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Beading Fri Dec 15 2017 13:49:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Scorpions aren't exactly cuddly creatures. Yet many enjoy crafting them out of paper as in origami or with wire.  I wrote about one wire scorpion bracelet tutorial years ago. But since then, there are other designs. These are more decorative
I gave myself two hours off from packing orders. Time for a walk across the fields. Out into the magic of a frozen morning. I love that sound of frozen leaves under foot. Crispy and brittle, almost good enough to eat. Their appearance taking on the f
Usually when I begin a new project, I start off by making inspiration boards or color wheels.  I find that it's helpful to get you in the mindset of a particular project.  I also feel that our color sensibilities grow and change ove
A Passion for Flowers in 3-D Peyote Stitchby Sheila Root Not Just for Show: The Archaeology of Beads, Beadwork, and Personal Ornaments by Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer and Clive Bonsall Chain Mail Plus: Jewelry Projects Using Crystals, Charms & Mo
My last post suggested a huge studio clean up and I've completed that.  Things look different, a lot more zen (although not at the moment) Turns out I can still make a big old mess very quickly!The Talenti seed bead wall stayed.  As
This beaded double star tutorial by Italian beader, Sara Spoltore, is made with cubic RAW (right angle weave).  It seems to be complicated the way the two stars mesh together. But the instructor's tip is simple. Just bead the first star. The
Dear friends, it seems that Norwegian Forest Cats are popular this month! I recently received another order for a white one- this one has blue eyes! This piece is a pin which can also be worn as a pendant. I used Japanese size 15 seed beads and 1 x 4
November here seems to have been filled with a continuous stream of parcel packing and constant trips to the post office. I could really do with some elf helpers! The only down side to being a one man show, is of course if you are doing one thing ,th
The 2016 election and subsequent 2017 inauguration hit me hard. All my work following the inauguration was considered resistance in one form or another in the context of several disparate projects. This evening, I made a submission to an upcoming sho
And the 2018 winner is....Ultra Violet!  Earlier this year, I noticed that this was one of the few colors that appeared on both the New York Color Report and the London Color Report.  It's a dreamy shade of purple with a cooler base
Fall is fast approaching, and as I was preparing for Bead Fest I had a chance to design some new beads for Fall. I thought I would share them with you all and hopefully get some input as to which ones are 'keepers' or not. When I am painting beads, o
 Holy cow!  As if you didn't already have enough projects on your list, I've got a Pinterest board for you to (at least) double your list!  Beading and jewelry ebooks is open for your browsing pleasure!  Some are f
I just taught an amazing class at Beads by Blanche with my friend and collaborator on this project, Tracy Stanley.  It was so right up my alley, sharing techniques with students who were then able to bring their own creativity and skills usi
It All Started with Hexie-lust!Look back to early 2012, when my dear friend, Christy, started covering little hexagon-shaped bits of card stock with fabric, making stacks of 6 ready to sew together as petals for a hexie flower. While I was working of
Polymer clay cuffs are rigid so they have to be hinged to fit wrists properly.  Sona Grigoryan has an amazing wire hinged polymer clay cuff tutorial.  It also has a magnetic clasp.  The wire hinge is beautifully engineered
Dear friends, recently another dog magazine calledJust Labshas invited me to advertise in their holiday issue! I had no idea there was a magazine dedicated to Labrador Retrievers magazine dedicated to Labrador Retrievers. I do love those dogs, especi
I started off with some Lacey’s Stiff Stuff as the bead embroidery foundation. I dyed it to a suitable shade of black. I had a beautiful African turquoise cabochon which I had stashed away, waiting for the right moment of creativity to spar
A couple of weeks ago we travelled over the Severn bridge into Wales for a day. It's not far for us being only about 50 miles or so. Our destination, the town of Caerleon. Ancient Roman military fortress of Isca and later believed by some, to be the
A Bit of the Personal StashEverything finds its way to an ending. Same for this bead work blog.I'm off to explore a thousand other paths & pursuits, and the time has come to wind this up. Since this will be my last post here, I thought I'd do
When I was young, I was a lonely child.  I would perch myself on top of the wooden fence and would try to entice the children from the daycare center next-door to talk to me.  I would offer gifts of tangerines as bribes.  I
After 10 years here on blogger the Art Bead Scene finally has a home of own. Visit - bookmark our site, add us to your favorite blog reader and stop by often to see what's new in the world of artisan beads and jewelry.
On my recent trip to Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting next to a woman on the train - we were about 2 hours or less from Chicago and we started chatting.  The conversation started innocently enough and then turned a direction th
 Special sales start today!  20% off the Make it Merry collection...but what will it be tomorrow?This post contains affiliate links: Jesse James Beads copyright 2017 All rights reserved Beading Arts
On the lovebeadlove blog,  Laura Zeiner wrote a post about her bead bombing, and that inspired Erika Sandor to do some of her own bead bombing and that inspired her friend to comment that bead bombing peace signs would be a great way to focu
Sunset Bubbles at UCSCs Porter College by Carolyn LagatuttaFrom water to wands and from smile to smile, everything about bubble-making is pure joy. An extension of the joy is offering open-source information. Several people have formed my bubble educ
Mixing metals in all metal jewelry designs is a wonderful way of adding color to the pieces. One artisan who does this well is Tammy of TammysTreasureChest.  This Louisiana based artisan combines sterling silver with copper and gold in strik
Dear friends, I have received several orders for custom beaded pet pins recently. One was a request for a bead- embroidered Havanese dog pin. After receiving a few photos of my customer’s dog, I worked on a quick sketch which I converted in
Kaleidescope Cuff is a celebration of colour, form and texture. I started off with a brass blank interior and covered this with pink Ultrasuede. I try to avoid usingdressed leather as some people are allergic to the dressing. The Ultrasuede has been
A few weeks back, I picked up some windfall walnuts and thought I would have a go at making myself some ink. The idea of making walnut ink has always appealed to me as the colour of the wood is beautiful.Inside the walnuts hadn't developed and some w
For the sake of argument, let's imagine my little online Etsy shop and its frantic studio clearance sale has crossed your mind and you asked yourself in an idle moment, "Hey - I wonder how that's going."Play along and it will go by faster.Well, pardn
Greetings, beaders! I have been putting off a return to the blog for quite some time, mainly because I havent been certain for many weeks whether or not I would continue to make things or write about them on a regular basis. The good news is that if
10/26: Son of Wands,  The Wild Unknown Tarot. Panther, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.
Everyone knows that if you are going to wear a ballgown that you will twirl and twirl in it all night long, reveling in the swishing and sashaying! That is what drew me to this beautiful necklace that Ann Schroeder made. Those sari silks in the artsy
My favorite memory of the Super Friends cartoon is Wonder Woman flying around in her invisible plane. She was a force to be reckoned with!Happily, Wonder Woman is part of the new collection by Cousin D.Y.I. in partnership with DC Comics!If you've nev
 Dozens of quick and easy jewelry items to make as gifts (some shown above)Make it Merry design contest  Memory wire bracelet tutorial with shaped beadsTorch-fired enamelsSnowflake necklace tutorial  Get 20% off Blick order
On August 1st we launched our three pronged effort to raise money for Alzheimers research. We made and sold Peace signs, we sold the tutorial so others could make peace signs (and man have they, so many beautiful ones!) and Mark beaded two Peace sign
Wire crochet is not easy because wire has a mind of its own!  But I found that I could make consistent wire loops quickly once I discovered the looms from Yoola Design.  You can start off with chains but her looms makes things a lot
Each year, I like to share a list of books with you that I think are really the top picks from all the books published in this past year.  I still think that many of the books from prior years' lists are good too, and if you'd like to see th
10/25: The High Priestess,  The Wild Unknown Tarot. Fox, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.
I like to think of September as spider month because of the sheer amount that seem to be visible at this time of year. Not only are they in the house, (it's okay I'm not scared of them ;-)) outside the windows  are covered in spiders too. Th
Yes, It is true that I am nearing retirement.  I've been hinting at it for years and it is starting to be a reality for me.I am cutting back my schedule significantly and spending more time with family, friends and travel.But occasionally an
Last month, a customer from Mexico Citypurchased 2 of my Etsy items. One was the above custom beaded Great Dane pendant. I purchased a USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate shipping label. I requested tracking updates on the USPS website and rec
I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me...Hello from the worktable of The Earring Whisperer...errr, Loralee!  It's late Summer and my mind is already drifting off to my favorite season of Autumn.  I love the colors and the night magic o
My most fabulous bracelets are about to go away forever -Now's the time to scoop these up! You will never see their like again!!Ridiculously low prices on some intensely gorgeous beadwork, particularly the pink one - but I must make room!And the fina
Dragonfly Billabong is a representation of the centrality of water in Australia, a country where droughts feature often with a few “good” years thrown in between in order to make us forget. I used Lacy’s Stiff Stuff as t
I do so love a blog hop! As mentioned in my last post, the six Cousin DIY ambassadors received a package containing identical beads just for the fun of seeing everyone's unique design styles. You never know what might happe
Pets are dear to many people.  So it is not surprising to see all sorts of jewelry and accessories with cat and dog designs.  Here are 5 polymer clay cane tutorials by Mo Clay to inspire. As you can see with all of them, she builds
 Did you see that Beadaholique has started their Twelve Giveaways of Christmas and special sales?  They run every weekday until December 21.  You do not have to buy anything to enter!This post contains affiliate links: Bead
10/24: Three of Pentacles,  The Wild Unknown Tarot. Octopus, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.
Morning light as it quietly rises beyond the hill. Taken from my kitchen window.Being more of a night owl, I'm not normally an early riser so don't often see the dawn rise. This morning though something woke me. Pink glow through lacy curtain stirred