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Network Security Thu Jun 08 2017 19:15:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Image Source: South China Morning Post Chinese authorities have announced the arrest of around 22 distributors working as Apple distributors as part of a $7 million operation, who stole customers personal information from an internal Apple database a
The brands with the greatest purpose, as perceived by their customers. In January, when Starbucks announced a plan to hire 10,000 refugees over five years, it may have hoped to gild its reputation for doing good. But, if so
Kickstarter became arevolution not long after it first opened for business. The crowdfunding model meant that anyone with an idea and some determination could bypass the middlemen and go straight to their customers — giving everyone a bette
Traffic is meaningless if your blog performs poorly regarding reader engagement. It’s comparable to owning a ground floor store in a crowded mall, but failing to convert walk-in visitors into paying customers. In such a situation, you need
After a previous revision caused an uproar, the company chose its words more carefully–and made sure to let customers opt out of revealing their data. Last December, Evernote announced plans to update its privacy policy. Most notably, it c
Unlocking the value of data is a primary goal that AWS helps our customers to pursue. In recent years, an explosion of intelligent devices have created oceans of new data across many industries. We have seen that such devices can benefit greatly from
Benson Porter, CEO of credit union BECU, says things are different when your customers are also your boss. “Promoting savings is one of our core values” says Benson Porter who took over as CEO of the credit union BECU in 2012&am
Estimates suggest more than 100 million people now pay to stream music, and Spotify alone has a further 70 million non-paying customers. If you’re one of those 170 million people, how did you choose the streaming music service you currently
 The augmented reality acquisition space is hot — Facebook, Snap, Apple and others are throwing money at teams and technologies that promise to increase user engagement. Spektral, a Danish startup, is the latest venture-backed visu
A new Android-rooting malware with an ability to disable device security settings in an effort to perform malicious tasks in the background has been detected on the official Play Store. What's interesting? The app was smart enough to fool Google secu
Security researchers have discovered over a dozen of vulnerabilities in tens of thousands of web-connected cameras that can not be protected just by changing their default credentials. Vulnerabilities found in two models of IP cameras from China-base
"Disable macros and always be extra careful when you manually enable it while opening Microsoft Office Word documents." You might have heard of above-mentioned security warning multiple times on the Internet as hackers usually leverage this decade ol
Last fall, Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft jointly announced a specification for variable fonts, a potentially dramatic reinvention of the… Last fall, Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft jointly announced a specification for variable font
Today, remote work is found in almost every field. Working from home, the coffee shop, the plane or wherever is one of the most sought after jobs in the job market. For many, its living the dream. No longer chained to a desk and stifled by old dusty
 Beauty parlors manage a lot of appointments, but about half of them are still using pen and paper, estimates Shedul. The startup is trying to change that, by offering scheduling software for the the salon and spa industry. And it’
Lordy, seagull, priest — what a day it's been. On Thursday former FBI Director James Comey took the hot seat to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Trump. And somehow, someway, the hearing resu
The popular TV Scene group DIMENSION reappeared this week, after a hiatus of nearly two months. The group is a household name among many pirates, who are welcoming the new releases. Although there's no official explanation for the stretch of absence,
No camera or lens is perfect. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a high-end DSLR, they all have their own quirks and limitations. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with them. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some
Hours ahead of the UK general election, the prime minister and Conservative party leader Theresa May proposed to "tear up" human rights law which, she asserts, stops her government dealing effectively with terrorism. From a report: She said she wants
 Erica Baker, an engineer and outspoken advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, is leaving her job at Slack, and moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Brooklyn to work in an engineering leadership position at Kickstarter.Baker, who
Oh, J.R. Smith. NBA fans love the Cleveland Cavs' shooting guard for reasons both ridiculous and poignant.  Which is why a tweet posted then deleted from Smith's account after the Warriors beat Cleveland in Game 3 of the NBA Finals could onl
Yahoo's shareholders approved the expected sale of Yahoo to Verizon, and, in news much more disturbing than the previously disclosed name of the combined Yahoo-AOL entity that will be known as Oath is the prospect of about 2,100 job cuts across both
The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 60 to the beta channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. Chrome 60.0.3112.24 contains our usual under-the-hood performance and stability tweaks, but there are also some cool new features to exp
Are you confused by the thousands of different extensions in the Chrome Web Store? Do you find it difficult to distinguish the best apps from the time wasters? We’re here to help. In this article, you’ll find our curated list of t
Shortly after his dismissal as head of the FBI, James Comey authorized "a close friend" to leak the contents of his memos to the press in order to prompt a special counsel investigation, he said today. From a report: Former FBI Director James Comey t
 For most of the history of blockchain-based currencies and assets, the story has been all about Bitcoin. At a market capitalization of around $40 billion, it remains the most valuable cryptocurrency. But with the rise of a new ‘ch
Former FBI Director James Comey spoke a lot of words during his hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, some of which were quite juicy. He appeared before the committee to talk about what led to his firing by President Donald Tr
Horizon Media today is announcing UNCVR, a division that will feature a partnership with entertainment-based tech player STXSurreal and focus on augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and 360-degree videos. Sarah Bachman To get the endeavo
Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a free program for Windows that enables you to monitor and remove software installations from PCs running Windows. Software installations, and especially the removal of installed programs, is still one of the weak areas of
You’re probably using a desktop environment along with Linux. Whether it’s an extra lightweight one or more fully fledged, you’ll need one if you want to run graphical applications. Sure, you could try running everything
When it comes to news literacy, there’s a lot to be pessimistic about these days. Plenty of people are still reading and sharing fake new stories from dubious sources, while others are wary about real news stories from legitimate ones. But
Designed by our friends at Vecteezy, these fantastic free line-style avatar icons can be used as the default user images or personas of a community-driven service or even utilized in... The post Freebie: Line-Style User Avatar Icon Set (AI, EPS, SVG
 Pandora today is rolling out a new feature to its Premium tier that will allow subscribers to continue to listen to music, uninterrupted, when their current track, album or playlist ends. Called simply, “AutoPlay,” the f
When you launch Woebot in Facebook Messenger, the chatbot's cerulean blue eyes peer out from the screen. He looks concerned, a little quizzical. He invites you to chat.  Within a few messages he explains his purpose: "So here's how I work, I
Influencer marketing is for more than just promoting herbal teas that promise weight loss, or for the promise of spectacular Bahamian music festivals. According to influencer agency HelloSociety, a celebrity social push can boost the profile luxury b
The story’s not over. Minecraft: Story Mode, that is. Telltale Games recently revealed that Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 is on the way July 11, with five new episodes of decisions, adventure and laughs across nearly all gaming
Almost one-third of the earth's population has access to social media, and it's no wonder why it became one of the most promising platforms of advertising and marketing of businesses, companies, products, organizations, and even personalities. This l
When it comes to getting your life organized, there are two indispensable tools: your calendar and your to-do list. Knowing what you need to do andwhen you need to do itensures that nothing gets forgotten. But most task management solutions keep thes
The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle is a big eLearning bundle. It features eight JavaScript courses that cover web development, MEAN STack, Node programming, MongoDB, AngularJS, and more. The courses are designed for users of all experience levels. Ther
Do you have a blog? If not, why not? Have the dragging speeds of internet technology and modems gotten you down in the past? Many users have complained about slow upload or download times while others have become frustrated with the overall speed of
 A team incubated out of venture firm Kleiner Perkins has createdPackagd, which is building a series of mobile apps that combine unboxing and review videos with the ability to instantly purchase the products they talk about Read More
Eric Feng thinks he's found the perfect intersection of media and online retail, and it's, well, a little outside the box. The former Hulu executive and Kleiner Perkins partner is launching a new shopping platform built entirely around an obsession a