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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- I got a card on Monday, like I figured I would, but I didn't get around to posting it until today. I haven't received anything else so I will be caught up after this post.I won this card for $.25/shipped but after a month of not receiving it, I filed
Tonight's buyback franken-set post contains cards from every decade between the 1950s and the 1990s.  Here we go...1959 Topps #359 - Bill WhiteIn the lead-off spot, the oldest buyback of the post, a '59 Bill White.  An interesting b
No cards, but Upper Deck is producing an NBA-licensed product with player autographs. That and more highlights from the Diamond Dealer Conference in Florida.
I tried a second time to spend my Target gift card from Christmas today.Since I recently won a blaster of 2018 Topps in a contest at Waiting 'Til Next Year, I figured it was pointless to save the gift card for 2018 Topps. A blaster of that stuff is p
We made it!Somehow after barely posting for the last year, we were able to get through all 5 of the Phillies related HOF Candidates - and for some reason I am happy about that2009 Allen & Ginter's Baseball Highlights #AGH23 Brad LidgeOther th
#677 Donovan OsborneHere is the third and final card that I won in a Twitter contest in 2015. This card was actually the main prize and the other two cards were just thrown in. Those two cards featured Eric Bullock and Don Slaught.Donovan pitched in
2017 Contenders Optic football is in the works for February with Panini meshing elements of two existing brands to create a new release.
My buddy, Nate, sent me a few 1969 cards for my set over the course of a couple weeks.  Apparently, he ordered a few and had them all shipped to me directly.  They were some pretty notable cards, starting with the above Denny McLain
This months Art Gallery Display comes from the artist Jason Adams who has a very unique style, he uses stencils and spray paint for his sketch cards, and I really dig his style.This card is very important to me because it is a commission I had done f
Oklahoma City University and Steve Avent had a big day in this May 1988 game and Avent came out with the game-winner, according to The Oklahoman.Avent knocked in four runs on three hits in the 19-18 Oklahoma City win. His final hit, a single, won the
You lucky-ducky!Featured is a 1950 ACME press photo taken during the filming of the Jackie Robinson Story that is currently on auction at Memory Lane (auction link). Per the descriptor on the reverse:Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers' second baseman,
A utility company official in Alabama will spend time in prison and be forced to pay back millions he stole from the company, much of it spent on sports cards.
Todays preview is brought to you by co-founder of Super Awesome Games and co-designer of Vs System 2PCG, Danny Mandel.    Todays preview article is brought to you by the number 4. Welcome to the first preview article for the upcomin
Outfielder Rob Nash played in 31 games for the Batavia Clippers of the Phillies organization in 1991. In 31 games he hit .245 with 1 HR and 14 RBI. He is now Co-Founder and President of Extra Innings, one of the largest baseball instruction franchise
Originally published March 1, 2012Illustrating the Yankees penchant for training away prospects in the 1980s, The Dallas Morning News noted in 1991 that the only four of the players who had won the organization's top minor league pitcher or position
The last two packs of 2000 Fleer Tradition that I ripped were both duds in that neither provided me any new cards for my set.  Let's hope the next pack treats me better.Pack 6:9.  AL ERA Leaders107.  Mike Lieberthal119.&amp
I really have sunk this low, but if we are ever going to open one pack of every product out there, we have to delve into the world of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana at some point.  I'm taking one for the team here.  I have no clue what
PSA is expanding its public relations efforts with the hiring of long-time industry vet Terry Melia.
The Topps 2017 Gallery set of 200 cards is now part of the Baseball Card Gallery at the Card Cyber Museum.The Baseball Card Gallery at the Card Cyber Museum currently consists of 380 complete sets: Bazooka (1995-96); Bowman
1994 Fleer #601  2001 Topps #172  2012 Choice InternationalLeague All-Stars #19During the Phillies Broadcaster Golden Age between 1977 and 1997, the core broadcasting team consisted of Harry Kalas, Richie Ashburn, Andy Musser and Ch
No, the title does not refer to Sammy's ego. It refers to this......a jumbo card from 1997 Zenith.  This monstrosity measures in at 8" x 10".  It is really big.  And with the odd cropping job, it is a very ugly car
The Stage has been set. The Match is underway. Who will come out on top? Theres only one way to find out.Keep going, and open that second pack!As we dive into this pack, the 1990 set has tied the match thanks to its pack one victory. Let's g
If you see your name, send me your mailing address! Before we get to the good stuff, I want to give a quick shout out to Tracy's Box Breaks. Tracy has a super affordable group break going, and there's still slots left. Someone is going to wi
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Now that we are thawing out here in eastern North Carolina, one of the first signs of Spring is upon us.  Graphing has resumed here on the blog, as I have returned from the annual Down East Wood Ducks Hot Stove Event.  I didn't know
#201 Rex HudlerHere is the lone card of Rex Hudler as an Oriole. Wonder Dog played in just 14 games with the O's in 1986. In the 14 games, he either entered the game as a defensive replacement or a pinch runner. Because of that, he only came to the p
The 1935 Whitman Party Stunts Game allowed players to mimic the iconic swing of Babe Ruth and the sliding acumen of Ty Cobb.
A long time ago, I overheard my wife try to explain my hobby to my daughter, who was much younger at the time."I think it relaxes him," she said to my obviously perplexed child.I had never thought of it those terms prior to then, but now it's fairly
Put on your Rolex and grab the keys to the Rolls-Royce because its time to hobnob with some celebrities. Or at least people considered to be celebrities in the early 90’s. Fifty celebrities came to play in the Celebrity Golf Championship th
This is for the figurine collectors out there.I just realized that a third Dodger' had been added to Import Dragon's stable of six inch player figurines for the 2017 season. It is of Cody Bellinger and it celebrates his recent selection as the Nation
Courtesy of Maine Sports Cards, here's what's ahead in new sports card releases, a list that includes products from multiple sports.
Babe Ruth was the all-time home run king the year I was born.  Damn.  Just seeing those words being typed out makes me feel old.  Anyways Hank Aaron came along two years later and ended Ruth's reign.  My entire chi
 When you are working on a PC rainbow and you are down to the final two cards and you can not find them, what do you do? If you said start another rainbow of another player we are thinking the same thing and it is driving me crazy that I eve
Lonnie Potter led Palmdale High School to a playoff victory over rival Victor Valley in May 1989.The right-hander struck out three, walked one while giving up two earned runs, according to The San Bernardino County Sun.Potter went on from Palmdale Hi
Leaf's prospect heavy brand, Valiant, is back after a short hiatus. It last appeared on store shelves in 2014. The set features only autographed cards, and only three Dodger prospects (one of whom has already made it big) are available. Go here to ch
QR code technology gives sports memorabilia collectors a unique opportunity to to add video highlights to their memorabilia collections. Read More The post QR codes bring sports memorabilia to life in a spectacular way appeared first on Sports Collec
NBA Auctions is offering the Golden State Warriors' 1980s throwbacks from their debut game in October.
Once again the MTA rolled out some vintage buses for the holiday season. There seemed to be fewer on the road this year but the ones I did spot were mostly the older ones which was very cool, including one I hadn't seen previously. Here are my photos
Originally published Dec. 30, 2014Mark Hutton's family took a trip to New York and Yankee Stadium. His parents even got him a Yankees jersey, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote.It was a story not unlike any other American kid. Hutton, though, wasn'
Barry LarkinYear:  1990Brand:  StarCard number:  7The seventh card in the 1990 Star Larkin set gives the first portion of Larkin's career information.  It's sort of weird that a pair of cards earlier in the set hig
Congrats, Ryu!He and Bae Ji-hyun tied the knot this past weekend in a private ceremony in Seoul. Photo above via Dan Kurtz on twitter. Per the Korean Herald:The year 2018 will have a bigger meaning than any other year, they said. Well be war
Proceeds from the sale of the 1994 Heisman Trophy won by Rashaan Salaam will benefit the research on athletes' medical conditions. Read More The post Rashaan Salaam Heisman Trophy offered at auction appeared first on Sports Collectors Digest.
1909-11 T206 Doolin (portrait)Yes, this want list is absurd.But having recently gone through the exercise of putting together want lists for the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s, I thought I'd finish off the universe of Phillies baseball cards by starting at t
Lelands is conducting a series of monthly online auctions with a mix of vintage material designed to appeal to "the old days".
Last week I showed the start of my 2016 World Series Cubs autograph collection.  I already had certified autographs of 15 of the players on the roster.For those without I Cubs certified auto, I will be getting cards showing them with other t
A multi-sport trade package from up Canada way. The various stacks of cards around my home are starting to get dangerously high. They tend to wobble a bit whenever I am near them. This means that I'm overdue for some organization and some tr
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Carrying on a 67-year tradition, 2018 Topps Baseball is set to arrive in February when Series 1 is scheduled to hit store shelves. The base set will include 350 cards featuring