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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.The November 2017 Popular Mechanics magazine has several pages devoted to AI (Artificial Intelligence), Pages 73-79.While PM offers a somewhat simplistic take on AI, one will get an overview of the many aspects of AI
This past February 15, rocker Tom DeLonge, formerly of the band Blink 182, was named the UFO "Researcher of the Year" at the International UFO Congress in Arizona. This award struck many people as unusual, since DeLonge has not actually published any
Was the Las Vegas massacre foreshadowed in the Illuminati card game? Was Las Vegas shooting an Illuminati blood sacrifice in front of The Pyramid and Sphinx? It was not just some random guy with a... Click on Headline to read complete story...
A strange phenomenon in the sky over Lisbon, Portugal has been filmed by a witness at the moment he was strolling in Lisbon by the river Tejo, next to the Padrao dos Descobrimentos monument on October 14, 2017 and suddenly noticed a strange cluster o
Kevin Randle's book on the 1964 Lonnie Zamora/Socorro incident will arrive at my mail box, from Amazon, Tuesday, 10/17.(Being frugal as I am wont to be, I took the extended free shipping for Kevin's book and Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, as Amazon
On October 13, 2017 WebcamsdeMexico recorded a sort of blue beam in the sky.At first I was sure, like the big black spot, it was lens flare or crepuscular rays (rays of sunlight) that appear to radiate from the point in the sky where the sun is locat
The so-called "UFO Crash" at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1965 has become a UFO legend as a 'second Roswell.'  In reality, there is no mystery at all. The supposed "UFO" was simply the Great Lakes Fireball of December 9, 1965, repo
In another major step towards continuous disclosure, this time researchers have announced the discovery of seven Earth-like planets orbiting a small star in our own galaxy. An artist's conception of... Click on Headline to read complete story...
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Ray Palmers magazine, Flying Saucers, for February 1969 (pictured here) presented, with Palmer caveats, some detailed material from a man, William Clendenon, that proposed Adamskis chicken brooder saucer could be man
In mythology, the Titan Kronos devoured his children, including Poseidon (better known as the planet Neptune), Hades (Pluto) and three daughters.Astronomers discovered twin stars, one of which showed signs of having ingested a dozen or more rocky pla
On September 8, 2017 I appeared on the internet radio show UFO Classified on KCOR radio, hosted by Erica Luke. KCOR specializes in the "paranormal" and other far-out stuff. I first met Erica at the MUFON Symposium in 2015, and spoke with her again at
I was of really of no opinion as to the concern of the UFO phenomenon before this account. Meaning, I didn't discount it, nor could I confirm it. I am a SCADA Engineer and own and operate a Telemetry... Click on Headline to read complete story...
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Sagas 1975 UFO Annual pictured here had a piece by Robert D. Barry: The UFO That Landed at Mitchel Air Force Base [Page 16 ff.].Mr. Barry provides an overview of the now decommissioned AF base, highlighting a 1956 UF
Recently Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden has been interviewed by Good Morning Britain in which he talks about space Travel and Alien Visitation to Earth.During the interview Al Worden states that we came from somewhere else. Al believes that we are an
I recently got back from a more than two thousand mile trip, from San Diego up to Rexburg, Idaho, near Idaho Falls. The reason, of course, was to observe the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. It was the first time I'd actually seen a total e
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.I, and many others, are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the famous "solar dance" that occurred in Fatima (Portugal) before thousands of astonished people. For decades, many researchers have been convinced that t
As part of our ongoing effort to explore our universe and seek answers to really big questions, The Health Ranger / Natural News recently interviewed Dr. Steven Greer, M.D.Dr. Greer, a prominent UFO researcher and emergency room physician, founder of
A few years ago, MUFON - the largest UFO group in the U.S., and probably the world - seemed to be riding high. Its motto is, "The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity."  Its TV show Hangar 1 on the "History" Channel was attra
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Sagas UFO magazine for Fall 1974, pictured here, has a piece by my former pal Lucius Farish [RIP] and UFO historian Jerome (Jerry) Clark: The Ghost Rockets of 1946 [Page 24 ff.].The seven page article presented, as w
This footage was recorded with an infrared camera. This camera allows us to see objects in the infrared spectrum. The human eye does not have the capabilities to see the infrared spectrum.The infrared camera captured this triangular UFO during the ni
As most of us know, that strange subculture called "UFOlogy" has its own peculiar madness concerning a belief called "Disclosure": the belief that governments (especially the U.S. government) have long secretly known about extraterrestrials - perhaps
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.The January 1976 issue of the magazine pictured here had a piece by Don Worley: UFOs, Occupants and Artifacts in Eastern, Indiana 1972-1973 [page 16 ff.].I had just moved to Indiana from Florida [1971] where we had a
On October 9 and 10, 2017 strange objects appeared in the night skies over Kalaheo in Hawaii and Nordendorf in Germany. Witnesses were able to take images of both objects. As for the object in the sky over Hawaii the witness states:A friend of mine c
Every so often, a cry goes out from some well-known UFOlogist about the lack of "progress" in UFOlogy. The cry is often echoed by others, typically with great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Solutions are proposed, but ultimately nothing changes.Vicen
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Attentive UFO followers see that UFO web-siters, bloggers, and writers are huffing and puffing to keep their postings in front of the diminishing UFO audience, me among them.Every cockeyed idea is being pulled out of
In 1986, German historian Heribert Illig started developing the Phantom Time Hypothesis. Illig claims that he has archaeological evidence that can prove that the years AD 614 - 911 do not actually exist and the Gregorian calendar is nothing but a lie
On May 21, 2017, William Tompkins spoke to San Diego MUFON, promising to disclose even more dramatic UFO secrets that are not in his book. Actually this was the third time Tompkins has spoken to that group in the past year or two. I didn't write abou
The History Channels Ancient Alien series, recently, did a thing on Roswell, again.A segment showing Linda Mouton Howe roaming the Roswell country side made mention of the Ramey memo, showing the memo and an interpretation of some of the alleged word
Photographer took an image of a strange orb with a sparkling shimmering structure inside it, over Ambach in Germany.He took several other images at the same time and checked them to see if the object was dirt on lens or a reflection of the sun, lens
Rocker Tom DeLonge, formerly of the band Blink 182, has been grabbing a lot of attention of late with his claims to be on the verge of releasing dramatic new 'UFO disclosures' that he has supposedly finagled out of highly-placed government and milita
Copyight 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Freuds classic theory that God is a wish fulfillment of humankind can be applied to the pseudo-study known as ufology. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigmund_Freud%27s_views_on_religionThe idea that religion and God ar
A mysterious long 'object' traveled completely across the entire disk of the Harvest Moon as it had just rose above the horizon on October 5, 2017.Although I haven't the slightest idea what this is, could it be a so-called Zeroid, a biological entity
Here is my photo of a brilliant "Iridium flare," a reflection of sunlight from the Iridium 58 satellite, seen from very close to the center line of the reflection. Maximum brightness was magnitude -8, far brighter than Venus ever gets. This is about
Photographer in Florida took some pictures of the sky at 10pm using the settings 200 ISO, 2.5 sec exposure, and 1.8F fixed lens on October 6, 2017.The power was out due to Hurricane Irma.Two days later when the power came on he loaded up the pictures
There was a lot said at the recent International UFO Congress near Phoenix, Arizona, about the supposed "Battle of Los Angeles" on the night of February 24-25, 1942, when many rounds of anti-aircraft shells were fired at - what? The heavily-
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.This magazine, Flying Saucers Pictorial, copyright 1967 by Max B. Miller was filled with almost every iconic and silly flying saucer photo (and story) before the denouement of the genre after the 1968 Condon Report.T
A suspected huge asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere over China on October 4, 2017 and exploded at 37 kilometers height near Shangri-La County in Southwest China's Yunnan Province.Some people caught the asteroid on camera at the moment of its final i
"Dr." Ken Johnston is a very colorful character. He represents himself as a former "civilian astronaut," "astronaut trainer," and "NASA Scientist," although he was none of those things. He tells all kinds of wild tales about 'alien structures on the
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Little (or no) stories of alien kidnappings are showing up in my various internet feeds, so I assume the alien abduction events are either over or have seriously abated.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alien_abductionMa
An unknown large bright orb was recorded hovering over the Pacific Ocean near Newport, Oregon on October 3, 2017.The object not seeming to move for nearly 4 minutes before it just disappeared.As MrMBB333 talks only about the bright orb he probably mi
Paul StonehillPaul Stonehill spoke on UFOs and USOs in Russia and the USSR. For some reason, USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) were popular this year, mentioned by several speakers. Both UFOs and USOs have been spotted by the Soviet Navy. Some US
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.You can see from this capture of my blog stats what topics are favored and which arent.Readers here dont like postings that poo-poo the UFO/ET probability. (Most living in the nostalgic past when we all thought that
An astral projection is an out-of-body experience achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep meditation. During such an experience you are consciously aware of things you encounter while out of your physical body.In fact your spirit or astra
Ben Hansen: The former host of Fact or Faked presented an "Analysis of Recent Presidential UFO Comments." He mostly dealt with the body language of presidents and presidential candidates on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, when asked about the government and U
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.Many UFO cases are considered by UFO buffs as hoaxed, but only a few truly were.My pal Kevin Randle has recently presented a listing of obtuse materials that make up the Billie Meier long-running tale of Plejaren vis
While checking Mars images captured by the Curiosity Mars Rover, Streetcap1 spotted a strange figure that looks like a woman in a striped colorful top crouched down looking at the Rover.As it is not the first time that human-like figures have been sp
David MarlerDavid Marler: The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of L.A. This incident, he says, introduced the term "flying saucer" in 1942, five years before Kenneth Arnold. This was just two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and 36 hours after
Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.In the context of our cosmological reality, this planet Earth is inconsequential, no matter how we humans think otherwise.And each human being on it, now or in the past, likewise inconsequential, unless You who read
Reality may be just an illusion, what we see could be just one big projection of holographic anomalies.It sounds crazy but in 1997 theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena already proposed that our Universe is not real and would be merely a hologram. whi