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Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making Mon Dec 11 2017 03:29:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Angels on High I'm beginning to decorate my house and I'm thinking..."what better way to start off the Christmas season, my friends, than with angels?" So hey...pop up class! I hope you'll join me in my excitement as I offer... Angels on High I'm beg
 I love jewelry that embraces texture!Especially when the texture is highlighted with a patina.Don't get me wrong, I do personally own sterling silver jewelry that is void of texture. And I occasionally wear those pieces mixed with other tex
Here is a recent necklace I made using a fused glass piece I made a couple of years ago.  I added sort of a fairy garden motif... bees, butterfly, flowers and a fairy of course... and I I believe this is already gone as well ( yeah, I know,
The Merry Men of Winter online now! It's been a very busy year for me...moving across the country and setting up a new household and studio. What a lot of work it is to move! My studio is almost ready... The Merry Men of Winter online now! It's been
 Anyone that creates understands that when your creative juices flow you take advantage of it.That my excuses and I am sticking to it.I have started creating with sterling silver sheet again and learning new techniques while doing so.The fre
 First let me say this piece is already sold.. I'm still trying to catch up on my pictures from the summer and I'm almost there.But I wanted to share this piece cause I loved making it, and I'm sure the person who "caught" this fish loves it
A lot of you know, from my previous post, that we're moving! We bought a 117 year old farm was build in 1900! Wyoming and are in the process of packing up 22 years worth of stuff and hauling... A lot of you know, from my previous post
Who doesn't love flowers?I am seeing floral prints on the women's fashion floors.Romantic ruffles and floral prints are trending.Personally, I would wear both whether they were trending or not.The beauty is that you can work both into work attire, da
Vintage jewelry pieces reused into a new bracelet and matching earrings It's a Saturday Morning sliding into noon, so I'm working on breakfast and while I wait for a few minutes before it needs attention again, I figure I'll start on the wee
I'm happy to announce that my online class, Boho Bliss, is back! I know there are some of you who have waited quite a while for this workshop to come back around it is. Registration is open! Get the... I'm happy to announce that my online
Taking a break on the blog for at least this week, I wish everyone a fantastic, family but not strife filled thanksgiving!
Recent photo of Jupiter, sleeping in the bathroom, one of his favorite hunts. We lost one of the best kitties ever this weekend, Jupiter, Jumpin' Jupiter, Old Man, My Good Guy, Jup-ie, Jup, and my bigboy... all the names I called him.He was
 OK, I'm trying to catch up on all the photos I've taken during the season as I make things, so this post I'm showing you 3 necklaces I made just in the last month... Now Jerry gets little grumpy at me when I make stuff that isn't i
I wish I could spin some pithy interesting story for my 1000th blog but honestly it kind of snuck up on me and I really don't have any interesting ruminations to share on this mile-stone.  So instead I'll share this picture of a piece that's
 I'm so happy to get my jewelry set up in the place of pride at Five Monkeys, Inc Gallery here in town!  I'm to be featured artist both November and December, so not only is my display huge right now, I'll be in close touch with Din
I'm so very please to once again be the featured artist at Five Monkeys, Inc  art gallery again!  I  feel very honored. I'm trying to pull inventory,  figure out the displays, and get everything i
 Jerry loves this earrings, because they incorporate parts you would have seen everyday of your life, if not actually used the item, at least for folks born before the the mid-nineties.   Kids my daughter's age ( 21) and yo
 I'm BACK!! OK had my last show for the year last weekend, and it was a tad cold, and rainy, but hey !  Overall this year we really lucked out on the weather.  Only 2 weekends that the weather was well, crappy... Don't get
Hey guys, I'm taking the week off from blogging.. I'll be back next Monday . 
Sometimes I feel like making simpler pieces like this one.    The brass stamping is so pretty all by itself, I just added a couple of holes for crystals and and curved the flat piece and woot!  Pretty pretty bracelet.Someti
OK today is pretty dank and dark and hard rain, so I though this picture would brighten things up.  This sun started out life as maybe a keyring? It was broken in a mix of a jewelry lot I bought.  The face was just such a happy one
 Yeah, I know, I'm normally on 4th across from Hy-Vee, but this weekend is also Oktoberfest and that's being held exactly where I normally pitch my tent... so all the vendors on 4th South are getting moved to other areas of the mark
I'm feeling pretty positive about this weekend.. I'm working on a piece right now I'm excited about and I'm pretty sure I'll get it done before Saturday... I've got some new earrings and bracelets at least. If you haven't been out to the market latel
 As you know, I'm very happy being a artist in Five Monkeys, Inc , one of the nicest galleries here in Des Moines.  What you might not know is all the great things happening there starting this weekend!  S
I still love making chainmaile, it's just such a nice yen to my yang of steampunk inspired designs.  So here are recent bracelets - the top pic is the shaggy, and the bottom are just a few of the endless helm chain color combos I get to play
 I've always loved that "labor" is celebrated with a day off.  There is a lesson in there somewhere...   So while you enjoy your day off, my plans include a whole day of puttering around the studio in jammies making jewelry
I've gotten some questions on making Under the Sea.  A couple of months ago a gal commissioned me to make a mermaid necklace  (you can see that here).  Strangely enough, I really had to talk myself into doing it.. I'm not r
It hurts my soul, all this stuff kicking up.  My worst fears about that man winning the presidency are coming true -- he's opened a flood gate of hate and vitriol, all in the name of "telling it like it is".  I always worried how we
yep.  I really don't have words for this.  hehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Victorian Penny Necklace - from 1900. Pocket watch etched piece is 1930s or earlier, I added back on a cog and a painted butterflyI love this one!! I just love playing with the eyeballs I guess.  Vintage pocket watch face, brass bits and the
I've been fascinated of late by religious icons and symbols,  and the transformative power of them.   This is my take on the cross, I love the medieval Celtic cross, so I created my own using vintage cogs and gears.  The ea
We decided to take a quickie long weekend to St. Louis, but about a week before we left, I got granted 2 extra days of vacation.. so we were gone from Monday night to Sunday night.  Had an absolute blast! We spent a day in KCMO, did some ant
Back in Late May (?) I had a gal ask me about doing a mermaid piece.  I said sure!! I ended up making these 2 pieces, and darn if she didn't end up buying both of them.Clock, watch parts, American made brass some pewter parts, and chain.Merm
Early idea for the trainOK last post I I showed you my train necklace, I just wanted to tell you more about this.  Back in November I got these great vintage french brass stampings of a train engine.  I loved it! It's the perfect st
Train necklace, fused glass and my popular bird necklaces, I had 13 projects lined up, and I didn't get them all done but I got 9 of them done, as well as a few earrings that I hadn't planned for.  And I've laid out probably my most
 I hope!! Next weekend is Farmer's Market and I want some new big pieces to wow folks.  So Wednesday I carefully set out the pieces to 3 projects I've been working on off and on for a month or so, and then some quickie earr
Version one, in antique brass colors.  I love Saturdays like this!! My wonderful darling daughter is off having fun with relatives, and my hubby is off with the guys gaming for the day.  So I get to keep the home fires burning, just
Elegant design featuring a clock gear and a vintage crystal in a wonderful barrel shape.I don't have another show until July 22th, so now I finally have a few minutes to rub together I need to spend time planning the family vacation.  Nothin
Commercial sea glass and silver fairy - recycled silver chain for necklaceHave a great day - celebrate your country and your family! Me -- we are making home made maid-rites and corn, and Jerry and I are watching TV together while he destroys stuff a
I sell tons of earrings at Farmer's Market  which gives me the perfect excuse to make tons of earrings!   I love making them, and I love when I can make them absolutely unique, one of a kind!   Using vintage materials like
Every once in a while I gotcha make a big statement piece.  I started with the wings and I started to play around with other things to add to them... found this great giant tiger head with the hint of wings already... added a cog, then added
First is is a singer sewing machine tag bracelet.  This already sold this past weekend, I just can't seem to find old broken singers fast enough to make these tag bracelets.  This one had an interesting shape, most of them are recta
This top one is the leather strap from a late 40's early 50's brownie camera.  The cuff below is part of a metal measuring tape.
I love Pinterest!   Not only is it a great tool for sharing my art, getting inspired and learning techniques, but it has amazing food on it!  I Love chicken Alfredo, and I pulled a great recipe for it off Pinterest a while back. &am
I finally finished up the last piece from my resin batch.  I actually had this sketched out for over a year and then when I decided to get enough pieces pulled together for a pour I remembered this one.  This is the first time I've
 I participate in a group on facebook that every week we show our what we are working on, and then during the weekend we share what we got done.   I can't do it every week, but I love when I can.  It helps me focus for one
I made these last month, I'm trying to catch up on the photo pile.Both of these are ladies... the cuff is leather with a vintage filigree topped with a vintage keyhole with a vintage picture.  I love the concept of people peeking out of keyh
etched copper wings, vintage skeleton key and copper wire. I've had a grand weekend, I finished up a large project, a couple of small ones, and I've got another large piece laid out -- I'm still complicating it but I'm feeling pretty good about it. &
Let me tell you about this piece.  First the big pretty aqua and silver Dial is the thread tension wheel from a 1960's sewing machine.  Normally "newer" machines like that don't yield much as we get into the age of  plastic