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Paris Restaurants

Paris Restaurants Tue Jul 17 2018 13:16:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The Dude in the 9th opened, it seems like yesterday, with both a great front--room guy and cuisine chefs, and after another spectacular meal with another more famous blogger and our spouses, we were literally shocked when they informed us... The Dude
Vava in the 18th was my choice for my first meal freed from culinary deprivation and I wanted to make the best of it with Colette and two dear friends from downtown. The 20-25 menus and 38-60 carte choices are... Vava in the 18th was my choice for my
I’ve been thinking about Banana Bread lately, mostly due to an assortmentof bananas that are taking up valuable real estate in my freezer. Another issue that’s taken up (valuable) space in my brain has been trying to understand th
As I was walking out of the polling station in the US last month, a bystander said behind my back old boy which an official told me referred to my shirt, bowtie and seersucker suit. Im never sure what old...As I was walking out of the polling station
We find ourselves eating in, rather than going out, more than not. For one thing, the food is often better, or just simpler. Maybe I’m getting grouchy, but after a recipe trip where I ate our every meal, all I wanted was a plate of grilled
There used to be a number of great places around the Palais-Royal but Im challenged these days to name but one, Zebulon, luckily its one of the best anywhere. Zebulon in the 1st, I used to describe as an offshoot...There used to be a number of great
It’s not every day, or every year (or every decade, unfortunately) that I get to spend some time with my family in Los Angeles. So I was excited by the chance to join them, not in L.A., but in Hawaii. Europeans don’t generally go
Mumi is still my #1 restaurant for 2018 in the city proper (L'Ours in Vincennes beat it out by a whisker in the 'virons) and four of us had a terrific meal again today. The chef started us off with... Mumi is still my #1 restaurant for 2018 in the ci
I took a break for some quality family time, which, by happy coincidence, included a dose of beach time as well. Now I’m back and figuring out the best way to keep my tan (which I rarely get) so I can look as sporty as the Parisians, who se
LArcane in the 18th has become not only a neighborhood favorite but our favorite anywhere in town. Recently, it seems to be on everyones list when visiting, but posts about its prices and sold-out-ness led me to ask our intended... LArcane in the 18t
I used to wonder why someone didn’t open a bistro in Paris serving classic French food, a bouillion, if you will, a word used to describe a place known for serving lots of food, in generous quantities, in a convivial, and almost communal se
So, after yesterdays blowout elegant food at my best restaurant experience of 2018, I needed a respite. My date today got a tour gig, his business after all, and I was left scratching my head where to go. Then I...So, after yesterdays blowout elegant
There are a lot of ways to do the same thing, just as there are a variety of ways to get to the same place. Which is why it’s always fun for me to give a go at another recipe, maybe one that I’m (very) familiar with – li
7.0 La Reine Mer, 1, rue J-P Timbault in the 11th,, closed Mondays (Metro: Oberkampf) advertises itself as a "healthy food" place, a poissionerie, traiteur, takeout and restaurant, all of it true but when it says good for groups... 7.0
There’s a certain ease and simplicity to free-form tarts like this. Sometimes they’re called a crostata, sometimes a galette. You can call it whatever you want, but I call it a fast way to use great fruit when it’s in se
Ok, so when I read in December 2016 that Cyril Lignac, whom Ive hated since Oui chef had opened n Asiatic-inclined bar next door to his primo place Les Chardenoux I called to reserve. I thought I had reserved...Ok, so when I read in December 2016 tha
I recently found myself with too much fine polenta on my hands that I’d gathered for some recipe testing. Grocery stores in Francecarry polenta (usually instant), and corn flour can be found at natural foods stores, but there are not many t
So, I never, well hardly ever, read my reviews of restaurants and chefs who have moved on elsewhere because who knows whether they swept the floor for a week or truly cooked the food for 10 years. Thus I entered...So, I never, well hardly ever, read
This past week, it’s been everything elderflower around here. The weekend prior we visited friends who live outside of Paris and spent a lot of time wandering around their garden, which always makes me reconsider whether I am actually atrue
Why did I go? I was misled like Humphrey Bogart's Rick who went to Casablanca for the waters.. Its nice to slum around. I wanted to see where the Trumpians eat. I read that ippo as its pronounced here,...Why did I go? I was misled like Humphrey Bogar
The seasons seem to start a little earlier in France than elsewhere, or maybe that’s just me. I tend to want to jump the gun as soon as I see strawberries or cherries at the market every spring. But I know that if I waita few weeks, they&am
LElan 9, 113, rue du Faubourg Poissionniere in the 9th,, closed Sundays and Monsays (Metro: Poissonniere) is a place open on Saturdays, when my friends husband is off duty, is walking distance from her flat and I havent yet...LElan 9,
One of my favorite pastas is Pasta Puttanesca. For some reason, I don’t make it very often, because I always seem to be sauting fresh greens in olive oil and garlic, or something like that, to toss with noodles. But I love all the ingredien
So, I asked my planned eating partner where we should go today. Innocence? Nope, been. Mumi? Huh? Never heard of it. Quick to Google, Greek chef, Angelo Vagiotis, others from Porte 12, Thibault Passinge, genius behind it, in particular, prior...So, I
If you haven’t been to Bordeaux in a while, you might be in for a shock, although it’s more like, you’ll be in for a treat. Previously considered a staid city, Bordeaux has rebooted itself, partially thanks to a tram sys
7.3 Bulot Bulot, 83, rue des Martyrs in the 18th,, (Metro: Pigalle/Blanche), closed Monday-Thursday lunch and Monday night, got a rare 4/5 from A Nous Paris and I tucked it way in the ancient memory bank for a day... 7.3 Bulot Bulot, 8
Let me start by disclosing something. As soon as I saw the title of this book, and subtitle – Dinner: Changing the Game By Melissa Clark, I knew it was going to be a great book. With a title like that, how could it not be? It’s ec
6.5 Hugo & Co, 48, Rue Monge in the 5th,, closed weekends (Metro: Cardinal Lemoine) is the 3rd Tomy Gosset establishment I've frequented since he arrived in Paris. It's got a bit of funk and punk and a fair... 6.5 Hugo & Co
I take a tough line at calling something “the best.” As anyone who’s tried to get the best chocolate shop, the best bakery, the best bistro, etc., out of me knows I’m always coy with an answer. (Someone, howeve
Condesa in the 9th is a place Ive only been a couple of times but its chatty, incredible friendly chef Indira Carrillo changes the menu every few days and the results are astonishing. Although hes gone through Mexican, Indian, Japanese,... Condesa in
I came to the conclusion a while back that there isn’t a vegetablethat’s not better roasted. I backtracked a bit, not just because that idea was too many double-negatives in one sentence, but thought that peas probably aren&#8
Louis in the 9th has become a predictably solid place for us to eat and we returned today with a couple who are almost as equally enchanted. As usual we had the three course market menu which rolled out as... Louis in the 9th has become a predictably
I’ve been meaning to make Jerusalem bagels ever since I went there, and saw the loopy breads dangling from wagons and off pegs in shops. With all the hummus being consumed everywhere, it was easy to understand why so much bread was necessar
I do not know how Laurent Magnin keeps rolling out these astonishing dishes and his wife Sophie Keller keeps on serving them with warmth, charm and grace. They are simply amazing. We went again today with a Franco-American friend couple...I do not kn
I learned about Bonnat chocolate on a trip to Voiron way-back-when, well over a decade ago, when I wanted to visit the Chartreuse distillery, to learn how the mysterious herbal elixir was made. It was an interesting trip, especially because one of th
Pre: when we first started looking for a pied a terre in Paris, people looked askance when we mentioned the 18th. Nice markets, a bit too vivant and touristy but food wise, there was no there, there. The Table DEugene...Pre: when we first started loo
There’s a lot of discussion, and some dissension, about the origin of the Martinez cocktail. It’s made with gin and vermouth, and is served up (without ice), so there are certain similarities for sure. Plus the name, which has led
6.0 (but a disputed call.). The Maison Breguet, 8 rue de Breguet in the 11th,, open 7/7, (access: Chauffeur Prive) is the latest of David Lanhers acquisitions (he of Le Bon Saint-Pourain, Racine-des-Prs, etc.) and it's in a dazzling...
Continuing our edible (and drinkable) adventures in Edinburgh, I insisted after we hit the farmers’ market that we stop at Mary’s Milk Bar. A gazillion readers recommended it, and Charlotte and my friend Lani, were happy when we h
Pre: In 1991, on our first sabbatical in France, we were loyal readers of Patricia Wells reviews in the Herald Trib and followed her advice to come here and over the years have been pleasantly surprised to find it putting...     &
One of the many places on my bucket list of places to visit has been Scotland. In each place on that ever-growing list, there’s usually a food or drink that is associated with the place, that makes it even more compelling for me want to vis
So, about a month ago, one of my dearest friends, resto spotters and food feng shui street finders emailed me about Mokko in the 18th, but a few blocks from our abode. I went, I saw, they conquered (me). So...       So,
I’m not a huge beer drinker. I joke that I only drink beer if I’m on a sunny beach in Mexico, thinking that someone willtake me up on that to prove it. So far, that hasn’t happened, so I may need to change my tactic. Whi
Today three generations of my family ate at this relatively new place in the shadow of Sacre Coeur. After my meal here a month so I vowed to have the confit of duck and almost did, but Im getting ahead...      &#0160
This Wednesday, April 4th, I’ll be at The American Library in Paris as part of their Evenings with an Author, in conversation with Alec Lobrano. The event starts at 7:30 pm and will be followed by a book signing; books will be available for
6.9 Monsieur restaurant in the Hotel Lancaster, 7, rue de Berri in the 8th,, closed weekends, (Metro: FDR) is named after Marlene Dietrichs ummmm friend called Monsieur and the restaurant has gone though a lot of chefs and stars... 6.9