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Cats Wed May 23 2018 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Hey pals, we're happy to be WORDY today with another review for our friends at Chewy.We were given the opportunity to review I and Love and You Variety Pack and we jumped at the chance.  (Well, maybe we didn't exactly JUMP but you k
This week I received a lovely letter from a woman from Connecticut named Ann. She writes:My son and I anxiously await For the Birds to appear on my iTunes podcast feed every week so we can listen to you after I pick him up from preschool. We are bran
The squirrels were busy grooming and eating. Plants along the trail. Roadblock on the trail. I was almost all the way down Marsh Rabbit Run trail when I saw this. My choices were to sit and wait and see if … Continue reading → The
Do you know what my brother Ivan did last night?He yakked on Mom! Right on her!I think his Cute Card lost some of its charm right about then!
The Trump Administration has proposed lifting a ban on shooting grizzly cubs and various ways of slaughtering wolves in Alaska. Great white hunters rejoice. All the current shooting mania abroad in our land makes me think we need a constitutional ame
Smith Oaks was extremely productive for us on multiple days and hella fun to bird, generally better than Boy Scout overall. Smith was consistently somewhere between "moderately birdy" and "guhhhhhh birds everywhere" throughout the week...eBird checkl
Certain species have been giving birders cause for concern this Spring with their lack of numbers and/or lateness of arrival, and Swift is one of them. Others include Swallow, House Martin, Sand Martin, Whitethroat and Reed Warbler. What the Hirundin
It’s only 30 days31 days away from Reef-A-Palooza New York! Please read the official press release from the RAP team. We hope to see you at the show! Press Release 30 Day Count Down – Reef-A-Palooza New York 2018 Reef-A-Palooza Ne
Again today theres a single Pine Siskin at our garden feeders in suburban McMinnville, OR. We are less than 500 feet above sea level here and the nearest true conifer forest is small and more than a quarter mile flight away (Rotary Park). Yet our lit
Trust the pawparrazi to take the most unflattering pics. My hiney is quite tiny, believe me!Unlike hers.I strongly suspect she did this on purpose.Hoomins have such a juvenile sense of humor. 
The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project aims to create the first multilingual interactive mobile app to help aquarists recreate habitats as close to nature as possible.Click through to see the images. Most aquarists start their journey in fishkeeping by simply
When I was a little girl, I read an article in our encyclopedia titled bird-watching. In it, it said, A bird-watcher should have binoculars, so that he can see the birds clearly without being so close that he might frighten them away. Naturally, that
White-faced Flatwings sit in the shade above streams. They range from Mexico to Costa Rica. We encountered this individual where a stream cut through our mountain forest trail on 16 July 2017 at Braulio Carrillo Naxtional Park (Quebrada Gonzlez), in
It’s been a while since this one was initially discovered but as the bird is amazingly still present (at least as of 5/21) it’s overdue for a write-up. On May 15, Glen Walbek found an ABA Code 4 Golden-crowned Warbler in eastern C
This spring (2018) I’ve seen two red-tailed hawk nests in Schenley Park and there’s probably a third. Gregory Diskin is documenting one of them with his camera. Above, the mother hawk watches her two chicks on May 14. Below, the c
After some lovely sunsets last week it has turned to that part of autumn when darkness seems to fall at 5pm.  Tonight we were treated to thunder + lightning, rain and high winds.  I have been fidgeting waiting for the weather to cal
Click here for a “Sixty Minutes” profile of a great wildlife photographer.Click here for a “Sixty Minutes” profile of a great wildlife photographer.
 Just passing thru SUNday afternoon - See, all gone! Mom khaptured all the PF shots SUNday after we had already staged our Monday post -Now fur some of US -  Now fur Auntie Di and Mom's SUNday dinner tribu
Mom wonders what these two are up to........
Yeah Mom I'm relaxed...well I was relaxed,but you're interrupting a very welldesigned chill I'm having.Maybe she'll go away quietly and I can get back to my relax.
I saw a single honeybee Apis sppwhen in Abha recently but am not sure what Honey Bee it is but Apis mellifera jemeniticahas been used in apiculture throughout the Arabian Peninsula since at least 2000 BC. Existing literature demonst
The wind gusted in and the office door slammed shut and I thought it was the perfect time to look for more toys behind the bookcase.Well, it's not like my mom ever does!
A feel-good story from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Until next time, Good day, and good dog!
I was north Cumbria bound this morning, for one of my woodland bird surveys. I have three in this area and I always look forward to them because I enjoy the drive once I leave the M6, and more particularly the views across the Solway to Scotland!I ha
GHL USA News New reagent tube for KH Director Over the past several weeks, some customers reported having issues with small air bubbles accumulating in their reagent tube. Our findings show that at times, these air bubbles would affect the KHD&#8
Photographed at the Rushy Hide, Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire, GB. (Wild). Sorry, but it was a long way away.Please look at my website There is a photo of a Bewick's Swan. An
I finally got some shots of the painted buntings that have hanging around the nature center at Circle B Bar Reserve. A lady painted bunting was also present. A juvenile indigo bunting was eating on the ground. Other usual birds … Continue r
We found this Bronze Rubyspot (Hetaerina capitalis) on 16 July 2017 during our walk at Costa Rica's Braulio Carrillo National Park. The species is found in mountain forests from Central America into South America. We saw several rubyspots du
If you’re in town for Memorial Day weekend — and if it isn’t thundering — join me for one or both of these events in Schenley Park on Sunday, May 27, 2018: 8:30am: Schenley Park Bird and Nature Walk. Meet at th
We saw lots of Hoopoes during our two week expedition to Menorca. Hang on, let me rephrase that a little. We heard many a Hoopoe; probably several dozen. We saw less - five or six individuals on a typical day."Click the pics" to see Hoopoe action.Hoo
Last night while making dinner, a jar fell out of the pantry and fell onto my mousie dish spilling hundreds of biscuits all over the place.  Mum got that bowl for me when I was a baby, on a visit to Melbourne.  Luckily she had a bac
We were met at the gate by the husband-and-wife caretakers of the property. "The Cream-bellied Fruit Dove is gone" the husband informed us, "because the young ones have fledged." That was sort of expected. Before I could even ask about the other dove
Kandra is just west of Kiffa on the way back to Nouakchott. It is the site of a permanent lake although small in the dry season.Mohamed Vall and I stopped off there on our way back from Kiffa at the beginning of April.It was a very hot day and partly
Skipping catnaps weakens your immune system.Amen to that says mum! She hasn't really been sick since she retired! Says she is not around people who come to work sick, plus she gets lots of rest. Both at night and naps during the day if needed. She wa
The top pic shows several field marks for Yellow-rumped Warbler :  yellow rump showing, streaked gray upperparts,broken white eye ring and white corners on tail.  And, of course, it's fully yellow throat shows it is the subspecies f
Today we're joining the new blog hop called Sparks that was started by McGuffy's Reader.Here are the details from their blog:Welcome to Sparks. Many years ago, it was my intent to post an inspirational tho
 SUNday scenes from The PF Palace - Working - Watching? WORKING! After Handsome KHUMBU mentioned The Solar Turtle, I realized we hadn't share the other additions Auntie Di made - a FROG, a BASKET, and a BU
It's bright and sunny here.Happy Mancat Monday!
Baxter's Hollow SNA, Sauk, Wisconsin, USMay 20, 2018 12:00 PM - 2:45 PM40 speciesMourning Dove Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hairy Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker Olive-sided Flycatcher Eastern Wood-Pewee&n
We love extra mum days almost as we love sleeping.As you can see, we all can get along...sometimes.We make a good kitty pile.So,mum, what are we doing today?Well, it IS warm and sunny so you could goout to the porch. I'll leave the door open for when
BirdNote: Chirps, Quirks, and Stories of 100 Birds from the Popular Public Radio Show by BirdNote; edited by Ellen Blackstone From Sasquatch Books: Here are the best stories about our avian friends from the public radio show BirdNote, each brief essa
Just the three of us, sort of hanging out together... It lasted about two minutes, then I ended up hissing at Huggy Bear.
Mark's Sunday book review this week is rather a short one. Although to be fair, I think most everyone in Great Britain was at a wedding this weekend so it only stands to reason that he might have been a bit pressed for time. In any case, his pick thi
Here is brief email from Dicjk Ashford, who’s birding Malheur right now: “The owl was on Sodhouse [Road] directly across from the large Voltage Spring sign, and the Eastern Kingbird was on the Patrol Road, south of Benson Pond. An
Gail and I made the second visit to our Pied Flycatcher boxes in Bowland and sadly no new birds had come in since last week. In fact even sadder was the loss of a pair at the egg stage. When I checked this particular box the clutch of seven eggs were
Little Blue HeronIt's no lie.  I am pretty much done birding in Arizona for now.  It's too hot.  The mornings are great but I'm taking them back and sleeping in again like I used to do several years ago:)Now hold on.&nb
No, this post isn’t about smelly cats. (For the Friends fans reading along.) As a new convert to homemade dog food, I was interested in this new venture by Petco. As part of their effort to continue to offer pet parents the very best in pet
Much of Mauritania is flat lowland. The main exceptions are the Adrar and Zouarat areas in the north and parts of Assaba in the south. As we drove east in early April towards Kiffa, we finally started to see hills where three regions meet: Braka, Tag