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Fish Mon Jan 15 2018 14:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Looking for information about how to cure live rock? Live rock is one of the most important things you will add to your saltwater aquarium. It serves as both the structural and filtration-al… (I never miss an opportunity to make up a new wo
Mary Lee, arguably the most famous shark in America, has gone silent. After being tagged with a transmitter by research organizationOcearchoff the coast of Cape Cod in 2012, Mary Lee gained a legion of loyal followers tracking her ocean journeys. She
So, a bit of bookkeeping- yes. I've been writing the blog less regularly. This has been largely a good problem to have: lots of other projects have been keeping me busy.. So, I'm mainly just writing when a good topic strikes me.. but I tweet a LOT mo
The occurrence of emotions in animals has been under debate. Now, a research collaborative has demonstrated for the first time that fish have emotional states triggered by the way they perceive environmental stimuli. This study, published in Scientif
As much as some people find body hair attractive, there are a significant other that do not like having hairy bodies. Modern fashion trends suggest that having your body clean shaven is one the best way to look good. However, shaving body hair can tu
How is everything progressing with your aquarium or aquariums? Do you have an aquarium goal for 2018? If you’re just starting out, perhaps your goal is to establish a thriving tank? If you’ve had success with fish, maybe you want
Few reefkeepers can claim as much experience and insight as our very own editor, Terry Siegel. In 2018, Terry will share his thoughts and knowledge in hopes helping reefkeepers avoid the mistakes he's made as well as give us all a greater scope of th
Our first impression with the Waveline WavePuck is that it was worth the wait. We first reviewed a 3D-printed version ofthe WavePuckback in 2016. As expected, Daniel Nguyen and his team at Reef Life Support Systems have improved upon its design. Here
‘Tis the season for new gadgets, gear, gift cards and fishes, corals and other invertebrates. I love this time of year–from a personal and family perspective, but also from my personal aquarium perspective–because this i
I'm BACK! After a month at sea with 2.5 weeks worth of dives I've safely returned to "home base" in Washington DC! I was out in the central Pacific with NOAA's R/V Okeanos Explorer on their Laulima O Ka Moana expedition, exploring the deep-sea of the
Sleep is an essential part of every person’s life. Sleep allows one to rest and get rejuvenated ready for the next day’s activities. It is therefore important for one to get enough and proper sleep and also have an environment tha
Minh Ho's has a gift for creating captivating paludariums. There's something special about seeing a slice of habitat where land meets water.Click through to see the images.
MASNA is proud to announce that the Quarter 2, 2017 publication funded by the Dr. Junda Lin Memorial Fund for Publishing Open Access Marine Aquarium Research is now freely available to the public as an open access article. In 2017, MASNA introduced t
6 Shy saltwater fish you may want to add to your tank One common trait that the most popular and common saltwater fish share is a certain boldness in the aquarium. I’m not talking about aggressiveness, per se, but rather a lack of skittishn
Some EXCITING news! I have signed on to join NOAA's research vessel Okeanos Explorer as the Biology co-Lead for their July Expedition Broad casting from (approximately) July 13 to August 1!
Introduction Finding a good doctor can be a tricky task. However, finding a good dentist can be an even trickier task, especially for those of us who are terribly frightened of visiting a dentist and getting our teeth fixed or pulled out. Not too lon
Aphyosemion cyanoflavum, the blue and gold killifish, is the first newly described fish species of 2018. As with other species in this genus, it is a gorgeous killifish from Africa.Click through to see the images. Aphyosemion cyanoflavum, a Congo end
It’s nice to start off the new year with yet another aquacultured marine fish species:juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus). Read the official press release from Quality Marine. Quality Marine is excited to start the New Year by
A product review of the new line of Anura pH meters for the saltwater aquarium hobby–the Anura pH50 A few months back, I was approached by an entrepreneur, Randy, launching a new line of meters for the aquarium hobby. The brand name was Anu