out the same night. SEE ALSO: 9 true-crime podcasts you should downlo
In the home TV entertainment market, Sky and Virgin have been competing with each other for years. Then came the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and suddenly everything changed. To stay ahead of the curve, Sky launched t.
Samsung has introduced new CHG90 and CHG70 curved gaming monitors with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology for realistic, detailed picture, ahead of E3 2017. The C49HG90 49-inchultra-wide monitor has a32:9 aspect ratio and 3,8401,080 double full HD (
Lets face it, everybody loves the Sims games. Even if youre an action-packed shooter type of gamer, or you love medieval fantasy role playing games and shiny futuristic sci-fi worlds, you most likely have a soft spot for the Sims. The beloved EA life
This online cyber security course bundle teaches you everything you need to know to pass three certification exams and start a career in online protection. At AAPicks we love seeking out potentially life-changing deals. Todays pick – The Cy
Beware Android users, there's a trojan called Dvmap, using new techniques and good ol' false sense of security to infect your devices. Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered the malware disguising itself as a simple puzzle game, colourblock. The develo
Look! Look at this cute sushi game! It’s called Outer Orbit Sushi and it’s one of those projects with a little devlog over on the TIGSource forums. The developer, Mike Davenport, only just started posting about the game so I assum
The BBC has been at the forefront of broadcasting and entertainment since it launched in March 1922. Just over a decade ago, the broadcaster launched iPlayer, which quickly became one of the most popular ways to download and stream TV and radio shows
Skype 8.0 brings a bucket-load of new features and improvements such as new group chats, reactions, Highlights and Find panel...Photos:
As you all may well know by now, Apple announced quite a handful of new stuff during their keynote speech at this years Worldwide Developer Conference that began this Monday, June 5. Two of the most important things that Apple revealed at WWDC 2017 a
Stay on top of the latest tech with PCWorlds Digital Edition. Available as single copies or as a yearlong subscription, it highlights the best content from PCWorld.comthe most important news, the key product reviews, and the most useful features and
With VR sales topping $1.8 Billion last year, Gamasutra reports that interests in virtual reality are mostly from customers in the U.S. While the Samsung Gear VR being the bulk of current VR demands, games such as Resident Evil 7 and Project Cars are
We don’t really have the internet in Australia. I mean, sure we are connected to it, but we aren’t even in the top 50 countries for internet speeds. That’s a total travesty for our economic future. Some of the countries
Despite decades of attempts to straighten out the connections between printers and computers, it's a situation that always (at least for me) seems to have an extra complication. On Chrome OS, ever since launch it has by default relied on Goo
MSC files are snap-in control files that are associated with the Microsoft Management Console on Windows machines to run administrative tasks. You may run some msc files like services.msc or gpedit.msc regularly, but there are plenty more that you ca
Apples keynote speech during WWDC 2017 this Monday sure brought along a lot of new announcements and reveals. One of the most impressive reveals what that of the new and refreshed iPad Pro running on the upcoming iOS 11. The new iOS 11 promises to be
The smartwatch is available in three color options: Titanium, Rose Gold and Silver. Also, both U.S. retailers offer free shipping all across the country, so you'll only have to pay $179.99 the price of the smartwatch...Photos: