Community Guidelines

Cheers is a place to discover and share wonderful real-time experiences. To make sure people feel safe and comfortable here, we require everyone to agree to and follow these rules.

People may have different opinions on what our rules should be, but the basic principle is:

Be respectful

If you want to go crazy with your friends, cool. This is a party. The rules, however, still apply. There are plenty of other places on the net for the bullies, trolls and predators.

These things are rarely black and white - for each offense we have to consider the infraction itself, as well as the surrounding context (like the video or the website it occured on). We'll do our best to interpret the reports objectively.

If you come across a user that seems to break these rules, you can report them to us. Our team will take a look and let you know if we remove them. Each report generates negative points for the user - who may be prohibited in the future from using those features on Cheers that require some sense of responsiblity and empathy for other people.

Stuff you can't do

You aren't allowed to post anything that: