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Network Security

largest cryptocurrency exchange hacked million worth bitcoin ether stolen

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Network Security Wed Jul 05 2017 10:01:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- One of the world's largest Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies exchanges Bithumb has recently been hacked, resulting in loss of more than $1 Million in cryptocurrencies after a number of its user accounts compromised. Bithumb is South Korea's largest
The acceptance of virtual currencies by both the Chinese and Japanese governments are driving cryptocurrency growth, with China on the cusp of establishing its own currency, and Japan regulating bitcoin as true legal payment. Read More
According to IBS Intelligence, websites run by some of the largest banks in the U.S. have scored the poorest in a new security and privacy analysis audit. "The non-profit Online Trust Alliance (OTA) anonymously audited more than 1,000 websites, ranki
Norway, which is the largest producer of oil and natural gas outside of the Middle East, is set to become the first country in the world to ban the use of gas to heat buildings. The country plans to pass legislation that will stop the use of both oil
YOU Broadband, India’s fifth largest wireline Internet service providers, appears to beprohibiting VPNs in its fine print, a user pointed out on reddit. The Customer shall not take any steps including adopting any encryption system that pre
You don’t get to be one of the largest companies on the planet without knowing a few productivity hacks. And that’s not counting the many productivity tools made by Google. Google has some of the best leaders in its staff, like Er
 As impact investing gains traction in the market, a new accelerator for tech nonprofits calledFast Forwardhas raised $2.2 million in philanthropic funding from the nonprofit arms of some of the world’s largest companies and financ
When you hear the names Tesla, Einstein, Da Vinci or Earhart, what comes to mind? For me, these are people who pushed boundaries, didnt settle and changed the world. In the end, what they really have in common is that they all produced great work. To
Online Privacy has been one of the biggest challenges in today's interconnected world, as the governments across the world have been found censoring the Internet, stealing information and conducting mass surveillance on innocent people. China is one
Security boffins have discovered a critical vulnerability in a GnuPG cryptographic library that allowed the researchers to completely break RSA-1024 and successfully extract the secret RSA key to decrypt data. Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) is popu
A teenage student has been charged with running a supplying malware that was used for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against websites of some of the world's leading businesses. Jack Chappell, an 18-year-old teenager from Stock
A SQL Injection vulnerability has been discovered in one of the most popular Wordpress plugins, installed on over 300,000 websites, which could be exploited by hackers to steal databases and possibly hijack the affected sites remotely. The flaw has b
If you’re up for joining the cutting edge, the latest version of macOS is now available to download. Of course, it’s a beta version, so this isn’t the final and stable copy. Apple recommends that you only install this on
If you're an American, the Fourth of July is a day for fireworks, food, and celebration. If you're British, however, it seems like it's mainly a day for Twitter jokes. SEE ALSO: Fourth of July foods, ranked From Queen GIFs to comments on date format,
Violence prompted by a Facebook post deemed objectionable has led to state authorities blocking Internet services in the Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal – less than 100 km to the east of Kolkata &#8211
There’s no limit to the kinds of things Google Assistant can help you with, fromchecking trafficto playing music and videosand much more. One nifty trick you can add to your Google Assistant arsenal? Using it to lock and unlock your Android
Getting a college letter of acceptance is huge enough, but this one includes the magic of augmented reality. The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in China is issuing out its letters of acceptance to students suing AR.  SEE ALSO: S
 The U.S. government has lifted the controversial laptop ban for flights to the U.S. for three major airlines. Effective immediately, Etihad Airways,Emirates Airline and Turkish Airlines have all been cleared to allow customers to bring elec
Some people say if a magazine clears the third issue milestone it will survive. Accent have not only flexed their raw individual style with their third issue but absolutely smashed through this target with brave new changes. Now all grown up, running
The bro-haha over Silicon Valley type males getting frisky are everywhere. Quite a surprise. Who would have thought that testosterone charged MBAs would take a proprietary approach to their interactions with people? But where are the entrepreneurs wh
Network Mathematics, Learning Math, Open Source Q&A, and Australian Privacy Network Mathematics and Rival Factions -- understanding how "the enemy of my enemy" plays out. (via Steven Strogatz) A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World -
After throwing shade at President Donald Trump for his weird speech about space and security, legendary astronaut and national treasure Buzz Aldrin dressed as his most patriotic self for the Fourth of July: As it happens on Reddit, the pic triggered
Florida's state animal the panther, selected in 1982 by a student vote, has been on the area's endangered-species list since 1967. But as The Tampa Bay Times' free daily TBT noted, it's now time for a routine review of that status. The front-page hea
TV giant Canal Plus has stopped paying artists and creators for content aired on its network. The pay TV provider has run up bills of tens of millions of euros with groups including SACEM, the anti-piracy outfit behind the closure of several torrent
Everyone wants to speak now — or rather, use speech-to-text with artificial intelligence to save the labor of typing. So is it a surprise that Microsoft now has a potentially innovative attempt at speech-to-text, born from its own private t
 Office closures don’t just mean unemployment and uncertainty, they can lead to new opportunities. That’s the case for Mighty Bear Games, a Singapore-based games studio that grew out of the closure of’s
With a name like Jellybean, you'd expect this joey to perhaps have a sugar rush of energy.  The resident at the Australian Reptile Park near Sydney certainly has it in bounds, after venturing outside for the first time on Monday. SEE ALSO: M
Chennai-basedPlintron, a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) which has operations in 25 countries, has tied up with BSNL to become a Virtual Network Enabler (VNE) in India, reports PTI.Through its tie up with BSNL, it will be able to host any licensed VNO
Microsoft published information on Bing on the company's Bing Ads account yesterday that show Bing's market share in some parts of the world. According to the Bing Network market share graphic, Bing has a global market share of 9% of the search marke
Managing third-party access to your accounts is an important part of keeping yourself secure online. You might grant an app access to your data in good faith, but apps can change ownership or adjust their permissions. You could quickly find yourself
Due to recent PR nightmares involving terrorism organizations, Facebook is revamping their policies and policing of terrorism content within the social media network. A recent article in Digital Trends, Facebook Fights Against Terrorist Content on It
 Push Doctor, a U.K.-based startup that lets you book a video consultation with a doctor and manage other aspects of your health digitally, has raised $26.1 million in Series B funding. Read More
In our upcoming episode well examine how science fiction has taken on the challenge of imagining life after global warming. Theres drought, flood, grievous loss and even some optimism. So with that in mind, we thought wed whet your appetite for annih
Bad news for kids in China. — China's most popular game is now limiting play time for younger players, amid reports of increasing game addiction. Tencent's smash hit smartphone app, Honour of Kings (also known as King of Glory), is restrict
123Stores (IntraSoft Technologies Limited), a multi-channel e-commerce retail platform, got 70-75% of its sales from in the financial year ended March 31, 2017 (FY17), managing director of IntraSoft Arvind Kajaria said during the company&a
Outrageous obstacles are key to why Tough Mudder has succeeded while competitors fall behind. More than any of its mud-run competitors, Tough Mudder is known for the clever (and cleverly named) obstacles that define its events. There’s Aug
The cost of broadband and slow internet connections has seen Australia fall two places to number 18 on the World Economic Forums Network Readiness Index.In January we lamented how slow internet speeds were in Australia, with the hope that with NBN se