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Birds Fri Mar 23 2018 01:07:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- And none of this is coming from the White House or Kremlin. Plastic pollution in Pacific: far worse than earlier estimates. Over-population:
I had only seen four European bee-eater over a period of 18 months until last Saturday. I visited my local patch which is the waste water site. It is here that I had seen all four previous birds.This time I saw no fewer than 17 albeit in three waves
I stopped by the park not to far from my house on the way home from Chesnut Park. I hadn’t been in a while but was wondering if the owls were nesting again this year. It was too early for … Continue reading → I stopped b
Deze keer een blogje met Koeien en HertenMeer foto's zijn te zien op mijn website:**Het is echt belangrijk om de foto's in het groot te bekijken.****Klik op de eerste foto dan kan je doorklikken of scrollen**Zwartb
The Laguna del Lagarto Lodge was my favorite stop on our tour. We were a few miles from the Nicaraguan border. We stayed two nights, 12 and 13 July 2017. The region felt wild. The 30 km rocky road into the lodge contributed to the feeling of isolatio
For birders interested in Status & Distribution, that is the wheres and whys of birding, the ABAs quarterly journal, North American Birds, has always been a much anticipated part of the ornithological canon. After a year or so in stasis, Nort
Blue cotinga seen from Discovery Canopy Tower, 2012 (photo by Patty McGann via Flickr, Creative Commons license) On a birding trip to Panama: When I visited Costa Rica in 2017 the hardest bird to find was the turquoise cotinga (Cotinga ridgwayi). We
A stunning Baltimore oriole forages in a flowering chokecherry, singing as he snatches insects.I embark on a second photo exhibition on Thursday, March 29, and this one is at the Brukner Nature Center near Troy, Ohio. I'm giving a talk there that eve
Whilst birdwatching at Jebal Hamrah recently I found a Blandford's Short-nosed Desert Lizard or Short-nosed Lizard. It is a small to medium-sized, slightly depressed lizard, with a maximum length of 55 millimetres  Snout distinctly
We arrived in Quito Sunday night and have spent a couple of days at the Tandayapa Lodge from where we have visited several local hotspots. Here are just a few shots to give an idea of the neat birds we … Continue reading →We arriv
25 Feb 2018 Manta, EcuadorWe pulled into port just before 7 am. Two things were obvious: the heat and humidity, and lack of birds.  Skies were mostly clear, but the humidity was high, and temperatures were expected to reach the mid-
For daffodils spring began last month, for oaks it begins next month. For singing robins and blooming Oregon grape it is now. Whichever signal of spring you heed, the time’s they are a-changin’. Red-breasted Sapsucker drumming Wen
"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month." - Henry Van DykeFrom our Spring Snowstorm 03-21-18.This Cardinal Print is Available - HERE&am
This past Sunday I lead an enthusiastic group of birders in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery looking for early-Spring migrants and overwintering species. A brilliant sun, cloudless blue sky and calm winds belied upper 20 temperatures, however a signifi
Christ on a cross! Should I just quit while I'm ahead? Put BB&B to sleep forever? The 5MR post has quickly shot up to the third most popular post we've ever had...and in case you've forgotten, that is ten years of blogging, close to 1,000 pos
In this second part of my “Kayaking the Myakka”, I’m going to feature a few of the many alligator images I captured from the kayak. But before I share the gator images, here is an image I captured using my cell phone. I
As we left the marshes in northern Costa Rica, suddenly our bus screeched to a stop. Our guides spotted a small group of Nicaraguan Seed-Finches. Once this finch was restricted to Nicaragua. Apparently in response to deforestation, populations spread
After waking from the afternoon siesta, I stepped out of the darkness into the brilliant sunshine bathing the small balcony of my room. It did not look promising for our planned evening session. The sun was drifting slowly and downwards to the right
Lots of birds hiding in the fog at Circle B Bar Reserve in early February. Lots of birds hiding in the fog at Circle B Bar Reserve in early February.
On Sunday March 18, 2018, an unknown birder photographed an interesting Contupus flycatcher at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, Monroe, Florida. The bird has since been identified as a Cuban Pewee, the ABA Area’s 6th record. Phot
King vulture, pivoting on foot (photo by April M. King via Wikimedia Commons) On a birding trip to Panama: In the skies over Central and South America you may see The King soaring overhead. As large as a bald eagle, the king vulture (Sarcoramphus pap
I found this Barn Owl last year in a campground next to Lake Hasty in far southeastern Colorado. I took the pics with my 300 mm lens ( or 6X enlargement) and additionally cropped the pic (see below)o enlarge it to the top pic. SeEtta
Senior pictures. Lots of people spend a lot of money on senior pictures. Which is nice, because photographers have to make a living, too. The best photos of humans, in my opinion, are not the ones that are produced in a ten-minute session in front of
A very early morning trip to Jebal Hamrah turned up plenty of White-crowned Wheatear Oenanthe leucopyga. The birds preferred areas near to the steep cliff faces and as we arrived at dawn it was not too hot so we had a walk around some likely looking
Bell's VireoOver the weekend, a friend of mine found a Bell's Vireo at my favorite sparrow spot in Seminole County. Apparently, it flew into his field of view while he was looking for sparrows. I wish I could be so lucky. This species belongs in Texa
It was only a week or so ago that I was looking through some photos on Flickr when I come across some photos of a Red veined Darter with exuviae which had been taken by Jon Mee, a fellow enthusiast. This is an exuviae that I have not yet&amp
When we moved into our house in 1981, one of the first things I did was to make friends with the neighborhood squirrels. We kept a supply of peanuts on hand, and within a few weeks, a few squirrels were already taking peanuts out of my hand.The local
Where are the migrants? Hooded Warblers are early migrants and there are lots to soon come. The map shows where they are now. You can see that many Hooded Warblers are still in Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula, ge
Tuesday and the wind had changed direction from the recent Siberian blast to an almost balmy north-easterly of 8 mph. Even the temperature picked up to 0.5 at 0630 but the wind chill made it feel more like minus 15. Id met up with Andy at Oa
Gray-breasted Martins perched on the roadside power-lines as we drove through marshes in northern Costa Rica on 12 July 2017. We also saw them in cities, where they nest under eaves or in drainpipes. In more wild settings, they use natural cavities o
This is the third and likely final batch of bird taxonomy proposals submitted to the American Ornithological Societys North and Middle America Classification Committee, the volunteer group of ornithologists who make the split, lump, and name-change d
Rufous-crested coquette (photo by Franceso Veronesi via Wikimedia Commons) On a birding trip to Panama: At Canopy Tower there are more than two dozen species of hummingbirds but that's not what most of them are called. Their fanciful names include ma
Herring Gull C47 showboating for nearby Herring Gull 2-15-2018.Over the past few seasons, I have become quite familiar with banded Herring Gull C47 who has made Brooklyn one of its favorite wintering sites. I have had countless encounters an
Can I ask you a question, Mommy?When the internet started making it easier to track down information without running to the library, I started spending more and more time on the Cornell Lab of Ornithologys information-rich website. I doubt if a week
Whilst birding the Jebal Hamrah with Greg Askew recently we came across a wheatear at the bottom of the escarpment in a largish wadi. It looked a little different, so we got out of the car and went and had a look. After a short while we saw the bird
24 Feb 2018 At Sea Day of the DolphinThis morning we are approaching Ecuador. At 8 am the ship is approximately just north of Isla Lobodos de Tierra and between La Trampa and Bayovar, Peru heading toward La Castia, Peru. Seas are calm and skies are c
Photographed at Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire, UK. Wild.Please look at my website There is a photo of a Reed Bunting. And a  Cormorant by Callum in
 I made a stop down at the shoreline early in the morning. I was trying to catch low tide hoping to find shorebirds. The only shorebirds I came across were American Oystercatchers. They had no problem finding plenty to eat.
IntroductionOctober 3, 2017 - Day 1 on Mount KinabaluOctober 4, 2017 - Day 2 on Mount KinabaluOctober 5, 2017 - Poring Hot SpringsOctober 6, 2017 - Day 3 on Mount KinabaluOctober 7, 2017 - Day 1 at the Crocker RangeOctober 8, 2017 - Day 2 at the Croc
It’s not often you can get up close to a bald eagle. Especially a juvenile one (the all brown one in the last shot). These eagles are all missing a wing and now live at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. … Continue reading &
Today’s post is the first of several that feature some images I captured during my kayak adventure down the Myakka River, within Myakka River State Park (MRSP), Florida. I’ve photographed at MRSP during several trips to Florida, a
In the marshy grass in northern Costa Rica on 12 July 2017, Erika and I photographed a number of Black Pondhawks. All appear to be females, with the one in the lower photo being somewhat older than the first one. Unfortunately I did no look for the a
Northern Waterthrush, one of the early migrant warblers, on Sanibel, FL Pond Apple trail yesterday. I heard it call and photographed it. People get confused about waterthrush ID. Here is why it is a Northern Waterthrush. It is yellowish buff below (L
Keel-billed toucan in Ancon, Panama (photo by Billtacular on Flickr, Creative Commons license) On a birding trip to Panama: This morning eight friends and I are on our way to a week-long birding trip at the Canopy Tower in Panama. I'm sure to see man
While not as flashy as her male counterpart the female Lucifer Hummingbird is a 'looker' in her own right. Their backs are dark green like the males. The best description for their underparts I have seen is as follows: "They have an intense cinnamon
Some pictures from two days of San Francisco field trips…and checklists from March 18:Above: coyote, mid-afternoon in Presidio near El Polin. Below: raven shares opinion.Introduced turtles, Spreckels Lake. Ceanothus below; bee-anothus above
"Springtime is the land awakeningthe March winds are the morning yawn." Lewis GrizzardSong SparrowA flooded field on the far west side of Middleton has attracted a decent variety of waterfowl and other interesting birds. I've been visiting it most da
Photo copyright 2018 by Becca MulenburgSpring officially begins today, at least as far as astronomers are concernedthey must not stand outside very oftenbut some winter owls will be sticking around for at least a bit longer. Great Gray Owls do nest i
Common water striders during matingColumbus DispatchMarch 18, 2018NATUREJim McCormacWater striders Dancing on water, With swirls of blissful motion; Aquatic ballet Raul Moreno Morenos beautiful haiku captures the allure of these graceful insects. Wat
Today I led a second San Francisco natural history field trip for Golden Gate Audubon. No rain. Some sunshine. In the next couple of days I will post bird checklists, but herewith some highlights from today:This male Allen’s Hummingbird one