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Java Thu Nov 16 2017 21:56:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- OpenCSV is one of the popular Java libraries out there used for handling CSV data. In this post, I will discuss one specific issue that I recently faced with this library. The Problem Here is a minimal code snippet for writing and reading CSV data us
mo Welcome back toAndroid Gaming Weekly, our weeklyrecap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games were playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks an
How quickly can you stand up a new Java microservice? You've either bought the idea of microservices isn't this just the UNIX philosophy generalized? or you're wondering how we're not just going to rehearse the migraines of CORBA and DCOM and EJB. Ni
At QCon San Francisco Idit Levine presented Debugging Containerized Microservices, and outlined the issues of debugging a distributed microservice-based system, and provided three potential approaches to overcome the inherent challenges. The talk als
If you work as a designer, photographer or any other type of artist, you need a portfolio. A portfolio website is an easiest and quickest way to showcase your work. Don’t focus only on having a physical portfolio, because nowadays, a websit
Google Maps will soon be rolling out an update that will improve location discovery in two distinct ways.The post Google Maps Improves Location Discovery by Color Coding Points of Interest by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Last week I shared a thought on Twitter: Ironically, this tweet hints at a piece of advice Ive given at least three dozen times but havent yet written a post about. Ive given this advice to almost every aspiring data scientist who asked me w
Going retro seems to be gaining some buzz lately thanks to the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. In a case of good timing, Polaroid has been working with Motorola on a Moto Mod that embodies a retro feel in recreating the concept of pictures prin
Cindy Sridharan summarizes her thoughts on observability and its relevance in monitoring cloud native applications in her recent article. Observability is a philosophy that encompasses monitoring, log aggregation, metrics and distributed tracing to g
I was recently asked about how to implement drag-and-drop of items in a wx.ListCtrl or in ObjectListView. Unfortunately neither control has this built-in although I did find an article on the wxPython wiki that demonstrated one way to do drag-and-dro
The Google Container Tools team originally built container-diff, a new project to help uncover differences between container images, to aid our own development with containers. We think it can be useful for anyone building containerized software, so
Posted by Wojtek Kalicinski, Android Developer Advocate, Akshay Kannan, Product Manager for Android Authentication, and Felipe Leme, Software Engineer on Android Frameworks Starting in Oreo, Autofill makes it easy for users to provide credit cards, l
The healthcare industry has been around for millennia. Although much has changed in the way it currently functions, it needs to transform into something better to serve the sick. To put it in simpler terms, the healthcare industry needs a new nervous
OnePlus confirmed earlier this month that it would officially debut its newest flagship smartphone on November 16. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Today OnePlus took the wraps off the OnePlus 5T. As expected, it’s a
Saying the company loves “nothing more than offering our community the latest and greatest technology and a user experience to beat expectations,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took the wraps off the OnePlus 5T at a launch event today. Com
On 3 November, the Queen and Uncle Timbo (Sir Tim Berners-Lee to you) came round to Lawson Towers to threaten me with a punch in the face and a karate chop if I didn’t co-edit the W3C HTML5 spec. So I said yes they look pretty frightening,
Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I am in Casablanca, Morocco for the amazing Devoxx Morocco event talking to developers in the hub of North Africa. Can you believe its already the middle of November? A
1. Source Code Management The continuous delivery pipeline starts when the developer commits the code related to the microservice, configuration files (Ansible playbook, Chef cookbooks, or shell scripts), or infrastructure as a code such as CFT, ARM,
The Rick Rick Sanchez, the super-genius scientist/engineer from Rick and Morty. In the FreeCodeCamp articleWe fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made,Jonathan Solrzano-Hamilton writes about Rick, a programmer who was both his organizations t
If you like to tinker with electronics, you’ll probably want to add the MagicKey 3-in-1 to your toolbox. It’s a little gadget that, when plugged into a PC or Raspberry Pi, can function like a controller or gamepad, a typing keyboa
Black Friday is one of the biggest days for the tech industry, with the start of the holiday season prompting deep discounts from retailers. T-Mobile is getting in on the spirit with buy one, get one free deals on six popular Android smartphones. The
In this guide we will discuss how to install and configure the latest version Icinga 2 web monitoring tool in Debian 9.2 release, in order to monitor all important network infrastructure devices, such as physical or virtual servers or VMs, routers, s
Web design and development competition can be fierce for freelancers. This is especially the case for those, who have small businesses as their targets. Its often hard enough to find work in a specific niche. Now, imagine how difficult it can be to c
Value Measurement In Part I, we covered the framework that we'll use as the basis for calculating the value of identity governance. The framework consists of the following elements:
Learn the real reason why most SEO firms get fired and what you can do to avoid it from happening to you.The post The Real Reason Why SEO Firms Get Fired by @gmehrguth appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Google Maps has a fresh coat of paint that makes navigation even easier. The driving, navigation, transit and explore maps now highlight relevant information in a clearer way. For example, gas stations will be better marked for navigation as will tra
Microsoft has made available Nullable Reference Types as preview for developers who want to try the new feature and provide feedback. By Abel Avram
There are a number of businesses and services belonging to the financial sector. These include startups, small firms, private financial advisors, investment firms, etc. Launching any business or financial website becomes much simpler and easier with
This video discusses the JVM ClassLoader. This is a detailed and advance discussion of what each classloading phase does and the internal process of loading, linking, and initialization. Also, we will discuss how and why Java initializes par
ReactJS is a JavaScript library, built and maintained by Facebook. At the time of writing, ReactJS has over 78,000 stars on GitHub. And many web platforms such as Twitter, Airbnb, Lyft, Dropbox, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Instagram use ReactJS to build
Bing and Google share many of the same ranking signals, but there are also key differences which we'll examine in this article.The post 5 Ways SEO for Bing is Different from Google SEO by @ab80 appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
26,000 new blockchain projects last year! screamed the headline. But only 8 percent remain active! The implication is that blockchains future is at risk, given the high mortality rate among its offspring. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.
Finding a new job can be both difficult and stressful. Job sites and postings are scattered around the internet in a somewhat haphazard way, resulting in missed opportunities for both those looking for work and employers looking for qualified candida
I just started a new video tutorial series. This time it'll cover the entire process of writing an RSS feed reader in Python from start to finish using the feedparser module, flask, and SQLAlchemy. Expect to see about 3-4 new videos a week until this
Visual Studio Code has made the code for the Java Debugger it released in September open source. By Tim Hodkinson
RavenDB uses HTTP for most of its communication. It can be used in unsecured mode, using HTTP or in secured mode, using HTTPS. So far, this is pretty standard. Let us look at a couple of URLs:http://github.comhttps://github.comIf you try to go to git
There is a new draft proposal for Java Data Classes being worked on in Project Amber  read about it here. In short, I think the main points are: Design intent: clearly and unequivocally express the design intent of a class as a DTO (even tho
Involve the Right People Collecting feedback from the right people is crucial to make the right product decisions: if you invite the wrong individuals or if key people are missing, then you are unlikely to receive the feedback you need. You should, t
Find out why call tracking will help you ring up more sales this holiday season.The post Why You Need Call Tracking During the Holidays by @nancy_elle appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
No anti-patterns this time - Steve is talking patterns! Carl and Richard chat with Steve Smith about various development patterns that can help you build software that is more reliable, scalable and robust. While Steve is famous for his anti-pattern
While the launch cycle tends to slow down the closer it comes to Christmas, this year the phone manufacturers have kept a fairly consistent pace, with the OnePlus 5T launching today. OnePlus has made a huge fuss about its launch event held in Brookly
In the beginning of October, I attended a new PyCon in India, PyConf Hyderabad (no worries, they are working on the name for the next year). I was super excited about this conference, the main reason is being able to meet more Python developers from
With a little more than a week to go before Black Friday, Amazon has shared a sneak peek at the deals that it’ll have on offer for the shopping holiday. Amazon will have discounts on TVs, computers, smart home devices, video games, toys, an
At one company, self-selection was applied to redistribute people over teams. It provided the opportunity for developers to get involved in strategic decisions and understand the needs of the business. Using self-selection, they learned that by givin
Rich Mogull, writing at TidBITS: Every year, as I travel around the security conference circuit, the hallway conversations always turn to the interesting things attendees have seen lately. To be honest, I cant remember the last time I was excited abo
With the recent release of Java Development Kit (JDK) 9, a great deal of attention has been rightfully focused on the newest features of Java, including the introduction of modules (through the incorporation of Project Jigsaw). Although much of the r
Posted by Andy Volk, Sub-Saharan Africa Ecosystem Regional Manager & Josh Yellin, Program Manager of Launchpad Accelerator Earlier this year at Google for Nigeria, our CEO Sundar Pichai made a commitmentto support African entrepreneurs building s
Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced new Simple Storage Service (S3) encryption and security enhancements including Default Encryption, Permission Checks, Cross-Region Replication ACL Overwrite, Cross-Region Replication with KMS, and Detailed
Christi Olson of Bing discusses the current state of voice search and what we can expect in the future.The post Are You Ready for a Voice Search Future? [PODCAST] appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
DevOps is moving into the mainstream and the database is entering the picture. But what ROI can you expect, and what should CEOs, CIOs and IT Managers care about? This pioneering white paper reveals the facts and the figures. Learn more.