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Java Thu Mar 22 2018 22:28:42 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In an earlier blog, I wrote about the changes for deployment of Java applications that will take effect in JDK 11. Specifically, the removal of support for Applets and Java Web Start. In this post, I thought Id delve a bit deeper into the suggested w
I was talking to Toni Edward Solarin on Skype yesterday about his open source spike (early days) of Code Coverage for .NET Core called "coverlet." There's a few options out there for cobbling together .NET Core Code Coverage but I wanted to see if I
Posted by Dan OMeara, Program Manager, Google Cloud Platform teamWe have invested heavily in our API and service infrastructure to improve performance and security and to add features developers need to build world-class APIs. As we make changes we m
WhileCiviCRMhas undergone major updates and re-organization under the hood since the platform was started in 2005, it's User Interface has largely remained the same. This is all about to change with the introduction of the newShoreditchThemeforCiviCR
Introduces Spark, explains its place in big data, walks through setup and creation of a Spark application, and explains commonly used actions and operations.
InfoQ caught up with Craig McLuckie, one of the original founders of the Kubernetes project and CEO of Heptio. By Rags Srinivas
Our API directory now includes 150 translation APIs. The newest is the Lingotek API. The most popular, in terms of user click-throughs to the provider site, is the Google Translate API.
Hi Spring fans, and welcome to the first day of the Spring season! This week I'm in San Francisco visiting some customers and just hanging out, working on new Spring Tips installments, enjoying the amazing weather. As if today wasn't exciting enough,
Security needs to be addressed in every part of the IoT system, whether we are talking about hardware, connectivity, backend software and databases, or post-market service. That is why IoT companies should minimize these potential problems by impleme
Nonce reuse was an issue in four separate locations in the RavenDB security report. But what is a nonce? And what does this matter? A cryptographic nonce is a number that can only be used once. Lets consider what encryption does. Given some initial s
The broader JavaScript community responded vocally when Michael Ficarra, the author of the Array.prototype.flatten TC39 proposal, jokingly suggested renaming flatten as smoosh in response to a bug report that the new feature breaks old websites in ni
Advertise here via BSAFinding just the right WordPress website builder to fit you needs can take time. First, you must determine what it is you want. Then you must take the time to research whats available. Your research may require the skills of a S
About me, you can read past this!! I am a senior undergrad of Maths and Computing at the Indian Institute of Technology, BHU (Varanasi). The problem I wanted to solve Okay, so getting started with...
I find myself once again in the situation where I have to install the Oracle JDBC driver into my local Maven repository. Usually, this is easily accomplished via: mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-file> -DgroupId=<group-id
Can Big Data actually hurt society? Carl and Richard talk to Cathy O'Neil about her book, Weapons of Math Destruction. Cathy has been deeply involved with machine learning and big data for decades and has a broad view of both the potential and danger
Im fascinated with the unit of compute as defined by a microservice, OpenAPI definition, Postman Collection, or any other way of quantifying an API-driven resource. Asking the question, how big or how small is an API?, and working to define
Traveling Ruby, one of Phusion's open source projects, gets a massive overhaul. Find out how to make your work pull request-ready.Or: How to make your project open source ready Did you open-source a piece of software and wish you werent the only soul
Organizations have to give up much of their hierarchy and micro-management to become an agile company: totally changing the management model instead of doing small incremental changes which drown in the traditional bureaucratic structure. They need t
I just released another update to Inside RavenDB book, with chapter discussing advanced indexing scenarios and how RavenDB handles security, encryption in transit and authentication.
Last but not least, in our final Part 5 of our PyCon.DE series well present our talk “No Compromise: Use Ansible properly or stick to your scripts”. What you do within this IT automation tool should be clean an simple. …
GitHub has open-sourced its Licensed tool, a Ruby gem that caches and verifies the status of license dependencies in Git repos.Licensed has helped GitHub engineers who use open source software find potential problems with license dependencies early i
Note: Below is my personal perspective. If I write a one-page program, I don't mind having no types: 0 types, -1 types, I'm happy with it.
Kustomer is a SaaS-based customer relationship platform designed to integrate conversations, transactions, and a company's proprietary data in one single system, capturing all aspects of the customer journey. We sat down with Jeremy Suriel, C
Writing tests might not have been the most enjoyable thing for you in the past but we hope that after reading this article, you'll be able to increase your test coverage. Today we're talking about snapshot tests using Jest. They're easy to write, the
I was very fortunate to get a preview version of the "RasPad" from SunFounder. Check it out at and at the time of these writing they have a Kickstarter I'm backing! I've written a lot about Raspberry Pis and the cool pr
David Gerard's 2017 book, "Attack of the 50ft Blockchain" is an in-depth look at the cryptocurrency space. The book takes a straightforwardly skeptical angle, and is explicitly intended as a non-technical overview that frames Bitcoin in purely politi
We are running another set of full day RavenDB Workshops. During the month of June we’ll run workshop in: London, UK São Paolo, Brazil Chicago, USA We are now running with the early bird discount, so I suggest early registration.
Package management, dependency management, configuration management, and who knows how many other forms of management exist when it comes to computing systems. We have managers for managers for operators of applications. The roles and responsibilitie
I was looking through some of my old posts, and started reading one that I wrote for Java, and I just didn’t like it. So, I’ve decided to go through and rewrite a bunch of the old posts (I’ll keep the old ones as they ar
Advertise here via BSAKeeping a small business running is hard work. You have projects to negotiate, emails to answer, and deadlines to meet. You have to find the time to explore new trends and methods. Sometimes, you have to take whatever time it ta
Hello all! While we all are talking about Java 9 and some people have yet to adopt Java 8 in their projects, here comes the new release of Java, the JDK 10. It's available to download now on Oracle's website. This is the first release in the new rele
Were Hiring a Digital Art Director Who We Are gskinner is an award-winning digital studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are a team of just under 20 talented, passionate professionals who get out of bed every day eager to work together and create i
lucene-geo-gazetteer is a very cool Apache Tika, Apache Lucene, and Apache OpenNLP tool that builds a fast index of geo data built from a large list of all countries' data. It then provides a REST API that we can easily integrate into a flow. So I ha
GDC, after you have been a few years, certainly is a big change from normal indie day-do-day development. From being someone sat in a room mostly alone, mostly just typing, you end up in conversation pretty much all the time. I chatted to developers
Valerie Aurora explains why allies should take action, describes some important ally skills, and recommends several concrete ways to embed ally skills in our engineering culture. By Valerie Aurora
It’s that time of year again! This post is part of our Road to AWS re:Invent 2017 blog series. In the weeks leading up to AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this November, we’ll be posting about a number of topics related to running Mongo
Have you ever wondered how to add speech recognition to your Python project? If so, then keep reading! It’s easier than you might think. Far from a being a fad, the overwhelming success of speech-enabled products like Amazon Alexa has prove
WordPress is much more than a blogging platform. As this practical guide clearly demonstrates, you can use WordPress to build web apps of any type—not mere content sites, but full-blown apps for specific tasks. If you have PHP experience wi
Since Java 9 was released, many conferences have hosted discussions around its new features and use cases. Our team couldnt miss this opportunity to collect valuable community feedback on what Java 9 brings us. This feedback has inspired us to improv
The Device and Sensors Working Group invites implementations of the Candidate Recommendation for six documents, namely: Generic Sensor API: Generic Sensor API defines a framework for exposing sensor data to the Open Web Platform in a consistent way.
You have recruited fantastically talented and well-educated English-speaking staff on your offshore team to help your local team focus more on the strategic projects. Now is time to merge both the offshore and local teams. Remember that failing to ad
In Jan 2018 we asked Edge Security to do a thorough review of RavenDB security and cryptography usage. We wanted to get an outside expert opinion before the RTM release, to make sure that we put out a system that is robust and secured. As an aside, I
Dan Wilson talks about the Web Animations API, how this new JavaScript API came to be and how it compares to the alternate ways to animate on the web. He goes through its added benefits like timelines, controls, and its dynamic nature in addition to
Michele is back and surviving microservices! Carl and Richard talk to Michele Bustamante about her work with microservices and the challenges that her customers have. Starting with the normal problems innate to any re-architecting exercise - what is
We’re getting close to the PyCharm 2018.1 release, and today we’re happy to present our release candidate. If you want to play with the new version before it’s out officially, you can get it from our website. New in this
Originally posted on the Firebase Blog by Jason St. Pierre, Product Manager. Back in October, we were thrilled to launch a beta version of Firebase Crashlytics. As the top ranked mobile app crash reporter for over 3 years running, Crashlytics helps y
Thanks for tuning in to another episode of DZone's CodeTalk Podcast where you'll hear hosts Travis Van and Travis Carlson have early conversations with the creators of new developer technologies. 
Read this post in its entirety on my site: State Of SharePoint Development Survey - Share Your Thoughts!If you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in t
As GitLab continues to build upon its powerful solution set focused on meeting the needs of the entire DevOps lifecycle, they took another major step forward today, by offering their CI/CD pipeline solution to GitHub/GitHub Enterprise customers. This
Programming language is one of the main IT developments of the past century. It enables the users to write various types of programs. For that, specific algorithms are used. The very first samples of this software programmes were developed in the fir