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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A failed attempt, a success, and some things to watch out for.This is a post about two experiences I had using Elm. It is quite long, written primarily for the sake of other people who might be considering using Elm the things that might tri
I want to raise $1500 for public-speaking coaching for first-time speakers at PyGotham, the New York City Python conference. Will you chip in? PyGotham has many first-time speakers this year. I think the conference can welcome a more diverse group of
Wed like to highlight a special offering by our sponsors Greymatter / Intel and Smarkets: trainings which you are free to attend with a conference ticket.Sponsored training sessions in Room Lammermuir Monday, 23 July 201809:30:00 - 12:45:00 Best Prac
pygame 1.9.4 has been released into the wild!TLDR; Some highlights.python 3.7 support.beta pypy support. See Are we pypy yet?.pygame.draw fixespygame.math is not experimental anymore. Speedups and bugfixes.Debian, Mac homebrew, mac virtualenv, manyli
Visual Studio has long been recognized for the quality of its IntelliSense (code analysis and suggestions) across all languages, and has had support for Python since 2011. We are pleased to announce that we are going to be making the Python support a
We are pleased to announce that the June & July 2018 releases of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available from the marketplace and the gallery. You can download the Python extension from the marketplace, or install it dire
As part of RMOTRs Data Science program we teach our students to work with Pandas Time Series and Matplotlib plots.We wanted to create a practical and engaging project to help them practice with those libraries. Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in genera
Due to popular demand, we are making it possible to attend the Sprints Weekend (July 28-29), even if you only have a day passor are considering to buy one and not a regular conference tickets which includes the sprints as well.EuroPython 2018 Sprints
Due to popular demand, we are making it possible to attend the Sprints Weekend (July 28-29), even if you only have a day passor are considering to buy one and not a regular conference tickets which includes the sprints as well.EuroPython 2018 Sprints
Wed like to draw your attention to our job board, with plenty of job ads from our sponsors:EuroPython 2018 Job BoardWe will also send out job ad emails to attendees who have agreed to receiving these emails. If you are interested, please log in, go t
Wed like to draw your attention to our job board, with plenty of job ads from our sponsors:EuroPython 2018 Job BoardWe will also send out job ad emails to attendees who have opted in to receiving these emails. If you are interested, please log in, go
In the final article of the series on design patterns youll learn about the State, which is very effective in situations where its necessary to describe different behaviors depending on the states of the same object, as well as about the Interpreter,
Lists and tuples are arguably Python’s most versatile, useful data types. You will find them in virtually every nontrivial Python program. Here’s what you’ll learn in this tutorial: You’ll cover the important c
When Tim Peters started working on Python, his first advice for Guido van Rossum was that programmers want to add ints and floats. From the beginning, Python had both kinds of numbers, just like today, but adding them together then required a cumbers
When studying statistics, you will inevitably have to learn about probability. It is easy lose yourself in the formulas and theory behind probability, but it has essential uses in both working and daily life. We've previously discussed some basic con
(BeginDraft)So, I started writing this for people who want to 'contribute' to Free Libre and Open source projects.It's not finished yet, but still useful, and I'd like a bit of feedback, and to start linking to it from the pygame developer docs. So t
The photo shows some of the Resolver Systems crew enjoying a meal together at the 2009 EuroPython in Birmingham. I love the word rigour. It conveys either, or both, strict discipline or something that was really hard work. Ive found the rigorous appl
After I had wrapped up the interview with Kelsey Hightower for episode 43, I asked him one last question. You see, I admire the his presentation style. So I asked him if he would share with me how he prepared for his presentations. His answer is so t
Anaconda, Inc. is thrilled to announce the latest release of Anaconda Enterprise, our popular AI/ML enablement platform for teams at scale. The release of Anaconda Enterprise 5.2 adds capabilities for GPU-accelerated, scalable machine learning and cl
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The release candidate for Mu 1.0.0 is out! This is the last step before the final release of Mu 1.0. Apart from a few minor bug fixes, the biggest change from beta 17 is the inclusion of various translations for the user interface. Full details can b
Let’s face it: you need to get information into and out of your programs through more than just the keyboard and console. Exchanging information through text files is a common way to share info between programs. One of the most popular form
I am happy to announce my latest Kickstarter which is to raise funds to create a book on Jupyter Notebook! Jupyter Notebook 101will teach you all you need to know to create and use Notebooks effectively. You can use Jupyter Notebook to help you learn
This week we welcome Katharine Jarmul (@kjam) as our PyDev of the Week! Katherine is the co-author of Data Wrangling with Python . She is also the co-founder of KIProtect. You can catch up with the projects she works on over on Github. Let’
This is a video and text of a lightning talk, a five minute presentation, given at PyCon US 2018 in Cleveland. The image is an abstract representation of a concrete apple. The Role of Software Abstractions Lightning Talk This is an abstract talk. The
Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version using: $ pip install -U pgcli This release adds new special commands ev and ef, more table formats, and a --user a
We will be switching to the late bird rates for tickets on Monday next week (July 16), sothis is your last chance to get tickets at the regular rate, which isabout 30% less than the late bird rate.EuroPython 2018 TicketsLate Bird TicketsWe will have
AI is a hot topic right now. While a lot of the conversation surrounding advanced AI techniques such as deep learning and machine learning can be chalked up to hype, the underlying tools have been proven to provide real value. Even better, the tools
I had a stonking time yesterday afternoon with Harvey Sharman, who runs workshops for young coders in a library close to where I live. This particular afternoon was spent in the company of a group of eager eleven-year-olds. Harveys learning activity?
Corey Schafer has been building his YouTube channel of tutorials for many years. He recently made the big shift into making this hobby project his full time job. You'll hear about how Corey made that transition, what it takes to "go pro", and even a
We are pleased to announce the conference app for EuroPython 2018, again hosted on the Attendify platform:EuroPython 2018 Conference AppEngage with the conference and its attendeesThe mobile app gives you access to the conference schedule (even offli
Hierarchical clustering is a type of unsupervised machine learning algorithm used to cluster unlabeled data points. Like K-means clustering, hierarchical clustering also groups together the data points with similar characteristics. In some cases the
Ever wanted to help out during Europython ? Do you want to *really* take part in EuroPython, meet new people and help them at the same time ?We have just the right thing for you: apply as EuroPython Volunteer and be part of the great team that is mak
PyCharm 2018.2 EAP 7 is out!Getit now from the JetBrains website. In this EAP we fixed lots of bugs in various subsystems and integrated features and bug-fixes recently added to WebStorm and DataGrip. Read the Release Notes Interested? Download this
How random is random? This is a weird question to ask, but it is one of paramount importance in cases where information security is concerned. Whenever you’re generating random data, strings, or numbers in Python, it’s a good idea
This article continues the series about design patterns in relation to the Python language. In the first part, we've described Abstract Factory and Strategy, in the second - Observer and Mediator, and this part is devoted to equally useful Memento an
Podman is one of the newer tool in the container world, it can help you to run OCI containers in pods. It uses Buildah to build containers, and runc or any other OCI compliant runtime. Podman is being actively developed. I have moved the two major bo
To support multi-document transactions, I had to make breaking changes to Motor’s session API and release a major version bump, Motor 2.0. Since this is a major release I also deleted many helper methods and APIs that had been deprecated ov
It feels funny to be writing a Hello World blog entry in a new technical blog so far into my adventures with Python. January 2005 and my first entry in my Python technical blog, which marked the very early days of me discovering Python and falling in
I was planning a trip to South America for a while. As I have flexible dates and want to visit a few places, it was very hard to find proper flights. So I decided to try to automatize everything. Ive already done something similar before with Clojure
Were pleased to announce the availability of Mu 1.0.0-beta.17, a Python code editor for beginner programmers! This is the final beta version before a release candidate later this week and the final 1.0 release sometime next week. This version is feat
We are pleased to host and sponsor a free Women’s Django Workshop on Monday 23rd July, from 9am-6pm.EuroPython Womens Django WorkshopWhat to expectWould you like to learn about how to build websites, but dont know where to start? A group of
In the tutorial on Basic Data Types in Python, you learned how to define strings: objects that contain sequences of character data. Processing character data is integral to programming. It is a rare application that doesn’t need to manipula
After Earl Zope II is now nearly relocated to the Python 3 wonderland, gocept will move to a new head quarter in the next months. This is the right time to celebrate with a new sprint, as we have now even more space for sprinters. The new location is
In this Pandas tutorial we will learn how to work with Pandas dataframes. More specifically, we will learn how to read and write Excel (i.e., xlsx) and CSV files using Pandas. We will also learn how to add a column to Pandas dataframe object, and how
Building powerful machine learning models often requires more computing power than a laptop can provide. Although its fairly easy to provision compute instances in the cloud these days, all the computing power in the world wont help you if your machi
Pipenv is the new officially recommended packaging tool for Python which is similar to modern package managers like NPM (Node.js) or Composer (PHP). Pipenv solves common problems, most Python developers, encounter in the typical workflow using pip an
Django is a Python based framework which offers developers all they need to create web apps and websites in a clean, rapid and pragmatic way. How to create a Django project is the first thing that gets asked by a beginner Django developer so let's se
This work is supported by Anaconda Inc To increase transparency Im trying to blog more often about the current work going on around Dask and related projects. Nothing here is ready for production. This blogpost is written in haste, so refined polish
Caitlinsdad has created colourful Rainbow Pride Traffic Lights with Mu and CircuitPython. This is great timing since Pride month just finished and today tens of thousands of people are taking part in the Pride in London Parade. Thanks to Adafruit for