Network Security cybercriminal financial russian prison years

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Network Security

russian financial cybercriminal gets years prison

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Network Security Tue Jul 11 2017 17:01:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A 29-year-old Russian-born, Los Angeles resident has been sentenced to over nine years in prison for running botnets of half a million computers and stealing and trafficking tens of thousands of credit card numbers on exclusive Russian-speaking cyber
Five years after the FBI took down several pirate Android app 'stores,' SnappzMarket's Joshua Taylor has been sentenced to 16 months in prison. While the defense highlighted that Taylor only played a small role as 'server guy,' the judge ruled that a
When it comes to the medium of art that artists use to express themselves, the technology at hand is evolving to a point where capturing images now couldn't have been fathomed even 25 years ago.  Movies shot in entirely in 3D, music written
It can take years to find the right job. Some people are lucky enough to walk straight into their dream job almost immediately, but for most of us, it is a trial and error process. Many factors determine whether a job is right for you. In this articl
Over the past few years, Disney’s accelerator classes have been transitioning away from what was once a roughly standard early-stage growth framework. Rather than the “adopt-a-company” models prevalent among most acceler
Thanks, guys. In the years since the world first started considering climate change as a major existential threat, it’s tended to focus on what governments can do about the problem. Through big meetings in Kyoto, Copenhag
Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming dramatically more adept, innovative, and stealthy with each passing day. While other operating systems are more widely in use, cybercriminals have now shifted from traditional activities to more clandestine te
It's become common practice for advertisers to acknowledge and celebrate all forms of human beauty, not just the stereotypical standards. But Nike, as it so often is, was ahead of that game long before most. In 1999, a full five years before Dove lau
New York, 13 July: SPD presents Politics. Media. Design, a night about how we might deal with fake news and the new media landscape. London, 18 July: Stack are gathering some of last years Stack Awards winners to inspire entries for this years Awards
Pete Souza isn't the only one who's captured some stunning shots of the Obama family. Former White House Photographer Amanda Lucidon spent four years documenting Michelle Obama's political efforts, social initiatives, and family memories, and she's c
Distance makes the mind grow foggier. I’ve been a college professor for over 25 years now. So you’d think by now that I’d be pretty good at planning out my summer. Theoretically at least, I should be fairly skilled at
Since its launch in 2003, Vuze has been one of the most visible clients in the BitTorrent scene, but there is concern among users that something might now be amiss. After years of constant and swift development, Vuze development ground to a halt in A
Over the years,Kairosoft has developed a rather strong reputation as a leader in simulation games. Their combination of pixel art, detailed gameplay and infectious positivity has given the company a rabid fanbase. While their last outing, Home Run Hi
CANNES — Cannes Lions is billed as “the international festival of creativity” but, judging from some of the tech talk that has made in-roads in recent years, you could forgive a delegate for not feeling very creative any
When I started Hack the Entrepreneur, I had never conducted a single interview before. But during the past two years, I’ve hosted more than 350 podcast interviews. Ive also made a lot of mistakes, embarrassed myself a few times, and learned
 Payments provider PayPalhas over the years made it easier for a wide range of businesses to accept payments from customers at home and abroad. Now with its Global Sellers initiative, the company is making cross-border commerce easier for me
With little cement getting into the territory, Majd Mashharawi had to come up with a creative solution to help rebuild. Three years after Israeli forces bombed the Gaza Strip–during a 50-day siege that destroyed nearly 18,000 homes and dam
Admit it. Who would not want their firewall maintenance grunt work to go away? For more than 20 years, companies either managed their edge firewall appliances or had service providers rack-and-stack appliances in their data centers and did it for the
After 10 years of production, the Apple iPhone continues to be one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. They’re not just for making calls or answering texts. They’re also used for messaging, to snap and view photos, take
In the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that the world’s weather patterns are undergoing some drastic changes. Extreme climate change has caused some regions to suffer from severe rainfalls and flooding, while other areas ha
 With cybercrime projected to reap some $6 trillion in damages by 2021, and businesses likely to invest around $1 trillionover the next five years to try to mitigate that, we’re seeing a rise of startups that are building innovatin
Small-town newspaper obituary stories don't get much stranger than this one. At the end of June, the Cherokee Scout, a weekly newspaper in Murphy, N.C., published an obituary for June Miller, an 82-year-old Florida woman who owned for many years with
Feeling old yet? "Gangnam Style," the mammoth hit from South Korean artist Psy in 2012, has been unseated as the most viewed video on YouTube where it sat on the top for the last five years. SEE ALSO: Macklemore celebrates his grandma's 100th birthda
 CompareAsiaGroup, which runs online financial marketplaces in seven Asian countries, has closed a $50 million Series B. The round was led by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and includes capital
 Effective today, any company can file for a “confidential” IPO, even if annual revenue is greater than $1 billion. This means that larger companies can now submit and revise financial filings, waiting until a few weeks b
 Take this at face value: Detroit has 50% more venture-backed startups than it did three years ago. This comes from a study (PDF) from the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) which found there are 35 active venture-backed startups in
 Partech Ventures has raised so many funds over the past couple of years that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. This time, the VC firm is closing the fundraising of Partech International Ventures VII. With $450 million under
Dana Fischer is a 6-year-old superstar who plays Magic: The Gathering at the pro level. More than that: she's competitive. In the three years since Dana learned Magic, she's participated in four Grand Prix events, with a fifth, in Minneapolis, happen
It had been the subject of rumors for years, but HBO just made it official: Curb Your Enthusiasm will return on Oct. 1, following a five-year hiatus. Little is known about the upcoming ninth season, but you can bet that Larry David is still an all-ar
The Starks have been predicting the arrival of winter for years, but now that there's a flavored beer about it we're starting to think they might be on to something. The partnership between HBO and Brewery Ommegang has resulted in an upcoming Belgian
I hate the WWE games, as a general rule. The controls are clunky, the graphics always feel a couple years behind the curve, and the flood of different modes and settings and characters leave me with an acute case of analysis paralysis. Of course, the
Tom Holland is the youngest actor to put on the 'Spider-Man' mask since the franchise debut 15 years ago.  What sets him apart from his predecessors is his training in dance and parkour. They add layers to a superhero known for his showmansh
Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Nothing tests your self-control like Amazon Prime Day.  In the midst of the inner battle between what you need and what you want, it's imp
How often do you click the 'back' or the Home button on your mobile device to exit an application immediately? I believe, several times in a single day because a large number of apps do not have an exit button to directly force-close them instead of
Good news for you is that this week's THN Deals brings Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle that let you get started regardless of your experience level. The Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle will walk you through the very basic skills you need to start your jo
Security researchers have discovered a new method to decrypt satellite phone communications encrypted with the GMR-2 cipher in "real time" -- that too in mere fractions of a second in some cases. The new attack method has been discovered by two Chine
Personal details of some 120 Million customers have been allegedly exposed on the Internet in probably the biggest breach of personal data ever in India. Last night, an independent website named went online, offering Reliance Jio custome
All of the major online retailers are challenging Amazon with Prime Day deals of their own.Today may very well be Amazon Prime Day, but don’t count out Amazon’s countless rivals. They’re not just watching; retailers l
 Two of the largest communities for chatbot developers are joining forces with the belief that bots are only just getting started. Howdy, a company backed by Bloomberg Beta and Slack among others, announced that it has acquired Bot Metrics,
The iconic London black taxi has been reinvented in a way that could hit back at that four-letter app which shall not be named — whilst helping the environment, too.  The new electric taxi, called the TX, retains the look and size
Remember when you needed to hop on a plane and spend hundreds of dollars if you wanted to see a relative who didn’t live nearby? It wasn’t that long ago that webcams were prohibitively expensive. Back then, you wouldn’t
Looking for professional iOS app templates to create your next successful app? Here you have an excellent collection of20 iOS app templates which can help you quickly and effortlessly build your desired application. This way you’ll save a l