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Rock Music Sat Jul 15 2017 19:44:27 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Review by AndyPanda — Well, It took a long time, but it finally arrived.I wasn't sure what to expect really, because Seconds Before Landings first and second albums were so different from one another.What I got, was a pleasant surprise, whi
We are at about 40% of goal on my new studio CD project, Drop the Bone Players on these tracks include Robin Sylvester (Ratdog), Holly Bowling, Bob Bralove, Jordan Feinstein, Eric & Suzy Thompson, Terry Haggerty, Neil Hampton, J Raoul Brody,
Tom Robinson Band: 2-4-6-8 Motorway[purchase]This song came up on my iPod the other day, and I realized that it fit the theme, so I decided to do a quick post. I suspect that one of the themes that will develop as I post more will be Songs I First He
Phish is kicking off their year with three nights in Chicago at Northerly Island and the band definitely came out strong with a “What’s the Use?” opener to kick things off. Should be an interesting year. Check out the se
Review by javajeff — Mariusz Duda has a gifted voice for sure, and if that is your only reason for listening, then youwill be missing out on some excellent compositions. I just started listening to Lunatic Soul, so Iam new to this side proj
Greetings from Laurel Canyon! Hot thoughts all in my mind and all of the time, yeah / Ill tell it to your soul / I want you to know / Hot thoughts all in, all in my mind all of the time / Took time off from my kingdom / Took a break from the [&#8
Matt and Stefan have been busy filming on the European leg. We shared their London 1 videos here, and you might have seen the London 2 videos shared via Twitter. This article has videos from last night in Berlin, followed by those London 2 videos. Th
purchase Willy and the Poor BoysJudging from our output on the ON/OFF theme, you would be inclined to agree with Darius, that the pickings are slim. Actually, my standard process for a theme is to see what lists for a particular phrase,
Its the middle of summer for most people who read this blog (though not for us poor southern hemisphereans), so its a good time to for summer music. For those of us in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the colder parts of South America, there i
Phish has confirmed that will be webcasting from ALL 13 Baker’s Dozen shows from Madison Square Garden. Each show will be available in both standard and high definition formats. You can order a 13 show pass (for the price of 1
“Long Strange Trip expertly captures the story of the Grateful Dead and at the center of it all is the true star of the film: the music. This soundtrack gives you a taste of everything that makes the band magical, from their uniquely crafte
Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother — Taking their name from Lady Fuchsia Groan of the 1940's novel `Titus Groan', Fuchsia were a British progressive-folk group made up of students who delivered a single cherished little album that has since pick
I don’t know how we’ve managed to go all of these months without Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires on the road, dazzling all of us. All I can say is that it’s so, so, SO wonderful to have him back. In October 2016,
There have been rumors swirling lately about in-fighting among some members of Journey but... The post Journey/Def Leppard North American Tour A Possibility in 2018 appeared first on Real Rock News.
Today U2 performed in Berlin, a city special to the band as it is where they spent months recording Achtung Baby in an attempt to chop down the Joshua Tree. Today they put the chainsaw away and watered the tree instead. Water is an apt metaphor: ther
Week of July 10, 2017 Part 1 26:45 Dead & Company 6/18/17 Fenway Park, Boston MA JAM-> TRUCKIN-> FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN Part 2 27:58 Dead & Company 6/10/17 Folsom Field, Boulder CO CHINA DOLL-> DARK STAR Bassist Oteil Burbrid
Here is a mix of German curiosities, some chosen because they are very good or interesting (or both), and a couple of football-themed songs at the end, selected because they are entertaining in their musical poverty. This mix was previously posted in
Blackfoot: Left Turn on a Red Light [purchase] Our new theme is once again rich with possibilities, but it is surprisingly hard to research. A Google search I did for songs with on in the title yielded a list of songs that begin with the letter O. So
Phish is set to return to the stage tomorrow in Chicago, but today fans on the East Coast are getting a bit more stoked about the Baker’s Dozen run fast-approaching. And some of those famous Phish fans that we all love so well, Ben &#03
So, San Francisco songs . . . One that shows up eleven times here on the EITW digital shelves is San Francisco Bay Blues, originally recorded in 1954 by Jesse Fuller and released the next year on Working On The Railroad, a 10-inch vinyl release. It d
Review by Walkscore — Erk Gah!A wonderful archive of their live concerts in the late 70s, this album is a must-have for Henry Cowfans. This album is volume 6 in the 10-CD 'The Road' box set. It was simultaneously released on itsown on the s
VIA PRESS RELEASE | Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the seminal punk album Young, Loud and Snotty, early photographs of the Dead Boys, one of America’s most important punk bands, will be released in a book titled Dead Boys
For those of us who are old enough to remember when the Beatles were... The post Ringo Starr Turns 77, Talks About Reunion with McCartney on New Album appeared first on Real Rock News.
Born out of a mutual admiration society that was formed by two musicians of estimable talents, Sacred Songs is inspired. Daryl Hall set out to make his first solo album unencumbered by expectation, inviting Robert Fripp to handle production duties. T
Tonight is the second and final concert in London. Once again Matt and Ax are in attendence, and with a new network we are hopeful you can listen in to their mixlr stream here. Setlist not available as an update is just in progress. Please reload pag
On Twitter today, a reminder of the power of a random meeting. On this day 60 years ago, at a church picnic in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool, 15-year-old Paul McCartney met 16-year-old John Lennon for the first time. They … Continue readin
purchase [Step Right Up]SMM has posted about Tom Waits in the past (link to those posts), but Step Right Up isn't one of them. The album from whence it appeared, Small Change, has so many of my favorite Waits' pieces that I could choose almost any on
Artist: Universal Totem Orchestra (Zeuhl) Release: Mathematical Mother (2016) Track: Elogio Del Dubbio
The Diplo-fronted crew known as Major Lazer has released their official video for “Know No Better,” featuring Travis Scott, Camila Cabello and Quavo. Watch it below. Know No Betterstreamed more than 100 million times to dateis the
Happy Fourth of July Deadheadland!  Andy Griffith / Sheriff Taylor  “Going Down The Road Feelin Bad” 
Review by kev rowland — There are a lot of great bands coming out of Russia these days, and thanks to both the internet and people wanting to promote them, it is getting easier to understand some of what is going on. This is the fourth albu
“My folks had saved up and bought this big, beautiful Sanyo stereo systemlooked like some kind of rocket ship compared to my mono cassette jam box.” “I remember them unwrapping all the components and putting the case tog
A mercifully easy month No big names died, but as always, some interesting characters left us. Every perceived wanker on an English football pitch, and at sports events all around the world, will have been serenaded by way of insult to the tune co-wr
Here are all our videos of U2's European opening night in London. Enjoy!
Week of July 3, 2017 Part 1 25:14 Grateful Dead, Long Strange Trip soundtrack (Rhino) DARK STAR (2/14/70) Part 2 30:07 Grateful Dead 8/3/69 Family Dog on the Great Highway, San Francisco ALLIGATOR-> DRUMS-> THE OTHER ONE The Grateful Dead Hour
The Decemberists: Red Right Ankle[purchase]Weve heard much about Right hands since this theme started, but not so much about other body parts. So, heres one about a Red Right Ankle, from the Decemberists.Ive made it abundantly clear, both on this blo
Artist: Pat Cool (Crossover Prog) Release: Daybreak (1973) Track: When Someday
The site of The Big Beat, at 998 San Antonio Road in Palo Alto, as it appeared in 2009. The contours of the building were probably largely unchanged since the building was the site of the Palo Alto Acid Test on December 18, 1965Palo Alto, California,
James Murphy recently sat down with BBC 6 Music and told Lauren Laverne that David Bowie was one of the reasons that LCD Soundsystem got back together. Murphy and Bowie chatted about working on the final release, Blackstar, but supposedly Murphy only
Dead and Company Saturday July 1 , 2017 Wrigley Field , Chicago IL Set I Cold Rain and Snow jm Jack Straw jm Tennessee Jed bw Ship Of Fools jm ob Dark Star v2 bw *> Friend Of The Devil bw * Althea jm Casey Jones bw jm Set II Sugar Magnolia bw
This has not been a good week for writing on digital platforms. First Fox Sports announced it was dropping writers in favor of video. Then MTV News did pretty much the same thing. Closer to home, the blogosphere continues to evolve.
Review by kev rowland — Having been blown away by the sheer beauty of 'Grimspound' earlier this year, I certainly wasn't expecting another album just yet, so when I received an email telling me about this I was incredibly excited. The album
Can you really blame me for skipping this band? By 1989, the year of this albums release, Id long since written off David Bowie as a dead loss forever, refusing to forgive him for the commercial swill hed lowered himself to on 1983s Lets Dance. Frank
www.KISSopolis.comWe received a "KISS Album Cover Coaster Set in Miniature Guitar Case" from the great people at the internet toy company "Entertainment Earth" to review. We will also be giving one away to one of our lucky followers.Review:KISS Minia
Today is the opening of the second leg of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, with the first of two concerts at Twickenham Stadium in London. Unfortunately, as Matt and Ax are at the concert and I am away, we will not have a running setlist on twitter or here
On Sunday it was eight years since Michael Jackson died. To mark that anniversary, heres a mix of songs on which MJ sang backing vocals in the 1970s and 80s and a bit of background on those songs. Right off the bat, I break the promise of the title,
Jeanne OConnor: Something So Right [purchase] Something So Right can be called a classic song by Paul Simon. It has certainly been covered often enough. But I had a hard time finding a version that came close to what I hear in my head. That has every
Artist: Heads In The Sky (Crossover Prog) Release: Heads In The Sky (1981) Track: On My Way To Freedom
I just got word that red-hot piano player Holly Bowling has agreed to let me use one of the wonderful jams we recorded (acoustic, with Joe Klye, Jr. on bass) in January.I just got word that red-hot piano player Holly Bowling has agreed to let me use
Ween has confirmed their return to the San Francisco Bay Area with two-nights just announced at The Masonic for this upcoming September 27-28, 2017. Pre-sales are starting tomorrow at 10am here (password: chocolate). General on sale starts July 14 at