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Network Security

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Network Security Wed Jun 28 2017 19:10:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- What if I say the Tuesday's devastating global malware outbreak was not due to any ransomware infection? Yes, the Petya ransomware attacks that began infecting computers in several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, France, India and the United St
 Ransomware attacks are bigger than ever, but the payouts appear to be shrinking. While the ransomware suspected to be a variant of Petyamakes headlines around the world, whoever set it loose isn’t really making a whole lot of mone
 A month after the WannaCry ransomware attack paralyzed connected systems worldwide, a new threat appears to be spreading quickly. As reports emerge, today’s attack paints a picture of businesses and governments around the world he
Amid the cybersecurity whirlwind that has been May and June—when the world got its first taste of what widespread ransomware attacks are capable of (WannaCry) and the continued wave of attacks that is still unfolding globally (Petya/NonPety
Today’s Stories A massive new ransomware attack is spreading around the globe Target’s next-day essentials delivery service opens to customers in pilot test Cloudflare launches app development platform, announces $100M investment
The Shadow Brokers, a notorious hacking group that leaked US cyberweapons which were also abused by the recent ransomware disasters WannaCry and Petya or NotPetya has now threatened to unmask the identity of a former hacker who worked for the NSA. Be