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Drupal Tue Jun 19 2018 21:43:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Six years ago, if you would have asked me how much I used transform and pseudo-content, I would have told you I dont. Now, I use them a hundred times on large projects, and I cant think of a project of any size in recent years when I havent used thes
New Google Anaytics Data Retention Controls: Who, What, Where, When and WhyKassandra AmperMonday, June 4, 2018 - 11:30Whom does it affect? Chances are, you and (as you might have gathered from all of the "We've updated our Privacy Policy" emails spam
What do users need from their package dependency management? A lot has already been written on this including the output from a survey of Go developers, a specification for a dependency management tool by those who studied the issue and possible solu
Chegou a hora de torcer pelo Brasil na Copa do Mundo! E nosso drink bicolor (verde e amarelo) a receita ideal para fazer para os amigos e vibrar em frente TV! Leva manga, kiwi e pode ou no conter lcool! O post DRINK COPA DO MUNDO (receita pra torcer
Our sales team often refers to our Hierarchy of Qualification when evaluating projects. This pyramid, inspired by Maslows hierarchy of needs, gives us the tools not just to evaluate the business needs of a project, but the human needs that are encode
Over the past 20 months I have been invited to more than 50 events to talk about our way of self organising Liip. Of course to elaborate on the Holacracy model, but also on our culture. Here are the most common questions that come up almost every tim
The Best Gravity Forms Google Analytics Tracking How To?Tom McCrackenFriday, March 2, 2018 - 11:17There are loads of great how-to tutorials for tracking form submissions with Google Analytics goals. So why is this the best Gravity Forms Google Analyt
Written on October 17, 2017 - 23:22The last year, I spent a lot of evenings writing a script for a play I had in mind. And finally it's there, the first production is coming the first weekend of december. You are all invited! If you don't understand
In my previous post I shared an example of how dependencies could break under vgo when semantic versioning rules are broken. That post talked about people, trust, and tooling in relation to MVS. One of the pieces of feedback I got was that the exampl
Aprenda a fazer a ma do amor mais fofa que voc j viu: a de unicrnio! Na verdade, uma ma com chocolate e perfeita para a poca de festa junina! No vdeo, alm do preparo da receita, te mostro ainda a validade e sugesto de preo para quem quer vender! O po
Weve all been hearing a lot about JavaScript eating the web, but what does that mean for traditional content management systems like Drupal and Wordpress? In many ways, its a fatuous claim to say that any particular language is winning or eating anyt
Package management, dependency management, configuration management, and who knows how many other forms of management exist when it comes to computing systems. We have managers for managers for operators of applications. The roles and responsibilitie
This simple extension adds an icon on the Drupal recent items block. Clicking on this icon clears the items, leaving only the logged in users record.
Track Contact Form 7 with Google Analytics Goals the Easy WayTom McCrackenTuesday, February 20, 2018 - 12:18This video shows you how to track Contact Form 7 submissions with Google Analytics goals without any coding, Google Tag Manager expertise or e
Do you remember, I recently wrote about implementation of a small but handy extension for config search in Magento1? I have become so used to it, that I had to do the same for Magento 2. And since I heard many rumors about improved contribution proce
Sabe o significado/traduo de ‘Dressed Cake’? um bolo com chocolate em volta! Ao invs de uma placa de acetato, vamos usar plstico bolha para deixar a receita mais fcil e barata. Que tal fazer para o Dia dos Namorados? O post BOLO P
I cover my remote office with Post-it notes. I credit Lullabots Creative DirectorJared Ponchot, who often asks, What are the key insights youll write on Post-it notes and stick to your desk? In this way, we distill weeks of design research and projec
Kubernetes development has been moving at breakneck speeds for some time. Along with that, much of the development has been happening in a monorepo. It's normal for the project to merge 150 pull requests a week into the monorepo, with peaks much high
WhileCiviCRMhas undergone major updates and re-organization under the hood since the platform was started in 2005, it's User Interface has largely remained the same. This is all about to change with the introduction of the newShoreditchThemeforCiviCR
Managing your DrupalVM Environment: Vagrant Plugins and SED ScriptsKyle TaylorThursday, January 4, 2018 - 00:00Setting up and running multiple virtual machines can take a lot of time and quickly consume your computer's resources. We have a few tips a
Houston, is a mobile application replacing the radio communication system previously used by the Transports Publics Fribourgeois (TPF). Houston is a system using existing data network. The system is spread over more than 200 busses, 30 team leaders a
Quer saber como fazer o nosso Buqu de Emoji de Chocolate?! Ento, clica no play do vdeo e confira essa receita-DIY em detalhes! ideal para dar de presente no Dias dos Namorados! Te ensino desde os pirulitos at a decorao do vasinho! O post BUQU EMOJI D
Earlier this year Lullabot was engaged to do a redesign of Pantheons homepage and several landing pages. If youre not familiar with Pantheon, theyre one of the leading hosting companies in the Drupal and WordPress space. The timeline for this project
Now that 2017 is behind us I wanted to take a look at how things went for Helm and the community charts in 2017. When starting a new year I like to look back at the past year to see how things have gone. And, since these projects fall under Kubernete
Using DrupalVM for Drupal DevelopmentKyle TaylorTuesday, January 2, 2018 - 00:00The Drupal community has updated their developer tools and workflows for building new projects - and so should you. Read more
We took the technique of “simulating” alpha channels in JPEGs with SVG one step further and made it even easier to use with rokka. Now you just have to set the jpg.transparency.autoformat stack option to true and rokka will return
Conhea a receita mais fcil de batata recheada da sua vida! Tambm chamada de ‘Baked Potato’, a receita feita no micro-ondas e leva apenas 15 minutos. Voc ainda vai ver como fazer bacon no micro! Bom vdeo! O post BATATA RECHEADA (BA
Drupal 8.6 sees the addition of Node.js based functional browser testing with Nightwatch.js. Nightwatch uses the W3C WebDriver API to perform commands and assertions on browser DOM elements in real-time. Up until now, the core method for testing Java
For some time there has been a community managed set of Helm Charts to install applications into Kubernetes. These have been a popular way to get up and going with applications in Kubernetes. These charts have been created and maintained by many in t
Based on feedback from clients, we're launching a series of Masterclasses this year. They will provide an opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge and skills in a particular area of CiviCRM. These courses will assume that you have a basic underst
State of Search: Conference RecapFelipa VillegasWednesday, October 11, 2017 - 13:56A 2-day adventure with hundreds of marketers at theState of Search. Read all about the sessions and experience of attending the conference. Read more
Inspired by this blog post by Peter Hrynkow, we implemented some new features to rokka to provide a solution to his question “Wouldnt it be great if you could get the compression of a JPEG and keep the transparency of a PNG?”. The
No vdeo de hoje, voc vai ver como fazer bala de coco gelada recheada! A receita da massa leva apenas 3 ingredientes e no vai ao fogo! O recheio de brigadeiro de Oreo, mas voc pode fazer o sabor que quiser! O post BALA DE COCO RECHEADA apareceu primei
Functional programming is all the rage, and for good reason. By introducing type systems, immutable values, and enforcing purityin our functions, to name just a few advantages, we can reduce the complexity of our code while bolstering our confidence
Kubernetes is hard. This is especially true for those new to Kubernetes who want to run their applications on it. Or, even those who are seasoned and still don't know how everything works. There are more people like that than care to admit it. We hav
In CiviCRMyou can configure a membership to auto-renew, provide the option or not auto-renew. However, this was not used for the self-signup contribution pages. Well, from 4.7.19 it is respected and you can easily create membership contribution pages
Create Smarter, More Effective Content in WordPress (Mini Workshop)Felipa VillegasThursday, October 5, 2017 - 15:15We've ventured into the WordPress world! We took our Intelligence tool and ported it over to a WordPress plugin! Want to see it in acti
When I was a little girl, I was more into things than people. I did not like barbies or dolls, but I was fascinated with barbie’s dog because it was battery-driven. I loved how it worked and moved around, and it had things you could stick t
poca de Festa Junina e pra comemorar resolvi fazer a receita desse Bolo Paoca com Chocolate! Voc vai ver como fazer esse recheio super cremoso de brigadeiro, tambm a massa fofinha e a cobertura de ganache! O post BOLO PAOCA COM CHOCOLATE apareceu pri
At this point, you may have read several DrupalCon retrospectives. You probably know that the best part of DrupalCon is the community aspect. During his keynote, Steve Francia, made sure to highlight how extraordinary the Drupal community is in this
Reviewing charts, the packages for Kuberentes Helm, is an often manual process. This has been especially true for the community managed charts that operate in a similar model to Debian and Ubuntu packages. When automation was used it was behind gates
As of CiviCRM Entity 2.0-beta4 the sub module called CiviCRM Entity Price Set Field provides a Drupal field type for the Event entity type. In this article well review the features of this submodule and discuss how to configure and customize it to fi
Welcome to Our New WebsiteFelipa VillegasTuesday, August 22, 2017 - 00:00We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! After a couple of weeks of hard work and dedication (even weekends), we are excited to officially announce the l
The eCommerce world is undergoing a major new evolution step, moving away from tightly coupled monoliths towards modular monoliths. I know the word monolith has a lot of bad connotations in the IT world but I think this image is a bit of a knee jerk
Sabe aquele p de moa caseiro e cremoso, que derrete na boca? Vou te ensinar a receita do doce e acrescentar chocolate pra deixar ainda melhor! No vdeo, ainda dou dicas de validade e preo para quem quer vender! uma tima opo para servir nas festas juni
This article is the second in our series on Continuous Integration tools for Drupal 8, which started with CircleCI. This time, we explore Travis CI. Travis CI is the most well known CI tool for open source projects. It's setup process is straightforw
Last year in February we started a series of CiviNYC work days. It consists of an event where we work and learn from each other for an afternoon, usually around 4 hours. Here's what it looks like. Not too shabby!!!
Sandra's First Few Months as Project Coordinator with LevelTenSandra RicoWednesday, August 9, 2017 - 11:02Read about Sandra's first-hand experience as ourproject coordinator. Read more