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Interior Design

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Craig Ruttle / AP Drew Angerer / Getty Alex Brandon / AP Chip Somodevilla / Getty Tolga Akmen / AFP / Getty Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Matt York / AP Win McNamee / Getty Leah Millis / Reuters March Madness
With the recent controversy surrounding traveling with pets, it's a fine time to be living in the technology age. Tech company Unisys has conjured up a solution that will put all pet owners at ease. READ MORE
Built at and launched from a local boatyard, this mobile park prototype (or: “parkipelago”) is the first of a series of floating platforms designed to provide recreational space for kayakers, swimmers, sunbathers and event space f
An underused public space in Veracruz, Mexico, has been given new life by Rozana Montiel and Alvin V Wallach, who built a canopy over the plaza to protect it from the elements. Read moreAn underused public space in Veracruz, Mexico, has been given ne
Collection of 'Must Have Daily Use Products for Techies' from all over the world.Droid Pendant: Remember the mobile space stations featured in the Starwars movies? Now you can have one. Buy Now.Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet: The Manhat
Sign of the Times
Somebody got an early start just in time for the perfect Easter decoration. I love the idea of using eggshells instead of peat pots, egg cartons, or other less attractive choices. via
Name: Tomoko and Michael Yates and cat Mochi Location: Clinton Hill Brooklyn, New York Size: About 400 square feet Years lived in: 3.5 years, renting Tomoko and Michael met in Austin (in fact, you might remember the Austin house tour we did of his ol
A Squeezing Bottle Made from the World’s Strongest MetalTitanium is truly a wonderful thing. Its virtually indestructible, having the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. Its unreactive, allowing it to be used...Titanium is truly
1. Bill Cunningham's Secret Memoir Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a somewhat secret memoir which is set to publish later this year. Titled "Fashion Climbing," the book has been drafted several times, as a few revised......
Italian brand Gufram will present a collection of discotheque-inspired carpets and furniture during this year's Milan design week. Read moreItalian brand Gufram will present a collection of discotheque-inspired carpets and furniture during this year'
Happy weekend! Have a lovely one. And a lovely space to spend it in.(photo: lotta agaton via pinterest)
Let em eat cake, Alana Jones-Mann
Whether you live in a studio apartment or something more spacious like The Madrid, renovating is the perfect way to make it your own. If youre in the market to spruce your place up, then follow these seven essential rules.1. Always Check With the Lan
Name: Cassandra Hope, Ryan and Penelope Location: Leslieville Toronto, Canada Size: 1,200 square feet Years lived in: 2 years, renting Cassandra grew up loving furniture and design, a passion sparked by her mom who always had one-of-a-kind pieces tha
It’s knife to meat you!The Blanka was designed to be a miniature cleaver. Its design follows the cleaver’s big blade form, but the entire knife just about fits in your...The Blanka was designed to be a miniature cleaver. Its desig
Hmmmmm. So this is what a crow does with all the small, shiny things she collects. via 
A team of scientists in the UK have developed a low-carbon construction material using desert sandthat could take pressure off increasingly scarce natural resources. Read moreA team of scientists in the UK have developed a low-carbon construction mat
  Arquitectura x have designed a modern steel and glass house for a family in Quito, Ecuador, that has a large garden and an outdoor living area.   The single level home sits slightly raised from the garden which is used by the fami
Breathing underwater, Kate Bellm
New Uniqlo x MoMA SPRZ NY Charles and Ray Eames graphic tees coming 3/26. New Uniqlo x MoMA SPRZ NY Charles and Ray Eames graphic tees coming 3/26. (Want more? See and
I've always been drawn to tiny things. When I was little, I loved dollhouses. As an adult, I relish the challenge of squeezing a tiny garden into the available space in my tiny apartment. So writing this post about fairy gardens was a sweet little jo
Weve had our eye on Genesis as they make progress in their quest to become a luxury car manufacturer that people are aware of and have respect for. This is accomplished both by building solid carswhich they haveas well as making a statement...... Con
A fine bit of biomimicry, this!Who knew that the shape of a snowflake could inspire the cooling fins of a product?! Literally inspired by something that’s cold, the Phillips Black Snow...Who knew that the shape of a snowflake could inspire
Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson looked to the different varieties of squash and pumpkins when designing the costumes for Anthea Hamilton's immersive installation at London's Tate Britain. Read moreLoewe creative director Jonathan Anderson l
We are so much on our smartphones that we need to recharge them most of the time, and these power banks make the task a lot easy. Multi-Function Power Bank: This is a multi-function car recharger that features 2 USB ports, power bank and a flashlight
You can get there from here, Takumi Ibaraki
New Zealand just eradicated 200,000 mice from a single island in an extermination unlike anything we've seen before. Invasive species can wreak havoc on the environment, and as much as we hate to hear about the mass killing of any animals, sometimes
The wallpaper revival isn't going away anytime soon. This brand new collection from Flavor Paper adds some fresh new looks to the wide world of wall covering. READ MORE
Da Vetro is a collection of vases, carafes and containers designed by eight young international designers and one master glass blower. Designed by a group of young international designers from Fabrica Research Center in Italy for PLEASE DO NOT ENTER,
Best known for his vivid geometric murals full of fantastical animals, which brighten up everything from derelict churches to fleets of freighters, street artist Okuda San Miguel has crafted a massive 3D sculptural centerpiece for the annual Fallas c
This week on Dezeen, Grenfell Towerbecame a major talking point once again. Independent spatial research groupForensic Architectureannounced plans to create a 3D video of the fatal fire tobuild a better understanding of how the disaster unfolded. It
The New and Improved Multi-toolThe MyKee 2.0 is the latest all-in-one, utilitarian tool by Narbeh Khoygani. It sports over 20 unique functionalities built into one compact unit you can take...The MyKee 2.0 is the latest all-in-one, utilitarian tool b
She comes in colors, Maciek Jasik
Local residents, infrastructure, and oil and gas pipelines could be at risk from the ground heaving and sinking in West Texas after years of fossil fuel production, according to a new study from Southern Methodist University (SMU) scientists. In an S
Built upon arpeggiated vocals, Matt and Kim's brand new "Happy If You're Happy" layers voice, finger-snaps and nothing more for an acapella delight. Lyrically, it's a straightforward love song but certainly greater than the sum of its parts. The trac
This Bay Area front yard had seen better days, but now it is an urban oasis worthy of major admirationand envy, especially of their lucky friends who get invitations for sunset cocktails but didn't have to do any of the actual work. If you happen to
VitraHaus enlisted Raw-Edges to bring their Happy Places installation to their fourth level loft. Last year VitraHaus enlisted the talents of British designer Jasper Morrison to takeover Level I of their headquarters in Weil am Rhein, Germany. This y
– “On March 24, the kids and families of March For Our Lives will take to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end this epidemic of mass school shootings.” #MAR
French designer Philippe Starckhasworked alongside Venetian artisans to restore this 18th-century restaurant, refreshing its upholstered walls, chandeliers and decadent furnishings. Read moreFrench designer Philippe Starckhasworked alongside Venetian
who needs a spring wardrobe update? h&m just dropped their spring collection last night. half of it is sold out already because it's SO cute and SO affordable. so get in there while you can. my picks above: outfit #1: white
Around two-thirds of humans, according to Smithsonian Magazine, are infected with at least one of the two types of herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2. It's estimated that 87% of people with the latter are without clinical diagnosis. The notoriously tenacious...
Genetic testing has revealed the true identity of an exceptional mummy found in Chile's Atacama Desert, a skeleton so strange that some have claimed it as evidence of alien life. In truth, the remains are that of a human individual known as Ata, a gi
Enough with the Plastic Already!Google “turtle straw”… I dare you. This was the video that encouraged me to stop using straws and other avoidable plastics. If you’ve seen it or...Google “turtle straw&
Not everyone is a morning person, but you know what might just give you that extra pep to drag you out of bed and not snooze for another 45 minutes? A good breakfast nook. Whether it's a cozy alcove where you can enjoy your morning cuppa in peace or
We round up some of our favorite Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories designed to complement its sleek aesthetic. If history is any indicator, it’s almost guaranteed the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its larger iteration S9 Plus will reign supreme above t
This is not a hack as such, more of a change of item description! I have created a beauty bar within my bedroom using a selection of IKEA products. On the right of the dressing table is the IKEA TROFAST drawer set, which can be found in the childrens
If San Francisco is your favorite city, then snap up this CorkMap. The many streets and neighborhoods within the city limit are laser scored into the cork, all to scale at 2.5″=1 mile. Use it as a message board or as a planning tool for you
Blackened wood is an ever-popular choice of material for architects in recent times. Here are 10 of the most eye-catching examples, including a nine-square-metre Muji Hut anda tar-coated Californian ski chalet. Read moreBlackened wood is an ever-popu