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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- este proyecto va a ser un bastn de caramelo Me va a utilizar un limpiador de tuberas doscuatro colores de hilo retorcido un tamao i 5.5 milmetro aguja de ganchillo vamos a empezar porhaciendo una cadena de 50 Quiero adjuntar una resbaln nudo a la agu
Hello! I don't have a new crochet project to show for now...but let me share with you my recent crochet-related stuff!1. My Crochet Channel be quite late for me to join in on youtube - especially sin
Katrina Hexagon ShawlLight and silky motif shawl that you construct as you crochet each motif. Unusual lace stitches in the motif and edging add a little bit of spice to the project. Pattern includes stitch diagrams for the motifs, joining, and edgin
This is sweater #10 of my ‘learn to knit by making a dozen self-designed sweaters’ project. (Here are links to #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 #8 and #9, if you’d like to see my progress.) After the success of my most complex
Ahora despus de cortar el hilo aqu y podra preguntar cmo es que yo simplemente no me voy dehacia abajo y eso es porque lo hizo la cabeza ves muy desequilibrada as, y tal vez quierees desequilibrada que eso depende de ti si querer hacerlo de esa maner
It’s here! My final commissioned pattern, Farmyard Goats, is now available to purchase! Farmyard Goats is a mix-and-match pattern that lets you choose the options you want, to make many different types of goat: Ears – floppy, upri
Going Around in Circles BraceletA stylish design for use with variegated or multicolored threads or yarn.  Any thread or yarn will do, using the appropriate size of hook.Materials: Size 10 thread and size 1.5mm hookFinished size: approximate
Allegheny Cabled CowlInspired by the bridges in Pittsburgh, this cowl mixes snuggle worthy cables and delicate lace to mimic the diagonal struts and cables of those bridges.  The balance of post stitches and lace make this project both fun t
e ento eu vou trabalhar um deslize ponto em cada um dos prximos oito um doistrs quatro cinco seis sete oito agora eu vou para virar em torno nessa direo e euquer trabalhar em dezesseis croch nico do outro lado eu estou trabalhando uma cadeia um para
Stitching the various pieces of an amigurumi together is arguably one of the least enjoyable parts of amigurumi-making. I have a wealth of knowledge gleaned from making hundreds of amigurumi, and I’d like to share those tips with you, to ma
How to prepare the slipper for crochet is demonstrated in my video on YouTube, see here.Materials:Pair of rubber flipflops or sandalsCrochet thread, for the sole edge, I used cotton thread size 10 for the edging; Catania cotton sportweight y
I want to thank everyone who came to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival this past weekend.  It was so so wonderful to get to chat and crochet with all of you.  It left me energized and inspired and I can not thank you enough f
esto va a ser un vestido de beb hecha con solomons nudoEstoy utilizando un f - 4,25 mm ganchilloEstoy empezando con cuarenta de la media sin cadena crochet doblecontinuar que hasta el finalhasta que tenga cuarenta de la media sin cadena crochet doble
Don’t miss the launch discount, at the end of this post! Today I have a colourful new addition to add to my AquaAmi crochet pattern range: the Starfish Collection! Starfish Collectionisa mix-and-match no-sew pattern that includes 4 sizes of
DFW here I come!  I am headed back to Dallas Fiber Fest on April 7-9 and I couldn't be more excited.  It has been 6 years since I have been to DFW Fiber Fest and I am so thrilled to be coming back.  At this point its been s
 How to make a Cheerful #Crochet Flower Tutorial - Free Online YouTube Class Art Spanish Subtitles Translation  Cmo hacer un tutorial alegre #Crochet Flower  esta es la flor, que estaremos trabajando en este tutorialeste es
Amigurumi is a special subset of crochet that requires its own skills. Even the most experienced crocheters can be startled when they pick up their first amigurumi pattern and discover it’s full of new terms and techniques! In this post, I&
Rainy season in the Philippines has begun, and I'm glad the hottest months of this year is over. I'm back to crocheting too. Here's my current project - half-finished :)Summer Crochet Flip-flopsI've always wanted to crochet sandals or slippers that c
In a bit less then a month is one of my favorite events, Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival.  March 24-26 at the Convention Center in downtown, you get to chat and hang out with a great group of fellow crocheters and knitters.  I
How to Crochet an Amigurumi Octopus. Crochet Geek
Twist-Trim Baby Blanket is the latest addition to my PlanetJune Accessories pattern range. An easy-to-memorise 2-row repeating pattern with a subtle texture and no large holes make this blanket fast to work up as a baby blanket (or use the provided t
Another version of the mesh bag, this time made with 2 balls cotton twine. This is suitable as a beach bag to contain a beach towel and a few essentials. If using for heavier stuff, it is best to line the bag with non-stretchable fabric.Cotton Twine
 Creative Moving Day Tips for Artists The words creative, and artist, typically go hand-in- hand. Artists are known for their incredible ability to splash the world with color, express life in a unique way, and turn the mundane into a one-of
This is a really hard decision to make, but I think it’s time to retire my PlanetJune Commissions – at least in its current incarnation… I first created my own Kickstarter-with-a-twist commissions system over 5 years ago
Just in time for Valentines, I saw a fabric flower with heart-shaped petals, and got inspired to make a crochet version. So here is the simple crochet design that I came up with as a Valentine treat for my fellow crocheters. Most any yarn an
How to make Crochet Blanket Flower Blossom Stitch Tutorial #CrochetGeek Please subscribe to me on youtube and watch every video I made! 1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,380 this is the stitch we will be learning in this tutorial it can be worked up
This post is long overdue, but I haven’t been able to face the thought of wearing alpaca in summer in Africa, so all my knitting posts have sat waiting for photos! But better late than never, it’s very cold here now, so it&#82
Minnie Mouse HatMinnie Mouse Hat (see project on Ravelry)by Mimi Alelis is a beanie hat constructed from top to bottom, with increasing rounds done in dc, and th
I have changed the comments back to moderation and Google Accounts due to a warning about inappropriate comments left on my blog.   While I do agree with our freedoms of choices & freedoms of speech,  I also have an apprecia
Are you ready for a pattern that’ll give you a spectacular result thanks to some clever new techniques and tricks? In that case, I think you’ll love my new design: the Owl Collection: Owl Collection is a clever low-sew design: the
Hello Kitty HatHello Kitty Hatby Mimi Alelis is a beanie hat constructed from top to bottom, with increasing rounds done in dc, and the repeat rounds done in hdc.
1. How are you spending your summer? 2. What kind of crafts have you been doing this summer? 3. Do you enjoy doing art? 4. Do you like drawing in pencil? 5. What do you do when you get bored? 6. What is your favorite number? 7. What is your favorite
The recent popularity of art weavings, macrame and other yarny wall hangings got me thinking, and I came up with the novel idea to display amigurumi creatively as a wall hanging… It’s easier to hang than a mobile, and more versati
Hello! Another year has passed....and as usual I blog about the past year's projects...even though there wasn't much :p I'm thankful there's Ravelry and Instagram, where I can post projects as they happen and review them anytime ;)So here goes a summ
How to make Art of Knit Crochet Cluster Shell Blanket Tutorial #CrochetGeek.  Here is a fun stitch for making a warm knit blanket.  I am also including the beginner crochet stitches. Crochet Geek
Needlesculpting is a finishing technique you can use to improve the shape of your amigurumi. It uses a yarn needle and length of matching yarn to draw in certain areas of an amigurumi to alter its shape, as with this bulky-necked panda: If you&#8
Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip Review Live with Teresa - Collaboration.   Please share my video with your friends and subscribe to watch everything I do on youtube.
While taking a photo of my original crocheted alpaca Alpaca together with my new felted alpaca Alpaca, it occurred to me that I’ve also made several other ‘pairs’ of crochet/non-crochet sculptures over the years! Here&am
Dear Friends, My husband and I got back from a cruise earlier this month and I've been vlogging and sharing my travel vacation.  I would love it if you give me feedback and comments in my video comment section. Stateroom 9623 Cabin Tour Norw
A long weekend makes the perfect opportunity to start a new craft project. I’ve been dying to do something with the alpaca fleece I bought from my Alpaca Loom trip a couple of weeks ago, and I thought a suitable first project would be to tr
Happy Spring Crabelax!! It was brought to my attention that this video for a crochet knit blanket didn't have instructions for the hearing impaired on youtube.  So now it does have translations and closed captions for the hearing impaired kn
The first cycle of the new and improved PlanetJune Commissions system is complete, with the completion of my Capybara pattern. (That takes my total to 18 commissioned designs in 5 years!) The system is much more efficient now: you can manage all your
Make your own Knit Crochet Pussy Cat Hat.  You are even welcome to make a video and copy what I do in the video, then upload it to youtube. Inbox me at for knit crochet ideas you want to see in the future. Crochet Geek
At the weekend Dave and I took a trip to Alpaca Loom, a local working fibre farm near Paarl, with a herd of hundreds of alpacas (and a few rogue llamas, camels, horses and donkeys in the mix too!) We got to handfeed the beautiful alpacas and see all
The red hot sexy knife challenge #1901 hello friends family and internet I'm thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang out and explore the universe with me today now please remember to subscribe if you're new subscribe and watch the video the whole
It’s Donationware time again! Put a smile on someone’s face with my new Carnations pattern: Beautiful, realistic, and so easy, you can crochet a pretty one-piece carnation in minutes and I bet you won’t be able to stop a
What kind of noise annoys an oyster? #1899 hello friends family and internet I'm thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang out and explore the universe with me today the the question today is and you guys are welcome to ask questions for me to answe
There’s a little story behind this Expansion Pack. When I originally came up with the idea for Mini Mammals, I had 6 species planned. I didn’t think anyone would want a huge set of six, though, so I chose Sengi, Jerboa and Mouse f
Ever since I designed my African Violet pattern in 2009, I’ve been steadily building my collection of crocheted plants in crocheted pots. I love how they look realistic, but not in a tacky plastic-faux-plant way – they’r