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Interior Design Sun Dec 17 2017 12:00:36 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- We have already had 3 snows in December. Nothing major yet and each one was easy to shovel and didn't require snowplowing the driveway. Yay! via
If your New Year's resolution is to read more in 2018 but don't know where to start, Amazon editors have got you covered. They've put together a list of the 100 books to read in a lifetime, which covers fiction and nonfiction, with writers that range
In Facades 3, the latest in a series of such sets, French photographerZacharie Gaudrillot-Roy ones again visits flatland, imaginingthe world constructed like a stage set from virtually two-dimensional building fronts (or sides). In architecture schoo
You must be sick of me saying it week after week but it still holds true. If you have to drag your sorry self into work on a weekend it better be somewhere stylish. Amen. Fjord Helsinki by Studio Joanna Laajisto.
These are all Rudolph cookies with his red nose. But you could do the other reindeer too using a raisin. They would be so cute left on Santa's plate as energy treats for the reindeer pulling his sleigh. via
Fit a flashlight in your walletTwiggi revisits a decade old concept known as the Pocket Light, but in a format that’s utilitarian rather than artistic. Designed to be shaped like a...Twiggi revisits a decade old concept known as the Pocket
Morgan and her husband recently bought a home and, little by little, are updating each room. First up, the laundry room. One of the things that sold them on the house was having a mud room off the garage, complete with a washer and dryer. As handy as
Photography by Xia Zhi   Architecture and design firm Penda, have transformed aformer traditional guesthouse that stretched over 2 floors, with small rooms and limited daylight, into the XinXian Inn Hotel, a small, modern low-budget hotel lo
Wireless charging electric roads just took a big step forward, as Tel Aviv transit service Dan Bus Company announced plans to invest $2.2 million in ElectRoad. ElectRoad's technology buries electric coils beneath roads to wirelessly charge electric v
A big thanks to Chelsea Kaemingk for contacting us about the home renovation business she shares with her husband Brandt, Kaemingk Design. I really admire their timeless, classic and authentic aesthetic. Here is a bit of info from Chelsea and their b
Just 10 more days to Christmas and if you’ve not gotten the holiday decor up, it’s now or never. Here are 10 last minute Christmas decor ideas you can quickly and easily put the use. And get your home in shape for the holidays. #1
This fabulous photo is perfect for adding your Christmas text in the snow. via
Bullying you out of bed!Mr. Wakey’s the kind of alarm that will do its job regardless of the user’s experience with the product. Whether you love it or hate it,...Mr. Wakey’s the kind of alarm that will do its job regard
inspiration berets. in case you needed a reason. (you don't.) i recently bought this one in iceland blue and it's perfect. warm, soft, easy to manipulate into the desired hang and shape, comes in a variety of colors. ok i ordered this one to
Looks like New Yorker Abbi Jacobson is putting down roots out west. The Broad City co-creator and star scooped up a mid-century pad in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to Variety. READ MORE
  Italian designer Mario Milana has created the ASANA Ground Chair, a floor seat whose aim is to bring those who sit on it closer to earth and allow them to have physical and mental balance.In eastern traditions asana means the posture that
Are you sick of gift guides and talk of gift giving? Instead of looking at yet another gift round up, browse through our tagged gifts for the perfect item for your favorite friends and family members. There’s all sorts of items in all sorts
We doze off on public transportation 27 times a year, according to James Cox, CEO of the UK-based sleep brand Simba. So they came up with a more comfortable alternative: the Simba Snoozeliner, a bus with 14 sleep pods outfitted with Simba mattresses,
A fiery shade of cherry or cranberry can truly transform a space. If you’re looking to create a dramatic splash in the home, then look no further than the inspiration that we’ve gathered here today. These 15 red bedrooms will igni
It's summer in my part of the world and I can think of no better way to spend my Saturday than pottering around in my garden after I have finished the morning's paper. Perhaps a dip in the pool to cool off as the temperature rises. Later in the after
This lovely 2018 calendar is designed by This Little Street and the good thing is that you can download it for free. Check it out here!
Craft room with fireplace and dog bed in a Greenwich Village townhouse that is for sale. Before you get too excited and look at the other amazing rooms, be advised the price is in excess of eleven million dollars. See the listing here. It doesn't cos
This bowl is literally ‘hip’The Waist Bowl is a simple reimagination of the bowl we use for soups to cereals. If you’ve ever tried carrying a bowl, you know it’s...The Waist Bowl is a simple reimagination of th
Happy weekend. Have a lovely one. And a lovely space to spend it in.(photo via here)
I am winning the battle against clutter. Okay, not winning, but, after 33 years of struggle, I'm definitely putting up a good fight. One notable exception: books. At any given time, I will always have more books than I can possibly read in my lifetim
  This Ralph Rapson home was built in the 1950s, and a young Red Oak tree was planted near the entryway, but as the years passed, the tree grew and the front door to the home became mostly obscured by the tree. This is when Minnesota-based C
Peace Boat has been sailing the world since 1983, laboring to build a culture of peace through education. Now they have unveiled a new Ecoship, designed by Oliver Design, that could take to the seas in 2020. A closed-loop water system, whale-inspired
i would like to recluse myself near a fire with a glass or 3 of wine and all of these books. vogue living country city coast - i have spoken of the quick peek i did of this book at the book store. it's complete joy. and i needs it. 
Don't we all dream about it? A light filled Scandinavian getaway in a summer time holiday hamlet? Perhaps in the Hamptons? For Jessica Helgerson's clients it isn't a dream. Pale wood, white painted wood, handmade white tile, marble and brass. The per
A remarkable composite with an incredible amount of detail, this photograph was assembled from nearly 200 different images of NYC representing 10,000 megapixels of data, all put together over the course of a year. Photographer, engineer, and entrepre
Is there anything more beautiful than a good hoar frost? I think not. via
Functional Flowers for Your KitchenDoubloom is a darling spice canister set that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen! Each canister in the set of 3 sports its own unique...Doubloom is a darling spice canister set that adds a decorative touch to y
I was taking a beginner’s weaving class and wanted to do something different than the usual table cloths. So I did a re-modelled version of the blue IKEA bag! The weaving took longer than needed, but that’s mostly due to my lazine
Not everyone has the interest or the carpentry skills required to build a personal hobbit hole from scratch. Still, that doesn't stop people from wanting to experience life as a fictional, vertically challenged individual with a larger than average s
Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame   Drew Mandel Architects have designed a modern infill house in Toronto, Canada, that sits between1920s-era single-family homes. The design of the new house embraces the forms of the existing streetscape and p
Just a few ideas for you in case you’re stuck… 1. 500 lumens with three light settings and USB port with 30 cord for charging other devices: Trailblazer Flashlight, $100.00 2. To keep him warm: Cashmere Crew, $100.00 3. H2 in Silv
Millions of tons of e-waste clog up our landfills every year, but Studio Formafantasma is on a mission to breathe new life into the world's discarded electronics. Designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin just unveiled "Ore Streams" - a new coll
One of the least colors used in a home is the color green. Although it is a vibrant and bold shade that happens to be natures favorite hue many are a bit intimidated by it. Furthermore, many will argue that there just isnt a good way to utilize green
It has been some time since I have featured 40 Winks, dubbed the world's first 'micro boutique hotel' when it opened in 2009. This 2 guest room space in East London is packed with charm and whimsy and I had to share more photos because it is
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They look a little startled. I wish I could read their minds. The two sets of twins are adorable, aren't they?I should have posted a photo with chickens for those of you who have an abundance of fresh eggs. Do you ever complain about how hard they ar
Ever seen a portable desktop!?I’d classify the Lavolta iMac Carrying Bag as an absurdly useful product. It brings (in some capacity) the one element the iMac lacks in comparison to...I’d classify the Lavolta iMac Carrying Bag as a
An inspiring space for your Thursday. See more of it here, too. (photo: trnk via vosgesparis)
"I've been into interior design for awhile and living in a studio has been a fun challenge," writes Lyndsey, who shares this small studio apartment with her rescue dog Tux. "A lot of people couldn't handle living in one large room, but Tux and I seem
These collar stays are the sort of thing a modern day MacGyver would have as it incorporates a half-phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, thread cutter, and a bottle opener (no paperclip, though, sorry). Now, how often you’d need all o
Photography by Bertrand Fompeyrine   French interior design firm Batiik Studio, have transformed a run down apartment in Paris into to a functional space with a custom built lofted bed unit.   Here’s a glimpse of the apart
Sri Lankas most celebrated wildlife park is famous for leopards, elephants, and sloth bearsand now Yala National Park is also known for a stunning, sustainably minded safari camp next door. Designed by Nomadic Resorts and Bo Reudler Studio, the Wild
What if, after the demolition of a neglected building, all that was left behind was the leafy exoskeleton of ivy that once grew up its outer walls? As shanty towns all along the Yuan River in the Hunan province of China are dismantled, a piece of the
Snow Blackwood calls Linda Schmidt the "cat lady", although she is quick to point out she doesn't mean "loud wallpaper and leaky roof" crazy cat lady. "This cat lady has a restrained color palette and refined taste for antiques mixed with a tradition
When it comes to interior styling, modern design trends are demonstrating an acceptance and use of technology. While technology continues to pop-up in almost every aspect of our lives, were seeing it become incorporated into even the most mundane and