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Cats Fri Jan 19 2018 14:28:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)
"Mercy in Her Beauty, Or, The Height of a Deliverance from the Depth." Two new, incredibly gorgeous basslets have been discovered in the uber deep waters of the Caribbean.Click through to see the images. The two new Lipogrammas are currently only kno
Roseate Spoonbills at Ding Darling NWRThis beautiful bird was not watching planes in the sky. It raised its head as a flight intention movement. After lifting its bill twice it took off! Knowing bird behavior can help your bird photography!
The same batch of continuing ABA rarities persists into another week, headlined by the ABA 1st record Mistle Thrush in New Brunswick. Nazca Booby (ABA Code 4) and Garganey (4) are still being seen in California and the Sinaloa Wren (5) is still in Ar
We're pawticipating in Friendly Fill-ins sponsored by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing.Today Allie is doing our Fill-Ins1. I have never been able to __understand why those tabby cats run around like maniacs._.2. I wish I
How to get rid of green hair algae: If you’re having problems with green hair algae–you’re not alone. Many of us have struggled with this problem algae in our tanks. It can be a big pain because it can “take ov
Lately we’ve started thinking of Dennis’s conditions as being in a race to see which one is going to get him first. There are five major ones: Anxiety, Heart Murmur, Hip Dysplasia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and now, Osteosarcoma
Despite their common name, the Iceland Gull can actually be seen outside of Iceland. While they can be found there in winter their breeding range is southern Baffin Island, southern Greenland, northwestern Quebec, and on islands in northern Hudson Ba
The nasty Texas weather continues for a few more days but the forecast is good. We took the van out today, in 34 degree/misty weather to check out Anzalduas Park, a favorite local birding site. Here are a few photos … Continue reading &
IZA:  TBT follows the idea of "One more litterbox than cats".    And he kept them spread out a bit.  But I developed a BAD HABIT.  When I was younger, I would pee in one and poop in another.&n
It looks like a puff explosion!Annabelle you are just too cute!!!!!
  SUNday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday Palace Time  Warming one chair - Keeping the rug in place - Holding up the wall - Yes, keeping the kharpet fl
The west entrance to one of North America's great protected wildlands, Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. I made a whirlwind trip here over the last week - a journey I could be writing about for some time. There were other stops, including
Wait.  Watch.  Listen.  Whisper. American KestrelThe secrets of the grassland eventually reveals itself.Eastern Meadowlark, Lillian'sIn a trance.  Cautiously, we watch each other.Trust. Peace. Serenity. My world. T
Georgia: It is sunny but cold outdoors.Wednesday, we finally got some serious snow.We got about 17cm and then some freezing rain.Thursday was relatively warm and the sun came out for a bit.The weekend should be warmer...yay!This floor vent is the bes
There he was again this afternoon. High in the dead top of a Doug-fir, perched about five yards from where he was on Tuesday. This time he didn’t stay long and didn’t have any food in his clutches. Can I call him “my pet
Yesterday, Erik Bruhnke and I stood side by side photographing a nearby Great Gray Owl. Erik is 6'0"; I am 5'4". His photo, on the right, is the better one: He doesn't have the magnification set quite as high as mine (we were both using the new Canon
Whilst in Jizan this winter I saw a number of Lesser Black-backed Gull (Baltic Gull) Larus fuscus fuscus. This species winters in the southwest coast around Jizan with a number of ringing recoveries of birds ringed in Sweden and Finland from this are
Mum and I got a sleep in today as mum is on shift again.  Still mum got up and cleaned herself, the bathroom and the kitchen.  She has done 3 loads of washing, made lunch and hoovered the floors.  Now she is just going to m
I'm wondering if I should make plans. The tenth anniversary of Albuquerque-based Breaking Bad will be celebrated on Saturday with a one day reappearance of the show's famous fried chicken place, Los Pollos Hermanos.Oh. My mom just told me there reall
A Turkey Vulture bade us adieu at the Ensenada Lodge in western Costa Rica. 9 July proved to be mainly a maintenance day during our expedition. I think I explained that our 18-day tour was actually two back-to-back segments. People signed up for one,
From June 1976 to March 1981, Russ and I lived in Madison, Wisconsin. Id spend a morning or sometimes a whole day, usually two or three times a month, on a field trip with Madison Audubon. At first I was a participant, learning lots of great birding
Click here, for video from some fixed camera in an unknown, snowy location. The Snowy Owl would have been more than a match for the fox who wisely left. These owls are the beefy brutes of the north, often killing prey that weigh much more than the ow
Since ever the public started raising concerns about the effects associated with smoking, it has been an uphill task to those who are addicted to smoking to quit. As a result, several companies have been manufacturing cessation products; gum, nicotin
Photographed at Speech House, on the log, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.It has been about 6 years since I photographed the Hawfinch, at last I done it. This one I think a is female, but I may be wrong.Please look at my website&nbsp
Heading into the famous Red Rocks amphitheaterwas a jaw dropper for someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time out west. Not just the rocks and the view but to see a concert here would be amazing. The hike up … Continue reading &#
2017 one of the three hottest years on record. Other two: 2015 and 2016. Get it? Of course, our genius President knows all this temperature stuff is just a Chinese conspiracy. Will he shut down NASA and NOAA? Other nations will continue to monitor ou
"There is so little time. We need to make every moment count."  Shannon DelanyPrint Available - HERE 
For as long as I can remember, most every bit of American history I've ever read has in one way or another led back to the Chesapeake Bay. Which makes it rather unfortunate that, like many life-long westerners, I've never once set eyes upon it.
Picture taken December 24, 2012 Picture taken December 24, 2012