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Sewing Thu Dec 07 2017 12:48:01 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- This is the stitched wedding announcement I made for our oldest grand daughter Kate and her new husband Todd.  She had no idea what it would look like but did know I was making her something.  She just loved it and so did he.
I was honored and thrilled to be invited to participate in Studio e's Designer RSVP program, whose purpose is to showcase their lovely line of Peppered Cotton Fabrics.These are yarn dyed "shot cottons", meaning the warp and weft are woven with differ
Sometimes it's advantageous to set a project aside when it reaches an impasse.I can't remember exactly why I stopped working on this series in the summer of 2013,but I remember exactly why I started ....beadwork on naturally dyed cloththat hopefully
Each year I give my children an ornament that describes them for that year. It’s a fun tradition we’ve had for years and when they leave home someday they will have a collection of ornaments to take with them. This year I decided
I’m excited to bring you Sugar Plum Stocking Treats block number four! It’s the first place winner from the Moda/Bunny Hill design contest! A huge hug and thank you goes out to Shannon Cogswell for her entry! She took a simple sto
These are the gifts I won in the drawing for OPAM.  Peg drew my name.  I have been with this group since it started.  Thanks again Peg.
Here are my Christmas Cactus that are blooming now.Morning sky last week.Nov. Doll Blankets for the Giving Doll.  Not as many as I would like but having the shingles for the 4th time in 23 years slowed me down.
Let me show you a fun craft for the kids this Christmas! If your children are anything like mine, they love to help when it comes to decorating for the holidays! Here’s a simple way they can help. SUPPLIES: free “Merry Christmas&a
Here is the link to my show: was a joy to work with such a team of talented and truly joyful professionals.  They brilliantly structured my show so that
Following the thread of a thought brought onby this morning's post to Instagram, I made a curious discovery;I discovered that since my very first post on IG in 2014I've posted a total of 14 images related to  the window.Just what is it about
Block Three, Christmas Penguin! Block Three We have a simple block this week, so you should be able to finish quickly. The embroidery is easy and only requires a back stitch and satin stitch. The penguin’s eyes are small and can easily sati
Wishing all my family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Have a safe day if you are traveling.Sorry I have not posted lately but this case of Shingles has had me feeling pretty bad.  Getting slightly better but still a lot of p
One of our very favorite games to play at parties is “Minute To Win It” and I thought it would be fun to come up with unique ways to make fun for Thanksgiving! These are sure to be a hit at your next Thanksgiving get together&
These "headshots" of individual flowers from my garden--below--are just supposed to be quick portraits of each one, little personality captures.  So they are not really portraits, but more like mug shots. ;-)I've made four of them so far.&am
Merriam-Webster defines  map :1 a:  a representation usually on a flat surface of the whole or a part of an areab:  a representation of the celestial sphere or a part of it2 :  something that represents wi
Block #2 Sugar Plum Stocking Treats! Wish on a star, and you just might find one in your Christmas stocking! And of course who wouldn’t love to find this sweet little owl standing next to that stocking? She’s wishing on a star, an
First I want to tell everyone I am under the weather with Shingles.  This is my 4th time and they are no fun.  Rash is not to bad but the nerve pain is horrible.  It is hard to even get dressed sometimes.  Hope no
I cannot wait to show you my theme for this year’s 2017 Dream Tree with Michaels Craft Stores! I fell in love with their brand new Alpine decor line this year (which includes metal, wood, with a vintage style) and instantly decided to creat
It has been glorious diving more deeply into the design possibilities of the two simplest projects from my book, Allie Aller's Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined.The first project is "Leaf Vine", a twin sized bed quilt that uses the Iron-On Leading tech
There are many ways to say a thing.For those of us who don't feel particularly eloquent in the political arena andare far more comfortable with other forms of expression,perhaps we can look more closelyat our other ways of speaking.Because it is my o
Welcome to Block #1 of Sugar Plum Stocking Treats! Could you ever have dreamed Santa would leave you a kitty in your stocking? Well, your dream has come true, there’s a cute kitty just waiting for you! She’s decked out with antler
Here is my crazy Christmas Cactus.  But mine start blooming around Halloween and continue till spring off and on.Fri. morning sunrise.Ava is growing up so fast.
  Need a fun Halloween craft for a party or school activity? Grab some cardboard tubes and paint – but wait this is the easiest, cleanest paint you’ll find for kiddos! Let’s talk about Kwik Stix for a second. I
The theme for the Quilt Alliance's annual fundraiser and contest this year is "Voices".  It ties in with their commitment to record the stories of quilters and their quilts, so their voices can be documented, preserved, and shared.It's a gre
page one ~ from, The Illustrated Glossary of Dye Plantspage two ~ from, The Illustrated Glossary of Dye Plantspage three ~ from, The Illustrated Glossary of Dye PlantsIn retrospect, I probably should have named this playful compendiumThe Ima
I wish I could make everyone who entered the Moda/Bunny Hill contest a winner! There were so many cute stockings it was really hard to choose! And becausethere were so many great entries I added four runner-ups for a total of seven winners! I&#82
We spent a night in at Charm Countryview Inn for an early anniversary present. This was the sky early the other morning.  It changed to no color in a matter of minutes.This is the neighbor's outside cat Therman sleeping in our old t
My daughter has wanted to be a La La Loopsy Doll for Halloween since summer! I was all prepared to make her costume and it was going to rockthat is until I found exactly what she wanted to be on clearance for $7 at Wal-Mart. Are you kidding me?! I di
I've been busy making new samples for the three workshops I'll be giving at the Quilters Winterfest in Frankenmuth, Michigan in a couple weeks."Stained Glass Flowers". Learn the central technique from my new book, Allie Aller's Stained Glass Quilting
"There isn't one right path for you or anyone else.And there isn't a set of timelines of milestones ...You're allowed to backtrack.You're allowed to figure out what inspires youat different stages of your life.You're allowed extra time when you need
If you’re sitting around with not much to do this afternoon, hop on over tomy website and click on the “free” pattern page! What is Sugar Plum StockingTreats you ask? It’s one of those applique quilts that I oc
Our Trumpet Vine has bloomed for the longest time this year.  It normally is done long before now.This months doll blankets for the Giving Doll.
So I had this idea to start a new series on U Create called “Buy it or D.I.Y. it?” How it works… Each week I’ll share a craft and I’ll break it down like this… the cost and where to buy it t
I had such a great crew to help me hang the quilts, enough space too. Thank you, Road to California!Here are some photos of the exhibit, in case you can't be there.  ;-)All of the book project quilts are here, plus the Gallery quilts, and a
I knew most of you are talented and good at applique, but I had no idea how many of youare such good designers! The blocks coming in for my stocking contest are so good I’m going to have to have a committeeto help me choose just 3. Think ab
Here are the Christmas breads I baked today.  Pineapple, Banana, Orange and Orange Cranberry which is a new flavor and I am testing it out on Dale.2 pouches for the Church Bazaar in Nov.2 Zipper Flowers also for the Bazaar.Beautiful sky the
Adult coloring pages are everywhere lately and I think it’s because not only are they FUN, but they’re relaxing and sometimes it’s great to “zone out” while waiting in line at the car pool, doctor&amp
I am so thrilled that my new book will be released soon.  Click on the peacock cover at your right and it will take you to Amazon to pre-order!All the quilts from the book will be on display in a special Exhibit at Road to California this we
Design Contest If you’re sewing this weekend make sure you include a stocking for our design contest. Just look at these entries from week one in our 12 Designers, 12 Months, 12 Contests! Aren’t these little stockings cute? We&amp
It is that time of year again.  Bananas for $.19 a pound for my Christmas Bread.I use the Amish Friendship Bread starter which you bake every 10 days.  This is the first round.  All Banana today.  Other flavors to
I am absolutely loving all of the new, free resources available for quilting lately! Who is loving the new pixel trend in quilting? Me, too! Find a flamingo and rose version along with many other free modern quilt patterns from talented designers&amp
There will be 3 winners, some greatprizesand a chance to be featured in my new mystery quilt that starts in July! All you have to do is to add a little “something” to mystocking pattern! You can design something to go on the stock
Here are my 6 doll blankets for this month for the Giving Doll.  Glad I got them done because hubby has passed his bug onto me.
Back to school is approaching! Time to stock up on notebooks, binders, pencils, paper, etc…the list goes on and on, right?! Have a little fun while adding to the stockpile of school necessities by creating a fun and personal Binder Pouch. I
I’ve been waiting for almost a year (that’s how long it takes for fabric to get from the design board to the bolt) and the Sugar Plum Christmas bolts have finally shipped from Moda! Your local quilt shop should have it very soon!
I have started watching their show lately so this book filled me in on how it all started.  Way back to their first date.  Sorry the picture is blurry.This is the zipper heart pin I made today.  Zipper teeth hand sewn to a
I’m so excited to participate in this DMC blog hop this week! I’ve been using DMC floss since I was in Kindergarten when my mother taught me to cross-stitch. Fast forward to today, and it’s still my go-to floss for all o
  I have just spent the most incredible three weeks with these two little girls! Both speak English and German (yes, even Maya who is only 2). We baked chocolate chip cookies, colored pictures, played Candy Land, went for walks, picked roses
Here is the zipper playing I did today.  This is 1/2 a zipper worked just once around and a button in the middle.  I put a magnet on the back of this one.This one is made on a heart shaped piece of felt with just the teeth of the zi
It’s time for my favorite type of sewing: BACK TO SCHOOL! Last summer I began a project called100 Skirts in 100 Daysand I loved everything about it. Inspired bySimple Simon and Co.’s SKIRTING THE ISSUEproject, I made 100 skirts in