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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Do you love the saltwater aquarium hobby as much as I do? I hope so. Over the years, I’ve obsessed about different aspects of the hobby, but I absolutely love it. Here is why I love it–when you get to the bottom, leave a comment a
Reef Endurance is a new brand line of liquid supplements offered by CoralVue out of Slidell, LA. These new supplements were recently announced at Reef-A-Palooza in Orlando, FL. Reef Endurance is manufactured here in the USA exclusively by CoralVue. R
Getting lip fillers should be a big deal. There are some things one should understand before deciding to do it. This article will discuss some of the important things you should know before saying yes to lip fillers. Read on. What are lip fillers mad
Readers know Advanced Aquarist loves reporting science. Sadly, we have seen a precipitous decline in the number of aquatic-related studies published over the past couple of years. Fortunately, aquarists are still creating amazing aquariums that inspi
So for the last 3 years, I've been lucky. There have been multiple opportunities for me to do field work but more importantly to visit museum all around the world in order to study the animals I love so much! I've been away for up to four months ever
The aquarium world has been buzzing about recent reports of palytoxin poisoning. It seems to be swirling because of some news reports like this one: From The Independent In that article, the report was that Chris Matthews, age 27, was taken to the ho
Orphek is now shipping their new OR Bar LED Light. Available in 3 different lengths (24, 35, and 48") and five different fixed spectrums, these are not your average strip lights. Ranging from 55 watt to 108 watts, the OR Bar LEDs are sure to output a
It’s always good to see new options in the LED lighting space and that is no exception with the new high performance OR LED light bar from Orphek. Typically light bars are typically blue or white or blue with white LED diodes but Orphek has
Introduction to the pulsing xenia coral The pulsing xenia coral isa popular, fast-growing, easy to frag soft corals species. This easy to care for coral gets its name because of the rhythmic pulsing action of the coral polyps that look like a hand op
Research which has been conducted on sleep apnea has shown that more and more people are developing this condition and it has become a concern. If you snow so much and wondering why the sudden snoring you can check if it is all about sleep apnea. The
GREETINGS! and Happy New Year! Yes.  Sorry. Its been awhile since I've blogged.. Lots of travelling and research are a good thing...but time for essential outreach can sometimes be fleeting!For my inaugural 2018 post: a MYSTERY!I've written
Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus is a new goby species described from freshwaters of Anhui Province in Eastern China. While we generally (and rightfully) perceive reef fish as more colorful, there are many freshwater fish that are very colorful.Click thro
The Gold Dot Maroon Clownfish (left) and the Gold Nugget Clownfish (right) Sea and Reef is at it again with more designer clownfish releases. About two weeks ago they announced the Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish and last week they announced the Gold Do
The dangers of palytoxin and why you need to read this article Palytoxin is one of the most toxic marine chemicals and it might be in your home right now. I hope that caught your attention. One way to determine how toxic a chemical is to give it to a
For some people, they might be struck with a disease or a weak condition, and in some chances, they might need to wear an ostomy pouch to help them pee or poop. Some people might think that wearing an ostomy pouch is embarrassing, but hopefully, in t
So, a bit of bookkeeping- yes. I've been writing the blog less regularly. This has been largely a good problem to have: lots of other projects have been keeping me busy.. So, I'm mainly just writing when a good topic strikes me.. but I tweet a LOT mo
Dr. Tim Wijgerde investigates the effects of blue and red light on the health, colouration, growth and zooxanthellae density of two coral species, Stylophora pistillata and Porites cylindrica.Click through to see the images. Marine Animal Ecology, De
Orphek has develop an LED light solution with an elegant design. The new Ocean Reef LED fixture has 6 lighting channels and it includes preset programs, including a coral acclimation program. The Ocean Reef, like some high end lighting solutions, inc
This may sound obvious, once you read this, but feeding the animals in your tank is one of the most important things you will do for them. Surprisingly, however, people don’t talk much about food in this hobby, and I don’t see a l
Since ever the public started raising concerns about the effects associated with smoking, it has been an uphill task to those who are addicted to smoking to quit. As a result, several companies have been manufacturing cessation products; gum, nicotin
I'm BACK! After a month at sea with 2.5 weeks worth of dives I've safely returned to "home base" in Washington DC! I was out in the central Pacific with NOAA's R/V Okeanos Explorer on their Laulima O Ka Moana expedition, exploring the deep-sea of the
The Great Barrier Reef has been hit by two consecutive years of devastating severe bleaching events. A new study shows that not only are corals being wiped out but so are reef fishes that rely on corals for food and shelter. Australia's fish populati
The Wide Bar Black Gladiator Clownfish is a new Sea & Reef signature designer clownfish that was just released this past Friday! The Wide Bar Black Gladiator was naturally developed from theWide Bar Mocha Gladiator Ocellaris Clownfish, which
Are you looking for a great saltwater fish to add to your saltwater tank? Ask your local fish store to order you a male Melanurus wrasse, the best-kept secret in the saltwater aquarium hobby Why? How about this list of these 7 reasons to keep the Mel
As much as some people find body hair attractive, there are a significant other that do not like having hairy bodies. Modern fashion trends suggest that having your body clean shaven is one the best way to look good. However, shaving body hair can tu
Some EXCITING news! I have signed on to join NOAA's research vessel Okeanos Explorer as the Biology co-Lead for their July Expedition Broad casting from (approximately) July 13 to August 1!
We first blogged about Viking's 2000 liter reef tank back in 2014. Each year, new footage of this AMAZING aquarium surfaces. It's 2018, and the tank is looking better than ever. It is hard to argue that this isn't one of (if not THE) greatest home re
Have you ever wondered how a fish aquarium is actually made? Red Sea has just shared a short clip of how the Red Sea Reefer tanks are made. Granted, they are not going to show you some of their trade secretes but at least the video gives you a sense
The engineer goby is one of my absolutely favorite saltwater fish. Ive kept them in my display tank for years. They are one of the most inexpensive fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby, most of the time with a cost below $10 for a small juvenile fish
Sleep is an essential part of every person’s life. Sleep allows one to rest and get rejuvenated ready for the next day’s activities. It is therefore important for one to get enough and proper sleep and also have an environment tha
GREETINGS! Last week, a new paper I've literally been working on since I finished my PhD has FINALLY been completed! Its easily my largest monograph at the moment and includes a whopping 14 new species, 3 new genera and a new subfamily!For those who
Tubuca alcocki is a new, colorful species of fiddler crab. This species travels well! It has a surprisingly wide range from Western Thailand all the way to the India, Pakistan, and all the way to the Red Sea.Click through to see the images. Tubuca al
The Atlanta Reef Club is holding their annual Coral & Aquatics Expo on Saturday April 14 and we can’t wait. The show doors will open at noon and close at 5:00 PM. The event is being held at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Geor
Feeling lighthearted today and thought I’d share these Funny Fish Faces guaranteed to put a smile on your face today! Write your own caption by leaving a comment below The post Funny Fish Faces appeared first on Saltwater Aquarium Blog.
Introduction Finding a good doctor can be a tricky task. However, finding a good dentist can be an even trickier task, especially for those of us who are terribly frightened of visiting a dentist and getting our teeth fixed or pulled out. Not too lon
Baker IslandBack in 2008 I wrote a post about a great looking starfish that I wanted to know more about, a weird looking deep-sea star called Tremaster mirabilis!  Its a striking looking animal and its not unusual for odd looking animals to
With funding from National Geographic Society, a group of scientists traced and documented the supply chain of marine fish from coral reef to home aquarium. Refreshingly, unlike many exposs, the resulting website presents the information in a fair-mi
The Red Handfish (Thymichthys politus) is one of the worlds rarest fish. Thanks to a lucky discovery the known population has just doubled in size. A new group of these fish were just recently discovered off the coast of Tasmania, Australia. The newl
The recent Nor’easter took out power to my house. The power went out on Friday, while I was away on business travel, and as of Sunday, the power was still out. The temperature outside was 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside the ho
People who have been in weight lifting can admit that some body parts require some support through different gear. They include the wrist wraps, waist wraps, and belts just to mention but a few. The right clothes and shoes also play a great role when
This Saturday we were witness to one of the most AMAZING echinoderm related ecology/natural history moments that I've seen in awhile!Namely watching this brittle star CAPTURE and EAT SWIMMING PREY!.. and this happened all LIVE on Okeanos Explorer's l
When modern reefkeepers want to prevent our aquarium corals from bleaching, we have the luxury of controllable lighting. But there's no way to turn down the intensity of the sun. Scientists have developed a safe way to shield coral reefs from full su
It seems like IceCap and CoralVue keep releasing a steady stream of new aquarium products. It’s a little hard to ignore so we are once again posting an article about a new IceCap product called theIceCap Digital Pocket Tester. The new IceCa
I started this blog in 2009, with the goal of helping you (or other people like you) get up to speed quickly with your reef tanks and avoid making the same mistakes I did. Well, the good news is that there’s a lot of learning going on these
Introduction These days, we are all well familiar with how excess pounds and obesity can endanger the health of an individual and ruin their lifestyle. In fact, obesity is one of the most common problems of the modern man and woman. Thankfully, over
Many of you know that I occasionally "call in" when the NOAA deep-sea research platform Okeanos Explorer goes out to see on its missions. (remember the next leg BEGINS APRIL 27
Red Sea has become one of the biggest (if not the bigggest) glass aquarium manufacturers in the world. They shared a video showing how their aquariums are made ... and the production process is downright impressive.Click through to see the images.
IceCap is touting their new Selectable Output ballasts as the most advanced metal halide lighting solution for the serious reef keepers. They are capable of running most mogul and double ended metal halide lamps with fast startup, low heat, and absol
4 Reasons why saltwater tank owners burn out I started this blog in 2009 as an experiment to see if I could help people who were starting their own saltwater tanks. Over the years, Ive been fortunate to meet (most of them virtually) a lot of great pe
Introduction If you want to lose weight, there are great weight loss diets that can help you achieve your desires. You cannot achieve the required weight loss if you ignore taking healthy diet while focusing on exercising alone. Lack of balanced diet