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London Restaurants

London Restaurants Wed Mar 21 2018 13:30:18 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A friend sent a challenge to a Whatsapp group I’m part of the other day that read: ‘top 3 cooking programmes – go.’ Some of us went for Two Fat Ladies and Far Flung Floyd, others Come Dine With Me and The Trip.
Got a tofu denier in your life? Are you a tofu denier yourself? Well then my friend, this is the recipe for you. It is, surely, the most delicious way to eat it. Some restaurants go overboard with the oil - traditionally, it seems, it is quite oily -
It stands to reason, or it should come as no surprise to learn, that the best and the worst restaurant reviews are the easiest to write. Plenty of examples of both can be found on this blog, from the jaw-dropping perfection of the reborn Roganic and
Readers of this site will know that I will travel the earth for good food, but few places have been as exciting as the National Theatre stage!Network is a play based on the iconic, four-time Oscar-winning Paddy Chayefsky film, adapted for the stage f
As the name suggests, Kashmiri Aroma is all about the cuisine and flavours from Kashmir. From the outside, the restaurants looks a bit like a country pub. The interior is big and seems to extend out to different sectioned areas. Ornate wooden style p
On the 10 year anniversary of this little blog, we have come full circle. Here I am again, posting a recipe for potstickers - my first ever post was about potstickers. Maybe it means that in fact in 10 years I've gone absolutely nowhere with this. Th
If you’re looking for a new adventure with food, that extends beyond the traditional But for the traditional sit down experience, with the her
In common with most people with a regular exposure to it, I have a love-hate relationship with our nation's rail network. I love nothing more than jumping on an intercity of a weekend and travelling up North, sailing over a Victorian viaduct in a sin
Name: Yauatcha CityWhere: 1 Broadgate Circus, London EC2M 2QS, The special CNY menu is served a la carte, and includes special dim sum at 8-9, mains priced at 17-30, and desserts at 2-9. About: Mic
Wishing you for CNY 2018. Hope you guys are still enjoying yourselves. This year, it is with great pleasure that I report on an exciting new find; one which, in my opinion, contends with the best Cantonese siu lap, that London has to offer. It isn&am
A friend had told me about the wonderful pizza at Franco Manca many years ago. This was when it had opened one of its first branches down in Brixton. Although Franco Manca has recently been popping everywhere, it is only now that Franco Manca has bee
Sake, a rice-based alcohol from Japan, is now being brewed in South London by a young English couple, Tom and Lucy Wilson. I visit them at their micro-brewery Kanpai, a tiny room the size of a large cupboard, behind a garage and under a noisy printin
Oh hello! On the 10th anniversary of this blog (10 YEARS) I've decided to resurrect it from it's dead-of-Winter hibernation, to post a recipe for Gong Bao Chicken. I know. The ubiquitous Gong Bao Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, snore sno
I realised recently that I will only eat certain vegetables if they are served with very particular accompanying flavours. A mate asked me what my favourite vegetable was and I replied, without thinking, ‘spinach’ only to realise
Being a fish and chip fan in London is hard, and you become wearily used to disappointment. Soggy old fish kept warm for too long in hot cabinets, batter too thick, batter too thin, chips too skinny, chips too fat, and the worst crime of all, the one
Mrs Macivers Good Scotch Haggis (From The Cooks Oracle by Dr William Kitchiner (1817) Make the haggis bag perfectly clean. Parboil the draught. Boil the liver very well so as it will grate. Dry the meal before the fire. Mince the draught and a pretty
Where: 8 Hanway Place, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1HDCost: The Chinese New Year (CNY) menu costs 88 per person. The suggested Happy Daisy cocktail is 13.50. About: 2018 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar, and Michelin-starred Hakkasan
When I last wrote about this restaurant, James was then the latest Young Turk to successfully transition into his own permanent setup, which takes his mother’s maiden name. Just under 4 years later, Lyle’s now finds itself with a
If you love your food, then its likely that some of your favorite restaurants also serve as your own benchmark for what makes great food. If you want to reach the lofty heights of your favorite dining experiences, then you need more than talent. You
A rainy morning meant a breakfast near by to our residence. What could be better than trying out Pascal; a bakery that is well known for its products. The post Pascal – Oslo appeared first on Rate My Bistro.
I interviewed Thad Vogler, author of By the Smoke and the Smell, over Skype while he was sat in a car outside one of his bars in San Francisco. It was early in the morning his time, and tea time in the UK. I could see that over there it was sunny, th
I have a half written post on Vancouver but we’ve just come back from a relaxing holiday in Barcelona and we visited a fantastic Japanese cafe for the first time on our last night and I just needed to share it with you. It’s Usagu
Well, here we are then. I knew Id have to write about this place at some point. Longtime readers (HI, I LOVE YOU), will know that I lived in Peckham for years (before it was the new Dalston, Christ) and I wrote a lot about how much I loved the area,
I love reading holiday gift guides so I always make sure to spend the beginning of November scoping out and bookmarking cool things to share with you. Since I've been travelling and living without an address it makes the list of things I can't wait t
After another ho-hum meal recently at somewhere that receives nothing but unqualified praise from almost everyone else that eats there (no, I won't name it, at least not today), it got me thinking about how there's a certain element of subjectivity i
"The mistletoe hung in the castle hall,The holly branch shone on the old oak wall... Heres a spooky little tale for Christmas Eve. Its The Mistletoe Bough, a fabulous silent film from 1904, recently recovered from the dusty vaults of the excellent BF
I spent two weeks in Morocco way back in May; taking advantage of the Easter holiday bank holiday bonanza, we headed off to explore beyond Marrakech.We started off in the coastal town of Essaouira (pronounced Ess-a-where-a). It's easy to mooch around
With over 7000 tropical islands, there is just so much to discover about the Philippines. The archipelago and its people are brimming with variety and character, and the food scene has been making huge strides in recent times. So how lucky was I to v
The Stag and Huntsman The Stag and Huntsman is a 300-year-old pub which has been converted into a fine restaurant and a country inn in what is apparently Britains most photographed and filmed village, Hambleden. It is a beautiful, beautiful village,
There are probably better brunch dishes out there, but for me, I can think of nothing more sinful yet utterly satisfying than a fantastic eggs benedict. It is fundamentally a simple dish, consisting of only 4 main elements, namely poached egg, hollan
Zoblers Delicatessen, The Ned London‘s New York deli fantasy, is a really big deal and a very good one. too. But...Zoblers Delicatessen, The Ned London‘s New York deli fantasy, is a really big deal and a very good one. too. But be
If you are celebrating Valentine's Day in the USA, then check out Zagat's list of these restaurants. From Atlanta to Washington D.C, a range of romantic restaurants are on the cards. The post Romantic Restaurants appeared first on Rate My Bistro.
I drove to Victoria Moore's upstairs flat in Fulham, part of a Victorian era building, which has a beautiful pale oak herringbone parquet floor. She'd just put her daughter Francesca, 18 months, to bed. Every so often throughout our conversation, I'd
It’s been a while since I blogged and that’s just due to real life getting in the way! I’ve already been to Vancouver twice this year and haven’t blogged a bit about those trips. I’ll start with a hig
Brought to you by ETM group - whose other venues include The Botanist at Broadgate Circle, One Canada Square, The Well and the Jugged Hare - Aviary boasts a south-facing terrace with City skyline views. Set with sofas and high tables the (he
I know, you’re never going to remember the name of that pasta shape but don’t worry, this is freakin’ fabulous with basically any pasta – I know this from extensive experience. A great choice would be orecchiet
This is part two of my South Island vegan road trip. if you haven't read part one yet you can catch up here.After eating out quite a bit in Wanaka Nick and I cooked for ourselves most of the time in Queenstown. Accommodation was expensive and the hos
I LOVE DUMPLINGS. I was helping a friend out with a pescatarian supperclub recently, and in doing so we made manti - a Turkish dumpling that's also found in Russia and Central Asia. The origins of the dumplings are uncertain, though it is believed th
Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday falls on the 13th February this year. Fancy taking up a pancake eating challenge or heading to a pancake party? The post Pancake Day appeared first on Rate My Bistro.
A unique supermarket group in the UK, Iceland specialises in a huge range of frozen foods but it also offers fresh produce, groceries and drinks. Despite accounting for just 2% of supermarket food sales in the UK, Iceland is renowned for its specialt
Imagine how difficult it must be to launch, and run, a really, really good gastropub. In fact, you don't even need to imagine - just look at how few there are anywhere. If it was really that easy to fashion yourself a Rat Inn, or Parkers Arms, or Spo
I went to one of my least favourite places, the Barbican, to the London flat of Jessica Seaton, co-founder of Toast and now cookbook author. Her book Gather, Cook, Feast is shortlisted for this year's Andre Simon food and drink book
Even with Brexit looming, the economic case for this rapidly modernised part of town is apparently still sound enough for a heavyweight F&B player to enter the fray. Perhaps the owners of the original Duddell’s Hong Kong (DHK) see
This is the second of two sponsored posts in partnership with Vitamix UK, who have just launched the Ascent Series. Ive mentioned before that I spent ages trying to perfect a grapefruit meringue pie to the point where a friend actually said to me, He
David Niven and Ginger Rogers in Bachelor Mother (1939) And so we come to my favourite time of the year. That in-between bit. I just love it. Londons deserted. My bloated email feed has evaporated. The telephones stopped ringing. Those over-familiar
Rudie’s Dalston Winter is here and theres nothing better than a bit of spice on your plate to warm you up. So Elika (Instagram: @Sunny_Elika) and I headed to Rudies in Dalson after work one evening, starving, but filled with excitement for
When Nick and I arrived on the South Island we were both feeling a little lost, we hadn't had time to sit down and plan our South Island road trip at all and we had no idea where we were headed - just that we had a car and the freedom to go anywhere.
I can’t honestly write up a proper recipe for this. I took inspiration from a pasta dish from a local Italian restaurant and ran with it, using up bits and bobs from the fridge. Blai took my vague instructions/ideas and turned it into a won
Zoblers Delicatessen, The Ned London‘s glamorous New York Deli fantasy, is a really big deal and a very good one....  Zoblers Delicatessen, The Ned London‘s glamorous New York Deli fantasy, is a really big deal and a very
Replacing seen-better-days pub, The London Fields, this cafe/ breakfast/ diner spot aimed at hot-deskers and E8 slackers morphs into a party bar as the day wears on. Strategically distressed decor suggests a low-heeled host