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Programming Fri Mar 23 2018 17:27:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Posted by William Florance, Head, Economic Impact Programs Africa's digital journey is rapidly gaining speed. According to the recent data, over 73 million people came online in Africa for the first time in 2017- that's more than the population of th
It seemed like 2018 would finally be the year wed see Samsungs foldable Galaxy X surface, but a new report suggests it could be further off than the company let on.
Clearly visible focus styles are important for sighted keyboard users. However, these focus styles can often be undesirable when they are applied as a result of a mouse/pointer interaction. A classic example of this are buttons which trigger a partic
Im thinking a lot about what is needed at API runtime lately. How we document and provide machine-readable definitions for APIs, and how we provide authentication, pricing, and even terms of service to help reduce friction. As Mike Amundsen (@mamund)
In this tutorial, we'll learn how to easily integrate ONLYOFFICE with your WordPress website. ONLYOFFICE is an open source solution that comprises powerful document editing features and multiple productivity tools, such as CRM, projects, mail, chat a
Ever wonder if users can actually access your microservices? Observe timeouts in your applications, and not sure if it's the network or if your servers are too busy? Curious about the 99%-ile network latency between your on-premise data center and se
TheGalaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ recently launched, which means a lot ofpeople have gottentheir hands on the Samsung’snewest flagship smartphones. Unfortunately, it looks like some owners are running into some issues with their new daily driver.
The Amazon Echo Button can make an Alexa speaker into a gaming device especially if your goal is to host a heated multiplayer match.
As we all know OAuth 2 is an authorization mechanism that enables applications or users to obtain limited access to an API and provides user authentication to the API or service based on various roles/scopes. Mule also provides an OAuth provider that
Card payments are essential for any business. Here are five of the best, most secure and most efficient processing providers.It's never been easier to set up shop on the web and sell your wares to the world. The UK is a global leader in e-co
If your smartphone is your primary camera, it might be worth investing in some accessories to improve your shots. Right now we’re running a deal on the ShutterGrip Camera Controller that will make your phone easier to hold and snap with, an
At the recent Agile India conference Jeff Patton gave a keynote talk in which he challenged the way agile development approaches Product Ownership. He holds that product management is a discipline which was around before the Scrum term Product Owner
Amazon's Alexa responds to just about any Destiny 2 query, no matter how players phrase it, or what kind of terminology they use.
Read on to see how the desktop environment contenders fared in this week's Readers' Choice Awards category. Here's the breakdown (the contenders below were nominated by readers via Twitter): more>>
Backlog refinement (sometimes referred as grooming) is a very important and essential part of agile methodology. This is the only meeting in which teams get to know about the requirements to be worked upon and get all their queries clarified by produ
AJAX Integration with REST API Thanks for joining me for the fifth post on using Vue.js and Flask for full-stack web development. This post will be fairly short, but highly valuable as I will be demonstrating how to connect the front-end and back-end
Want to turbocharge your Facebook Ads performance? Watch these three metrics that apply to almost any campaign type.The post The 3 Facebook Ad Metrics You Aren’t Looking At, But Should Be by @SusanEDub appeared first on Search Engine Journa
Sander Mak discusses the module system with Java. Well hit on some of the practical advice hes seen preparing and then implementing migrations to 9 (with and without the classpath). Well discuss some of the benefits and pitfalls to look for as you pl
Welcome back toAndroid Gaming Weekly, our weeklyrecap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games were playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks and l
A new report says that Apple is readying a foldable iPhone for 2020, which would double as a tablet.
It’s not hard to find yourself owing a friend or family member some cash. Maybe they covered a movie ticket. Perhaps they paid for drinks on a Saturday night. And what if it’s the other way around? Maybe someone owes you for gas o
Kibana is a great visualization tool. It gives users almost complete freedom to slice and dice the data indexed in Elasticsearch in any way or fashion they like. As with any software, though, some tasks are not as simple as we'd like them to be. Some
pypy has spikes in time it takes occasionally when using cpyext, otherwise known as pauses.This is because it's deallocating lots of CPython objects all in one frame, rather than incrementally. This is likely to be addressed in a future release of py
Docker does for DevOps what Rails did for web development--it gives you a new set of superpowers. Gone are "works on my machine" woes and lengthy setup tasks, replaced instead by a simple, consistent, Docker-based development environment that will ha
Up your content game with the best and proven tools for content research, collaboration, SEO, and analytics.The post Top 15 Tools That Will Help You Create Better Content by @infobrandz appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
If you're even a moderate Linux command line user, you must be aware of pipes, a fundamental command line feature that allows processes to communicate. Then there's a concept of named pipes (yeah, pipes with names, so that you can do more with pipes)
High fidelity music streaming service TIDAL has announced that it is expanding its app support. The company has launched a new app for the Amazon Fire TV as well as announced compatibility with Android Auto. Fire TV and High fidelity music streaming
Blockchain could be the answer to increasingly tough anti-money laundering (AML) statutes and enterprise fraud management (EFM) requirements looming for the financial services industry.In areport released this week by Forrester Research, blockchain's
There are some big updates coming to the OnePlus 6, according to the latest leak.
In this blog, we will talk about how we can work with XML using Scala. Scala treats XML as a first-class citizen. So, instead of embedding XML documents into strings, you can place them inline in your code like you would place an int or double value.
In this article, we're going to be looking at mysql-backup4j, a very flexible Java library that we can use to back-up our database periodically. Once our app is in production, we can't afford to not have a timely backup in case of eventualit
Continuing our discussion on nonce reuse issues that were raised in the security report, I want to talk about the way we encrypt the most important thing, your data.RavenDB uses an algorithm called XChaCha20Poly1305 with 256 bits key to encrypt the d
Now that Oracle has released Java Development Kit 10, the next version, JDK 11, is just around the corner. Due in September 2018 as part of Oracles new six-month release cadence for the standard edition of Java, Version 11 has just a handful of annou
IBM offers the industries first bare metal Kubernetes as a managed service. This service will enable developers and data science teams to push containers to a managed service directly on bare metal cloud infrastructure. By Steef-Jan Wiggers
When incident detection vendor SecBI found suspicious activity on company devices at one of its clients, they passed on the data with the expectation that the client, a large European enterprise, would investigate further. That didnt happen. The clie
We’ll show you how to install Python 3.6.4 on CentOS 7. Python is at the core of many popular websites and programs – YouTube, Instagram, and even Yum on CentOS, to name a few. They all rely on Python’s reliability and p
A Way Out is a two-player co-op games with a tight story. Here's what the critics have to say.
Payara Server 5 and Payara Micro 5 are here! We've already blogged about some improvements in Payara Server & Payara Micro 5, but there are many more.  We know you'll be excited to find that this release includes several usa
Andrei Matei joined the show and talked with us about CockroachDB (and why it's easier to use than any RDBMS), distributed databases with Go, tracing, and other interesting projects and news. Sponsors Fastly Our bandwidth partner. Fastly powers fast
To simplify development and deployment, most developers want everything in the same artifact, so you'd ideally put your Angular app inside your Spring Boot app, right? But what if you could create your Angular app as a standalone app and make cross-o
All applications glitch from time to time, but can they help you cross borders?Ola is apparently booking rides for customers from Bangalore, all the way to North Korea with an estimated fare charge of Rs 1,49,088 for a 5-day round trip. A bug in the
You may have already heard about d3.js, the dazzling JavaScript library that lets you create beautiful charts and graphics with just a few lines of code. You might have seen some of the fantastic examples of D3 in action, or you may have heard that t
Now that Oracle has released Java Development Kit 10, the next version, JDK 11, is just around the corner. Due in September 2018 as part of Oracles new six-month release cadence for the standard edition of Java, Version 11 has just a handful of annou
Samsung’s next flagship phone will probably have a fingerprint scannerunderthe screen! Yeah, we get it. You’ve probably heard that rumor several times before, and it’s not even exclusive to Samsung. This time, though, it
CountDownLatch is an easy way to wait until another thread has finished a task. The CountDownLatch is initialized by the number of threads we need to wait for. After a thread has finished its task, it calls countDown, counting down the countdown. A t
Hongli Lai, co-founder of Phusion and Passenger engineer, shares his quest for an easy-to-use monitoring solution for Phusion's servers. Unlike the other solutions I've checked out, Netdata provides real-time, per-second monitoring. You can see the C
Ahhh, the mobile app RFP. How many of these have you seen over your app development career? For most of us, deciding to bid on a mobile app RFP is a complex question of calculating the projects scope versus the budget, then dividing by the timeline,
Reports are popping up in online forums where Galaxy S9 owners complain of unresponsive touch screens. Here's what we know about the problem.