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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Does it seem that no matter how organized one's life is, there is always room for more organization?Life Expands to CapacityOr perhaps, with organization comes additional capacity and nature abhors a vacuum?Combining concepts here a bit, but when it
The desire to commune with one's own people has never been more evident than in the recent surge in popularity of the Men's Knitting Retreats.Growing EvidenceCurrently,there are six regional retreats: Spring North East Retreats in Upstate NY at Easto
  Spoiler Alert:  For those of you still in the workforce...when you retire, you schedule gets more difficult to manage...not easier.Structured Time vs. Unstructured TimeNow that Thaddeus and I are both retired, our schedules are wh
Recently, a number of events have shown how critical this tiny little device has become in my life.Lying To Myself - AgainI'm not the type of person who is constantly looking at my phone.  I don't need to read and/or respond to a text messag
Many of you know that I've somehow established myself as a blogger who is willing to review books that are relevant to this blog.NEW BOOK!!!So I was quite excited to get an e-mail from one of the publicists who have sent me advanced copies of books i
This past Friday and Saturday, the Snowicane took out our power for about 28 hours.  For someone who knits or reads or enjoys other activities that require no electricity, I wasn't too inconvenienced.Taken For GrantedDon't get me wrong...the
Many knitters often hear, "But you can purchase that at Target for $12."  A relatively common protest from non-knitters when they find out how much yarn costs, or they look at a price tag on your knitwear at a craft show.True ValueIf you're
Have you ever had a conversation with someone and within days (or sometimes hours or minutes), a "Sponsored" post appears in your Facebook feed for the EXACT thing you were discussing?Paranoid Much?It turns out my espresso machine was acting a bit cr
Seems that the more nuanced my position is on something, the easier it is for someone to demonize either my position or me for having the position.Shades of GraySometimes I wish I could be more "black & white" when it comes to my opinions, bu
 Sorry to borrow from a failed drug war slogan attributed to Nancy Reagan, but it applies now to the crazy ramblings of the NRA and their ongoing threats to our democracy.It Wasn't Bad EnoughEvery time LaPierre says "they" - referring to the
Our problem in the U.S. today is not ignorance...our problem is that people are unwilling to acknowledge those areas about which they are ignorant.Embrace the IgnoranceSome of you know this about me...but I recently had one of the most profound epiph
Not believing much in god...or at least not in the god I was raised to believe...I can still feel as though some beneficial guidance directs me in some form of spiritual growth.Just What I Needed to See"Just-In-Time Training" was a concept in my cons
As a knitter and crocheter, I've never considered myself to be "crafty"...I'd classify myself as a fiber enthusiast, or a yarn technician and sometimes even a fiber artist...but I've never been one to be handy with a glue gun and end up with some cle
Since Thaddeus's birthday is February 14th, the pressure is always high to be both romantic and thoughtful for Valentine's Day and birthday.Holiday BirthdaysBut it must suck for him as well...he has responsibilities on his birthday to me as well.I've
I used to get paid bi-weekly, or every two weeks (not twice a week).  How come bi-annual doesn't mean every two years? Double the Pleasure As a child, there was always the last day of school before Summer break and Christmas.  As an
It may sound odd, but checking off tax preparation each year on my to-do list is always incredibly satisfying.Proof of Organizational SkillsPulling together all of the tax forms, collecting all the tax deduction information, like charitable contribut
For years, Principles of Knitting has been touted as the ultimate resource guide for new and experienced knitters.OVERTAKEN!There are many excellent and comprehensive guides on answering every possible question a person could have about knitting...to
Thanks to all who weighed in on which yarn I should use for my next sweater project...with the survey, comments and e-mails, there were about 100 votes...and...The Winner is ClearWhile it's definitely not what I expected, blog readers have made it cl
Recently, you may have noticed QueerJoe blog entries have been coming out most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...but this past Friday I was too busy.I Don't Know How They Do ItLocal neighbor, knitter and friend Michael, has been focusing lately on qu
Sometimes when a knitting project is drudgery, I need a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel to keep me going.What's Next?I need to throw myself into a sweater project that I will really enjoy...but I won't start it until I have finished the Rea
There comes a time when a certain amount of skill and confidence is acquired where I can now consider myself to be a cranker...or someone that makes socks on a CSKM.Skills InventoryHaving worked in Human Resource systems all my career, I keep thinkin
I've looked at knits from upside down, from inside out, and still somehow, it's yarn's illusions I recall (sorry Joni).Illusion Knitting - A Thing?Using the advance search feature on Ravelry patterns, there are over 800 patterns listed that use the I
Standard flat-bed knitting machines are complex and have a lot of moving parts.  Circular sock knitting machines compound the complexity by converting the needle bed(s) into a circular configuration.  Sock knitting machines with rib
While not a full time job in any way, organizing the annual Men's Spring Knitting Retreat happens throughout most of the year.Playing for WorkNow that I'm retired, it occurs to me that if I could have loved the product of my work as much as I love th
It's difficult to tell whether altruistic behavior is a difficult behavior for me personally, or whether it's a characteristic that everyone needs to work hard to be.UnnaturalDeep down, my inner voice is very selfish and wants no part in sharing anyt
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Memory has never been a strong point of mine, so when I get confused about something, I typically rely on others' opinions more than my own.Vilified!I present to you not one, but TWO recent examples of when I was convinced by others that my memories
While it's nice to go back and review thoughts I had as a younger, more ignorant man, I want to be clear that as my understanding of humankind grew, so did my empathy for "others" in this world.I apologize for what may be seen as "shithole-like" comm
Exactly four years before I started blogging, I was sent to Asia for work and maintained a written travel log for some of that time.  It seems the urge to blog was there years before I actually began writing a blog and well before I actually
Having an aptitude for sensing the cyclical rhythm of a musical piece, or the ebbs and flows of money or the bio-rhythmic beats of human emotion has always eluded me.  I am a classic arrhythmic.No Rhythm?  Rhythm-deaf?It's not actua
If I had the opportunity to meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi early on in the days of Transcendental Meditation, I would have rushed to meet the founder of such an important movement in self-actualization.The Maharishi of BreemaI've felt very fortunate to h
I know the holiday season can be challenging for some people, but it's not for me.Family, Friends and GiftsI love spending time with my family.  They're loud and overwhelming for some people less used to being around a big family, but I alwa
Happy 2018!  This past year's Christmas theme seem to center around helping me carry my knitting around in style!Bags and More BagsJust before Christmas, I received an order of project bags for the 2018 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat (we orde
Have you ever found something that is very cool at an auction or garage sale or flea market and thought it was perfect for something...but you weren't sure what?Pack Rats Can Be PrescientThaddeus and I tend to be pack rats.  We both will oft
Coming soon to a web site near you...yes, we will be opening registration for this year's Men's Spring Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain this Saturday, January 6, 2018.Registration Frenzy!For last year's Men's Knitting Retreats, most of them sold o
I completed cranking out my first pair of socks from the antique Gearhart circular sock machine.Likes and DislikesThere are a number of things I'm quite pleased with:Successfully learning a rounded toe and heel on my machineBeing able to change color
Hoping that your holidays are joyous and wonderful or at least that your 2017 year-end is better than usual.Pissing Off The RightLately, it seems that the conservative-right has made an art out of posting things on social media for the sole purpose o
Despite all that the Republicans and the current nightmare in the White House are trying to do to eradicated all that he did, I will soon be a proud participant in the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare)!Affordable IndeedAs a 58 year old who has l
I always point out when Thaddeus buys something because of the packaging, but honestly, I am totally swayed by pleasing packaging.The Seven "P's" of Product PromotionProper Pleasing Packaging Presages Perfectly Pleasurable ProductsA little while ago,
I know there's nothing worse than having to read about an obsession you have no interest in...but alas, I don't care.Latest Circular Sock Machine AdvancesWorking with the 80 slot/needle cylinder, I was able to create both a simple hem-top tube and a
Something has been happening lately when Thaddeus and I are out riding our bicycles that I am having trouble understanding.Feedback RequestedSo here are two scenarios that have happened multiple times:There is a bridge and attached sidewalk that cros
Like many of the fiber arts, working with a circular sock machine (CSM) can get a bit obsessive, so you may want to just ignore my next year of blog posts as I spiral into a bit of craziness.Current CSM ProgressSince Wednesday, I have:Set up the 80 s
Okay...she's not technically a celestial angel, but her name (Celeste Angello) probably means that in some language somewhere.Starting AgainYears ago, I purchased an antique, circular, sock-knitting machine (CSM) with all the bells and whistles.&
Every time I find myself in situations where I'm interacting with people, I always find that I'm more energized after the experience.Tire and Energized!Having just done a two-day craft show this past weekend, I was constantly interacting with the org
Keeping very busy lately, so I need to keep up my energy.Craft Show, Holidays and Basement FloodingWith my last craft show of the year this weekend, the holidays coming up and all the planning that goes into that, and TWO basement flooding in the las
A quick search on Amazon of knitting books ends up with over 5,000 titles...and today's book review is the top result on the list.Knit Book ReviewAlicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary have come up with a perfect book with simple designs, using luxur
While others get frantic about cyber-Monday sales (or not), I'm feverishly working to get last minute knitting and organizing products for my last craft show of the year.NJ and PA ReadersThe gratitude and appreciation I have for the loyal supporters
Typically, generalizations about men who knit make me nuts, but I'm thinking that most of us have had some experience with comparing our size with other guys.Who Has the Biggest?When I got my first Addi needle gauge......and realized there was a size
Certain activities can seem incredibly daunting when you don't know how they're done...I get that...but being afraid of trying a knit stitch pattern seems odd to me.Knitting PreferencesDon't get me wrong...I can totally understand not wanting to knit
As a follow-up to the blog entry where I asked you which bills you'd use to pay in cash, I've found that most of you are just plain wrong.Usefulness of Different BillsI understand that a $20 bill is more valuable than a $5 bill, but when you're payin