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Bollywood Sun Dec 17 2017 08:30:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- A video of Aaradhya Bachchan dancing at her school’s annual day function is going viral on the internet. …read more Source:: IndiaToday        The post WATCH: Aaradhya Bachchan
Soha Ali Khan, an Oxford graduate who pursued a masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, says her parents didn’t particularly encourage her to take up acting but never discouraged her from following her hear
This is the famous dance sequence from the 1958 classic SHE DEMONS, which we've set to the exciting jungle rhythms of Toto Coelo's 1982 single "I Eat Cannibals."Here's the original video by Toto Coelo.
Alec Baldwin made yet another appearance as Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” in the cold open which featured Trump decorating the White House for Christmas. With Cecily Strong’s Melania by his side, Baldwin-as-Trum
…read more Source:: Indian Express        The post Star Wars The Last Jedi cruises towards $200 million debut appeared first on Bollywood latest news. …read more Source:: India
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson explains why one character's story needed to end in The Force Awakens sequel. The post Rian Johnson: Why [SPOILER]’s Story...
Young designer Masaba Gupta, who has stood out for her quirky, colourful and contemporary take, says aspiring designers should concentrate on creating their own niche. “As a designer, it is important to understand to create your own space a
Happy Weekend, Spy Vibers! I had just a bit of teaching duties this week and can now relax into a nice break. I'm hoping to get a lot done on my upcoming Spy Vibe book (stay tuned!). Let's get moving with some classic live Bo Diddley- and Road Runner
Have you had enough time to see this movie?No?Then stop reading. I will SPOIL. And I won't repeat the spoiler warning like five more times in the next three paragraphs, because if you haven't seen it, you are intelligently on the lookout for spoilers
'Let the past die. Kill it.' - 'Star Wars: Episode IX' director JJ Abrams about 'The Last Jedi,' maybe.Getty Image Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn’t even wrapped up its opening weekend and JJ Abrams is getting to work on the next installment.
By Team So, finally the day is coming nearer! The grandest, magnificent, larger than life and a complete entertainer Tiger Zinda Hai is finally arriving in just 5 days. And we cannot wait for it to release ASAP! This Salman Khan-Katrina Ka
Tom Hardy is spotted filming a fight scene for Venom with Scott Haze, who is reportedly not playing Carnage as some suspected. The post Tom Hardy Fights in New Venom Set Photos, But It Isn’t...
Mia Michaels has worked with Madonna, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion and Tom Cruise. Now, the Emmy Award-winning choreographer wants to make a mark in Bollywood and says she would like to work with Indian actress Deepika Padukone. Michaels also expressed
A critical and box-office bomb when it came out in 1994, the big business comedy-fantasy "The Hudsucker Proxy" looks better and smarter by the year. The filmmaking team of Joel and Ethan Coen made the film on the heels of "Blood Simple," "Raising Ari
I can’t find any information about the status ofdirector Matt Oates‘s action/horror film “Bitch” (its absence on his kind-of broken web site doesn’t bode well), but Digital Frontier FX did an excellen
English troubadour Ed Sheeran admits he crafted a Bond theme tune a few years back just in case. "With Bond, I've had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case!" – @EdSheeran on the #LateLate pic.twi
by Ben Miller Tracy Letts directing your attention to Greta Gerwig at the Lady Bird premiere at TIFF As a father, few things bring me greater joy onscreen than portrayals of loving, supportive fathers. Tracy Letts’ performance in L
Producer Ritesh Sidhwani says, contrary to reports, the Akshay Kumar-starrer “Gold” is not a biopic on former hockey player Balbir Singh Sr. It was being reported that the film is based on the life of hockey player Balbir Singh &a
Rian Johnson reveals that some of the most beautiful and heartfelt scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi were written by the late Carrie Fisher. The post Carrie Fisher Wrote Two Touching Star Wars: The...
Right now you can see Oscar Isaac taking on the First Order as Resistance pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But soon the actor will be getting animated for a role that many fans have been wanting to see him tackle for a little while now.
Actor Jason Priestley says he punched disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein on the face during a Golden Globes party in 1995. The “Beverly Hills” actor recounted the incident on Twitter, reports He wrote: &#8220
It feels a little bit like Christmas morning around the house this a.m., even though weve still got a week and change to go before the actual day, and thats undoubtedly because all the women here are rousing themselves a bit early to get ready for wh
“Echo,””The Orphanage,””Patrol Cars” and “Starve” are among the promising projects which will be presented at the 9th edition of Les Arcs European Film Festival&#8217
When asked about Amazon's upcoming 'Lord of the Rings' series, Sir Ian McKellen made an excellent (and intriguing) point about Gandalf.New Line Having a hard time picturing someone other than Sir Ian McKellen in the role of Gandalf? You’re
by Tim Brayton For the finale of our five-part tour of some of the more obscure films competing for the Best Animated Feature Oscar, we turn to a film that premiered over two years ago, but has only just opened in the U.S. this very weekend: the Span
Actress Smita Singh, who tuned a year older on Saturday, celebrated her birthday by facing her fear. “I’m celebrating my birthday in Auckland. People are loving and are quite fond of Indian television shows. I was given a wonderfu
Star Wars: The Last Jedi had plenty of questions to answer, but along the way, it only left us with more unresolved mysteries. Here are the main ones. The post Star Wars: 16 Unresolved Mysteries And...
George Lucaswill forever be the father of Star Wars, but you might have never heard of theguy who actually gave Lucas thefreedom to actually executehiswild vision and ultimately change the world.That man’sname is Alan Ladd, Jr. better known
Everyone down in Hawkins liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch who lived in the Upside Down did not. Butch Hartman, who brought you The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom, presents a new animated holiday special: How the Grinch Stole Stranger Things
Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s classic music video of the track “Blood on the Dance Floor” has been revamped. The new version of the music video features footage from the late legend’s original music video
In The Three Spacekateers, two alien beings arrive on the planet surface where Barney (Chuck McCann), Junior (Bob Denver) and Honk (Patty Mahoney) are repairing their lunar lander. After meticulously cleaning a faulty Electric Guidance System, Junior
21st Century Fox was put on the defensive Saturday by the backlash to Rupert Murdoch’s remark in an interview suggesting that he viewed the sexual harassment cases that have enveloped Fox News as “nonsense.” Murdoch made
From my piece published at the New Beverly. Reporter: Say listen, is he working on a case? Nora Charles: Yes, yes! Reporter: What case? Nora Charles: A case of scotch. Pitch in and help him. Nick Charles likes to drink. Nick Charles likes to drink a
Carrie Fisher's beloved dog Gary had an emotional reaction to General Leia's scenes in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.'Getty Image Carrie Fisher’s beloved bulldog companion Gary had an emotional reaction while in attendance for a Los Angeles scr
by Nathaniel R While I update some Oscar charts, let's talk 1938. The first decade of Oscar was tumultous with rule changes and size changes in the Best Picture category but it settled at ten pictures in 1936 and stayed there for most of its second d
Actress Prachi Tehlan is excited to don Priyanka Chopra’s look from her 2014 film “Mary Kom”, based on the boxing icon Mary Kom. In the Star Plus show “Ikyawann”, a boxing match between Susheel (Prach
Mark Hamill talks about Luke Skywalker's future and what his role could be in J.J. Abrams' still-untitled Star Wars: Episode IX. The post Star Wars: The Last Jedi Star On If Theyll Return in...
Flex your joystick finger. Not only is classic arcade video gameGalaga getting adapted into an animated series, it will be made into a fully immersive interactive experience. So you don’t have to wait until Ready Player One comes out to exp
A man who works as a clapper in television audiences (Ed Helms) is in love with a girl who works at a gas station (Amanda Seyfried), who is totally freaked out when her suitor gets thrust into the spotlight. Witness his chaotic fifteen minutes of fam
Photos courtesy of X-Plus. Desghidorah and Godzilla TM & TOHO CO., LTD. Zagoras Tsuburaya Productions Product Info and Exclusive GIANT High-Res Photos, Direct from X-Plus! Author: Keith Aiken Source: X-Plus Co., Ltd. Special Thanks to Shingo
Singer-songwriter SZA and record producer Calvin Harris have joined hands for a funky remix of the former’s hit song “The Weekend”. The music video for the original and the remix are yet to be released, reports billboard
In Revenge of Gorilla City, an episode of Challenge of the Super Friends(1977), Grod convinces his allies in the Legion of Doom that they must take over peace-loving Gorilla City. Long ago, he was banished from the peaceful metropolis.Now, Brainiac h
Sheila Nevins, the president of HBO documentary films, is leaving the cabler after 38 years, Variety has learned. Nevins, 78, has presided over the non-fiction arm of the cabler to tremendous acclaim, producing over 1,000 documentaries and amassinga
In the upcoming film, the 48-year-old actor plays Jan Lewan, a real Pennsylvania Polka King and a Polish immigrant known for his Polka Ponzi scheme.
The sexual misconduct essay posted by documentarian Morgan Spurlock has led to the filmmaker losing many of his future projects. Getty Image Morgan Spurlock’s confessional essay on his own past sexual misconduct continues to dismantle the m
The new record from Monster Rally, Flowering Jungle, out today on Gold Robot Records, is the sort of thing that charms immediately. It is also, it probably goes without saying, utterly unlike anything else being offered up in the current indie-pop la
Juhi Chawla feels there is a lot of pressure on the girls on-screen today, and wonders if wearing shorter dresses and aiming for a “size-zero” frame is really an “expression of freedom”. The actress says a lot
Director Joseph Kahn shows off concept art from his pitch for Justice League Dark that includes Dan Stevens as John Constantine. The post Justice League Dark Concept Art Features Swamp Thing &...