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Mobile Thu Jun 21 2018 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Facebook has found itself in a new interesting user data-related predicament. This time around, Facebook removed the profile and Facebook page of a well-known musician after he passed away, and denied to explain to his significant other why it acted
Following public outrage and immense pressure, Trump finally signed an executive order on Tuesday to stop the separation of migrant families crossing the U.S. border. But don't let Trump's executive order fool you. For one, it hasn't fooled Stephen C
Last year a team of researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute published an impressive study suggesting it had isolated a reliable set of biomarkers that could successfully, and objectively, diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children.
Anyone trying to buy opioids or seeking addiction treatment through Facebook should now instead see information for a federal crisis helpline. Facebook has worked with a policy team on the measure over the last few months, according to Stat. Next wee
Apple is once again trying to deter people from jailbreaking their handsets. But where there's a will, there will always be a way. Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad has long been considered a taboo practice by Apple, the manufacturer of these handsets
The new American Girl doll set is based on none other than Microsoft's Xbox One line of gaming accessories, and you'll be able to pick up the set right now and accessorize your doll with an Xbox One S and a few other goodies.
For a phone released back in 2007, it was simply a beast that was ahead of its time, especially in comparison to the handful of other smartphones fighting for position back then...Photos:
At the VLSI Symposia, Samsung gave the first detailed look at its 7nm platform, which is likely to be the first chipmaking process to use a new form of lithography that has been in the works for decades.
Mojang is best known for Minecraft. The problem with that is that anything after Minecraft has paled in comparison in terms of popularity and profitability. Thats the tragedy that befell the generic-named Scrolls collectible card game that ultimately
It's getting tough for brick and mortar games stores to stay in business these days, with GameStop proving to be just about the only such business in the U.S. capable of rolling with the punches being thrown by digital games sales, online retailers a
If you missed out on a pair of Bose's noise-masking Sleepbuds during the Indiegogo campaign last November, you can sleep easy knowing that the company has now made the device available to the rest of the public. The Bose Sleepbuds are designed to sit
If gold is your favorite color or you at least would like to have a golden looking mobile device, then the good news is that Samsung has officially released the Sunrise Gold variant of its current flagship line, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. If last
Welcome to the Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 Challenges & Treasure Map & Chests Locations Guide. Here you will find out how to get to the Treasure Chests Locations in Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Switch & Mo
You can already use your smartphone as a car key if you own the right vehicle (just ask Tesla Model 3 owners). There hasn't really been a common standard for it, though, and that has hurt adoption -- you can't guarantee that you&amp
The chances of a large asteroid striking the Earth are remote, but because the consequences of such an impact are potentially catastrophic, NASA takes the possibility very seriously. To help counter the most likely potential threat, called Near-Earth
The game has kind of slowed down in outputting content on a regular basis, but that hasn't stopped the developers from producing new content regularly, and gamers just recently found out exactly when they can get their first glimpse of the newest map
The Sony PlayStation might be getting a lot of flak lately over its Fortnite cross-play snub, but PS fans can now gloat over the Xbox rivals over one aspect. The PlayStation has its own VR system and, if things continue as they are now, the Xbox wont
If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, love buying clothes and happen to live in the United States, then you are in luck because as of today, Amazon's Prime Wardrobe is now available to all. [ Continue reading this over at RedmondPie.com ]
Samsung announced this Wednesday that its new Sunrise Gold color option for both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones will be available in the US starting on June 24th. This is the first additional color Samsung has brought over to the United Sta
The first Sicario was a triumph of thrilling tension and grounded action focused on the government and cartel conflicts taking place on the border between Mexico and Texas. It didn't exactly scream "franchise starter," but unnecessary as it may be, S
One of the funniest moments of E3 2018 came when Todd Howard announced during the Bethesda showcase that Skyrim was launching on yet another platform: Alexa. Skyrim: Very Special Edition is available now, and apparently it's actually a pretty great e
It's iOS 12 beta 2 vs the latest stable release, iOS 11.4, in a collection of speed comparison videos showing a range of iPhone devices starting from the iPhone 8 all the way down to the iPhone 5s. [ Continue reading this over at RedmondPie.com ]
Sydney's beloved rainbow crossing was both a symbol of LGBTQ pride and a popular tourist attraction before the State Government controversially covered it up without warning. Now, the rainbow is being permanently reinstated. SEE ALSO: 13 songs that s
Carsharing service Car2Go is coming to Chicago July 25th. Residents of the big city can register for free now, and new members will get a $15 credit for doing so. This brings the total number of cities that Car2Go is active in to 24.
OK, maybe not, especially without the experience of an actual ball hitting the paddle or knowing the right amount of force to apply to a swing. But Leap Motions hand tracking technology, combined with its Project North Star augmented reality headset,
It didn't matter what the critics thought about the VCS because the die-hard Atari fans scooped up the collector's edition of the Atari VCS once pre-orders opened up, causing it sell out instantly. However, it's still possible to get your hands on th
To say that the past few months have been incredibly challenging for Facebook would be a gross understatement. Not only has the company had to address a myriad of privacy concerns from pundits and users alike, the company's entire ad-based business m
The race is currently on to develop an effective and simple diagnostic tool to help identify patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI). A new study is suggesting that a simple at-home test, administered through a laptop or smartphone, c
Researchers at MIT have built a system that allows robots to be corrected through thought and hand gestures. "The system monitors brain activity, determining if a person has noticed an error in the machine's work," reports Popular Mechanics. "If an e
YouTube is a great video platform -- I have no complaints, really. With that said, I also enjoy watching content on Twitch. Ultimately, competition is a good thing, as it forces companies to innovate rather than stagnate. Today, yet another video ser
If you're looking to beef up your gaming library on the cheap, a new collection of titles known as "PlayStation Hits" has been announced, offering 15 of the console's biggest games for a low price.
Hop Blip and a Jump creator and host Jared Petty is joined by special guests at E3 2018 including Cory Barlog and game developers from Devolver Digital, Inti Creates, Remedy, and Lienzo!
Today, live streaming platform DLive is launching an Android app...Photos:
Bad Lip Readings are back and they're better than ever.  The Trump-Kim summit in Singapore had a plethora of cringey moments, from the bizarre movie trailer released by the White House to when Trump suggested that North Korea build condos in
A new nano chip designed by MIT researchers could help bee-sized drones navigate better and fly for longer.Drones already sound like bees, but MIT researchers reckon they can make drones as small as bees – ones that are smarter, smaller an
In Glassdoors 2018 list of Top CEOs based on employee rating, Apple CEO Tim Cook has fallen 43 places to… In Glassdoors 2018 list of Top CEOs based on employee rating, Apple CEO Tim Cook has fallen 43 places to 96th on the list. googletag.c
If you're a Verizon customer hoping to snag a deal on a high-end Samsung handset, you can find deals on the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 8, but not at your local Verizon store. No, these deals are being offered directly from Samsung. For exa
The US Geological Survey has released a new video of the highly active Fissure 8, which has been releasing lava from the Kilauea for over a month. The lava flows out of fissure 8 and into a main channel, where the lava is moving up to 15 miles per ho
Long gone are the days when a mobile app can only either be free or not free. In addition to the much-maligned freemium apps, there is also the case of apps that require recurring payments, a.k.a. subscriptions. Keeping track of those manually can be
Skycatcher, Everblue, M Ventures lead investment into Singapore-based startup
Backers of a bill that would have created the nation's strongest net neutrality protections criticize changes to the proposal.
EA has revealed more details about the latest entry in its long-running hockey franchise, NHL 19. The publisher gave fans their first look at the title during the 2018 NHL Awards, which included the reveal of this year's cover athlete: Nashville Pred
The British Army goes robotic as it looks to autonomous vehicles to bridge the "last mile" in combat. On November 12, an Army Battlegroup from 1 Armed Infantry brigade will begin the four-week 2018 Autonomous Warrior Army Warfighting Experiment field
Apple is partnering with Sesame Workshop to create live-action and animated series for children. According to a new report from Deadline, Apple is partnering with Sesame Workshop to create live-action and animated series for children. Sesame Street w
Some U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have asked Google on Wednesday to reconsider its work with Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, citing security concerns. Reuters reports: In a letter to Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai, the lawm
Looks like everyone's favorite crime fighting amphibians are back...again. THR reports that Paramount is indeed making another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie, written by Andrew Dodge, who previously wrote Bad Words.Paramount released two e
Earlier this week, a hands-on video made the rounds that offered our closest look yet at the sizing of this year’s new iPhone models. While we’re still at least three months away from Apple’s announcement of its new iPho
Donald Trump finally yielded to public outrage Tuesday and signed an executive order to halt the separation of migrant parents and children crossing the border. It ended one chapter of a crisis created by his own administration and began another phas
Drip Capital is raising a $20 million funding round from Accel, Wing VC and Sequoia India. The company is helping small exporters in emerging markets access working capital in order to finance big orders. The startup also participated in Y Combinator
Summer weather is here boys and girls, and that means it's beach season! There's nothing better on a hot summer day than lounging on the beach, but there's nothing worse on a hot summer day than having your smartphone destroyed by salt water or sand