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Boulder Thu Aug 24 2017 03:30:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Longmont city council has been considering a signficant increase drop zone fees - they need a little prodding. For several months, the Longmont city council has been considering a signficant increase drop zone fees, which would be based on the drop z
Outerbike made it's big debut in Crested Butte, Colorado over the weekend. The post Outerbike Festival Debuts in Crested Butte appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.CRESTED BUTTE Hundreds of cyclists converged on Mount Crested Butte this week
Hello World! We are hosting two Open Houses in Boulder this weekend. Stop by to see our terrific, compelling listings for yourselves and to chat with us. 4567 Sunnyside Place- Saturday, August 19th from 1pm-3pm *Must qualify through the City of Bould
A confident Steven Montez looks forward to showcasing his abilities as the 2017 season approaches. By Yama Radtke The post Steven Montez has no shortage of confidence behind center appeared first on CU Independent.
These lawmakers voted for legislation that would legalize running down protesters.Someone in West Philly, god love her, put this together. Take action. “Hi, I’m real fucking mad. So I did a thing. Here is a list of state legislato
MID-SUMMER REVERIE: Lake Isabelle with splashes of sunlight, late afternoon July 24. (Reporter photo) Finally made it up to Lake Isabelle, an every-summer hangout in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, located (for the uninitiated) near the Continenta
Climbing is as much about teaching the ropes to the next generation as it is about about learning the ropesagain and again. The post Return to Lone Peak appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.When I was 20, in 1985, I carefully placed my new b
I just completed a big project of riding a bicycle across the USA with my friend Jeremy LaTrasse. We started on April 20th in San Diego, California and completed the project May 26th in Jacksonville, Florida. What a ride indeed. … Continue
by Osman Parvez ---- Heads up: A spectacular home will be hitting the market this coming week. I want you to know about it first. This house features 4 bedrooms (on the upper level), 3 baths, and a two car garage. With vaulted ceilings and an open fl
Two weeks ago, Xcel made a set of 11th hour electricity provision offers to Boulder, a so-called partnership, and a buy-out option.Readers should understand that Xcels offers are not what the city asked for; they are only what Xcel is willing to prof
Slayer is one of the most recognizable thrash bands of all time. Their show delivered on their reputation. By Phil McKenzie The post Concert Review: Slayer at 1stBank Center appeared first on CU Independent.
The Live Outside and Play Team experiences totality during the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017. The post The Road Team Sees The Great Eclipse appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.Witnessing the moon slowly blot out the sun, and the stars
This is the narrative that Trump's minions have adopted. This is the narrative that Trump’s minions have adopted. Whenever you bring up Trump/Russia collusion, they always refer to this: “Your side lost. Russia is just an excuse f
by Osman Parvez ---- ---- This morning, the sellers of our listing at 235 Fox Drive decided to make a HUGE $40K price cut! The asking price is now $650K. 235 Fox Drive is a nicely updated three bedroom town home with the square footage and layout of
What is CU's diversity plan? After years of little information, we investigated to find out what the inclusive excellence plan really is. By CU Independent staff The post CU says diversity plan moves forward, but campus is left in dark; students face
I’ve always had a love for bikes. When I moved to Boulder after college I had $300 to my name and a bit of that went to a 1984 Schwinn World Sport vintage bike. I rode thousands of miles on … Continue reading → I&#82
“By combing the Colorado River, the Green River and others in the Southwest for sediment deposits and other flood evidence and then carbon-dating the results, Baker has concluded the short-term record severely underestimates the size and fr
Whats the best job on the planet? Exploring the peaks and sharing the love. Three of our favorite guides talk about the work and passion of living the dream. The post Ask a Guide appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.While most of us come to
The right is going completely insane. Trump has to go. Now. Before his base starts a civil war.This article by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship is chilling at the very least. Watch the video then go read the whole article.
by Osman Parvez ---- One Man's Treasure (42nd Street) In case you haven't noticed all the moving trucks in town, the CU students are back. Classes won't begin for several weeks, but Boulder is already bustling with activity. Public Service Announceme
CU gravely mishandled, and effectively covered up, the Tumpkin domestic abuse case. DiStefano, George and MacIntyre should step down. By Hayla Wong, Jake Mauff and Justin Guerriero The post Opinion: CU Boulder appallingly soft on abuse by former foot
Igot back from SXSW 2017 and realized I always forget to do a recap post. There is a lot of change in the air, or at least, the narrative on SXSW seems to be being debated now. I had a … Continue reading →Igot back from SXSW 2017
The most important task of the urbanist is controlling size. David Mohney As owners of the Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) site bounded by Broadway, Alpine, 9th Street, and Balsam, the City of Boulder has a golden opportunity to demonstrate the pref
"Waking up in the high country, I watch the sun rise in the sky as it paints the Tenmile Range shades of bright pink and orange." The post Postcards from the Weekend: High in the Sky appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.Waking up in the high
Been having trouble finding Cory Gardner? Feb. 23rd from 5-7:30pm at the Plaza Convention Center.From the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce: Unity in the Community is a Chamber premier event that welcomes business, non-profit and political leaders fr
The summer selling season is rapidly wrapping up. If you have't found your dream home yet, don't give up. The river flow on. Plenty of new listings hit the market this week. Favorites include a solid town home in Niwot, a luxury property near the Haw
A man convicted of kidnapping and raping a Boulder woman near campus in 2000 has returned to Boulder. By Jackson Barnett The post ‘Sexually violent predator’ returns to Boulder appeared first on CU Independent.
Part of my EIR with LaunchVic in Melbourne, Victoria has been meeting with anyone whowants to meet to get a better feel for the community. One of the more interesting meetings was with the entrepreneurs from Geelong. “Where is Geelong?&
This is how we came to have everything to lose. The post Elwayville: Losing Freedom appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.My wife Catherine and I lived in an adobe house next door to a shining light of a man named Juan Herrera when we were fi
As the nascent Trump era progresses if thats the right word we will continue to see things weve never seen or heard before.From the Colorado Independent: These are, as they say, early days. And as the nascent Trump era progresses if thats the right w
by Osman Parvez ---- Last night, a friend stopped over after dinner. He told us about a recent situation at his company where a customer wired $160,000 without a contract. He compared it with the frustration of working with a different customer that
The climactic 35th and final edition of the feminist column Girl on Girl. By Dani Pinkus The post Girl on Girl: Climax to come down appeared first on CU Independent.
I’ve spent the last 3 months in Melbourne, Australia and think you and your startup should do the same. Here’s why: The Friends. The Australian culture respects creation. That goes for entrepreneurs just as much as it goes for che
The Arise Festival in Loveland, Colo. featured world-class yoga classes, playful practices, and community connection. The post 5 Things I Learned from Arise Festival Yoga appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.Have you ever practiced yoga in a
Modern design stands out in a sea of Boulder homes from the 50s, 60's and 70's. Often constructed on top of the bones of the former, they're a vision of clean design, efficiency, and minimalism. This week, two stand out. In addition, you'll find a sp
Multiracial identities mean malleable expression, but how we see them can result in unstable identities or denial of heritage. By Hayla Wong The post Opinion: ‘You’re not a true Asian’ appeared first on CU Independent.
I’ve been down in Melbourne volunteering / giving back to a startup community I love. There is an amazing amount of effort here on the community level (Universities, Government (I’m down here because of the great people at LaunchV
Check out some of the gear that keeps us groovin' in this month's Gear on the Go! The post Gear on The Go: August Edition appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.One of the things we enjoy most about #vanlife is being able to watch the seasons
by Sophie Kloor Design is critical to our enjoyment of interior spaces and our behavior within them. According to the EPA, the average American spends 93% of their life inside. Working with home buyers and sellers over the years, Ive seen how well st
In light of many former CU standouts being recently drafted by NFL teams, here's a rundown of how the players might fare. By Jack Stern The post Analysis: Recapping the CU Buffs in the NFL Draft appeared first on CU Independent.
Age is just a number when it comes to the Aspen Backcountry Marathon. The post Aspen Backcountry Marathon Mixes Extreme Athletes with Family Fun appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.The last race I entered got canceled. And this time, a trio
Sorry Boulder real estate fans. Fresh listings were a little delayed this week. We had several client meetings on Friday and submitted an offer for our buyers this morning. Clients always come first. Here's the roundup of the best listings to hit the
Street walks meeting homeless people on city streets foster community and expand how we understand homelessness. By Will Suhrie The post Opinion: Walking with the homeless can enlighten you appeared first on CU Independent.
The post Top Adventure Towns Contest is LIVE! appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.The post Top Adventure Towns Contest is LIVE! appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.
by Osman Parvez ---- I still remember when Orri told me that he wanted to buy a home in Boulder, years ago. He said he wanted ahouse, in good condition, with extra bedrooms that he might rent out to roommates. It was important that it hada yard with
Police removed Fossil Free CU's belongings Wednesday, effectively ending the sit-in. The chancellor responded to the group. By Lucy Haggard The post Fossil Free CU protesters removed from sit-in at campus building with short notice appeared first on
Born with a profound disability, this climber and martial artist kicks some serious butt. The post Straight Talk: Kyle Maynard appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.Kyle Maynard has achieved some amazing milestones during his 31 years on the
Can't find your Boulder dream home? Wipe away those tears. The peak of the summer market may be behind us but plenty of new homes hit the market this week. Are you ready to see some houses? We've sifted through the new inventory. Here's the best of B
The crew returns after a brief hiatus to continue talking playoff hockey. This week's topic is the divisional round. The post Off The Pipes: Divisional round appeared first on CU Independent.
The Live Outside and Play Road team joins up with Salida Mountain Sports, Salida Mountain Trails and Mo Burrito for a Trail Work ShinDig for the books. The post Salida Trail Work ShinDig Recap appeared first on Elevation Outdoors Magazine.In Colorado