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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- What does it take to build a successful mobile application in todays ever-changing market? There are what seems like an infinite number of design, build, and test cycles performed just to release your app into the hands of a user. In essence
I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled Which IDEs and Servers support Java EE 8 and Java 9, which looked at the current state of play between Java 9 and Java EE 8. As you would expect things have moved quickly and we now have some alpha and developmen
Help! Load spikes! You have an application that is serving a lot of traffic. In an ideal world, your server setup is powerful enough to let your app handle any incoming user request immediately. But in the real world, sometimes there is temporarily m
Eberhard Wolff speaks with InfoQ about his work "Continuous Delivery: A Practical Guide", where we detail some of the major concepts behind successful CD adoption and the ripple-effect it can have on developer productivity and quality of service. By
The release of SAFe® 4.5 couldn't have come at a better time. I've spent most of my career in startups and Lean startups, and UX has truly become my passion. Fortunately, 4.5 brings Lean startup and UX concepts to the enterprise, while drivin
SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is one of the most important Linux administration tools. Understanding its use gives systems admins the ability to securely connect to Linux servers and to transfer files to and from these servers. In this course, you'll lea
JAX-RS supports handling custom exceptions thrown in either EJBs or CDI beans to custom HTTP responses. Assuming we have an exceptional EJB:
At a first glance, opening files in Python is easy. All you have to do is call the built-in function open() and then you start reading from the file. However, often the content to be read is text, not just … Read More Der Beitrag Open text
In yesterdays report on the Language Server Protocol Support for Visual Studio, we mentioned that LSP is built on top of JSON-RPC 2.0. While it was created over a decade ago, JSON-RPC isnt as well-known as SOAP or REST. By Jonathan Allen
Im going to be giving several workshops about RavenDB 4.0 in the next few months. You can see the full details here, but the gist of it is that these are full day workshops with yours truly, aimed to take you from knowing absolutely nothing about Rav
In the business world, there are many factors to consider when making the optimal decision. Rarely is it binary. There are so many data points to consider that it becomes a combinatorial problem. For example, consider when and how to raise room rates
After building a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster, I wanted to see how quickly I could get up to speed on Kubernetes in Azure. I installed the Azure CLI (Command Line Interface) in a few minutes - works on Windows, Mac or Linux. I also remembered that
Jackson is a suite of data-processing tools for Java comprising of three components: Streaming (jackson-core) defines low-level streaming APIs and includes JSON-specific implementations.
Last time we learned how to add a search form to our music database application. Of course, we still haven’t added any data to our database, so the search form doesn’t actually do much of anything except tell us that it didn&#
Using a change approach based on agile principles with Scrum Studio helped a Dutch pension and investment management company to become more responsive at structurally lower costs. The change team practiced what they preached by applying transparent a
Developing in Salesforce? What's that about? Carl and Richard talk to Jay Janarthanan about the kinds of software being built today against the Force infrastructure that runs the Salesforce CRM SaaS product - and so much more! Jay talks about why you
Ever since the 2000 movie The Perfect Storm told the tale of perseverance in the face of a once-in-a-lifetime coalescence of massive forces, its title has become a metaphor for the challenge of dealing with a timely combination of f
Welcome to part 2 of our MongoDB 3.6 blog series. In part 1 we took a look at the new capabilities designed specifically to help developers build apps faster, including change streams, retryable writes, developer tools, and fully expressive array man
Today, we are going to look at reactive Spring Data Cassandra. This post is actually very similar to one that I did on Reactive Spring Data MongoDB with the only real difference being that they are obviously using different databases. For background
We live in a distracted, and distracting, world. Thanks to our connected culture, distraction beckons almost every second of every day, with little to no friction to slow us down as we seek its welcoming embrace. The slightest hint of boredom can be
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Firebase is a platform provided by Google to power up your mobile App. Firebase is packed with salient features like user authentication and cloud messaging. In this tutorial, i will demonstrate the use of authentication feature in Firebase. I will b
Pivotal have released Spring Security 5.0.0, the first major release since 4.0.0, featuring OAuth support and support for project Reactor and WebFlux By Victor Grazi
The WAI-Tools Project, co-funded by the European Commission, was launched on 1 November 2017. The primary objective of the project is to support the W3C work on Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT), to provide a common interpretation of WCAG 2 in
Hidden inside of your Postgres server is code that provides special SQL operators and functions designed to support tree operations. Its called the LTREE extension. Im guessing this stands for left-tree. In my next post, Ill write about some of these
Amazon has a discount of $20 active right now on their all new Echo smart speaker, which features a new speaker, new design, and is available in a range of styles including fabrics and wood veneers. Echo connects to Alexa to play music, make calls, s
Since I discovered Kotlin, I use it in all my personal projects. Ive become quite fond of the language, and with good reason. However, theres yet no integration with the Hybris platform though there is with Groovy and Scala. This post aims at achievi
Ben Nadel noodles on the role of front-end data stores like the localStorage API and the Cookies collection as the front-end application is broken up into different deployable units. Does this decomposition and separation of concerns inadvertently tu
Download all 8 Pandas Cheat Sheets Learn more about the Python for Data Analysis and Pandas Mastery Workshop training courses Pandas (the Python Data Analysis library) provides a powerful and comprehensive toolset for working with data. Fundamentally
Consolidate your knowledge base with critical Security+ review CompTIA Security+ Review Guide, Fourth Edition, is the smart candidate's secret weapon for passing Exam SY0-501 with flying colors. You've worked through your study guide, but are you sur
Edward Wible discusses the key elements that make Nubank tick for millions of customers every day, including transaction authorization, messaging infrastructure (Kafka), real-time double-entry accounting (Datomic), customer and temporal sharding, the
There’s a whole world of data out there, and it’s your job to make sense of it all. Where to begin? This hands-on book will help you collect and organize your data, sort the distractions from the truth, find meaningful patterns, d
Here I am sharing how you can integrate Cucumber for behavior driven testing with Spring Boot integration tests, and how you collect the reports in Jenkins pipeline. In a sample Spring Boot app generated from my custom Spring Boot archetype, we will
One of the challenges in RavenDB 4.0 was the fact that I wanted to do something radically different. Over the past decade, every single release of RavenDB had improved the performance of the system, usually by some significant degree.Dreaming dreams
Hi, Spring fans and welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! Im still reeling from the incredible, larger-and-better-than-ever SpringOne Platform 2017 event last week! Ouch! My brain This week, Im speaking to customers and am presenting
One of MongoDBs key strengths has always been developer empowerment: by relying on a flexible schema architecture, MongoDB makes it easier and faster for applications to move through the development stages from proof-of-concept to production and iter
It’s critical to have “humans in the loop” when automating the deployment of machine learning (ML) models. Why? Because models often perform worse over time. This course covers the human directed safeguards that prevent
A few weeks ago, I asked subscribers to my free, weekly “Better developers” list to send me their Python problems. I got about 20 responses from around the world, some more complex than others. I promised to answer some of them in
Produce Awesome Content Without Blowing the Budget The best game engine, code library, or CMS is meaningless without the stuff that goes into it. The stuff that hits you right in the heart. The most important part of any project. The content. Content
Nick Caldwell discusses his engineering team's approach to agile development as they scaled from 40 to 120 engineers. He discusses how they use tools like JIRA and Tableau, meeting rhythms, and covers the cultural elements of a successful team that w
Building high-quality software products for business and enterprises of all sizes is a distinctly different challenge than building for the consumer market. "Move fast and break things" doesn't work for enterprises with highly specialized needs and w
Its difficult to imagine a mobile phone without apps. Surprisingly, as recently as 2008 we did not have apps on our phones or tablets. That is the year Apple launched the iPhone and their App Store. They offered one hundred apps back then. Now there
In this article, I am going to explain how to create a basic web application using ASP.NET Core MVC and Visual Studio Code in a Windows system. We are going to create a sample Employee database management system. We will be using ASP.NET Core 2.0, th
This post is mainly to get some information out, because people pointed out that we have been very quite about this recently.We have been very quite because we have been focused on working on the release. We are a couple of days away from final code
Volatile fields are built-in mechanisms to write multi-threaded Java. Volatile variables are not cached in registers or in caches where they are hidden from other processors, so a read of a volatile variable always returns the most recent write by an
What does it take to implement a DevOps practice at Microsoft? While at Connect in New York, Carl and Richard talked to Lori Lamkin about the efforts of the VSTS team to deliver more value to customers faster. Lori talks about changing the tempo of d
Spark ML provides a rich set of tools and models for training, scoring, evaluating, and exporting machine learning models. This video walks you through each step in the process. You’ll explore the basics of Spark’s DataFrames, Tra
I was asked by a friend to give a talk in the HGCI Summit conference on November 28th, 2017. This conference is meant to bridge the academic world and industry via knowledge and experience sharing, focusing on big data and cloud topics. It took place
Facebook has decided to adopt a new Request for Comments (RFC) process to help guide the design of React and smooth the pathway from idea to implementation. The new process, based on the Rust RFC process, asks developers to submit an RFC before begin