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Network Security

uk parliament hit cyberattack mps email accounts hacked

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Network Security Mon Jun 26 2017 11:15:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A cyber attack has hit the email system of UK Houses of Parliament on Friday morning that breached at least 90 emails accounts protected by weak passwords belonging to MPs, lawmakers, and other parliamentary staff. Meanwhile, as a precaution, the Sec
According to a new blog post on Google's blog, Google will soon stop scanning emails on its Gmail email service for advertisement purposes. Gmail scans user emails on Gmail for a variety of purposes. These include to make sure that they don't contain
 TechCrunch has reviewed an email allegedly sent by VC Justin Caldbeck, of Binary Capital, to one of the female founders who have accused him of inappropriate behavior — which suggests he tried to use his influence as an investor t
Since the launch of Gmail, Google has been scanning emails in order sell targeted ads. Now the company will discontinue this practice. The company said:... ...
 In a move that’s sure to rattle net neutrality supporters and potentially points to a walled-garden future for TechCrunch’s parent company Oath (and its parent Verizon), Yahoo services and Tumblr (both Oath properties) w
Google will soon stop scanning emails received by some Gmail users, a practice that has allowed it to show them targeted advertising but which stirred privacy worries. From a report: The decision didn't come from Google's ad team, but from its cloud
A few minutes ago one of my readers emailed me. Said reader felt my Sunday email was a hassle. Big time turn off to him. I replied: No worries. You can just open it on Monday That was the fun aspect of criticism conversion. Doing something funny with
This week, is this the end of Ubers downward spiral?, Amazon buys Whole Foods, most US voters have been hacked, why you cant be kicked off the internet, a precedent-setting case of manslaughter via text, and much, much more. See … Continue
Google is going to finally stop reading your email-sort of. The email giant is planning to stop scanning the messages of its 1.2 billion users, which it has in the past used as a way of providing more accurate ad targeting based on each individual us
Facebook Friday announced the launch of Facebook Safety for Journalists, an initiative to help journalists protect themselves and their accounts on the social network. Catherine Cole, who works on journalism partnerships for Facebook, and head of glo
The 2017 National Basketball Association Draft spurred 3.2 million tweets Thursday night. Twitter said in an email to Social Pro Daily that the most-tweeted moments Thursday night (all times ET) were: Boston Celtics select Jayson Tatum No. 3 overall
In its fight to restrict access to copyrighted content and blocked websites, the Russian government wants to ban the use of anonymization technology including VPNs, proxies, and TOR. In a discussion in parliament this week involving prominent IT expe
This week’s top stories ask whether Amazon has gotten too big, explain how to write emails when you’re frustrated, and an ex-Tesla intern weighs in. This week on the Leadership section we considered whether Amazon is heading tow
 The grocery delivery wars look set to get cooking… UK supermarket chain Tesco has announced the launch today of a one-hour delivery service in central London called Tesco Now — echoing Amazon’s Prime Now delive
A massive archive of Microsoft's top-secret Windows 10 builds, and the source codes for private software has been reportedly leaked online, which could lead to a nasty wave of Windows 10 exploits. The Leaked files uploaded on BetaArchive website cont
British police have arrested two men in the UK conspiring to hack into the computer networks of US tech giant Microsoft with plans to steal customers data from the software giant. The suspects 22-year-old from Sleaford and a 25-year-old from Bracknel
Vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft PatchGuard kernel protection could allow hackers to plant rootkits on computers running the company's latest and secure operating system, Windows 10. Researchers at CyberArk Labs have developed a new attack tec