Network Security cybercrimeasaservice platforms offering wannabe hackers

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Network Security

platforms found offering cybercrimeasaservice wannabe hackers

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Network Security Sat Jul 15 2017 10:57:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Cybercrime has continued to evolve and today exists in a highly organised form. Cybercrime has increasingly been commercialised, and itself become big business by renting out an expanded range of hacking tools and technologies, from exploit kits to r
Google Play is offering HDR movies for the first time. This means selected titles will take advantage of the technology known for making the blackest blacks look blacker and the whitest whites look whiter. Unfortunately, there are a number of hoops y
Remember Bubble Bobble? Arguably, one of the finest platformers out there, it still remains one of my all time favorites. It was an immensely simple concept, merely requiring you to survive a single screen full of enemies and platforms, but it was a
 DraftKings and FanDuel, the two biggest daily fantasy sports platforms that originally announced their intention to merge a last year, have called it quits. This comes a month after the FTC announced they would sue to block the merger. In a
 Alexa’s latest trick is offering a hands-free TV viewing experience, that will allow consumers to turn on or off their television, change inputs, fast forward, rewind and more, without having to first invoke a specific skill, or e
As platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and have grown in popularity, so has the public's appetite for video in new formats. Vertical video has gone from being the butt of internet jokes to the new "it" medium as advertisers scramble to crea
The rise of the internet, digital technologies and social media platforms have transformed the way consumers make purchasing decisionsand not just for B2C consumers, but for B2B as well. In fact, according to CEB, B2B buyers are 57% of the way throug
 The gig economy owes a lot to Obamacare.In the wake of the financial crisis, as smartphones were just becoming the norm, millions of Americans were out of work. Then, Uber hit the market one year before Obamacare was passed, and suddenly, t
Have you ever felt like wishing of sending any type of file immediately to your friends and office colleagues on WhatsApp directly, instead of just contacts, images or documents? Well, now you can The latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS no
AlphaBay Market one of the largest Dark Web marketplaces for drugs, guns, and other illegal goods that mysteriously went dark earlier this month without any explanation from its admins has reportedly been shut down by the international authorities. O
Windows and Linux in the same line? Yes, you heard that right...and that too, on the same computer and within the same operating system. Two months ago, Microsoft announced its plans to let its users install three different flavours of the Linux oper
WikiLeaks has today published the 16th batch of its ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time instead of revealing new malware or hacking tool, the whistleblower organisation has unveiled how CIA operatives stealthy collect and forward stolen data from comprom
After WannaCry and Petya ransomware outbreaks, a scary (but rather creative) new strain of ransomware is spreading via bogus apps on the Google Play Store, this time targeting Android mobile users. Dubbed LeakerLocker, the Android ransomware does not
A district court in Florida has ordered the operators of 19 pirate websites to pay $1 million each. The default judgment was ordered in favor of media giant ABS-CBN, which has managed to score several victories in US courts this year. The sites in qu
Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of the Russian cybersecurity software firm that bears his name, had a big American dream. From a report: He wanted his company to go beyond selling anti-virus software to consumers and small businesses and become a major ven
There's no shame in admitting that you stalk people on Instagram — we all do. But you don't always want anyone who grabs your phone to see who you've been stalking. So, here's the complete guide to hiding who you stalk on Instagram.&#16
Check out our expert tips for selecting a robust e-signature solution.This feature is brought to you by Eversign  Electronic signatures, often referred to as E-signatures, are a digital version of someone’s “analog&