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Lesbian Tue Jan 16 2018 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The right-wing groupOne Million Moms has launched a campaign asking publisher Scholastic to stop publishing and promoting LGBTQ-inclusive children's books. Let's launch back. The post Action Alert:... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombia
The saga of Agent Canary continues,with Part Three of the major DC crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" taking place in Season Four of the The Flash.When we rejoin our heroes, most of them are in a concentration camp on Earth-X. They are also wearing collar
When I was 4, I still lived in Berkeley near my four cousins. (It grew to 14!) My aunt Franny had three boys and she would always paint my nails pink and tell me how fun it would be to have a little girl. I ate this stuff up! My...
Welcome to your Monday. May you all enter this week with the kind of ferocity as Sigourney Weaver test firing a flamethrower for the filming of Alien. p.s. Also, this means every time you see Ripley wielding a flamethrower in Alien, that fucker is th
Look, I dont necessarily thing America should go elect another billionaire celebrity as its president anytime soon. One would hope the petulant orange C-Lister we have in there now would scare us away from ever again letting a famous person without a
Last Friday, I posted that award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson, who also happens to be a queer mom of color, had been named National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. She was inaugurated... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombi
The Agent Canary, er I mean the Supergirl crossover fun, continues with Part Two of "Crisis on Earth-X" being featured in season six of Arrow.Here we learn more about Earth-X and it sounds terrible.It's an alternate Earth where the Nazis developed th
I run an audiobook imprint on the down-low. The Bright List. Seriously, I can hook you up. Here are my favorite productions I produced and listened to without ever tiring, Year 2018. Prime Cut: Charles Bukowski Tales of Ordinary Madness Notes of a Di
Look, its been an infinitesimally less terrific and no less economically advantageous time to be a straight white male recently. I know, cry them a river, they have to try to stop being such blatant garbage sex monsters. But in an effort to show you
Aftera queer mother, her two young children, and her partner were slain in New York in late December. comes news of two more Black, queer parents and one of their children being killed. The post... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.c
Why yes, I do want the last post of the year to be a fan video set to the tune of "Fight Song."SO LONG, YEAR!
INGREDIENTS 2 pounds tail-on shrimp 3 slices bacon 4 onions, fine-chopped in food processor 4 cloves garlic, fine-chopped, but don't do them same time as onion 2 bay leaves 6 plump Padron peppers, fine-diced (scoop out the seeds, lazy version is fine
Because this is the Fuck the Patriarchy Golden Globes week here at Surrenders, I thought wed discuss that insane LOreal commercial that aired during the ceremony. You know the one, where a dark-haired actress prepares nervously for her big moment in
A New Zealand animal rescue organization is using male penguin pairs in an attempt to save the endangered yellow-eyed penguin. The post Will Gay Penguin Parents Help Save a Species? appeared first... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian
Prepare yourselves.First of all, here is Earth-X. That's all we know at first. Things have seem to gone horribly awry in another dimension. Second of all, (and most importantly) here is Sara Lance, catching an arrow mid-flight:Preliminaries out of th