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Science Thu Mar 22 2018 21:56:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A recent study from researchers at the University of Montana, National Audubon Society, Oregon State University and East Cascades Audubon Society shows food sources for migratory birds decline with low water levels and high salt content in lakes.
When the mummified remains of a six-inch humanoid were found in an abandoned mining town in Chile's Atacama desert 15 years ago, speculation on its origins ran wild. The skeleton, it is being reported, was so bizarre it appeared in a documentary as p
And narrow down the window of breeding between our species. Enlarge / Inside of the Vindija Cave, Croatia. (credit: M. Hajdinjak) Mezmaiskaya Cave offered shelter to Neanderthals for tens of thousands of years. The cave, located near Russia's border
Holy cowif you like fantasy maps, spend some time looking at New Orleans. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON WITH THIS CITY?! If this came in from a freelancer, there are half a dozen things that would raise my eyebrows. — Jam
Data Labs has created a 3d visualization of a pre-apocalyptic planet Earth. The visualization shows import and export rates around the world before Donald Trump's first global trade war. Global Corridors for Trade - Imports and Exports by Country sho
Will AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner give it a "weapon" to crush pay television rivals or help it catch up with "runaway" technology giants?
Nexus Media News Desperate times inspire desperate measures. If global warming is such a problem, why can't we just do something to set the climate back on track? Here are three particularly impractical ideas that show why cutting Nexus Media News De
A 2-billion-year-old chunk of sea salt provides new evidence for the transformation of Earth's atmosphere into an oxygenated environment capable of supporting life as we know it.
Melissa Dahl in the New York Times: In the 1960s, a chimpanzee named Washoe learned how to sign. Shortly thereafter, as Byrne tells us in this entertaining and thought-provoking book, she learned how to swear. Roger Fouts now a...Melissa Dahl in the
This short video does a good job explaining the coastline paradox, which basically results from coastlines being fractal, and the length of a coastline can varyquite a lot depending on the method you use to measure it. More at Mental Floss. [WMS] Thi
Reaction with CO₂ give lithium a protective coat that holds up to oxygen. Enlarge (credit: TSA) Batteries supply electrons by undergoing reversible chemical reactions. That has meant that all the reactants have to be inside the battery, whi
While a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over Tropical Cyclone Marcus in the Southern Indian Ocean.
Giant devil rays have been filmed courting for the first time, and it turns out the males do not even wait for the females to give birth
ETH Zurich researchers have developed multifunctional origami structures, which they then fabricated into 4-D printed objects. The design principle mimics the structure of an earwig's wing.
A new interactive map from the University of Cincinnati shows how climate change could effect every location on Earth. The map uses 50 years worth of data from 50,000 different locations around the globe to predict how the climate could change in the
Carl Zimmer in the New York Times: In less than three years, Dr. Reichs laboratory has published DNA from the genomes of 938 ancient humans more than all other research teams working in this field combined. The work in...Carl Zimmer in the New York T
In the 14 years since it was found in an abandoned mining town in Chiles Atacama Desert, the bizarre 6-inch skeleton has inspired fervid speculation, including theories of unearthly origins. It had 10 pairs of ribs two fewer than the normal human com
Here’s something to do if you’re in the United Arab Emirates. Opening tomorrow (23 March) at the Louvre Abu Dhabi and running until 2 June, Globes: Visions of the World presents works from the Bibliothque nationale de France and o
In May, the U.S. government will release its annual baby name statistics and I will post the new top 20 name list in this space. It's the most exciting naming day of the year, my profession's Superbowl Sunday. But how much does that top 20 list reall
It's easy and economical to make shiny pellets of graphite from functionalized graphene, according to scientists at Rice University.
Rinsing fabrics with lots of fresh water after soaping them up creates a small electric field that pulls dirt particles lodged deep between fabric fibres
Rocket launches act somewhat like a small volcano eruption. Enlarge / The Formosat-5 mission launches in August, 2017, from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. (credit: SpaceX) Contrary to popular belief, most of the time when a rocket launches
You may remember Sidewalk Labs from such maps as OldSF and OldNYC. They are now back with a completely new enterprise - Old Toronto. Old Toronto is an interactive map showing the locations of more than 30,000 historic photographs of Toronto from the
The higher a child's family income, the more likely he or she is to feel control over their life, according to a new Portland State University study.
Within the last three years, two of my closer university friends have died. I moved away from Toronto a decade ago, and with those moves I was less frequently in touch with my college friends, but I always assumed we could go on picking up where we l
The Pap test has already reduced the incidence of cervical cancer by more than 60%. Now it may become a key step in the early detection of two other gynecological malignancies ovarian and endometrial cancers that have been notorious killers because t
Someone on Facebook asked whether sauropods had subcutaneous fat, and by the time my answer hit five paragraphs I thought, “The merciful thing to do here is blog this and link to it.” So here are some things to keep in mind regard
Difficulty hearing was associated with increased risk of accidental injury and individuals reporting 'a lot of trouble' hearing were twice as likely to be hurt.
Logging activities in biodiverse forests can have a huge negative impact on wildlife, particularly large species such as big cats, but a new study proves that the Western Hemisphere's largest cat speciesthe jaguar (Panthera onca)can do well in loggin
Nuclear-powered cruise missiles? The US worked on them in the 1950s. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images) In a March 1, 2018 speech before Russia's Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed new strategic weapons being dev
Cutting the calories you eat by 15 per cent may make you live longer and it could be because it makes your body shut down more deeply during sleep
Science They hang between life and death in a delicate balance. When you look at the stresses freediving places on our physiology, it initially looks almost impossible that anyone should be able to dive to such profound depthsand Science They hang be
For the past three years, an important broker has had its eyes on a prime piece of property that it wants to allocate to multiple tenants to ensure maximum use. However, the "For Lease" sign isn't on some quiet suburban street, along a beachfront vis
I mentionedAtlas Obscuras call for readers to submit maps of their perfect dream island, but I neglected to post a link to the results.Atlas Obscura:“We received submissions from readers young and old, all full of fun and creative details.E
William Hogeland in Lapham's Quarterly: The rule of law is making news. Representative headlines include Trumps All-Out Attack on the Rule of Law (The Nation), an open door to anarchy: President Trump Is a Threat to Americas Rule of Law...William Hog
A couple people pointed me to this article, “The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime,” by Jennifer Doleac and Anita Mukherjee, which begins: The United States is experiencing an epidemi
A new report finds people with 'a lot of trouble hearing' are twice as likely to suffer from accidental injuries.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is getting greater. The floating hoard of manmade debris thats twice the size of Texas is up to 16 times larger than previously thought carrying about 79,000 metric tons of plastic, according to scientists who performe
Eight members of Telecom Italia's board of directors resigned on Thursday, triggering a re-election of the entire board as an activist investor fund has challenged the control over the company by France's Vivendi.
Twist on planetary CT scan picks up something new. Enlarge / Artist Paintpots, Yellowstone National Park. Brought to you by hot rock almost 3,000 kilometers down? (credit: Scott K. Johnson) Its no secret that family trips to Yellowstone National Park
Thinning on top? An epilepsy drug that might be painlessly injected into the scalp could treat premature hair loss in men.
Map to Globe is an online tool that makes a globe out of any two-dimensional image. (Caitlin went for the Tabula Rogeriana.)For best (read: least distorted) results, you want to upload a 2:1 ratio map in an equirectangular projection. Some examples h
We have only known about the existence of the unusual yeti crabs (Kiwaidae)a family of crab-like animals whose hairy claws and bodies are reminiscent of the abominable snowmansince 2005, but already their future survival could be at risk.
In a new study published March 22nd, 2018 in PLOS Genetics, Anina Bauer of the University of Bern and a large international research team, report the discovery of a mutation that causes lethal acrodermatitis (LAD), a deadly condition that causes skin
Legacy after George Jackson Because something else must belong to him, More than these chains, these cuffs, these cells Something more than Hard Rocks hurt, More than remembrances of where men Go mad with cravingcorpuscle, epidermis, Flesh, men burie
Great tits exposed to toxic metals like cadmium and lead alter their behaviour, becoming less exploratory and more cautious, suggesting their personalities have been reshaped
"We have a pretty broad long-term vision." Relativity Space Even in an era during which the aerospace industry faces significant disruption from myriad new competitors, Relativity Space stands out. The company, led by a pair of twenty-somethings wh
If mental health was made part of a health check, then it would be possible to detect vulnerable people who have not received assistance from doctors or psychologists for their psychological problems. This is shown by a new study from Aarhus Universi
Some websites are falsely claiming that NASA has "confessed" to "dosing Americans" with lithium and other chemicals.