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Ice Cream Mon Jun 18 2018 10:45:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- [New for 2018]Will I make it through all 8 load'd sundaes this summer? I would assume so as long as I can actually find them. The good thing about this one and the last one is that I got them from walmart for $2.47 which feels like a better price tha
A cannele is a classic French pastry that is completely unique in both its flavor and texture. Sometimes referred to as a handheld creme brulee, they have a crisp and darkly caramelized exterior, yet have a surprisingly dense and custardy interior. C
I've featured some DAGOBA chocolate a few years back through the Amazon Vine program but today we're going to look at two bars that came directly from DAGOBA. These feature new branding designs and flavors that I was unfamiliar with before these arri
Happy Saturday! I hope you a fabulous summery June day (maybe with lots of ros and burgers?!) and love each minute. I appreciate you! xoxo What I’m loving this week: dying over this cold brew tahini mousse! oh my gosh. how perfect are these
[New for 2017] I don't know about you, but I've had a very hard time finding any of the new coolhaus flavors despite the fact that they were announced well over a year ago. Well it's practically summer 2018 and I finally stumbled upon Milkshake &
Black licorice. When it comes to candy, this may be one of the most polarizing topics out there. Licorice… The post Giveaway: Enter to Win Our Last Bag of Licorice Snaps! appeared first on Candy Blog - licorice. Whe
While it seems a little weird, this recipe seems like it'll make something kind of tasty.CC
Every year bakeries grow increasingly desperate for Father's Day decorations that don't include flowers, bows, or copious amounts of Justin Bieber appliques - because men are an enigma wrapped in a mystery shrouded in ugly neckties and plastic handsa
I am in love with Summer Fridaysand I’m so glad that you are too! xoxo Snacking On some chocolate dipped watermelon pops! I’ve made these every summer for the last few years and they are super fun. Cut your watermelon into wedges,
I often include strawberries at my breakfast table when they are in season. Sliced berries make a great addition to cereal, yogurt and oatmeal, as well as a tasty topping for waffles and pancakes. These Strawberry Scones are just one more way you can
[New for 2018]I've put in some good time on the 2018 product guide but it's not done quite yet (you'd be surprised how long it takes as I'm already a couple hours in to it). I'm going to do two more reviews first and first up is the last of the new T
Help us get to 1 million subscribers on YouTube! Today we are at 968,000! If you aren't a subscriber already be sure to subscribe here: You'll love this moist and dense Vanilla flavored Butter Cake. While you can cover it with a variety of frostings,
Ive got your weekend watermelon! Weekend watermelon sangria, that is. I know, I know, this time of year its like I just cant STOP with watermelon. Maybe its the nine-ish month drought without it that gets me hooked in June? But at least I havent bore
In this episode Chris and Allison talk about the very strange and very amazing country of the United Arab Emirates. It's a place that offers just about everything you might want when it comes to snacking, even Tim Horton's.Click here to check out our
Custard is a cooked mixture of eggs and milk that can be made sweet or savory and used in a wide variety of culinary preparations. Custards can be cooked on the stovetop to make pudding or a vanilla ice cream base. They can also be baked in the oven
Father's Day is this weekend, so today I thought we'd celebrate the most important thing our dads ever gave us:   Balloons.   Yep, nothing livened up our childhoods quite like Dad's special birthday balloons, am I right? And, sure,
Savory, Chocolatey Marshmallow Trail Mix I was selected recently to get a few free products and coupons for other products in order to create a "Trail Mix" from MyMagazine network where I am a member. I can't share everything I get through that progr
[New for 2017] I wasn't really sure in what order I would be trying all the Big Gay ice cream flavors, but let's just say that I've kept an eye on both prices and the dates on the pints and this one had just been put on the store shelf, plus it has m
[Hi! I’m partnering with Sutter Home today to bring you a spicy recipe to serve with their Riesling! Thanks so much to Sutter Home for sponsoring this post!] HELLO. Who doesnt want to eat the rainbow? When were told to eat the rainbow, this
Lately we've been trying to do a few reviews on the weekends, and try to keep a theme. This weekend however we only managed one, and that's really happened for two reasons. First of all we have to leave for an adventure, but most importantly this can
When I was a little kid living in Queens, NY, we were members of a beach club. I remember our sandy cabana, a game room with a pool table, and the swimming pool for when you didn’t feel like jumping over tiny waves at the ocean’s
Breakfast foods are usually my favorite foods. This is not only because I love eggs, bacon, potatoes and other breakfast staples, but because I love breakfast pastries, from coffee cake to croissants. Morning Buns are a particular favorite of mine an
Don't you love how the wedding cake has evolved over the past 10 years? So much color and texture and personality! I'm really liking the modern tower look lately, too, like this: (By Iced N' Frosted in Houston, Texas) I mean, WOWIE.   This o
---------- Chocolate Recalls for June 10, 2018 ---------- Sander Fudge Mini Bites Recalled Sanders Fudge Mini Bites Recalled Sanders announced today that it is recalling its 3.75oz Milk Chocolate Covered Fudge Mini Bites because they may contain unde
If you haven't tried my Texas Rocky Road Fudge, now is the time to do so. I've spared no expense when creating this rich, creamy, nutty, crunchy, fruity,
1. So. Who else goes out and does a huge grocery run and then gets so hungry that when you get home that you insist on ordering take out? Or going out to eat? This is my life. 2. How perfect is this simple chocolate cake with ganache? Oh my gosh. 3.
Allison and I are on a new adventure! Our itinerary is fairly complicated, the only way to describe it simply is to tell you that it takes place in Europe. The simple details are that we will be visiting 5 different countries, we will be in some of t
[New for 2018]I don't know about you, but I was surprised by the expansion of Haagen-Daz's non-dairy lineup. Granted it feels like they are trying to act like the whole line up is new, but I was not expecting them to add Trio and a bar to their non-d
I happen to be a big fan of white chocolate, both because I like the dairy and vanilla flavors of high quality white chocolate, and because I like how well white chocolate can pair with outside flavors itself. While dark chocolate can dominate a reci
Ripple Chocolate Pea Milk We've tried some non-dairy "milk" drinks in the past with varied results. Some of them just don't taste like what I or most of our testers want. Some times these alternatives don't taste much like chocolate as their true nat
Help us get to 1 million subscribers on YouTube! Today we are at 965,000! If you aren't a subscriber already be sure to subscribe here: I have been making Lemon Bars for years. Normally I bake them in an 8 inch (20 cm) pan, but there are times when I
It's the 4th day of June which is Pride month, but the LGBTQIA community was dealt a bad hand by the Supreme Court. They voted today that the Colorado baker's first amendment were infringed upon in the lower court's ruling. From the AP reporting on t
Monday means its time to eat your greens! Never did I ever think Id share a recipe using canned tuna on my site. But here we go! This green goddess tuna is one of my new favorite things. Because you know what?Im on a mission to make and share some mo
[New for 2018] Time for another BB sundae review. I know technically I should buy them all and just do a giant review with rankings, but considering their caloric intake is something akin to a DQ blizzard, I really should be spacing them out. To put
Here's the thing about Krispy Kreme donuts, they're glazed donut is one of the best mass produced baked thing on the planet. The problem is that their other donuts don't stack up at all.CC
Somehow Connie's friend ended up with the nickname "Pee Knees," and I think I speak for us all, Connie, when I say we don't need that back story. Still, you know what's worse than being nicknamed "Pee Knees"? When your baker rises to the occasion and
Peanut butter and chocolate is a winning combination that is featured in all manner of desserts and candies. Every time that I think I’ve tried all the possible combinations of chocolate and peanut butter, however, I eventually come up with
Its a gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day for anyone that receives these super cute cake pops. They are just so cheery!!! Now, Im pretty sure these are my first sunny cake pops. Youd think I would have tackled them by now out of all the designs I
Sharon Klein Today we are changing things a bit on The Chocolate Cult to look at an issue which is very important to the chocolate industry: branding. According to the encyclopedia of the online magazine Entrepreneur, branding is defined as The marke
Help us get to 1 million subscribers on YouTube! Today we are at 962,000! If you aren't a subscriber already be sure to subscribe here: Homemade Vanilla Wafers may look like the commercially made cookies, but they taste better. I think you'll enjoy t
I love historical desserts – especially those with an interesting story or those that I may never have heard of before. So, of course, I was super excited to read Jessie Sheehan’s new cookbook, The Vintage Baker. In its pages, I d
I have always said that laughter is the key to anyones heart, but is it the key to their… The post Laffy Taffy and Snickers: Something Funny Going on Here appeared first on Candy Blog - have always said that laughter is
Hey hey! HELLO Saturday. I hope you’re able to embrace the beauty of summer (well, almost!) this weekend. Some things! My next book signing for The Pretty Dish is in one of my favorite places, D.C.! The party/Q+A/signing is at Room and Boar
Everyone knows why Deadpool's suit is red, but do you know why his Slurpee is red? Hmm, yeah, that's not funny. Better question, why is the 7-eleven website useless? I just wanted to verify if this thing has caffeine or not.. The mutant site isn't an
Over the weekend we had two kinds of M&Ms, one was crispy (literally that was what they called them) and the other was chewy(not what they called them). It was interesting to have a candy that could have two very different textures yet still
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Choose from a selection of Mothers Day Chocolate Gifts and Ideas that will let your mom know you are thinking of her with love.
Campari has a distinctive bitter orange flavor that, for many, is a bit of an acquired taste. I have been known to compare it to bitter dark chocolate, which also sometimes takes people a few bites to get to appreciate. I also think that Campari is a
Dear Readers: After nearly 11 years, I've decided to lovingly say goodbye to CakeSpy.  Note: I had a few friends create these illustrations, inspired by CakeSpy and me over the years. Thank you Caleigh, Sam, Jenna, Kate, and Susan!&nb