Doll Making

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Doll Making

Doll Making Thu Dec 14 2017 16:43:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- " Got Milk? " Two more Gingers SOLD and on the way to their forever home.In my haste to send them off, these are the only pictures I took, so no finished ones but they were so sweet, sigh...More Later !!! SEE YA !!!Blessings,
This is a repost.  For the past few years I've done a post on making Christmas ornaments.   You can view the other Christmas Ornament posts here. This year we made an old stand-by - ornaments made with cinnamon dough.   Thi
Guess who was featured in the Brown Alumni Magazine Holiday Gift Guide for 2017? My Hug Me Slugs! I submitted them to Brown Alumni Magazine for their annual holiday gift guide on almost the last day for submissions, and was surprised when Kerry Lachm
I just had to get a few finished up for the show. The finish line is in sight! I set up tonight and tomorrow evening is the opening gala. My etsy shop will be empty for the weekend (except for … Continue reading →I just had to get See my Life Book 2013 pages HERE orLife Book 2014 HERE or Life Book 2015 HERE or Life Book 2016 HERE or Life Book 2017 HERE or Life Book 2018 HERE
All Flown AwayMore Later SEE YA !!!Blessings,
Well, she is finally done! I'm thrilled with how she turned out. She measure 8" from head to toe. I always learn something new when making one of my Trolls and she was no exception. I learned how to make tiny bows using a fork. What did we ever do wi
I needed to read this post from 2011 again....Have you heard this saying?If everything's important, then nothing's important.  Yeah, I thought so.   I like to do a lot of things.   I didn't even l
I'm starting work again on a few sculptural pieces.........this is number 7 in the "Enigma Stones" series. Small mixed-media sculpture painted in monochromatic greys.I have a couple of exhibitions coming up, so I need to get together a  reas
English Roses from our garden this season~Image Christine Alvarado, 2017. Hello! It's been far too long since my last post~the seasons are just flying by and I've once again neglected my blog (time to get myself over to Instagram).... English Roses f
With his cashmere tam- And without- see his curl? Cherubs on his chest. With his cashmere tam- And without- see his curl? Cherubs on his chest.
Giving thanks today.
To purchase any of the works listed in this blog sale, simply email me at:monkeycatsstudio@charter.netwith the name of the piece and price in the subject line.I will not be checking other means of communication during the sale. I will sell each piece
Snowbabes.. in progress WIPs I think I fixed the problem. leave a comment if you will,...See Something , Say something, remember-first come first serve More Later, SEE YA !!!Blessings,
I want to thank Zsuzsa for sending pics of her version of Oggie. He turned out great. This is Ragnar.
Yes, you have read that right ... my Fractured quilt that I began when we lived in Wyoming way back in November 2013 was finally finished in March. Yay! I decided to call it Fractured Cool Tones since I used...Yes, you have read that right ... my Fra
For several years now I havent been sewing or creating much. While I was focusing on other things I kept piling stuff up in my sewing room and painting area for when I would get around to it. My sewing room is behind the ghost in the picture, what yo
Before I sent off my Izannah Walker 200th birthday celebration doll to her new owner, I decided to give her a "second skin" body covering, similar to what the originals had. I think I've worked out why Izannah Walker gave her dolls this seco
It's me, the zombie granny doll-maker!Needle felted on a wire armature.The specs are made of copper wire.I was especially pleased with the eyes. I had planned to use glass ones, but decided to try needle felting them.
This kitty girl is all the NOT WINTER colors- so tropical and cheerful! It is looking very winter-y here in the Boston area. Pretty but messy. This kitty girl is all the NOT WINTER colors- so tropical and cheerful! It is looking very winter-y here in
Got Milk ? More Later, SEE YA !!! Both SOLD!!! Thanks Susan son Josh, who started college this year, writes music in the rap hip-hop genre.  Hes been doing this for years.  It has been interesting to see his writing grow and change. This albu
It's a chilly Halloween morning, but at least it's not raining this year!
Well, I have spent the last several days converting some of my patterns to PDF's. I will try to do a few more in the future. This is for my past patterns only though. I have no intentions on writing patterns anymore. Sorry!!! I hope you enjoy some of
The second Izannah Walker-inspired doll I made last month, whom I named "Harriet" is now completed. Her underwear is trimmed with crochet lace, which I worked onto the garment directly, she has long drawers with a drawstring at the waist and a red wo
I have just a few pieces available for a blog sale this Sunday night.  I will update my blog at 8:00 p.m. Central Time with the list of pieces, with images and their titles/prices.   I will sell the works to the collectors in the or
A companion to "The Forager", this one was intended to be "The Messenger" but I decided he looked much to smart and clever, so he is going to be "The Solicitor". Needle felted on a wire armature.Coming along nicely! He has his coat and a bel
2017 started off with some sewing of little handmade sewn gifts for all of my longarm quilting clients at The Quilted Lemon. I like to find something that will be useful but that also are easily shipped. This year I... 2017 started off with some sewi
First is the another thing. CraftBoston Holiday is what I have been focused on and working towards. I will be setting up this coming Wednesday and the show opens on Thursday evening. The link will take you to a page … Continue reading &
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo...Works in ProgressAvailable SoonMore Later, SEE YA !!!
If you don't need a pattern you can donate directly to One America Appeal, a bipartisan organization formed and endorsed by our former living Presidents.  You can designate the area you would like to support.For those who were going
While it's raining and blowing here today, this past Sunday was a spectactular day for the 2017 Great Columbia Crossing,a 10k walk/run that starts at the Dismal Nitch Rest Area in Washington, and ends near the West Mooring Basin in Astoria. Last year
First of all, I must apologize for being a bit slack about keeping this blog updated - constraints mainly caused by doing house renovations make my time a bit limited. But I have been busy with other things, apart from licking this house into shape!H
I know it has been almost a year since I updated my blog, but I don't have the luxury of spending as much time online as in the past.  I do quick facebook updates, but sitting in front of a computer screen is problematic now.  I had
I blogged about these here.I think I've finished the piece now, but you never know............................if they stay with me for any length to time and I look at them again there's always something that I could have done better.Here it is now:
I knew we were getting snow today. By the time I finished anything yesterday, it was too dark to take photos. I rushed out this morning to take some pics before the flakes started to fall but even though I … Continue reading → I k
For the sweet tooth ... 2 Gingerbreadman First come, first serveMoreLater!! SEE YA!!!Blessings,
Yesterday's post about marking milestones through buying art reminded me of this group of dolls I purchased for my 50th birthday. I purchased this lot on EBay and the original buyer bought it as an end of auction box lot in Vermont.   &n
I did it again, even knowing my free time is limited. I signed up for Life Book 2018. What can I say? It's brought me joy, and has taught me new and interesting mixed media techniques. You can find out more about this year-long online course at https
Eyes, change everything! Next some color to the face, ears and hands. I played with hair yesterday, but nothing was quite right?!? Maybe today? Must go find some miniature lights and other Christmas do-dats.
These elephants are such fun to make and they knit up very quickly on four needles with 8 ply (DK) yarn. I first devised this pattern a few years ago, but the problem was, it was mostly in my head and a number of people had asked me for the pattern.&
More black and red, just a different combination! Day of the Dead tattoos. More black and red, just a different combination! Day of the Dead tattoos.
Figgy PuddingMore Later SEE YA !!!Blessings,
In our time together, my husband and I have often marked particular milestones by buying art. When my youngest graduated recently, I recognized that my roles as mom would be morphing.  And so I asked jewelry artist Steph Stargell&am See my Life Book 2013 pages HERE orLife Book 2014 HERE or Life Book 2015 HERE or Life Book 2016 HERE or Life Book 2017 HERE
I absolutely love this part. I'm using an applied method for the clothes. Yup, it's just what it sounds like. Hold the fabric to the body, adjust to your liking, pin, cut and sew.
 A jointed cloth doll dressed in peasant style with and embroidered waistcoat.  A little boy with a hobby-horse Experimenting with new design.......a-a-a-a-nd!KNITTED ELEPHANTS! I needed to write down my original p
I am at the point in my sewing-for-the-show where I am trying to fill in gaps in my inventory so I will be making a little of this and a little of that. On the table, a few ladies. Hunting … Continue reading →I am at the point in
Spun cotton of course ... FiggyMore later, SEE YA!! Blessings,