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Game Development Mon Dec 11 2017 10:40:56 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Last time I said I was hoping to bring some good news, and here they are! Let’s proceed in order. Cursed Lands If you missed my announcement in the social media, a beta version featuring the full first chapter except … Continue re
In this episode, Soren interviews independent game developer Tyler Sigman, best known as the designer of HOARD and Darkest Dungeon. They discuss how whether it makes sense to hide game data in the age of wikis, if Darkest Dungeon is … Conti
In which we apply some lessons from the psychology behind combining losses and gains to leveling up in video games.Consider these two situations from a competitive online game: Player Y wins a match and is rewarded with two mystery boxes. He opens bo
Tomorrow at 5pM GMT We release the latest positech-published game ‘Shadowhand‘ to the world, on steam, humble store, GoG and direct from our site at This is a scary time. The game has been longer in develop
Recently I was over on The Ancient Gaming Noob blog, where a discussion broke out on all the recent discussions about lootboxes, game development costs, game pricing, microtransactions, and all the rest. In particular, it was prompted by this video:
I was too nervous to read Heat Signature reviews for two weeks after launch. I was relieved to see the scores were great, and after 3.5 years of work, that was all I wanted to hear: I didn’t want to know what their caveats were. Read more o
Its 6 p.m. in Tempe, Arizona and pitch-black outside. Im standing in the middle of a five-lane thoroughfare, among a group of people too numerous for the narrow median. We got trapped here after a brigade of left-turning cars preempted our passagetha
In this episode my guest expert and I discuss what psychology has to say about online harassment in games: what causes it, what predicts it, and how we might be able to curb it.Harassment of many types has been an issue that gamers and game developer
I’m 48 years old. Thats old for an indie game dev. However, its also an age where I find myself looking at the world and going ARGGHHHH. Not just in a ‘things are bad’ sense, which I think a lot of younger people would a
In this episode, Soren interviews independent game developer Tyler Sigman, best known as the designer of HOARD and Darkest Dungeon. They discuss how his game design career was almost derailed by staplers, how a weird aeronautical engineer is a normal
It is time once again for my autumnal social media break, a chance for me to exercise my cyber-restraint, pay less attention to my pocket robots distractions, and peer more deeply into the world around me. When I come back...It is time once again for
First of all, I made an updated version of Roommates with completely optional “nude romances CG” currently in beta testing. More info/details in my forums here: Now let
Yesterday evening, two different faces of internet power and caprice grimaced at the public. First, Joe Ricketts, the billionaire CEO of the local-news publications DNAinfo and Gothamist shut down their websites. The decision came less than a week af
A worry a damn lot about climate change, and 97% of scientists are scared to death as well. if you are not, you should be. I really don’t want to contribute to the problem, so what can I do? The best figures I can find show that the average
A while back I gave a keynote at the Game UX Summit in Toronto. Video of the talk is now up, so I’ve gone ahead and posted up a whole page for the talk that has the slideshow as well as the video. The talk was similar to some of my other ta
Last week, a discussion of media control span into the Emmy Awards. This week, philosophers Babette Babich and Chris Bateman pick up the discussion where they left off. Contains one word some readers may find offensive. Babette Babich: Last weeks...L
For the duration of Space Halloween (27th of Space October to the 1st of Space November), life and death in the Drift will be a little different: Removed: Death Due to science, you cannot die during Space Halloween. Bleeding out, suffocating, or bein
Full-size candy bars are the holy grail of Halloween. For many trick-or-treaters, they are seen as the ultimate bountya proper, grown-up Snickers or Milky Way with which to mock less-fortunate peers before engorgement. For those giving out the candy,
In this episode, Soren interviews independent game developer Asher Vollmer, best known as the designer of Puzzlejuice and Threes. They discuss why paper prototypes dont always translate well into video games, whether a game should take up 100% of you
…So I ended up concluding that rolling those two bits of GUI together was not unanimously a good idea, but I think changing the car design one so those horizontal tabs became left hand side list items is a bit of a no-brainer so I did that:
In the image above, this is what happens if you make Tofu angry. Be careful! I’ve always been a rather unique indie. My main peculiarity was to release games at good pace, without necessarily sacrificing quality (at least, in my …
Last week, the culture industry. This week, philosophers Babette Babich and Chris Bateman turn to the psychological effects of contemporary media. Babette Babich: Noam Chomsky basically rewrites this theme of culture industry [the subject of last wee
This is the first question I’m answering from the ones I got for UO’s 20th anniversary. I never played UO, so not knowledgeable. Maybe a routine question, but how do you think #UltimaOnline pushed the genre forward? This is a big
Heat Signature has been out for six days, and my God. It has been a storm. The good kind. It took three and a half years and I spent about 200,000 on it, making it probably the biggest risk of my life. And by the time it was done, the chance for any
When the commercial web was new, its acolytes were eager to show it off. The scientific-research and literary communities, where the web originated, envisioned it as a nonlinear platform for authorship and publishing. But the dot-coms and the adverti
Is it possible to be addicted to video games? How well are scientists doing at finding out?Is it possible to get addicted to video games? Have YOU ever been addicted to a video game or gaming in general? I’m frequently asked about this topi
My car factory game currently has two separate dialog boxes launched by these two icons on the top interface strip in the game world: The one on the left is the ‘car showroom’ dialog and it looks like this: …and the one
Last but not least, Emily. Originally was supposed to be a “secret route”. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned doing many games, is that those secret routes remain secret for maybe a day… So I thoug
Today marks the twentieth anniversary of Ultima Online‘s launch day. Funny enough, I have no particular memories of that day. I’ve written a fair amount about UO in the past, so I am at a bit of a loss as to what to say, other tha
Last week, Nietzsche. This week, philosophers Babette Babich and Chris Bateman turn to priming and the culture industry. Chris Bateman: Before we started our dialogues, I had just recently finished your marvellous book The Hallelujah Effect, which is
In this episode, Adam Saltsman interviews Margaret Robertson, Game Director at PlayDots. Margaret is known for her pioneering work at Hide & Seek and as editor-in-chief at EDGE magazine. They discuss how to make a game about death, whether a
This story starts exactly like the last great mission I had in an XCOM game: I kinda took on two missions at once. And everyone got tired from the first one, so we had to send our B-team on the other: to rescue a VIP. Read more on A Leftfield Solutio
As requested, here are some examples of stuff I printed with my 3D printer.First example isn't a miniature, but a box with a slide-able lid. It is bigger than the miniatures (the grid under the box is 1" hexes), so apart from some detail on the decor
How a few seconds with one trick from social psychology may help players get along better.This may shock you, but developers of team-based competitive games sometimes struggle with players not getting along and being mean to each other. And I don&amp
The joy I used to feel when using computers has turned largely to anguish. These machines once provided a unique and compelling way to do things, from writing to shopping to communication to entertainment. But today, devices and services strive to re
Before I go any further in talking about the card-battling RPG/Adventure?Visual Novel/Unique game we are publishing called Shadowhand…check out the trailer.. If you have not heard of the game before, its an interesting mash up of a whole bu
Suddenly, everything is a computer. Phones, of course, and televisions. Also toasters and door locks, baby monitors and juicers, doorbells and gas grills. Even faucets. Even garden hoses. Even fidget spinners. Supposedly smart gadgets are everywhere,
Last week, the trouble with Nietzsche. This week, philosophers Babette Babich and Chris Bateman take the discussion further and consider the questions Nietzsche raises, and the relationship between an authors books and the writer themselves. Babette
I was asked on Twitter recently for references for my mention of “consent systems” in my talk on “What AR and VR can Learn from MMOs.” I didn’t have any handy at the time but today I had some free tim
Heat Signature will be out on Steam 21st of September 2017! At time of writing, that’s Thursday of next week. It’s for Windows PCs, other platforms will depend on how this one goes. Read more on Heat Signature Release Date And Lau
Why do people play games that simulate jobs, even their own jobs that they spend hours doing every day?If I did a FAQ for this site, this question would definitely be one of the entries. And I get why. Look at games like Farming Simulator 17, which b
The writer and I refer to this character as “the ultimate babe”, and you can probably guess why Jokes apart, I really like the character design of Jade, one of my favorite of this artist together with Shiori of … Continu
In this episode, Soren interviews Steve Gaynor, co-founder of The Fullbright Company and best known for his work on BioShock 2, Minervas Den, and Gone Home. They discuss whether audio diaries need to make sense, why the Gone Home family … C
I have been happily printing miniatures for my Dungeons & Dragons games since I got my 3D printer. The typical result with regular PLA looks like this:The resolution and details are less good than what you would get if you bought a miniature
Unlike a game its often compared to (factorio), Production Line has intelligent routing. In factorio, things on conveyor belts go in the direction you send them without thought as to if thats the right way. In Production Line, every object has intell
For two decades now, Apple has been fighting a battle between attention and disregard. In 1997, when Steve Jobs returned as interim CEO, the company was a struggling maker of personal computers with limited market share. Then came the iMac, a Mac com
In this latest dialogue between philosopher and Nietzsche scholar Babette Babich and outsider philosopher Chris Bateman, we discuss Nietzsche himself, the difficulties of some of his texts, and the challenges his philosophy raised and continues to ra
Map software drives me nuts, because it’s clearly designed only by engineers. I think all of these could be done with current data sets: If current road segment is blue or yellow and next road segment is red: “Watch out, traffic i
I released Morphblade last week, which is a game I made in direct response to Michael Brough’s Imbroglio. They’re both games where you move around a grid of different tile types, and the one you’re standing on determines
How morality and moral choices affect game design and how we play.This episode’s guest expert, Dr. Matthew GrizzardMoral choice in video games is a concept that has been with us for decades now. Many games feature points where you must deci